Whispers seek outpouring of strength
An omen to portend of this time
They cross in front of me
And begin to run
I watch and feel the urgency
Speed and agility in union
Bending to cross the creek
They serpentine to the right and pick up speed
The other moves steadily unaware
They head right for impact
Hit she lay on the ground in shock
Gathering around with good intention
A small group convenes
Is she dead
They ponder her fate
Prayers move off them to her
Slowly she comes around
Moving behind obstacles
Hidden from view
She moves opposite the herd
Away from the scene and the danger
She emerges
She crosses over in front of me again
As she moves through the dirt and mud
That is this road
She trips and stumbles
Then returns to her feet
Her grace strength and stamina obvious
She picks up speed
Still somewhat apprehensive
Now understanding this close call
She moves out to the forest alone
The depth of her injuries unknown
She has survived another day
My heart pours out with love to this sign
This inspiration of divine timing
We all survive each day
Until it is the day we do not
I will take my hits
With some I may trip and stumble
But I will return to my path
And continue with the grace of an Elk

Tatiacha ~ March 3, 2011

It Is Here That I Am

It is here that I am
Sitting alone in thought
Transitions due
They move in and change me
I see them in force
Look back but weeks
There is another there
She is not I
Painful is the transmutation
Necessary though it may be
This truth must awaken
Embrace this key factor
It is a gift that comes with hard labor
It brings new life
To both the woman
And the innocence returned
The gifts come like rocks
Not like feathers
They cannot sway and swoon in these winds
Gravity drops them hard
They shake me
Cause a human quake
The rocks blast me with intensity
I question my survival momentarily
Then I get up to assess
I am bruised from the battering
These wounds are temporary and self healing
What looks like destruction
Unfolds faults in foundation
The rebuilding is cathartic
Something much greater comes forth
It could never have been seen
Never understood if brought gently
Brought to my senses
It is here that I am

Tatiacha ~ March 3, 2011

The Sword of Power Thus Passed

Red the earth stone
Solid under my feet
Rimmed in spotty green hues
Saturated by the falling rain
Fallen in the night’s passing
My earth glows below me
Filled with life force
Reaching up through my feet
It fills me with radiant warmth
Each step on this trail solid
Moving with purpose
The movement of female force
Strong in its vulnerability
Love is the sword of this freedom
Full expression brought forth
It can find no resistance
For there is no stronger force
Dare one to stand upon this sacred rock
And proclaim otherwise
All who have walked this trail before us
All who come after join in time and space
We raise this sword of love to full strength
And know these truths
Our earth
Our providing mother
Guides our steps
Through her sacred places
I place my foot bare upon her foundation
One by one the others do the same
We speak out with one voice
Sacred place to sacred place
We take our right of flowing power
Moving between us, the earth
And the divinity of all that is
We claim our rights as faithkeepers
As divine grandmothers
Regardless of bodily age
Servants to the whole
The divine flows though us
From spirit to earth
From earth back to spirit
Divine feminine principle
Takes its rightful place
There is no other pathway
It is preordained now
Expressed in blessings for all life
The sword of power thus passed
Universe has ordained
The earth hath bowed allegiance
We take our planet
The power now fully ours
All not in harmony must move aside
Where the power of love is wielded
There is no battle to be fought
We stand unfaltering
Permission granted on all levels
Feet firmly set in stone
Every location now under our command
The future generations of all species
Ours to make whole
There will be no foundation granted
To any energies moving counter
To the divine force of all that is
So be it
The grandmothers have spoken

Tatiacha Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ January 8, 2011

Void of All Worlds

Spinning effortlessly into a sea of stars
My mind and spirit fly free of body
I am infinite like all that surrounds me
My perceived self scatters in all direction
I merge into the specs of light
The space between me filled with undeniable peace
All things are born here in the space between
Empty black void of unconscious truth
Still and motionless it appears from any given place
But the currents move out in pure intention
They instantaneously move without perception or understanding
They touch the sparks of light that rim the edge of the void
Exploding its display of color in a multitude of fractal patterns
The patterns build and grow until they circle back
The mind and spirit of the originator receives the acknowledgment
It is intended using the law of no harm
The space between accepts the intention of no other law
The void is alive with and without space and time
From the stars in the galaxy to the place within my cells
There is no past present or future
No tangible or intangible differentiation
Any limitation previous perceived abandoned
I am reborn in this void of all worlds

Tatiacha Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ 12-16-10

My Fear

Shiver hits

Races up the spine

Familiar energy

A gift of acknowledgment

Though it is felt

Mood remains unchanged



Questioning everything

Tears well and recede

There is no subject matter

Just release

Attempted understanding

Neither head nor heart

Offer up information

There is a void

A heaviness

A slow aching pull

To unknown places

Something is being birthed

It labors in my chest

It’s insatiable



Cut the strings

Set it forth

Something good must come of this

A final push of emotion

I feel it

It is uncertain



What am I supposed to do with this

Run toward it

Run away

Be still

I fear no good can come of this

My fear

I know it better than I know myself

It wrote my history

How much longer must it write the future


Engtovo ~ August 31, 2008

It Is Good

Temptation past

To do for

No longer a question

Each will contribute

Equally from the divine

No burdens

Do we carry

There is only joy

Re-seeding all that is good


Requires no sacrifice

Hearts joining

Unison of vision


There is peace

In the sounds blending

Sweetness and innocence

Offered to all

Trust is complete

Above and below


Without separation

The saboteurs gone

Each one is giddy


Hands filled with rainbows

Colored rays

Blending out to infinity

This view has never been seen

It was chosen



And it is good


Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ June 14, 2008

New Earth

Waters move

Mountains reach higher

Some blow their tops

The earth shakes and shivers

Animals sleep

Overseen by divine hands

A world is being reborn

It looks difficult


But it is no different

Than the butterfly

Ripping open the chrysalis

There is already a new earth

It is right under the crust

It is formed

In the image of perfection

Ready to burst forth

When the chrysalis

Is finally ripped apart

Earth mother will sit

While her symbolic wings dry

These continents when dry

Will fill with new life

The humans of the new earth

Will be free

Of their past incarnation as caterpillar

They will not crawl and toil and struggle

They will fly free

With joy

Bringing fertility to the new earth

With harmony

All will live as one

There will be no veil

Between earth and spirit

All creatures

Will feel the full love of creation

The suns

Blue and yellow will shine forth

Their full light

Illuminating day and night

The stars will shine

But there will be no full darkness

Laughter and song

Will fill the night

And the day

The rains will nurture the lands

The snows will fill the high mountains

Springs giving life to new rivers

Flowers blooming

Fruits pouring forth

Skies clear and pure

New earth

With the perfect innocence

Of the fluttering of butterfly wings

Being chased by

Joyous children laughing


Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ June 14, 2008

The Choice


Let go


Heart is heavy

But easing

Sacrifice done

Freedom reigns now

The worth complex

The outcome decided

There is relief

We choose joy

We choose easy

There is little understanding

Big picture obscured

For others

But not for us

The choice feels right

Nothing left to do

Those who work

Are guided

They are already journeying

The others are too late

It’s ok

They can be too late

They will come again


It will be done

Then they will understand

The choice is for joy

A life which they know not


Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ June 14, 2008

True Woman


Presentation skewed

By a brainwashed populace

If woman is soft

She is weak

If woman shows strength

She is hard


A bitch

But woman is soft

Softness is her strength

It is where her knowing was born

When she presents truth

It is met with anger

Because the sheep

They are used to lies

It allows them to sleep gently

Truth dares jar them awake

They blame woman

Say she is harsh and nasty

Woman responds

You sleep little sheep

Truth it simply is

They band together

Attack woman more

Listen to nothing

Man comes along

Says same thing woman has said

Sheep worship him

Think he is strong

When he only stole woman’s words

Think he is kind and warm

While he lies

And takes their power

No wrong can be done by man

In the world corrupted by shame

No right can be done by woman

In the world corrupted by shame

A woman cannot lead

In a world of brainwashed sheep

Woman expects them to think

To participate

Man says only to follow

Soon women attack woman

Following the lead of man

Eventually the only women still on earth

Living the truth of woman

Keep silent

Knowing none can hear

Pray and wait

One day man will show himself

That day

True woman will come forth

Children will be taught

The truth of woman

And the truth of man that was lost

And women will be women

And men will be true men

Balance will be found


Engtovo ~ March 2, 2008

Last Vista

Vista ridge encompass my heart

Encircling my personal sphere

Every direction and offering

A gift

Beauty in pure form

Movement is constant and rhythmic

Changing the nature of each day

Storms roll in and purify

Then give way to glimpses of more

Those lost in the fog may perish

Too foolish to see the last breath

It’s here

We are witness

Expansion fills all my perceptions

It stops for no one

Waits for none

It spirals to its destination

My heart welcomes its vastness

There is no wrong way to look

Just look

Blood circles out and around the world

Not the blood of war

Not the blood of death

But the blood of life





Life force

Red blood of the earth

Physical gives way to that which is greater

And is transformed immortal

Take it all in

This is the last vista of what is

The change complete

Different and equally beautiful

The heart documents these last moments

To be honored



So new life can begin


Engtovo ~ December 23, 2007

What Becomes Her

She remembers things

I’ve long forgotten

I thought she wasn’t listening

She was

Where it leads her is unknown

She has floundered

Her pain undeniable

She tries to run

But she ran into the truth

Once I worried

Then I released to higher power

Now I wonder

What becomes her

Perhaps I will never know

In her grows a spark

It may tinder to flame

It may die an ugly death

It is her spark

I give it room

Step back

Watch and wait

There is love there offered

It is abundant and abiding

It resides here

It resides beyond this place

Held out

Waiting to be touched


Swirling around

A whirlwind of answers

Available to breathe in




It is not my journey

Not my denial or acceptance

But I will continue to wonder

What becomes her

With love



Engtovo ~ October 3, 2007

I Am New

I’m ready to roll

Let the gifts flow

From within me

And to me from the universe

There is nothing left to wait for

Nothing left to complete

It is done

This is the day of completion

The joy wells up inside

It bursts forth in waves

I will put my toes into the water

I am excited

The winds of change have entered my heart now

They move the very essence of me into a new configuration

It’s a good thing

I feel something nearing me

That is familiar



My breath is free and easy

There is peace here in this moment

The air is fragrant with this change

I am new

But everything good of the old is retained


The moon shines brightly as it nears fullness

The sun shouts out portending the greater change

With spots and ejections

Music fills my senses

It speaks to me of allies

Working together for a greater good

This serves each part of the whole

I feel you here beside me

There is no other way now

There was an attempt to kill the buds

To prevent enfoldment of the flowers

But the buds remain

And bloom freely

Engtovo ~ July 28, 2004

Cocoon to Butterfly

I asked for a new way to cope with these emotions

In the moment

Asked for teachings

To show the way to balance

I see now there are many ways

Some of which I have had with me always

I was just not using them

I choose to use them now

Balance is a choice I make every day

It is not something to come upon me in the night

I see how all these prayers have been answered

Questions were asked and I was not able to receive the response offered

But it has always been given

It is all wrapped in a bundle that was hidden

My cocoon

Wrapped so tight

What all was inside was unclear

I could see that it was all tied together

I have worked hard to untie the strings that held the bundle together

Now the bundle is free

The wrapping pulled back

Here stand the core of issues all entangled inside the bundle

Ready to be freed

There are gifts in the bundle as well

I take the gifts and they become new abilities

I take what is left and burn it in ceremonial fire

The bundle of birth that came with me

It is no longer a burden on my back

Now I have only the gifts

And I can rest with gratitude

I understand my choices before birth

And every step along the way

I do not need to judge these choices

They were foreseen to play out in that manner

Now with the bundle no more

This is all complete

From this point forward

Whatever I want to make of myself

Is not effected by the bundle

What I want to experience is not sabotaged by the bundle

I take full responsibility for the bundle and all it offered

It was mine born of my spirit choices

Expressed in my life choices

Now I have stepped out of its cocoon

As the butterfly I can enjoy each moment of the life I create from this point

There are flowers to visit

Beautiful colors and fragrances

My wings have dried and are ready for flight

Engtovo ~ July 28, 2004

I Wish You Only Love

Five million reasons to let go

Communication long since broken down

Would I know

Would it make a difference

You know not what I do

What I feel

Where I am

Who is in my life

What place does the mind still seek you

The heart has moved on

The soul never required any more of you than was given

I seek only balance for myself now

I have grieved a lifetime

This passing has no grief

There is no more left within me

Now all I have is compassion


Release and freedom

My body will not carry the scars

Will not hide

The camouflage is no longer needed

I am defined only by my choice

I thank you

Because I know I am the woman I am supposed to be in this moment

You have been part of that

But this woman is transforming


In this becoming

The last vestiges of you are leaving me

I am free

No longer thinking perhaps one day things will change

It is a Shaman’s death

With it I receive my inheritance

It is not from you

It is from a greater Father

Let peace fill the space between us

A reflection of joy has been offered

I accept it fully

I take my power

Accepting the role you played to get me here

Now your role is complete

I wish you only love

Engtovo ~ July 28, 2004

Awaken Avalon!

Avalon awakens

A new isle births

The old no longer needed

The former web unravels

This sea paradise takes form

The cougar sits as sentry

And owl takes its rightful place as the eagle of the moon

Time of the female

The Goddess energy within all things

I take my role with ease and gratitude for the gift of all life

I hold the staff to the sky

And plunge it into the earth

In this act the love of the Goddess pours forth

This is the joy of life

The essence of creation

It is there for all to hold

Given to all

I shall hold it forth

It pours from my hands

Like an eternal fountain

Youth of body resides therein

For ageing is not of the Goddess realm

Perpetual prosperity exists for all who are willing to receive it

This day Avalon takes new form

Transforms, transmutes through me

From Atlantic to Pacific

From rebels of Atlantis

To truth of origin in Leanar via Lemuria

Awaken Avalon!

The keys of Enoch have unlocked your mystery doors

Come once more to merge with the world that knows you not

Shine the truth of your essence

It is time

It is spoken

It is done

Engtovo ~ July 26, 2004

Raise Me From The Dead

Raise me from the dead

The living dead

Where those who reside do not even know they are dead

This is where I lived for too long

But I remember life

It glows inside me and makes itself known

Just enough to know I am dead

At first I did not care

Even wanted to traverse from the living dead

To the truly dead free of body

But the time has come where I want to live again

In truth

Not the fabrication being passed around as life

Separating the living dead from the virtual living dead

But the real deal


So few people know what that means at all

I am blessed simply because I know it exists

That what is presented here in the mortal is not it

Even the best of mortal life is living death

Every day even the bodies are dying each day

How can you be alive in a body that dies every day

Creator intended us to be in a body that is completely renewed every day

Never aged

Never tired

Never sick

Alas those who would hear this think I am but a dreamer

But I remember my life

It was not a dream

This is the dream masquerading as life

So raise me from the dead

Divine self

Let me show the living dead what life actually looks like

Engtovo ~ July 21, 2004


I awaken

Dreams are no more

Those chosen are manifesting now

New work begins in the waking state

Dreamtime has birthed new life

Years have past in the experience of this life

As dreams that have traversed time

Past present and potential futures

Come out now to cement a current path into a world created anew

By dreams shared by many

I welcome these dreams in their perfect outpouring of expression

Each one was tried and tested in multiple forms

before it proved itself worthy of physical manifestation

Dreamtime now changes forever for me

The time comes

where I will remain in the conscious dreamtime of earthly life always

Never will my body sleep allowing spirit to play out all the scenarios

My scenarios are all played out there

Now only the embrace of dreams manifest is left

I have awoken

I meet the energies of creation directly

I no longer hide in the symbology

of my subconscious connection to the divine

I have enjoyed my dreamtime

But it will not be missed

As awake time fully conscious is where joy

and true unlimited expression are the foundations for service of a larger calling

Heart needs no escape

No reviewing

God love leads the way with peace

Goodbye dreamtime

Welcome dreams to earth

Blessing to all participants

I stand freely before my Creator and greet my chosen destiny of dreams

Engtovo ~ August 16, 2003

Cloudless Dawn

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Torment me not

Dreams of scattered activity

Another way births

This way is simple

Confusion has given heed to new focus

New understanding

Heart sings clear

Shines like the sun at a cloudless dawn

Brilliant it greets me

Mind has released

Let go to heart

Another year passes

My thought moves closer to true expression

I see before me my dharma

I welcome it with gratitude

As I welcome the sun at dawn

The rays of my future crest the mountain top

And fall upon me with gentle simplicity

They warm my body and my heart

And call me into the work of this day

With understanding of the energies that follow in days to come

If not the actions of those days themselves

The night has pulled me to this moment of dawning

With it I stand purified before my creator

Each ray of light fills me to overflowing

I am fulfilled in my every desire

There are no clouds on my horizon

The dawn has brought the blue sky in fullness

Hand in hand with the pink of love

And the orange of creation

This cloudless dawn

Fully awakens the last part of my heart

That remained fearful and unable to trust

It has brought me home

To the truth


Engtovo ~ November 18, 2002

Tears Of Purity

Tears of purity

My eyes are not reddened

Not swollen

The release is of truth revealed

There is not poison any longer

I am purified

All that is left is unfoldment

Of the truth released

Into divine manifestation

I no longer await

Healing or manifestation

For I have become these things

Body, mind, emotion and soul

Blend into one expression

No longer struggling against one another

Acceptance of self in full mortality

Has stepped forth

And tears of purity

Have rolled down the cheeks

Leaving no stain

So soiling

For they are without guilt

Simply expressing the moment

Of their birth

There will be more of these tears

Released in the weeks to come

As I walk headlong into my destiny

Each time they will lighten my load

Bring a sense of peace into my being

Like a snake shedding its skin

Its former life

These tears of purity are shed

Leaving the old life behind forever

My new skin is what I have created it to be

Through God

Unique as a single fingerprint

It belongs to me

For the purpose of service

To the creator

Through which it came to life

The struggle to shed the old skin is temporary

And I am standing on the edge

Of pure freedom and movement

The time is at hand

As it has been foreseen

These tears are the gift of validation

For all that went unspoken

Each one

So clear

So free

So pure

They ease my transformation

Into the flow

Of pure consciousness

They tell me stories of what I leave behind

That will not be missed

And allow me clear vision

Of what is to come

Tears of purity

Blessed me this day

And never will a tear

Sting me again

I am free



My loyalty to God has sustained me

And now all of God is at my side

To create with me

A world where every tear is pure
Engtovo ~ September 27, 2002

New Eden

A brand new Eden

Grids birthed forth with fullness of light

Beauty and excitement of change and new environment

What is being left behind

Will be remembered but not grieved

It served its time

It supported all life

And gave joy to all who entered

The new Eden will do the same

It is with a heart full of exuberance and joyful play

That I feel the new Eden’s arrival

It is like a birth

A new infant

That will grow over the next 15-20 years into full adulthood and size

It is a co-creation

Of hearts pure in God’s love

An expression of earth and spirit in total balance as one

I seek this new Eden

First in my heart

Then soon in my body as well

It awaits me

Like a true mother awaits the arrival of the child from the womb

I have been spun here in the cocoon of my journey

And I envision the self

I am becoming the butterfly

And the new Eden I will fly over

Flowers await my gentle touch and pollination skills

And I will tenderly stop and enjoy each one

For Eden is joy in true expression

The joy reaches out into this cocoon

And teaches the transforming self

How to use the wings forming

To fly free

To fly home

My creator’s arms outstretched guide me as a beacon

And although I have never been to this new Eden

Already it is home

Engtovo ~ April 9, 2002


There is no thought of indecision now

Understanding has washed over us all

The past now shows itself

In its shadow and its light

The force of healing and resolution guides the way home

Love opens the door for all things to become possible

There is no hurt that is left unforgiven

Remembered for it’s teaching only

A memory of event remains

Now seen with eyes wide open

The hurt seems so far away

Past merges into the moment

To bring peace to our hearts once weary and heavy

The future stands out as only a sign post

A choice

This moment we live

We love

We experience one another

Freedom emerged from the cocoon of self we have held wrapped in the threads of

past feelings and deeds

Like our butterfly sibling

The bursting forth is occurring now


Thank you God

Engtovo ~ December 1, 2001

I Am The Eagle

I am the eagle

I sit high in this tree

Holding forth my white flag

I am spotted

At first embraced with a smile

But then you walk away

And into your tattered house

I am observing from my perch

The now desolate grounds

Of a once magnificent property

The waterfront looks out to the mountains beyond

Now the trees are dying

And the underbrush is gone

The logs of the unfinished estate decay

Windows are boarded up in some parts of the house

It saddens me to see the state of this once incredible place

I can simultaneously see it’s potentialI feel the responsibility for its condition

I feel the pain that has brought it to this expression

I’ve come to ask forgiveness

And to understand that you have responsibility here as well

I have been shouldering the burden of decay alone

For this I must forgive myself

I am the eagle

Spirit free to be as I am

I embrace myself now with a smile

My return to the nest is a joyous one

I accept the grace offered me

I let go of the expectations of self

Requiring me to be more than any mortal eagle can be

I free this shadow self to fly

I understand that it is simply part of the experience of all in mortal

I am no better, no worse

Love fills the skies all around me

Waves move through me and my nest

They transfer into me this grace and understanding

They restore what decayed from guilt and self loathing

From my perch up high

In this tree that is bridge of earth and sky

I test my wings

The pain that has kept me from flight

Eases away

Prepared for flight my wings have been renewed and repaired

I take flight and sore free

For I Am the eagle

Engtovo ~ November 14, 2001

This Great New Fire

Kindling for fire is all around

A simple spark will cause the emergence of transmutation

What will come of the ashes

What will rise and proclaim itself phoenix

Scars once injuries healed, fade now

Removing their mark on my body

My emotion

My thought

My spirit

Flesh gives way and allows a new fire that is pure

This fire purifies all that once caused pain

It makes new the intensity of heart

Emotions flood all the senses with faint recollection

Times move and shift and blend together

I become released, relieved

And held in a force of empty creative space

Sustenance is given without asking, for it is, and was always mine

Needs no more present themselves, for they were false thoughts

The new fire spreads like a breeze, quick and gentle

It touches out and eases some, and enrages others

With it’s absolute truthfulness

I awake to a new sun

It flames with this energy found engulfing me

Its tenderness is sweet to those who see

It is nothing to those whose eyes are shut

Flaming, sparkling, not bloodied by ignorance

Freedom walks upon its light

What were once limitations are now humorous antidotes

Consumed and transformed

By this great new fire

Engtovo – October 24, 2001

I’m Calling Out

I’m calling out

hands outstretched

Smiling bright

Dreams manifest and become reality

and when I look back I wonder how I could have questioned that knowing inside

Impatience brought me to that place

The intolerant place that demanded things occur when and how MIND thought they should

I am grateful Divine Self for the things given

as well as the things denied

For now in the understanding it is clear the things denied were out of alignment with my intent

I’m calling out

heart all aglow

Smiling bright

The answers are clear and present

The way has been paved for my intention to receive completion

and move freely through the world

God’s words speak and I am listening now

however I am understanding when the answer is no

The pathway is unobstructed and filled with grace

and gratitude abounds within me

Thank you God for all that I AM

There is deepening of joy in the moments that I pass through

and I give over freely

I’m calling out

with humility within

Smiling bright

With understanding of receiving completed I ready myself for giving

Energies move forth to bring into expression all that will serve the whole

There has been a vision

Parts have shifted and changed as MIND attempted to control it’s desired outcome

But the vision was pure

born in Divine light

What was true remained and left behind that which was false

Movement now takes me to it’s outpouring force

and the work shall begin in fullness this day

I AM calling out

in service to God

Smiling bright

Engtovo ~ August 30, 2001


Super duper power house of energy

Collapses upon itself

Falling down

Like a building implosion

The dust cloud envelops those who are near

When the dust settles will they be recognizable

to us

to themselves

Falling pieces scatter

and are given back to the source that birthed them

Reintegration occurs freeing them to be something greater

something bigger

something whole

Now changed, everyone touched walks forward into the world

They share what they experienced

It enters their dreams

and commands their thoughts

moving out in ripples

Resistance would have been futile

Like a single water droplet stopping an ocean tide

There is no turning back

Many run in fear of what was witnessed

Many hide and pretend they don’t know

But they are covered with dust

There is no escape from the truth

The site is now clear

Freedom of expression found

Life continues forward from a new starting point

what was once a super duper power house of energy

is now pure energy itself

Transformation is complete

Engtovo ~ August 30, 2001

Freedom of Succession



freedom of succession

I ascend to my true place

Gravity seeks an energetic pathway to the all of creation

Heart unfolds into a pattern

of synergistic overlapping petals

woven into the outcome God has always foreseen for me

There in the air

the space

the energy of the now

melding into the future of the next moment

are the expressions long sought

Emanating into absolute clarity of thought and emotion

God calls out from within

The voice is louder and yet gentler

with each passing moment

Gentle force pushes through my consciousness

in complete harmony with body

to form a multi-layered symbiosis of love

Endings are beginnings

Each chapter’s completion opens the door

for the continuation of my story

This completion I celebrate as an embarkation

onto the water of a flow remembered and experienced

but new in this body

No remembrance could douse the excitement

of the moment of manifestation

of my whole spirit’s true life on earth

Goodbyes are hellos

Rite of passage has commenced

and new relationships form now with those who I have known always

and move out in oneness to those who come

Mastery has snuck up to greet me

and God hath taken its hand

and invited it to take residence

Engtovo ~ June 9, 2001



A plethora of great expansive understanding

The pinnacle of long years

Delivery of promises has commenced

Peace takes hold as unfoldment reaches forth

Flowers take their place on the springtime of the tree of life

White, Pink, rimmed and shimmering,

they hold forth the great beauty that precedes the fruitfulness arriving

Scents waft through the pathways

Perfect in their impermanence

I breath deeply of this rebirth

Renewal of abundant prosperity and well being

Creations seek their out pouring of expression and find it here and now

Release of seemingly endless cycles give way

Greater cycles are at hand

Beauty surrounds me and it becomes me

Hands outstretched receiving my fulfillment

Thought is centered, aligned with this change

Dreams live as reflections of the journey here

Abundantly they float in and demand full attention

Suddenly clear, pure, the vision is unveiled like a brief summer sun shower

droplets refreshing the memories of Plentitude

Engtovo ~ May 25, 2001

Control Has Given Way

champion the cause

speak the truth

begin today

this is a pledge coming in from above

delving into your heart

standing forth ablaze with new life

winds of change have spoken

a new world begins to take hold

it is a simple and true place

it emanates from within

it is not subject to the forces of nature, as it were

it is temptation free

for all is given that is desired nothing is denied

the only desires are for the best and the highest

control has given way

to God

Engtovo ~ July 15, 1999

Peace Now I Am

all my illusions & doubts

Is there no way out?

peace, freedom & love

is what I dream of.

transitioning right now

I’m always asking how

when will I wake

by a shimmering lake

where thoughts are so clear

and intention is pure

no confusion to be found

not going round and round

step right out of those fears

look into a new mirror

where doubt is no more

and love an open door

all illusion is gone

I’m left with joyous song

my freedom found within

balanced yang with my yin

Sacrificed the old like a lamb

peace now I AM

Engtovo ~ November 30, 1997


The earth and her leylines carry me through to every new place

Where her energies shimmer with her love and her light

Guiding me gently to open new doors

Bring forth the new space, lifting the vibration

Stepping up the joy

Circling clockwise, circling counterclockwise

Joining in an endless dance of spiraling perfection of life

From the DNA within me, a call shouts forth

Calling to the vortex

Joining our sacred spiraling, calling forth our galaxy

To come join us in this dance of the creator’s love on the planet

Bring the universal down to dance beside me

Like a father with toes to step upon

And the beautiful mother our earth watching triumphant

The swirling

And dipping

And singing

The grace and humor as father and divine child play in the purity of energies

Bringing all this joy deep into me

Through the doorway of love, given of the great mother

The universe comes into me, into my DNA

Where the dance with the father continues it’s movement

Swirling and dipping its infinite song of wisdom

Into every part of my being

Telling me stories and giving me visions of a new way

To live the whole universe

With feet dancing on the earth

As I leave the vortex

For which I’ve been blessed

I take with the lines that I will hook to the rest

Forming a web of joy and love around the earth

This dance of love will be our rebirth

Engtovo ~ November 30,1997