South Beach Sunset

I went to South Beach for sunset. It is not normally a sunset beach for me because there are no tide pools there. The beach is steeper and there is very little wet sand for reflections. The conditions were as good as they get for this beach an absolutely beautiful sunset! Sunset season is back! The summer marine layer has faded away so the sun can reach the horizon and the storms come and go leaving amazing clouds to light up the sky.


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There is a lot of talk about the starfish and wasting disease and fukushima but here in Gold Beach on the Southern Oregon Coast the starfish are abundant and doing great.  These were taken this afternoon.

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Light Rays and Reflections

Like a veil an opening in the clouds sent light rays down to the ocean.  Awesome!?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ??????????????????????



Full Moon Rising

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New 2014-2015 Calendar of Sunsets

Vaccine Safety

Tired of the arguments about vaccine safety with doctors who treat you like you are ignorant?  A site called Prevent Disease created this Physician Warranty of Vaccine Safety.  If your doctor is not willing to take responsibility for the treatment he offers you or your child then he or she has no business giving the treatment.  They have a pdf at their site but I opened it up and created one with page numbers that include how many pages so that some doctor is they did sign it can’t say they never saw pages 2 and 3 or something in defense trying get out of the legality of signing this form.  In reality there is not much chance they will sign it, which says it all.  If they refuse to sign then the argument is over they don’t get to give the vaccine!

Here is the PDF

Physicians Warranty of Vaccine Safety

And here is where you can get more info


Spider Web

This morning the sun was shining and I was out setting up things for a garage sale when I spotted this little guy in his web and had to grab my camera.