What Becomes Her

She remembers things

I’ve long forgotten

I thought she wasn’t listening

She was

Where it leads her is unknown

She has floundered

Her pain undeniable

She tries to run

But she ran into the truth

Once I worried

Then I released to higher power

Now I wonder

What becomes her

Perhaps I will never know

In her grows a spark

It may tinder to flame

It may die an ugly death

It is her spark

I give it room

Step back

Watch and wait

There is love there offered

It is abundant and abiding

It resides here

It resides beyond this place

Held out

Waiting to be touched


Swirling around

A whirlwind of answers

Available to breathe in




It is not my journey

Not my denial or acceptance

But I will continue to wonder

What becomes her

With love



Engtovo ~ October 3, 2007

11 thoughts on “What Becomes Her

  1. There is only so much that we can do for others
    Beyond which we can only hope and pray for them
    The main thing is that we tried our best for all our sisters and brothers
    Leaving no room for any detractors to accuse or condemn

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng Tue. 9th Oct. 2007
    MotivationInMotion [BLOGGER]

  2. Beautiful poem – Being a mom it reminds of letting go of a child, allowing them to grow up to be an adult. As parents our wish is that our children do not have to go through the same pain we did, but that was the wish of our parents as well.

  3. The title of this is absolutely beautiful;love it! And the sentiment conveyed it is feels so heartfelt that I find myself caught up in wondering about this woman, too, and her fate. I pray she is well, wherever she is now.

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