Window of Direct Creation

Only a few hours to the opening

Long time followers of my work know the time all planets are in direct motion as a “Window of Direct Creation”.  A time where we need to remain clear in our thought and intentions as there is no resistance to what we put out to create.

Spirit made me aware of these windows 25-26 years ago and I have shared when they come about in newsletters in the early days, and then online since 1998 in various forms of the website and blog(s) that have evolved in these 20 years of being online.  I never claimed this knowledge as mine or unique to me although I had not seen it before anywhere, or new, as spirit always said ancients were well aware of this.

There is always some young up and coming star who has to make a name being the only, the best, the master.  Oh would it not be nice if we could get over that aspect of humanity. Wave Rayne  is the first American teacher of solar system influences related to APDM, *All Planets in Direct Motion to teach online webinars, lectures, and email courses.  She also has a FB group page called All Planets Direct which informs fans of the interesting occurrences between land and sky.

Apparently in 2010 this woman noticed and decided it should be her claim to fame and profit maker I guess. Whatever, she can claim what she wants, I know I should not be annoyed by this kind of crap, but it just gets old.  Someone excitedly discovers something NEW only they are clueless it is only new TO THEM. And then they have to run out and share it with everyone, and attempt to own it  LOL

At any rate a long “Window of Direct Creation” opens in a few hours when Mercury goes direct at

January 8th 1:43 am Pacific Time.

And ends when Jupiter goes retrograde,

February 5th at 10:52 pm Pacific Time,

You know these long ones it can be hard to stay focused with your intentions and in a positive space.  It may be especially hard for some of you that had a difficult Mercury Retrograde that you are still picking up the pieces from.  I happen to love Mercury Retrograde but I know that is not true of most.

Considering that our President Elect is going to be inaugurated during this time period and there could be a lot of political angst and activity surrounding all that, we really just need to steer clear of all these outer happenings this month to keep our intentions pure.   I will be spending far less time on facebook and just not commenting on things like youtube and so forth so as to avoid any kind of simple miscommunication turning into any kind of strife that would steal my focus or lessen my true intentions.  This month would best be served as a month of meditation and healing.  Pure foods, pure thoughts, and canceling out any thoughts that are not in harmony with your true desires for growth.  If an argument happens clear the space, and restate your intentions strongly, release anything said by you or to you, in the argument.  You got to let it go even if you know you are right.

We spent from September  24, 2015 to August 22, 2016 grounding in the 22 Fractal Divine Waves of Change.  This was followed by a Mercury Retrograde on August 30th that allowed our thoughts to decompress from that work.  Mercury went direct with the arrival of the Equinox giving us some time after to clear out the cobwebs of this purification phase we have been going through collectively until Mercury went retrograde again only a couple days before Solstice.  This retrograde with the Solstice energy inside it was the opportunity to heighten our mental readiness for this very important Window of Direct Creation.  I hope you were able to use it as such. This is the first Window in the new fractal energy pattern.

I saw clear choices and patterns of people I knew making similar changes in the last two weeks of December to the present.  As if on cue, this energy said NOW.  Do whatever you need to stay on point with this Window.  It’s an important one and there will be lots of distractions.

peace out T


Healing and Psychic Protection

Came upon the blog post above from a twitter link, it may have some good information for a beginner on the path who thinks energy is stuck to them, but if you are a healer and you need these techniques then you have no business doing healing.  Doing a healing should NEVER wear you out it should always energize you.  If you are getting tired you are doing something wrong!  In fact doing many healing sessions in a row you get you quite buzzed.  There are many times my brother and I have worked 12 – 15 hours straight with session after session hardly stopping to pee or shove a piece of food in our mouths.  While we may have experienced the sore feet that anyone on their feet that many hours may experience there was never any exhaustion and in fact we left energized and ready to get some chow.

Some of the suggestions at that blog post would indicate immediately to me that I should not allow that healer to touch me.  The suggestion to not have eye contact for example.  If you can’t make eye contact with a client because of self protection issues then you need to stop doing healing work.  As a healer it is your responsibility to know how to protect yourself in any circumstance without disengaging in a fearful manor from a client.  You must always be the one in control of the energy.  In that state you should always be able to meet the eyes of anyone who you come into contact with.  Also what kind of healer does such a crappy job of healing and protecting themselves that they are afraid to hug the client after the session?

Cutting cords should be automatic after all many healing sessions revolve around removing cords from the client so the idea that you would somehow get your own grids caught up with the client and not cleared and detached draining your energy is absurd if you are actually qualified to do the work.  There is no place for a fear based belief system for your own safety when doing spiritual healing.  Yes there are risks and it is your job to know them and know how to handle them BEFORE you put yourself out there as a healer.  At any given time you may come upon someone with entity attachments of very dark spirits.  You cannot be afraid as they will then be in control of the energy in the room, you need to know exactly what to do and simply do it.

The energy of the space should be clear before anyone enters and you should be in full command of all energies in the room.  Healing work is commanding energies in a multitude of ways.  If negative energies are in any way sticking to you then you are not and have not been in command of the energy.  The light and dark colors things is silly!  White does not attract negative or any other energies and dark does not repel them.  It does not matter what color you wear in those terms but if you work well personally with the vibration of a particular color then wearing it can strengthen your work with that color. 

Some of this info is similar in thought to old ideas like putting a red stone on a red chakra it is just silly to think that a stone goes with a red chakra because it is red.  Stones should be used based primarily on their properties for one and in addition red does not necessarily balance red.  It may take green or blue etc. to balance the red chakra when working with color therapy depending on how and why it is out of balance to begin with.  You may not need a color at all.

I have never had an issue with hugging a client.  The sessions often leave clients feeling an intimate connection in the moment and they feel the need to express appreciation and love why would anyone not receive this outpouring of their soul?  I’ve also never felt the need to wash my hands afterward even going from client to client.  When you are done with a  client the space should be very pure from the work done.  I may smudge the space in between but that is not because there are any negative energies there, it is really about clearing the focus of myself and everyone in the room so attention is fully turned to the new person.  There should not be any negative energies in the room when I am done or I have not done my job.

I do often clear tools as is suggested such as crystals.  Not after every client though only when I feel a stone needs to be cleared.  A stone may hold an energy that needs to be released at any given point but even when this is the case it is rarely because it is a negative energy as in a harmful energy.  Stones used for healing should just not be allowed to hold any particular pattern.  The energy you are running should be strong enough that they are left clear.  Occasionally multiple people have a similar pattern that can get stuck in the stone and needs to be cleared so the stone’s energy is free of patterns.  If that happens though it is not going to transfer itself to you.  You can set the stone aside and clear it even the next day with no issues.

I just can’t say it enough if you are having issues with negative energies as a healer, STOP! That is an indication you are not yet qualified to be doing the work you are doing.  That is certainly not to indicate that dark and negative energies are not an issue, they are!  I am not a Pollyanna about dark forces in fact I have spent my life removing them from people and places.  If you don’t know what you are doing you can get yourself into big trouble which is why taking a class or getting a Reiki activation is pretty meaningless even from a good teacher at times.  A Reiki Master for example may not have any information about dealing with dark entities, they don’t know how to work body grids.  They only work with the Reiki symbols and trust the symbols and system to command the energies, a very dangerous practice.  Many Reiki healers also know other types of healing though and use the term Reiki because it is widely recognized.   Many good healers learned through apprenticeship so that as they come upon situations they did not yet know how to handle their teacher is there to command the energies.  Some of us learned directly from spirit and that has it’s own issues depending on the level of vibration of your healing guidance.

In the late 90’s in Montana there was a healer working in the Flathead Valley who was quite good at what she did while with clients.  She started teaching classes and had groups of her students get together without her to practice on one another.  One night they were working on a 12 year old when a dark entity entered the space and attached to the boy.  They called their teacher and she had no idea what to do.  Her guides apparently always kept dark entities out of her space and she had never encountered an attachment in her work.  She was not there holding the energy for her students while they practiced and she had not taught them how to do this for themselves because she had never had to do it herself.  Luckily one woman there knew I would know what to do and called me.  We got the boy cleared and everything was ok.  The boy’s father though was so frightened by the experience the he forbid his son to do any further spiritual energy related things!!! 

Obviously the healing guidance of the teacher in this case (who learned directly from spirit) taught her what she needed to know to work with them but did not give her all the information she would need to be a teacher of healing VS. a healer.  She was not aware there were elements her guidance was simply taking care of for her in her work as a healer.  Later she was tasked with taking on a not for profit that was located on land where a vortex had become out of balance and that was causing problems with the earth there.  As a healer she thought she would easily fix the problem and found out she did not know how to do that either and ended up having the corporation sell the sacred vortex piece of property to a private owner instead of seeking out someone who did know how to right the energy she had been entrusted to balance.  Now that land is still out of balance and owned by someone who will not get it balanced.  For years healer after healer came to that land and accomplished nothing.  I had told the first director of the corporation exactly what was needed to balance the vortex energies, no one was willing to listen to the earth or do what the earth needed there because it would have required them to set aside their greed. 

There are a lot of healers out there who are equally greedy and NOT qualified to work on anyone.  They will charge you large sums of money though and be worried about your energy getting stuck on them because they have no idea what they are doing but are more than willing to take your money.  Certifications in healing mean NOTHING!  A piece of paper does not mean someone knows how to command the energy and protect you and themselves.  If they cannot protect themselves they cannot protect you and if you are on their table it is their sacred responsibility to protect you while you are there.  They should also be sending you off with some extra protection for 24 hours or so while you are processing the work that has been done and are in a vulnerable state.

Everyone who has some sort of spiritual awakening wants to be a healer they think it is cool or something.  These people can be dangerous to your well being and bring you more issues then you went into the session with even though they may be nice people with good intentions. 

Mandlebrot Quickening

The general question was does it get easier?  I know I haven’t talked in depth about some of the stages below in the quickening, but if you haven’t already check out that mandlebrot video on the blog.

Some parts continue to be hard and some parts you get used to and they rarely effect you like they once did.  So how’s that for clarity  LOL  On the physical side I find that some things lessen like I have had this issue for about 20 years where the left side of my back will just seize up and leaves me in massive pain.  A long time ago that could happen and it would leave me down and out for a couple weeks.  Now when it happens, it is a day and half to two days, because I figure out what I am in resistance to, process it though, and as soon as I do the spasms start to release and it all goes away.  So the physical stuff changes but then your cycle increases so sometimes it seems like the psychical stuff is worse.  Like before the kundalini opens a normal person has that seven year cycle where the body renews/ replaces every cell in the body.  After the kundalini opens that increases… oh this is yet another thing I was going to write about on the blog, it is connected to the mandelbrot video I put up there one day let me grab the actual numbers  ok here it isWhen the kundalini opens that changes you to a 5.146 year cycle of renewal so you can process more crap in less time without killing yourself with cancer or something

Then when you reach the inner circle /nirvana/samadhi stage it goes to 4.268 years

Then when you pop open your sphere it goes to 3.278 years

When your sphere is fully golden it goes to 2.794 years

When the linolic flow opens, which I think is what we determined happening to your recently, it goes to a 2 year cycle and you enter the final purification.

Once in the final purification stage how fast it increases depends on how much you have to clear in there I think last time I checked I was cycling at about 30 days and that is harsh and at the same time you just gradually get used to it, as you move through it, so it seems normal even though you have these days or a week that are filled with physical or emotional challenges.  Eventually for a Dharlja their cycle is every 22 -24 hours which is why they at that point need no sleep and only need 2 hours of mediation per cycle so they try to be in meditation right when they hit that zero point in the cycle which if you watch the mandlebrot thing it is right when you get to the original mandlebrot symbol which is a big black blob.  So if you are getting really stressed you are and are not coping well you are likely getting close to the end of a cycle as things move quicker and going into meditation and visualizing coming into the void black space of new beginning helps move from one cycle to the next.  Even you were on a one year cycle if the whole month before you cycle ends you specifically do meditation to assist in moving toward that void it will be easier.  Considering how fast you went from sphere popping to linolic I would certainly guess you went whipping past the two year mark almost immediately.  I don’t know if you really experienced that blissful nirvana stage they allowed me to stay there for 2 days I think it was!  They didn?t want me to get stuck there because it’s so wonderful you would never want to leave.  But the up side is when you get to the Dharlja stage you are cleared and you get that bliss back only with immortality and a bunch of other cool stuff LOL  For me from then into the final purification I had a greater sense of flow that some of it was lost in the purification for times and now seems to come and go depending on what I am clearing.  There were times really early on in the sphere stage where I could just open my mouth and wax poetic about God in a way that is hard to even remember now LOL  The final purification stage though is what was attempted to be represented by the story of Jesus going out for the 40 days and 40 nights and having to face down satan.  If only 40 days and nights in the desert could do it I would have been done a long time ago.  The speed at which you are passing through these phases is staggering so I wouldn’t be discouraged by the fact that it has been a really hard period of time.  For most people trying to do it at that speed would kill them and then not knowing what all was happening to boot  I can’t imagine how hard that is because spirit instructed me though each phase they told me I couldn’t stay in nirvana, that we were popping open the sphere, to get it clear, that took several days, when to make it golden etc.  So I knew what I was going through I think I may have gone insane if I was completely unaware of what was happening!  So know that just your faith in the process and continuing along at such a pace shows what a strong soul you are.  Spirit always says when I have a bad day and want to give up that I wouldn?t be so tried and ready to give up if I wasn’t almost there!    So no losing faith now you’ve already been through way too much, so just get used to reminding yourself that anything that comes on any level that is unpleasant is temporary.

More on the Kundalini

In various email enquiries the subject of the kundalini comes up often here are some snippets of information about the Kundalini that I have shared with people in response to their questions.

 Once the kundalini activates it will not stop until it is fully open, the more a person resists it, the more difficult the process can be.  Once the kundalini is fully open it is open for the rest of your life, just like all energy flows you can develop temporary blocks here or there when emotions get in the way though.

Kundalini is not a sexual energy like many people think it is the onset of the awakening required for ascension.  It is the first activation of the elemental chakras which actually surround the body, north south east and west, above and below and then one id within near the heart chakra.  After the kundalini is complete making these chakras fully active a series of other steps can be taken that eventually lead to these chakras being the energy points for a perfect sphere of energy that is built around the body.  When the kundalini hits the 3rd chakra people often react strongly because the 3rd chakra is the place of gut instinct where we get intuitive knowing from higher self and guide.  The kundalini moves up the spinal column so from bottom out of the elemental chakra below your feet into the root and up through all the chakras which is the opposite direction of the normal energy flow that comes into the head and down and out the root.  The kundalini reprograms your DNA to a higher vibration that was chosen before birth sot he ladder visual would be in harmony with that, seeing yourself going up in vibration and then the ladder being the spine would fit perfectly.  The ET reference you felt could actually be you realizing that this is not your original planet of origin.  There are a lot of Souls here right now that came from more advanced civilizations to incarnate into earth bodies to assist in lifting the vibration here.

One of the things that happens as the kundalini opens is all your spiritual gifts strengthen or new ones open so you may actually be feeling entities around you in a new way.  It is likely your own guide and guardian angel that you are sensing very tangibly.   Often times people who have passed on that you may have never known, a great grandparent for example, will come near when these kind of big openings happen to someone in their lineage.  They are fascinated to watch how the process works and if they have a connection to justify looking on, they will take advantage of it.  You can ask your guide to keep looky loos away if you are feeling overwhelmed by energies that seem unfamiliar  You can also ask your life guide and angel to come to you alone one at a time and immerse you in their energy so that you can recognize it well.  Then ask them to come to you together so you can feel the way their energy merges and then ask them to not allow anyone else near you without an introduction to their energy, and a reason why they should be around.  Like it may be possible you already have more than one guide so the life guide would introduce you to the secondary guide.

I recall once about 18 years back I was meditating and I was deeply into it and an entity showed up that I had been introduced to several times but I was so deep into what I was experiencing that I didn’t recognize his energy and I freaked out.  After all was said and done and I found out who it was,  he apologized, having no idea that he would have such an effect on me at that moment, and after a few days I realized it was pretty funny, but it didn’t feel funny at the time!

Well my first question would by why do you think your kundalini awakened on the 23rd.  Were there specific symptoms?  If so what were they.  It would be really unusual for someone to realize their Kundalini just awakened from the start.  It is common for a person to be several years into the process when they “discover” it is happening.  I also have never found in my healing or head of anyone having a chakra blocked all their life, If it had been blocked severely all your life you likely would have developed a childhood disease in the area and would have crossed over by now.  It is possible this healer doesn’t come upon a kundalini situation very often and doesn’t know enough about it to understand what I happening??  A block so intense that someone might perceive it as having been there your whole life is more likely the kundalini being stuck there.  So if your kundalini is at your throat then it has been processing for quite some time.  Hearing snippets of other voices 5 years ago could also be an indication that it was in process then.  You didn’t specify if your migraines have gotten worse lately or if you have just been seeking an answer for them that has led to the birth control trigger.  However if you have a history of migraine then the kundalini being stuck at the throat very well could aggravate them, so it would not be uncommon for them to be worse or more frequent lately.  Although the kundalini can be difficult, it isn’t for everyone.  It depends on the extent of the vibrational rise that is occurring  So I certainly wouldn’t place any fear toward it having a negative effect on the situation of your life or your husband’s job/stress situation  It’s possible that you had a genetic weakness in the throat area that got it stuck there as it reprograms the DNA of that area and that once you break through that block the rest will progress with ease.  There are just no hard and fast rules when it comes to kundalini!  Our experience is as unique as we are as humans

 Kundalini energy can’t be released through sexuality, that is a myth.  You can release stress that you are feeling due to the kundalini experience but sexuality has no effect on kundalini.  The only true relief for the kundalini is when it gets popped through the head and is flowing freely.  Once that happens it becomes a background energy that you don’ even notice anymore. 

There is no “being above calling it pain”  it is pain!  LOL it hurts!  The ability to rise above pain and transmute it really comes after the kundalini awakening for those who master it.  When I went through the worst phases when it was in my head I couldn’t really eat either, you just have to kind of cocoon and be in the moment.

Once upon a time the only people that did any kind of kundalini yoga were people who were recognized by the teachers as someone whose kundalini was already in the process of opening and the yoga practices were meant to aid the process and make it go smoothly.  Now there is too much corruption to trust any teacher to determine the state of someone else’s kundalini process.  Someone who Is not aware that their Kundalini is opening naturally should NEVER do any kind of kundalini yoga or attempt to open the kundalini.  Those who are to open it decided before birth and the timing was also chosen before birth.  The kundalini process literally reprograms the DNA from the root chakra up it can take up to 10 years and it can be very dangerous depending upon the level of vibrational jump has been chosen to be programmed with the DNA shift.  If for example in the pre-birth plan the high self had certain experiences that were to be finished before kundalini awakening and the person didn’t do those things to raise their vibration to an extent in advance then when the kundalini activates the vibrational jump that has to be made may be greater than anticipated.  The bigger the vibrational jump, the greater the possibility of complications.  High self cannot change the time of activation, it is chosen before birth if it is going to happen, because it is programmed into the body’s DNA sequence as the body forms in the womb.  Kundalini yoga has lost most of it’s original knowledge of actual kundalini and people have come to believe that they can open their kundalini by simply following that pathway.  Its sad really as many people who never planned in a given life to open their kundalini (so they didn’t program it into the DNA in the womb) have spent a whole lifetime doing kundalini yoga, clueless as to why they can’t “progress” and feel like failures or that they are doing something wrong.

It actually can cause a physical unbalance at any stage and when it is at the third eye, to crown, before popping through the head, it could cause a lithium imbalance for example that would cause bi-polar disorder or other types of “madness”  I would recommend staying away from a teachers as the chances of finding a reputable one are slim.  If you simply are aware it is happening and spend time in quiet meditation, using no technique, just the intent to raise your vibration and not resist the kundalini’s natural progress all will progress naturally.  It is kind of like childbirth, once it starts you have to just go through it.  So it is best to try and conserve your energy and breathe and relax your way through it as much as possible.  Like childbirth it may be uncomfortable more so for some than others or in different ways.  So trust your inner voice to guide the progress.  

Your symptoms tell you exactly where it is at.  It sounds like it found no resistance through the lower chakras, so it may actually have started a couple years back and now is trying to work it’s way from the solar plexus to the heart which is most people’s difficult place because we have so many heart issues in the world right now.  That pressure pushing from the solar plexus can cause a lot of nauseous feelings and the choking response as it tries to force it’s way up.  When it gets to the heart level there is additional incoming energy added to the flow coming into the heart chakra so the flow is doubled to tripled.  So you may be getting a trickle through the heart heading up to the throat chakra but haven’t been able to open the pathways enough to allow the full flow from the solar plexus let alone the increase from the incoming to the heart.  Focus on the heart and on receiving love there that will help.

There is no way to know how long the process will take as a whole, but the intense phase of awareness you are in that effects your ability to do day to day activities as normal shouldn’t last long.  It tends to come in spurts that last a week or two then you may feel “normal” for a month or two and then experience another week of intensity.  Once you get it moving freely through your heart most people do fine through the throat and may experience another level of resistance at the third eye or crown.  The more you are aware of the process though the less likely you are to have more resistance later.

Once it pops the head you really do start to see things that were hard to grasp before.  Some things will even seem real simple then.  It is part of the ascension process because it is the first awakening of the elemental chakras which later form the Sphere that is the basic energetic structure of an ascended being.

There are quite a few steps that come after the initial opening of the sphere, but getting that sphere open is really the most important because after that the rest is kind of like the Kundalini, in the fact that once it starts the only thing that can stop it is accidental death.  The hardest part for people seems to be getting from the Kundalini completing into the Nirvana stage, and then out of the Nirvana stage, because the Nirvana stage is blissful and wonderful so obviously people want to stay there.  But it is kind of a meditative altered state kind of bliss, and sometimes it is hard to deal with regular world stuff.  When you complete the whole process you get the bliss back but with the ability to function in full beta consciousness in that bliss every day.  Try to visualize that Kundalini without any resistance to it at all, completely give into it and it will go much faster.