Window of Direct Creation

Only a few hours to the opening

Long time followers of my work know the time all planets are in direct motion as a “Window of Direct Creation”.  A time where we need to remain clear in our thought and intentions as there is no resistance to what we put out to create.

Spirit made me aware of these windows 25-26 years ago and I have shared when they come about in newsletters in the early days, and then online since 1998 in various forms of the website and blog(s) that have evolved in these 20 years of being online.  I never claimed this knowledge as mine or unique to me although I had not seen it before anywhere, or new, as spirit always said ancients were well aware of this.

There is always some young up and coming star who has to make a name being the only, the best, the master.  Oh would it not be nice if we could get over that aspect of humanity. Wave Rayne  is the first American teacher of solar system influences related to APDM, *All Planets in Direct Motion to teach online webinars, lectures, and email courses.  She also has a FB group page called All Planets Direct which informs fans of the interesting occurrences between land and sky.

Apparently in 2010 this woman noticed and decided it should be her claim to fame and profit maker I guess. Whatever, she can claim what she wants, I know I should not be annoyed by this kind of crap, but it just gets old.  Someone excitedly discovers something NEW only they are clueless it is only new TO THEM. And then they have to run out and share it with everyone, and attempt to own it  LOL

At any rate a long “Window of Direct Creation” opens in a few hours when Mercury goes direct at

January 8th 1:43 am Pacific Time.

And ends when Jupiter goes retrograde,

February 5th at 10:52 pm Pacific Time,

You know these long ones it can be hard to stay focused with your intentions and in a positive space.  It may be especially hard for some of you that had a difficult Mercury Retrograde that you are still picking up the pieces from.  I happen to love Mercury Retrograde but I know that is not true of most.

Considering that our President Elect is going to be inaugurated during this time period and there could be a lot of political angst and activity surrounding all that, we really just need to steer clear of all these outer happenings this month to keep our intentions pure.   I will be spending far less time on facebook and just not commenting on things like youtube and so forth so as to avoid any kind of simple miscommunication turning into any kind of strife that would steal my focus or lessen my true intentions.  This month would best be served as a month of meditation and healing.  Pure foods, pure thoughts, and canceling out any thoughts that are not in harmony with your true desires for growth.  If an argument happens clear the space, and restate your intentions strongly, release anything said by you or to you, in the argument.  You got to let it go even if you know you are right.

We spent from September  24, 2015 to August 22, 2016 grounding in the 22 Fractal Divine Waves of Change.  This was followed by a Mercury Retrograde on August 30th that allowed our thoughts to decompress from that work.  Mercury went direct with the arrival of the Equinox giving us some time after to clear out the cobwebs of this purification phase we have been going through collectively until Mercury went retrograde again only a couple days before Solstice.  This retrograde with the Solstice energy inside it was the opportunity to heighten our mental readiness for this very important Window of Direct Creation.  I hope you were able to use it as such. This is the first Window in the new fractal energy pattern.

I saw clear choices and patterns of people I knew making similar changes in the last two weeks of December to the present.  As if on cue, this energy said NOW.  Do whatever you need to stay on point with this Window.  It’s an important one and there will be lots of distractions.

peace out T


3 thoughts on “Window of Direct Creation

  1. My second Saturn Return began this month, runs till the end of November. (sigh) between this and Trump It seems like my choices are, hide under the bed, or hide under the bed. To quote Tom Waits, “Two dead ends and you still gotta choose.”

      • Yeah. It’s interesting, I’ve been telling myself what you said in your post. Keep It Positive And Focused. Second Saturn is not some sort of cosmic butt-kicking, It’s “Dude, let’s take a look at where you’re at on The Path and, maybe, MAYBE, have a chat about goals. Um…you might want to leave your ego inside the front door with your boots. Just say’n.”

        I have no idea what the new year will bring. I am worried about it, I’m worried sick about it with an arrogant bully in the White House. Men like that enjoy hurting people they perceive as weak or inferior.

        It has already occurred to me that I need to cut WAY back on social media. Being angry, upset about world events is natural, wanting to do something about them is natural. But some events are things that I cannot directly do anything about, and getting caught up in the anger and fear helps no one, especially myself.

        I have to keep in mind that these negative thoughts and emotions feed on themselves. The more “Those Guys” piss me off, the more I’ll see of actions by “Those Guys” that makes me angry, till I get to the point that anything “they” do makes me angry. Nothing “they” do is ever good, so I’m totally justified in hating “them”

        They cease to be human. They cease to deserve compassion.

        I find it sooooo easy to slip into that mindset on-line because, WOW! Look at all the people who feel the same way I do! I am RIGHT to hate these people!
        That is NOT what my heart and my Little Voice tell me. And that political action, fueled by hate and fear, is NOT my Path, although find it so seductive.

        You are right, there ARE times to hide under the bed. This is not one of them. But I need to find my balance, so that my Path and The World are NOT mutually exclusive. Getting caught up in the Maya of the Physical Plane is not part of my Path, but neither is a monks cell.

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