The Cloak

Child of the Goddess
Come forth
There is a shimmer in the force of life
That shimmer is the wrinkle of your place
Your wave
Your effect
You do not see it
Or feel it
But it sparkles and grows
Just when you feel beaten down
It is in the invisible flow
Circling around and intersecting
It finds everything
And everyone
Destined to collaborate
Each part feels disconnected
But each is one thread of silk
In a great and glorious cloak being woven
You are carefully crafted into the whole
In perfect union
When this weaving is complete
All threads share a purpose
Both functional and beautiful
With strength and softness
Adorned in the beauty of the threads she chose
The Goddess will walk in this cloak
Shine her love through every woven intersection
The breeze will gently move the fabric
Holding the threads in unified undulating waves
You will feel the thrill of every movement
And rejoice in your offering to the whole
Still an individual divine thread
Ever an essential part of something greater
You were offered this purpose together
All threads woven said YES
So shine, shimmer, and flow
Your strength and your softness will hold others
Theirs will hold you
This cloak of destiny comes forth
Within it the Goddess keeps all her secrets
And she uses it to protect the sacred
There will be no burden with the load perfectly woven
You walk with the Goddess effortlessly
She carries you upon her shoulders
You adorn her, glorify her
In a perfect symbiosis of expression
The unweaving of the old completes
Time unwinds to one
Singularity of love is woven into time / space
The Goddess proudly carries all into the next epoch
Protected under the silky softness of the cloak

Tatiacha ~ October 7, 2021

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