Iodine Protocol

Iodine Protocol with Companion Nutrients

This is the protocol as I did it

Iodoral 50 mg

I started at 25 mg with food and worked up to as much as 100 Although I preferred taking the Iodoral reaserch shows it is the best form eventually it was too expansive and I switched over to Lugol’s  (Iodoral is the same as Lugol’s just in a pill) Some people start with only 1/2 iodoral (6.25 mg) but most start with a whole tablet 12.5 mg.  When I started at 25 mg I had no problems.  Some people who start at a low dose and don’t feel good, feel better going straight to 25 or 50 mg there is no rule on how to dose yourself.

A note on supplement timing;  Some people choose to split their iodine dose as well as other supplements.  It is ok to do this but some people are sensitive to the energy aspect of iodine and may not be able to sleep if they take after 2 pm.  I don’t split my dose I take it with breakfast but I have on occasion taken it in the afternoon with no problems.  I have heard of some people taking a dose with breakfast and another before bed so it is an individual thing.  Some people feel the need to take antioxidants separate from the iodine at least 2-3 hours after the iodine.  Others take them together.  The debate is that vitamin C can turn elemental iodine into potassium iodide.  If you mix lugol’s into a glass of high vitamin C juice you will notice the color disappear.  Generally Iodoral is coated to go into the intestine so it may not really be an issue to take a vitamin C capsule with an iodoral pill as the vitamin C will dissolve in the stomach.  I take my main mix of vitamins with a meal late afternoon or early evening so mine is split anyway but it is something to consider. 

Vitamin C – I only take 2000 mg because I have low bowel tolerance to vitamin C but most people take 3000 or more to help with bromide detoxing.  The vitamin C never did help me when I was detoxing

Magnesium 300-600 mg.  – A lot of people tend to skip this one or think it is not important, there also seems to be a tendency to try and take too much calcium with this.  I wouldn’t recommend using oxide as it is the most irritating, unless you are constipated.  I use an aspartate, citrate combo in capsule form but even more importantly a magnesium oil (magnesium chloride in water) on my skin daily as well.  I take approx 525 mg in capsule form.  Some people are out of balance with their magnesium / calcium and it seems that people who are iodine deficient seem to commonly be magnesium deficient.  I have a theory perking that magnesium may bind to fluoride and help remove it from the body thus making it even more important to get lots while doing the iodine protocol.

Selenium 200 mcg  – I found this on the internet and the people in the iodine yahoo list agree with this – The form of selenomethionine that the body can use is L-selenomethionine. L-selenomethionine is better absorbed and better incorporated into body components than any other known form of selenium

recommend but not required ATP Co-factors

Niacin 500 mg  (B3) twice a day. (NOT niacinamide) or no flush Inositol Hexanicotinate  Vitamin B2 100 mg three times a day.

These two are also in a combo that optimox the makers of Iodoral make called ATP cofactors.  I am taking 100 mg B-2 and 250 mg B-3 with my iodine in the morning in addition to my B-100 in the afternoon.

Celtic Sea Salt The Protocol as written does not address the use of salt.  Dr. Brownsein recommends using 1/2 tsp unrefined salt per day plus generous use on foods as a base amount of salt.  Avoid all processed salt or food with processed salt.  This amount of salt is just what your body needs and is not salt loading for bromide detox any salt used for salt loading would be in addition to this salt.  Unrefined salt is never white, it is grey or pink.  Celtic salt, Redmonds Real Salt, and many Himalayan Pink salts are all unrefined.  Hain sea salt is refined and should not be used.

Since I don’t salt many foods, my base of salt to feel well and keep my lymph flowing is about 1 to 1 ¼ tsp a day.  I take in capsules with my other supplements.

A comprehensive vitamin and nutrition program.

(Feb 2008) Dr. Guy Abraham cautions that “excess calcium supplementation
(2,000-3,000 md/day) has been the most common cause of poor response to
iodine supplementation.” Vitamin Research News Vol. 22. Number 2.

What is a comprehensive vitamin and nutrition program?

I’ll share what I take in addition to the protocol as a basic example.  Each Person’s needs are unique but I would say D-3 is a must have for everyone.

Vitamin A 8,000 IU

Vitamin E 800 IU Mixed Tocopherals (alpha, gamma & delta)
I had been taking 400 and was having bad night sweats and someone on the list suggest upping my E to 800 and it stopped the sweats in about a week.

B Vits  B-100
B-12 1000 mcg sublingual Methylcobalamin

Vitamin D-3 5000 IU

Magnesium / Calcium

Solaray Magnesium Asportate 400 mg

Transdermal magnesium oil I use generously every day after may shower
For several months I used no calcium at all I knew I had calcium deposits in my soft tissue one of several symptoms of magnesium deficiency and we have water with high calcium so I waited until I intuitively felt I should add some and then chose one that had a low dose.  For years the family took a combined cal mag zinc supplement and so I never considered I could be magnesium deficient but we get a lot of calcium  in the diet and the ratio needs to be correct don’t allow mainstream hype to think you have to take a lot of calcium or that you should be taking it in a particular ratio.  The ratio that matters is the ratio in your body!

I don’t take calcium

Zinc 50 mg

Copper 2 mg

Potassium 198 mg watch this with your unrefined salt intake if you are salt loading you may need to eat some banana or something. (I am currently experimenting with some potassium bicarbonate, but it for me caused a lot of burping and bloat)

L-Tyrosine 500 mg
I saw this listed somewhere online with the selenium and added it to the mix now I can’t find where I saw it.

Silica 600 mg (switched over to getting silica from Diatomaceous Earth, cheaper and other benefits)

MSM 2000 mg

C0-Q-10 100 mg

Lutein 20 mg

Bilberry 1000 mg

Flax Oil for Omega 3

Lethicin 1000 mg

Chlorella for detoxing

Primal Defense 6 per day probiotic for gut health and candida

Candex candida enzyme formula 4 per day



40 thoughts on “Iodine Protocol

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  2. Hello,

    I have been using Iodoral for nearly 5 months and I have very slowly worked my way up to 3 (12.5mg) Iodoral tabs/day. Had a strong detox reaction at 1.5 tabs for about 3 weeks, pulse dosing, salt loading and epsom salt baths helped. I am treating myself for FBD and benign thyroid nodules. All blood work has been normal. But breast cysts were increasing and hurting more and more and my research led me to Dr. Brownstein’s research and book.

    I am confused about Vitamin C. I am currently taking nearly everything you listed here but using a Vit C powder from 100% food source as I believe that Vit C as just ascobic acid can be hard on the body. I generally believe whole food vitamins deliver all the nec compounds to be effective vs say just ascorbic acid. So I take, in 2 doses, 600 mg of C /day, far less than the Iodine protocol states. I feel great but want to make sure I am giving my body what it needs as I build up to 50mg/day of Iodoral.

    Also confused on when to Take Vit C. So can it cause a problem when taking it with Iodoral?

  3. First I’d like to apologize for taking so long to respond I really lost track of several things all a the same time.

    I, in general feel food based things are always better. For myself sometimes they are just too expensive for my budget. I have read that the body better uses the food based vit C but what I read didn’t really give any conclusive information, but to me it just seems like common sense. I think it may be a case where you need to listen to your body if you start feeling a little crappy as you raise you iodine dose you may want to add more of whatever kind of C you are using.

    It shouldn’t be problem taking it with iodoral at all because the vitamin C will start to get digested in the stomach and the iodoral will go farther into the gut to be used and they won’t be mixing. It is only when people use liquid lugol’s and vitamin C at the same time that some of the elemental iodine can be turned into iodide. It won’t hurt you in any way but the reason most of us take a product that has both is because some body parts prefer the elemental iodine and other parts prefer the iodide. So if you turn your iodine into iodide by mixing lugol’s with vitamin C then you may lose some of the benefit.

    No one knows how much elemental iodine gets turned into iodide in the body though, or if the body can convert it back. We know outside the body if you put lugol’s into a vitamin C based juice the color will go away indicating the change from iodine to iodide, but the human body is infinitely more complex. Many have taken liquid lugol’s and Vitamin C together and feel they did benefit so we have no way of knowing if they could have gotten more out of it by not doing that.

    • Thank you so much for that detailed reply. The Vit C powder is pretty expensive, so I may add in a tablet form as after on the 3 iodoral tabs per day I have been starting to feel lousy again. So I have backed off to 1 tab for a week now back up to 2, and still have headaches and pretty lethargic in the afternoon. It’s quite a process but I don’t want to give up on it and I really appreciate your support. One more question…I am not taking the B2 and B3’s in the listed doses. Thought that may only be for Symporter defects? If it can help with detoxing then I’ll add them in as well.
      Not sure if I need some form of Thyroid support so currently trying to find a doctor who can do some testing for me. All your info on the Iodine group blog has been great. Thank you!

  4. I think in general those B’s help support using the iodine to make thyroid hormone along with the L-tyrosine but unless they are something that you are not getting enough of I don’t think they are related to detox. Sounds like you may need more salt overall when I first started upping my salt there were a couple days I felt really odd and out of sorts so i though oh maybe I am taking too much. Then later I realized I never even got to the copious urination stage really so I tried upping the salt yet again and now I am taking 1 1/4 tsp daily along with what I get in food and that has really helped overall energy levels and completely got rid of any detox I was having.

    I tend to think that going slow on thyroid support is a good general idea. If you may have been deficient in any nutrients it can take some time to heal, but my concern was always the thought that if you get on thyroid meds or adrenal for that matter that the organs that produce these substance may atrophy. I don’t really have any research to back that up it is just a gut instinct that I do not want to be on anything that requires a prescription until I have exhausted every other possibility.

    We live in a crazy world and I don’t feel confident that prescriptions will always be there and available. I always get this image in my mind of people on their rooftops after Katrina holding up signs saying “Diabetic with no insulin”.

    • I am with you on not taking prescriptions until absolutely necessary. It makes sense to give myself more time to get things balanced through nutrition and supplements. So I may get some blood work done and then recheck to see how things are improving in a few months from now. Iodoral is helping and I am grateful for that.
      I will increase my salt, that is something I have not tried. Thank you again, Kelly

  5. I also had low bowel tolerance to vit. C until I started taking some that is derived from Cassava (the powder form is cheapest). Now I can take as much as I want.

    My ND tells me that most vit. C is derived from corn. With most corn being genetically modified now, I suspect that is why is causes the runs. I’m also allergic to GM soy.

  6. I don’t see any recent comments, but this seems to be an excellent site. My question is, what is the preferred test for detecting halide levels? Blood? Fecal? I did the Brownstein protocol (badly) about 1-1/2 years ago…briefly. Had bromide acne and my hair fell out very quickly after a few weeks. I promptly quit taking Iodoral but my hair has not grown back. Even though I wasn’t following the protocol correctly (not taking salt) I won’t attempt it again without supervision. Can bromide still be interfering with my hair growth?

    • I don’t have any personal experience with anyone who has had that happen but I would guess it was a bromide reaction. I’m not sure if bromide could keep it from growing back or not but I sure wouldn’t be surprised since with no salt it was trying to come out your skin and could be stuck in the hair follicles. The salt is essential! I know that the iodine loading urine test they added an optional bromide test and the iodine docs feel this urine loading test is the most reliable overall. Even with this test though the first test can be misleading because over time your urine will show more bromide coming out indicating that you are not as iodine saturated as the initial test shows. So it is recommended to take this test every 6 months or so. I never did any testing and have been on the iodine about 2 1/2 years now. This is the lab that does these tests for the docs

  7. Iodoral is heavy on inorganic silica, which bioaccumulates. I was bummed after i ordered an expensive bottle only to read the ingredients after opening it.
    Personally i like Atomidine — check it out.

    • Many people find Atomidine energizing but even at the highest dose recommended you are only getting one milligram of iodine so it is not an iodine type that can be used as the primary source for following the protocol. There are people on the protocol who use lugol’s or Iodoral who also use Atomidine when they want a little boost.

      Iodoral contains Micosolle, a silica based excipient produced by Optimox. I have never seen anything that specified whether that is organic or inorganic silica but Optimox is the company of Dr. Abraham, the primary doctor who has brought about the resurgence in iodine usage. Certainly anyone who has a concern about the type of silica used in the Micosolle could contact Optimox or just choose to use Lugol’s instead.

  8. When i first started taking Atomidine i only did 1 drop/day, and after a year or so found my patch test was much worse than it had been when i had been daubing regularly with drugstore iodine.
    Then i read somehwere that the dosage is 10-20 drops in some water.
    Now i take 20 drops maybe 3X a week, which intuitively feels right, but haven’t done a patch test recently.

  9. OK so my patch test still sucks. I have resumed daubing the drugstore stuff on my skin.
    I doubt the silica in Iodoral is organic. Organic is like horsetail herb extract or something.
    Everything i’ve read on iodine supplementation seems to be a bunch of contradictions. Everybody has a different belief.
    Dr Mercola cautions against Lugol’s and recommends super-saturated iodine (SSI), but that requires a prescription, and hence, a relation$hip with an accommodating MD.

    On the subject of magnesium supplements, i was using magnesium “oil” or flakes, but read that much of that stuff comes from the Dead Sea and has much bromine!
    Then i heard that nigari contains just the Mg from sea water, I bought a big sack of nigari and have been using that the same way as the other soluble Mg stuff. Seems quite good.

    BTW your software sucks and thus i doubt i’ll be able to post again. It took several visits and 2 password resets (always to the same password) to be able to post this.
    I half-expect this upload to fail.

    • The patch test has been proven to be unreliable by the iodine docs. I respect Dr Mercola but he is not one of the iodine experts they are Dr, Abraham, Dr. Brownstein and Dr Flechas. There is SSKI that you can get without prescription is you want to go that route. One type is sold online by the Tohoma Clinic.

      This is so it is not my software and my blog is set up to allow people to comment without having an account, no password required, other blogs are set up differently.

    • Probably. There is likely somewhere online that has directions for making it. The most important question would be how much potassium iodide to how much water to get the dosage you would want per drop.

  10. Well theoretically, there is an exact proportion that will stay dissolved in distilled water, so the potency should be the same as the commercial product.

    • That’s why I would want a recipe because I am thrifty by nature and would not want to put any more in there then what would saturate the water, but enough to know my dose is correct but that is just me… LOL

      “… SSKI can also be prepared by truly saturating water with KI. This preparation can be made without a measuring scale. Since the solubility of KI in water at room temperature is about 1.40 to 1.48 grams per mL pure water, and the resulting solution has a density of about 1.72 g/mL, this process also results in a final concentration of KI of about 1000 mg KI per mL of saturated KI solution, and also contains essentially the same concentration of iodide per drop as does the U.S.P. formulation…
      … , each drop of U.S.P. SSKI is assumed to contain about 50 mg iodine as iodide, …”

      KI crystals are probably the cheapest iodide supplement.
      I wonder whether elemental iodine (I2) is also available as inexpensive crystals or powder.

      • Elemental iodine is a controlled substance due to its use in making meth so you can only get small amounts of it. That is the reason that even the amount of lugol’s solution you can buy at a time is controlled because they can get the elemental iodine to recrystallize and remove it and use it to make the meth. Before they started to control it you could get a chunk to use in backwoods water purification bottles too.

      • Yes they are and if you buy more than would be a normal amount to make a little lugol’s you may find the FBI or DEA on your doorstep 🙂 There are other legit reasons to have them but manufactures that need elemental iodine don’t use ebay. Not all countries control elemental iodine so some ebayers may not be in the US either. Be very careful if you choose to buy off ebay.

  11. Hi, this is one of the best articles I’ve seen summarizing the iodine protocol and the necessary companion nutrients, which a lot of people miss when they start down this path. I’m currently taking 100mg Lugol’s + 500 mg SSKI per day and can concur that the detox symptoms can knock you on your butt, but it’s worth it in terms of the health of your thyroid and whole endocrine system (adrenals, etc).

    A companion nutrient not mentioned here that a lot of people including myself have found invaluable is boron in the form of borax (yes, as in 20 Mule Team Borax). The reason for it is that borax is one of the few things that can remove flouride from the body, another extremely toxic halide along with bromide that is very prevalent in our environment. Borax is also an powerful anti-fungal compound when taking as little is 1/8 tsp per day dissolved in a liter of water. Before I started on my current iodine regimen I suffered from acne on my face and upper body that I believe was related to a chronic candida infection. Within a couple days of starting the borax, the acne disappeared and never returned.

    There’s a lot of good information on the use of borax on the iodine support forum of Curezone (the VWT private forum, not the public forum) and also on the Earth Clnic web site.

    • Hi,
      I was painting lugols lately but read that it’s not absorbed well thru the skin so started ingesting 10drops (25mg) daily instead. I get a bit nauseous from drinking lugols in water for a few minutes but then feel much better overall. I’ve been considering upping my dosage after having read of those taking 100mg daily, question is without testing how do I know it’s safe and sane?

  12. I haven’t been able to find much info on the ATP co factors and side effects. I’ve been on the iodine protocol for a year and just started the cofactors about 10 days ago. I now have a very painful stiff neck and leg cramps. Is this common? I have heard other people say that they had a stiff neck when on the ATP co factors but no info about why or what to do about it??

  13. I agree with Brian B that “this is one of the best articles I’ve seen summarizing the iodine protocol and the necessary companion nutrients.” Thanks for writing it and keeping up with the comments over such a long period of time.
    I’ve only recently begun to research iodine supplementation after several years of unexplained health problems and a severe reaction (classic bromide detox symptoms) to taking kelp tablets a couple of months back. I stopped the kelp in order to gather more information about how to supplement correctly and am now gearing up to give it another shot. Your list is very helpful in tying it all together in a user friendly format.
    Thank you!

  14. p.s.
    I’d love to hear a little about your experience with chlorella? Did you have any GI reactions? Did you start with a small dose and build up? Also, could you say a bit about what Silica, MSM, Lutein and Bilberry do for you in the detox process?

  15. Hi, I tried the Nascent iodine recently but immediately stopped after only 3 or 4 days due to Massive headache throbbing! Is this common for only using one drop of iodine? I drink a lot of water daily so I just continued to up the water and only stayed on one drop once a day only but I was concerned so I stopped taking it. Is this a normal detox at only one drop? If so I was shocked that so many people claim to use up to 15 drops at once. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!

    • Nascent iodine is very small dose and not recommended because of that so it would not in any way be a normal reaction for that type of iodine. Even with a 12.5mg dose (2 drops) of lugol’s 5% it would be rare to have a strong reaction. The people that seem most sensitive to smaller doses of iodine in the 6-12 mg range are usually those with Hashi’s thyroiditis who often do better starting at higher doses. Are you taking selenium, vitamin C and magnesium as the most basic companion nutrients? Does you body have enough natural (celtic, real salt) unrefined salt? Some people could be sensitive to Nascent idodine’s electromagnetic type energy which is what other like so much about that type. As far as actually supplementation for health reasons it is much too low of a dose to bother with. It takes 5 drops just to equal 1mg.

  16. Hi, Thank you so much for your reply. Wow, I was shocked to hear you do not consider Nascent a good one due to low dose etc. It seems most everything I read preferred it over Lugol’s even some top health coaches but I will keep this in mind. If someone does not have the financial means at the moment to afford all the blood work needed to determine if they in fact low in iodine or too high or have Hashimoto would you recommend not taking any iodine supplementation as a precaution and simply try to eat a good whole foods diet? I stopped the iodine even though you say it’s low just because I’m concerned about causing more of a problem. Yes, I’m getting a good Vit C, brazil nuts for added selenium and my magnesium but thanks for bringing up that reminder. I’m also taking OHCS (Original Himalayan crystal salt) and will soon try the Sole with the crystals as well. It seems that everything that I”m experienceing lately such as possible mold, heavy metal toxicity and needing to know my levels on iodine, etc all require very expensive lab work that I cannot afford and not covered under many insurance programs. I’m trying to eat as good as I can on a fixed budget, get some exercise but I feel like my hands are tied when people mention we need to know our levels on B-12, D-3, iodine and checking a series of other things. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks again.

    • Most of us on the protocol have not had any blood work and for iodine there is no blood work that can be done only an iodine loading urine test which can be tricky if you are toxic in bromide. You may want to join the iodine list on Yahoo. The two docs responsible for really putting the spotlight back on iodine are Dr. Abraham and Dr. Brownstein. The list owner is a patient of Dr. Brownstein who has gone on to school in natural medicine as well. It is a really busy list and there is bound to be someone experiencing, or who has experienced the same thing as you and has specific insight. When dealing with dose we are talking about differences between micro grams which is tiny and milligrams. Most are on 50 to 100 milligrams so the micro grams in Nascent are just a tiny drop in the bucket that could never bring the body’s iodine levels high enough. The original studies from people in Japan they were consuming about 13 mg per day, but they were not starting out deficient it was a life long dose from their diet. Most of us are deficient to start, and worse need to move bromide and fluoride off our iodine receptors. So more recently Dr. Abraham was considering 50 mg a maintenance dose just because of the level of bromide and fluoride we are constantly exposed to is so high. Last I had heard he was taking 100mg himself. But these are the types of things that are talked about on the list.

  17. Thank you so very much for all your replies. I’m really into health/wellness and have been many years but this Iiodine/thyroid have been pretty confusing as you can imagine. I will def look into your suggestions and attempt to learn more. I had just read some scary things about the Hashimoto’s and the last thing I wanted to do was start taking iodine not knowing what I was really doing and then give myself some condition that I didn’t start with or make some existing one much worse. Yes, I have been reading and watching some good info. from Dr. Brownstein indeed. I appreciate your response! 🙂

    • You are one smart lady to not do something til you understand what it does! Too much conflicting information to be comfortable with it, myself. Going slow until I know. This stuff appears to cause the same thing it cures if taken at too high a dose but no one seems to know what that dose is – pretty scary to risk my permanent health on. Curious lack of med school and professional research studies throughout this whole thing.

  18. My favorite Mg supplement is nigari dissolved in raw milk. About 1tbs per 1/2 gallon. I think it improves the flavor.
    And it’s dirt cheap if you shop around and order in bulk.

  19. Hey are using WordPress for your site platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying
    to get started and create my own. Do you require any html coding knowledge to make your own blog?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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