Time Wave Distortion

From behind and the sides
Time is slipping and distorting
What will be left when woven
Travelers manipulate realities
They have agendas good and bad
They work for or against the divine
The wave form stretches
The results are not as expected
We are at end game no matter
There is no way to change ultimate outcome
It was known millenniums past
Yet still we play in the sand box
It is a war with no purpose
No objective is obtainable
Yet we must each move our pieces
On the chessboard of time and space
Tit for tat we wither away the moments
Almost as if a hobby to pass the time
There is eerie calm
While the time stream flattens
When distortion corrects
Wave form comes into harmony
Appearing like an acceleration en mass
Boom boom boom
One event after another
Belying the steps that were stretched
Shock will bemoan the masses
Ignorant of the distortion
Ignorant of those who play the game
Blending and bleeding
Anomalies go unnoticed
Hearts hear no whispers
Aghast when they become screams
Single pathway before us
Infinite pathways behind
We move to an expansion
No distortion can change
Pulled within the stream
We are all taken
Some flow
Some drown within their own webs
I stand in the middle and speak
I know I have not control
Yet I see there are no obstacles for me
The time wave distortion
Sits upon the surface
The flow still accelerated
I am in harmony
Knowing when distortion corrects
I will be in the correct time space
Travelers with wrong intention
Will be swept away
Divine is not bound by time space
Time space is bound by the divine

Tatiacha ~ September 30, 2011


Across the Great Divide

Hearts speak in time merged
There are many who are one
My past becomes me in a cascade of possibilities
Paths taken from other forks
They all belong to me
I took them all
And the outcomes
Still led me here
Divine chose this place for me
And gives me all that I am
The lessons
The gifts
The truths
This love survives every challenge
Yet it has no life here
How can this be
It has me
But I have it not
There is no apparent bridge
For a gap too big
One cannot bridge it alone
I am here
Why would divine want him there
Across the great divide
In sorrow
In misery and pain
When will my heart free
Feel the acceptance
See no vision for us
The knowledge that is me sees it
Understands it
Knows it is the way it must be
Yet it is tortured
With dreams unattainable
He cannot be that highest self
He doesn’t even want to
Not for me
Not for himself
The tears flow for that
But do not drown the flame

Tatiacha ~ September 30, 2011

Power of a Thought

Upon me again the weight
Somehow it rises from within
It deafens all else
It consumes life force
Despondent in its presence
I attempt to give it a moment of truth
Yes you are there
I own you
But it feels as if it is you that owns me
Heart contracting
I breathe consciously
In and out
Present in each breath
Moving it through and out
This does not suit me
I am not this small
This tiny speck
Amidst the power of a thought

Tatiacha Bhodsvatan ~ August 28, 2011


Shiva move through
Chaos ensures
White Buffalo Woman comes walking
Devours the lies and corruption
The medicine of change is here
All that is not in alignment with a higher order
Ripped apart
Torn from them
Stomped on
Chewed up and spit out
Do you fear this
If you do
Then you should
You have reason to fear
If you do not then you are
Or ignorant
One by one
The cities fall
The people cry
Do you feel it
See it
Hear it
Know it
Are you the zombie or the servant?
Reach to the sky
Touch the earth
The void brings forth new life
What is beautiful must have fertile ground to grow
The clearing is at hand
Nothing will be unchanged
No one unaffected
Golden presence of harmony
Moves from the heart of the unknown
Love destroys that which cannot take its pure vibration
It has no intention of destruction
It is the receiver who has caused the destruction
By being out of harmony with this Divine Love
The earth will feel invigorated
She receives this love fully
It is not destruction to her
The animals will flow with it all
Only humans will destruct
Only humans refuse love
Only human’s are arrogant
Golden Shiva
Unseen force
It comes in and builds
Then bursts forth in glorious intensity
Purity of matter births
Whirlwind stretches out across the universe
White Buffalo Woman
Devouring those who dishonor her

Tatiacha ~ July 1, 2011

I Leave Him In His Fear

He lies with the intention of looking good
He lives for the approval of others
He sees not the destruction he causes
He wanders aimlessly
Thinking he knows truth
How many times can I allow his abuse
Thinking he may finally mature
He respects nothing but his own self image
He clings to delusions of being right
There is no right here
There is no wrong
There is only respect and lack of respect
It is a choice
There will be no more
I will respect self where he will not
I will not allow into my circle of self this abuse
The same abuses I accepted from his mother
I take it from none now
They are free to abuse each other
Lie about it
Call it love
In order to look good he needs to blame someone
I will not be his excuse
He is a coward
He fears his own shadow
He fears his own feelings
I leave him in his fear

Tatiacha ~ 7-1-11

Grieving For The Yet To Happen

My heart cries out
This way it comes
I feel it and know it
Tears pour forth
They are vague
But intense in their truth
The eeriness of energy
A lack of earth’s breath
It is here where we stand
The other shoe about to drop
I hold my breath without conscious thought
Breathe I scream at myself
The earth’s next breath will kill
Not by intention
Simply by rhythmic expression
It is inevitable
We as a species have lost touch
Have made a life too solid
Leaving us without knowing
With no ability to migrate with the breath
We sit in silent stillness that looks busy
Pretend it cannot happen
It is some future lives who will see
But it comes
Please spare me your shock and dismay
The information is there
You refused to look, to feel, to listen
You mocked those who warn
Presented us with closed minds
Why should we listen to your tears now
Together we could have mitigated the pain
You prevented this from occurring in your arrogance
I cry not for you
But for your innocent children
Those with no voice
Those with no choice
The power brokers and their greed
Having taken away the power of the many
Leaving them to linger where they know they should not
Because of economic slavery
Those raised with false belief
Spoon fed that big brother will warn them
Protect and save them
Left with no knowledge to save themselves
I weep for the billions of other species
They feel it coming
Tied too closely to humans
Many will not be able to express the instinct inside
We will trample upon that which they need to survive
In an attempt to save ourselves
Causing more destruction with every step
The pain will collapse upon us
We will not see it as our own choice to tune out
But the majority will blame God
Claim it as punishment
Instead of natural cycles of life
Wake up!
Hear the whispers of the winds of change!
It blows around me this day
In gusts of inner knowing
The tears surface and fade
Grieving for the yet to happen

Tatiacha ~ April 5, 2011

To My Friends

Friends of honor
Friends of integrity
To this day we rise
I come to you in honesty
Offer you my respect
With my heart I offer gratitude
And honor the souls that you are
Sometimes our road is twisted
Mistakes we will make
We honor them all with apology
We ask and then expect more of ourselves
We deliver more
It is in our support and love
We find our way
I thank you for the truths you’ve told
Those I saw and those I resisted
Those that made me cry
For they were offered with love
From honesty
You came to me with heart open
I hold these hearts with tenderness
I know the grace of who you are
It is more than this day
This month or year
The infinite nature of our connection is within
We are those who know and see these things
We journey alone but cross paths
Some crossings are short
Some long
All are significant and enduring
You remind me of who I am
Who I was created to be in wholeness
I do the same for you
This path has been so very hard
Each day you all remind me of its beauty
And the blessings we share
Often lost in the fog of our lessons
It presents itself back to us
We listen and we pray together and for one another
We sit quiet and exchange energies
Near or far there is no distance between us
In moments we may take one another for granted
This is not one of those moments
I am in awe of all that you have accomplished
While a clueless world looks on
They see nothing
Feel nothing
As they sit unknowing in the circle of our love
In the greatest of these challenges
Somehow we have found one another
From across this earth we love
Is the most wondrous gift
May we fill our hearts with magic
Then bless it upon each other
We have earned these blessings
Through honoring each other
And it is with a vulnerable heart
That I choose to give blessings of love
To each and all of you
And hold you in sacred space
Honored to call you friends

Tatiacha ~ March 12, 2011