Arrival of the Fractal Divine Waves of Change

Tatiacha Bhodsvatan

Waves of incoming energy have begun, what this energy is, is hard to define. A correction energy, a higher vibration energy, a divine energy, an energy of change that will bring all things not in harmony with the natural divine force of the universe into balance. Anything not in harmony with this energy must fall away. Those in harmony will react favorably to this energy, those of low vibration or in fear and resistance will react badly personally and on a planetary level. This energy will affect every species and the planets themselves. It has moved through most areas of the universe already and is now reaching earth. On a planetary level this energy will bring tremendous changes to the earth. There are 22 waves, the frequency of their arrival speeds up over time. The first wave hit in late September, the 2nd wave on November 20. By August 22, 2016 we will receive the final separate wave that will intensify the energetic field to a continuous vibration that will never subside.

Below are the arrival dates of all the waves with all the basic planetary events for this time. All times are U.S. Pacific times. When a wave has two dates it will hit on the first date on part of the planet and the second date further round the earth. When there is a single date the energy will arrive on that date all over the earth. Where these waves hit in relation to other planetary events will affect people differently. For example, if mercury retrogrades are hard for you, you may be more challenged by a wave that hits during retrograde. If you are sensitive to energies that build up to solstice and equinox pay attention to the patterns of planetary events with the waves leading up to those. If a wave hits while a planet is going retrograde or direct and that planet is significant in your chart it may have greater effect on you.

There is a numerology aspect to the energy shifts of different waves. This energy is fractal as all creation energies in the universe are, so it works within the universal patterns that we assign numbers to. I will touch on those numbers for each wave but not in great depth. I will discuss mostly how they affect individuals but the effects can apply to leaders, to countries and to the physical planet.



September 6 – Venus Direct

September 12 – New Moon – Partial Eclipse of the Sun

September 17 – Mercury Retrograde

September 23 – Equinox

September 24/25 – 1st wave
Initialization and grounding of the energy, we saw quick polarization of people in and out of harmony with these new energies. People tended to blow up and take sides on every issue large or small with a new intensity. Some personal relationships may already be falling apart as well as relationships between organizations, religions and governments based on this polarization.


September 24 /25 – Pluto Direct

September 27 – Full Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse (last in series of blood moons)

October 9 – Mercury Direct

October 12 – New Moon

October 22 – Full Moon

November 11 – New Moon

November 18 – Neptune Direct 8:32am

November 20 – 2nd wave
Partnerships, pairs, couples, polarities. Bad or unhealthy relationships will be tested and people will feel pressed to end them. Good relationship will strengthen and grow. Internationally this period could make or break allegiances between countries. This 2 energy works with the polarity of opposites as well. We can see extremes on the planet, such as record highs and lows


November 25 – Full Moon 2:44pm

December 11 – New Moon 2:29am

December 21 – Solstice 8:49pm

December 25 – Full Moon 3:11am & Uranus Direct 7:53pm
(All Plants Direct – Window of Direct Creation Opens) A window of direct creation is a period when none of the major planets are in retrograde motion. It is an important time to keep your thoughts clear and focused on what you really want. Do not give into to fear during this time. Try and take time each day to really place forth your intentions for your future and also positive intentions for the planet.



January 1-2 – 3rd wave
This wave will push trinity energies forward. Three is a very spiritual number every religion has some form of interpretation of three that is significant. On the personal level there is the body-mind-spirit trinity of self that needs to find balance and for some of us more metaphysical types the perception of soul, spirit(higher self), and the divine. There are three Abrahamic religions that have been in conflict over the ages. I would anticipate that spiritual matters of all kinds will dominate the period of this wave.


January 5 – Mercury Retrograde 5:06am (Window of Direct Creation Closes)

January 7 – Jupiter Retrograde 8:40pm

January 9 – New Moon 5:30pm

January 23 – Full Moon 5:46pm

January 25 – Mercury Direct 1:50pm

February 8 – New Moon 6:39am

February 13 – 4th wave
The fourth wave is a grounding wave. For those not in resistance, it will help you stabilize all that you have received over the past few months. For those out of harmony this wave may tip your life upside down. It is like polar reversal where your north is south and vice versa. Confusion chaos, challenges, trouble nailing anything down.


February 22 – Full Moon 10:20am

March 8-9 – New Moon 5:54pm – Total Eclipse of the Sun

March 11 – 5th wave
The 5th wave is the energy of the human it is like a five pointed star, when within a circle as a pentagram it was once the symbol of the highest vibration of humanity. Now it is marginalized as a symbol of wicca a modern reinterpretation religion thought to be based in the old ways. It is because of its true meaning that this symbol was turned upside down to represent evil or Satanism. This wave will force we humans to look within and internalize the divine force or reject it.


March 19-20 Equinox (9:31pm 19th)

March 23 – Full Moon 5:01am – Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon

March 25 – Saturn Retrograde 3:01am

April 7 – New Moon 4:24am

April 7 – 6th wave
The 6th wave is like 2 groups of trinity it is the as above so below energy. Represented by what has now been co-opted by Israel as the Star of David. The six pointed star with two interwoven triangles or pyramids symbolized weaving the fabric of life. It is the Patten that meshes divine (spirit) with matter (earth). When you receive this energy you are receiving a new pattern in your consciousness bringing more harmony, peace, understanding, compassion and joy. It is also a building phase. If you have plans for building a physical thing, an organization, etc, this energy will fully support building. Rejecting this creation pattern will cause those people / groups to be extremely angry, frustrated, rebellious, and perhaps violent.


April 17 – Mars Retrograde – 5:14am

April 18 – Pluto Retrograde 0:23am

April 21 – Full Moon 10:24pm (22nd in some places)

April 28 – 7th wave
The 7th wave is again an opportunity to balance but this time balance not just of earthly things but to bring forth balance between the spirit (invisible the 3) into the earth life (visible the 4) for the 7 energies of blending.


April 28 – Mercury Retrograde 10:20am

May 6 – New Moon 12:29pm

May 9 – Jupiter Direct 5:16am & Transit of Mercury – The last transit of Mercury we had was  November 8, 2006 Mercury transits change the way we think first, then manifest that into physical changes in our lives over the course of a year to two years.  Transits of mercury only happen 14 times in every 100 years

May 20 – 8th wave
Eight is infinity and abundance flow. If you have been in harmony, but struggling with getting what you need to do what you are intuitively being guided to do, like relocate for example this is the energy to put into motion the fulfillment of that need, Those out of harmony will start to have trouble with finances. Governments & corporations will be vulnerable to exposure of secret assets for example.


May 21 – Full Moon 2:14pm

May 22 – Mercury Direct 6:20am

June 4 – New Moon 7:59pm

June 11 – 9th wave
The 9th wave will offer a completion of processes that were set in motion previously. A divorce set forth in the first or second wave coming to completion for example. A successful completion of relocation. Those out of harmony will not be able to bring their plans to completion as they foresee them. This is a strong factor for those in high leadership position who are wielding the power over war plans and so forth.


June 13 – Neptune Retrograde 1:43pm

June 20 – Full Moon 4:02am & Solstice 3:34pm

June 25-26 – 10th wave
Return to the initialization of wave one at yet a higher vibration an intensity.


June 29 Mars Direct 4:38pm

July 4 – New Moon – 4:01am

July 9 – 11th wave
The 11th wave is very important it will have the higher vibration intensity of all the highs and lows of the 2 but with more impact and finality in affairs of humans.


July 16-17 – 12th wave
Numerological a 12-3 we are back to the 3 at a higher vibration with tinges of the 7 which blended 3 and 4 energies as twelve is divisible by both. For those with issues in waves three 4 and 7 this will hit like a mack truck. As always, those in harmony will be offered more healing and love in this energy.


July 19 – Full Moon 3:56pm

July 24 – 13th wave
14-4 energy higher vibe of the 4 wave.


July 29 – Uranus Retrograde 2:06pm

August 1 – 14th wave
14-5 higher vibe of the 5 wave.


August 2 – New Moon 1:44pm

August 3 – 15th wave
15-6 higher vibe of the 6 wave with intense emphasis on building.


August 7 – 16th wave
16-7 higher vibe of the 7 wave.


August 11 – 17th wave
17-8 higher vibe of the 8 energy.


August 13 – 18th wave
18-9 higher vibe of the 9 more completions.


August 13 Saturn Direct 2:51am

August 16 – 19th wave
Highest push of the 1 initiation this initializes completion, future creations will become set in stone.


August 18 – 20th wave
Highest push of the 2 of the partnership and polarization energies.


August 18 – Full Moon 2:26am & Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon

August 20 – 21st wave
Highest push of the 3 spiritual energies you have either found harmony with the new Universal energies or not!


August 22 – 22nd wave
This wave will be an exponential increase in vibration. From this point on we will be in a steady energy stream there will still be waves but they are continuous and constant, not like a tide ebbing and flowing but a consistent vibrating force.


August 30 – Mercury Retrograde 6:04am

September 1 – New Moon 2:03am & Annular Eclipse of the Sun

September 16 – Full Moon 12:05pm & Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon

September 21-22 – Mercury Direct (10:31pm 21st)

September 22 – Equinox 7:22am

September 26 – Pluto Direct 7:59am

September 30 – New Moon 5:11pm

October 15 /16 – Full Moon (9:23pm 15th)

October 30 – New Moon 10:38am

November 14 – Full Moon 5:52am

November 19 – Neptune Direct 8:39pm

November 29 – New Moon 4:18am

December 13 – Full Moon 4:05pm

December 19 – Mercury Retrograde 2:55am

December 21 – Solstice 2:45am

December 28 / 29 New Moon (10:53pm 28th)

December 29 – Uranus Direct 1:29am



January 8 – Mercury Direct 1:44am


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More on the Kundalini

In various email enquiries the subject of the kundalini comes up often here are some snippets of information about the Kundalini that I have shared with people in response to their questions.

 Once the kundalini activates it will not stop until it is fully open, the more a person resists it, the more difficult the process can be.  Once the kundalini is fully open it is open for the rest of your life, just like all energy flows you can develop temporary blocks here or there when emotions get in the way though.

Kundalini is not a sexual energy like many people think it is the onset of the awakening required for ascension.  It is the first activation of the elemental chakras which actually surround the body, north south east and west, above and below and then one id within near the heart chakra.  After the kundalini is complete making these chakras fully active a series of other steps can be taken that eventually lead to these chakras being the energy points for a perfect sphere of energy that is built around the body.  When the kundalini hits the 3rd chakra people often react strongly because the 3rd chakra is the place of gut instinct where we get intuitive knowing from higher self and guide.  The kundalini moves up the spinal column so from bottom out of the elemental chakra below your feet into the root and up through all the chakras which is the opposite direction of the normal energy flow that comes into the head and down and out the root.  The kundalini reprograms your DNA to a higher vibration that was chosen before birth sot he ladder visual would be in harmony with that, seeing yourself going up in vibration and then the ladder being the spine would fit perfectly.  The ET reference you felt could actually be you realizing that this is not your original planet of origin.  There are a lot of Souls here right now that came from more advanced civilizations to incarnate into earth bodies to assist in lifting the vibration here.

One of the things that happens as the kundalini opens is all your spiritual gifts strengthen or new ones open so you may actually be feeling entities around you in a new way.  It is likely your own guide and guardian angel that you are sensing very tangibly.   Often times people who have passed on that you may have never known, a great grandparent for example, will come near when these kind of big openings happen to someone in their lineage.  They are fascinated to watch how the process works and if they have a connection to justify looking on, they will take advantage of it.  You can ask your guide to keep looky loos away if you are feeling overwhelmed by energies that seem unfamiliar  You can also ask your life guide and angel to come to you alone one at a time and immerse you in their energy so that you can recognize it well.  Then ask them to come to you together so you can feel the way their energy merges and then ask them to not allow anyone else near you without an introduction to their energy, and a reason why they should be around.  Like it may be possible you already have more than one guide so the life guide would introduce you to the secondary guide.

I recall once about 18 years back I was meditating and I was deeply into it and an entity showed up that I had been introduced to several times but I was so deep into what I was experiencing that I didn’t recognize his energy and I freaked out.  After all was said and done and I found out who it was,  he apologized, having no idea that he would have such an effect on me at that moment, and after a few days I realized it was pretty funny, but it didn’t feel funny at the time!

Well my first question would by why do you think your kundalini awakened on the 23rd.  Were there specific symptoms?  If so what were they.  It would be really unusual for someone to realize their Kundalini just awakened from the start.  It is common for a person to be several years into the process when they “discover” it is happening.  I also have never found in my healing or head of anyone having a chakra blocked all their life, If it had been blocked severely all your life you likely would have developed a childhood disease in the area and would have crossed over by now.  It is possible this healer doesn’t come upon a kundalini situation very often and doesn’t know enough about it to understand what I happening??  A block so intense that someone might perceive it as having been there your whole life is more likely the kundalini being stuck there.  So if your kundalini is at your throat then it has been processing for quite some time.  Hearing snippets of other voices 5 years ago could also be an indication that it was in process then.  You didn’t specify if your migraines have gotten worse lately or if you have just been seeking an answer for them that has led to the birth control trigger.  However if you have a history of migraine then the kundalini being stuck at the throat very well could aggravate them, so it would not be uncommon for them to be worse or more frequent lately.  Although the kundalini can be difficult, it isn’t for everyone.  It depends on the extent of the vibrational rise that is occurring  So I certainly wouldn’t place any fear toward it having a negative effect on the situation of your life or your husband’s job/stress situation  It’s possible that you had a genetic weakness in the throat area that got it stuck there as it reprograms the DNA of that area and that once you break through that block the rest will progress with ease.  There are just no hard and fast rules when it comes to kundalini!  Our experience is as unique as we are as humans

 Kundalini energy can’t be released through sexuality, that is a myth.  You can release stress that you are feeling due to the kundalini experience but sexuality has no effect on kundalini.  The only true relief for the kundalini is when it gets popped through the head and is flowing freely.  Once that happens it becomes a background energy that you don’ even notice anymore. 

There is no “being above calling it pain”  it is pain!  LOL it hurts!  The ability to rise above pain and transmute it really comes after the kundalini awakening for those who master it.  When I went through the worst phases when it was in my head I couldn’t really eat either, you just have to kind of cocoon and be in the moment.

Once upon a time the only people that did any kind of kundalini yoga were people who were recognized by the teachers as someone whose kundalini was already in the process of opening and the yoga practices were meant to aid the process and make it go smoothly.  Now there is too much corruption to trust any teacher to determine the state of someone else’s kundalini process.  Someone who Is not aware that their Kundalini is opening naturally should NEVER do any kind of kundalini yoga or attempt to open the kundalini.  Those who are to open it decided before birth and the timing was also chosen before birth.  The kundalini process literally reprograms the DNA from the root chakra up it can take up to 10 years and it can be very dangerous depending upon the level of vibrational jump has been chosen to be programmed with the DNA shift.  If for example in the pre-birth plan the high self had certain experiences that were to be finished before kundalini awakening and the person didn’t do those things to raise their vibration to an extent in advance then when the kundalini activates the vibrational jump that has to be made may be greater than anticipated.  The bigger the vibrational jump, the greater the possibility of complications.  High self cannot change the time of activation, it is chosen before birth if it is going to happen, because it is programmed into the body’s DNA sequence as the body forms in the womb.  Kundalini yoga has lost most of it’s original knowledge of actual kundalini and people have come to believe that they can open their kundalini by simply following that pathway.  Its sad really as many people who never planned in a given life to open their kundalini (so they didn’t program it into the DNA in the womb) have spent a whole lifetime doing kundalini yoga, clueless as to why they can’t “progress” and feel like failures or that they are doing something wrong.

It actually can cause a physical unbalance at any stage and when it is at the third eye, to crown, before popping through the head, it could cause a lithium imbalance for example that would cause bi-polar disorder or other types of “madness”  I would recommend staying away from a teachers as the chances of finding a reputable one are slim.  If you simply are aware it is happening and spend time in quiet meditation, using no technique, just the intent to raise your vibration and not resist the kundalini’s natural progress all will progress naturally.  It is kind of like childbirth, once it starts you have to just go through it.  So it is best to try and conserve your energy and breathe and relax your way through it as much as possible.  Like childbirth it may be uncomfortable more so for some than others or in different ways.  So trust your inner voice to guide the progress.  

Your symptoms tell you exactly where it is at.  It sounds like it found no resistance through the lower chakras, so it may actually have started a couple years back and now is trying to work it’s way from the solar plexus to the heart which is most people’s difficult place because we have so many heart issues in the world right now.  That pressure pushing from the solar plexus can cause a lot of nauseous feelings and the choking response as it tries to force it’s way up.  When it gets to the heart level there is additional incoming energy added to the flow coming into the heart chakra so the flow is doubled to tripled.  So you may be getting a trickle through the heart heading up to the throat chakra but haven’t been able to open the pathways enough to allow the full flow from the solar plexus let alone the increase from the incoming to the heart.  Focus on the heart and on receiving love there that will help.

There is no way to know how long the process will take as a whole, but the intense phase of awareness you are in that effects your ability to do day to day activities as normal shouldn’t last long.  It tends to come in spurts that last a week or two then you may feel “normal” for a month or two and then experience another week of intensity.  Once you get it moving freely through your heart most people do fine through the throat and may experience another level of resistance at the third eye or crown.  The more you are aware of the process though the less likely you are to have more resistance later.

Once it pops the head you really do start to see things that were hard to grasp before.  Some things will even seem real simple then.  It is part of the ascension process because it is the first awakening of the elemental chakras which later form the Sphere that is the basic energetic structure of an ascended being.

There are quite a few steps that come after the initial opening of the sphere, but getting that sphere open is really the most important because after that the rest is kind of like the Kundalini, in the fact that once it starts the only thing that can stop it is accidental death.  The hardest part for people seems to be getting from the Kundalini completing into the Nirvana stage, and then out of the Nirvana stage, because the Nirvana stage is blissful and wonderful so obviously people want to stay there.  But it is kind of a meditative altered state kind of bliss, and sometimes it is hard to deal with regular world stuff.  When you complete the whole process you get the bliss back but with the ability to function in full beta consciousness in that bliss every day.  Try to visualize that Kundalini without any resistance to it at all, completely give into it and it will go much faster.