Iodine Audio – Video

Dr. Brownstein Video

Iodine the Most Misunderstood Nutrient

Dr. Brownstein Videos in Real Media Format

Iodine and Iodide Basics

Iodine Detox

Iodine Deficiency and the Link to Breast and Prostate Cancer

Iodine is a Chelator of Mercury

Dr. Flechas Audios

Iodine 50 minutes

Sweating and Breast Cancer, Bromide and Cancer, Cancer and Iodine,Hormone Receptors, Thyroid Hormones and Breast Cancer, Thyroid Hormones and Iodine Absorption, Iodine and Lipids.

Iodine Deficiency – 2 hours

fibrocystic breasts, hypothyroidism, ovarian cysts, attention-deficit disorder, pregnancy, IQ, senility, iodine history, bromide, fluoride, obesity, depression, constipation, detoxing (from bromide, fluoride, arsenic, mercury, lead, aluminum), cancer (prostate, thyroid, breast), diabetes (blood sugar control), receptors (hormones, neurotransmitters), testosterone, itching, sweating, histidine and histamine, functions of iodine, heart disease (especially arrhythmias, abnormal heart beats), iodine doses.

Dr Flechas Video

Iodine Insufficiency and Cancer



Video – Dr. Chris Meletis on Halide Toxicity

1 thought on “Iodine Audio – Video

  1. What an excellent website! My wife and I are both hypothyroid and have just started taking Iodoride tablets and are looking forward to the benefits.

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