The Eternal Shaman’s Return (Engtovo’s Song)

Symbiotic endings
Groups engaged in unfair play
Sacrifices endured for appeasement
Seeking the healing and wholeness of initiation
This melody changed
The song sung sad but truthful
Cannot be changed
Evolution of arrangement inevitable
The shedding ended
When they were not looking
The holding back is pointless
There is no healing therein
Just prolonged suffering
Event stands unchanged
It is what it was
Some things have no restitution
Cannot be made whole
They can only be let go
New pathways chosen
Are not negating the past
They are embracing original intent
Some move through
Other back or sideways
Elongation of process is not healing
It is engaging in war
Where all parties lose
Suffering never ends with more suffering
Cycle upon cycle
Never enough
The damage is stifling to all
The victimized made to relive it all
To help the ignorant see
All must let go
There is no more time for this play
No more painful assistance offered
As the assistance has become torment
Instead of freeing those in need
It instead enslaves the all
There will be no guilt felt
Or apologies offered up
By those who move through and past
What was asked was not warranted
Should not have been attempted
Was not in the love of the divine
There will be no more cycling
No more tribal derangement
Each will face themselves
Face the creator
And joint nature of these choices past

In this new Cycle of Creation
To the Buffalo Beat
The Eternal Shaman Returns

Pa ja e no e
Te sa le co don a
La a so te ca
Wa so o o a da

She returns not to the pyramids
The sun nor the moon
She returns to the divine
Right upon the earth
She stands in her power
Whitehorse at her side
She proclaims
We will Heal the Heartbeat
And Heal the Earth
Follow not the White Rabbit
She receives the Birth Beat of a new world
Beckoning to the Children of Great Mystery
It is sent out to The Tribe of the Drum Talkers
Engulfing the consciousness of all
Her torch of destiny burning brightly
Like a Dream Time Dancer on her Medicine Journey

The Teotihuacán Medicine Song
Echoes down the Avenue of the Dead
Bringing Forth the Tribe to the one point

Where she is Calling to the Ancients

O a na
O o o o a na
O a na
O oooo a na
O a na

And calls those who hear TO RISE
Those who will not… Choose not to
Will receive no more from those who do
The Deer People of love are done Dancing for the Hunt
We dance now only for the earth
Building sanctuary for the future of our children
And the Survival of the Brave enough to love
We are Honoring the Drum Maker
The divine principle of life by acknowledging
The last chapter has already been written on the Hands of Time
Puchahawa, Condatatiata and Tatiacha’s Songs
Are now silence
We honor all in this ending
Transmuting the Avenue of the Dead
As it lived in the depths of our tortured souls
Into the pathway of the ascended
In gratitude and forgiveness
It is done

Tatiacha Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ May 20, 2021

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