Missing in Action

Tatiacha with Martina Tafolla

Families ask “are we on the inside looking out today
Perhaps on the outside, looking in at this play?

Watching as all these idiots revolt
It gives me no peace to know they are a cult
Bring on the orange kool aid, they all shout
and the doubt begins to mount,
as the questions, way too many to count

Sneak in under my door and invade my very being
all the while, the ignorant ones rebel….
they don’t care if we all go to hell
but hell, we’re living in hell anyway………..so what the hell?

Like a war with leadership missing in action
Sold out to business, lives count as mere fractions
Pandemic virus infecting bodies and minds
The loyal incompetents, their pockets lined

We are missing PPE and missing energy
Our hearts they are drained not feeling free
The bodies are counted and deeply piled
The death certificates being filled out and filed

Covid seeps in to their church and their state
Their ignorance, it will seal their own fate
They shout in the name of liberty they do
For themselves only, it will not apply to you

Intuition and fact must act in unison to be of use
Head and heart two facets of self make a truce
They beg in prayer for God to protect them
God speaks through facts saying “stay home then”

Delayed stimulus checks, food banks overflowing
Hungry are the people but stocks they are glowing
Rents go unpaid, no moratoriums for the poor
Pitiful one time payment while corporations get more

Paul has been robbed money given to Peter
Peter, Peter the CEO of corporate theater
The keeper of church tithes now calls for UBI
Even he can no longer ignore the poverty cries

Congress on recess chatting this and that
Fifty pet projects for all their fat cats
After bailing out the airlines all over again
And a slush fund approved by their mighty pen

The CNN chyrons starting to speak truth
Twitter in a frenzy, Wisconsin at the booth
The world looks on both angry and sad
Obvious the people of America have been had

When his leadership is missing in action
Experts are forced to make more retractions
Governors weary of the endless bullshit
Create pacts themselves for when we will quit

Feds stealing supplies from states in need
Causing discussion of if they would secede
Quid pro quos and outright strong arming
Trump’s claims of total authority… alarming!

Cruelty is the point with this administration
His only sadness is that he cannot vacation
Sniffing and snorting, addicted to adderall
The orange Don dementia dropped the ball

Orange infant on his sociopathic throne
Standing at the briefing he endlessly drones
Evil lies spouted out for an ego so sick
Blood on his hands, a disgusting little prick

Hearts broken in loss of love await the news of one more
Praying dear leader’s life is at death’s door
Corona, corona claim the sickly demented
Leaving the world with compassion cemented

Karmic justice that will ease this transition
Bringing a new healing into fruition
The end of a virus that is not novel at all
A virus of narcissism and greed that must fall

Throw over the tables of these money changers trafficking in fear
The need of a higher energy coming forth is so clear
The powerful force of Divine Love takes hold
The old paradigm of suffering must now fold

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