And So She Shines (He & The Sea)

Feeling lost at sea
Tumultuous waters all around

Standing firmly on the water’s edge
Steadfast and true

Can he make it through the turmoil?
They commune in a telepathic bond of union
He tells her he can and he will
She will be his beacon

He says to her
Send your light
Like a lighthouse
And I will find my way to shore

And so she shines…

How long it will take him to fight his way home
She does not know
But she will not dim or falter

Through storm after storm
Waves will batter her surface
But with each storm her light shines brighter

He masters his craft and
He grows strong against the currents of life
As he stays focused on this small but mighty lighthouse
That shines a path for his return

She sits with infinite patience
Trusting in both he and the sea

Tatiacha ~ August 14, 2021

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