Rearview Mirror

I see you in my rearview mirror
In the back seat
Trying to hide from my view
But watching me while I drive
Gauging me
Trying to figure me out
You’ll learn nothing back there
There is no interaction
No input on direction
The fear there is palpable
The influence of pressure
The nonchalance of indifference
Yet there you are
Unable to quite look away
Demanding of yourself that you do
That you should
There is something beckoning
You wonder if it lives in that reflection
The external looks away
The internal is obsessed
The hindsight is unnerving
Is this the past or a reflection of today
Eyes darting from the road ahead
To glances of this vision behind me
You feel like a ghost there
A mere energy
Now invisible from even the rearview mirror
Yet there you are
So I drive
I continue
I feel

~ Tatiacha June 10 & 20 2020

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