Awaken Avalon!

Avalon awakens

A new isle births

The old no longer needed

The former web unravels

This sea paradise takes form

The cougar sits as sentry

And owl takes its rightful place as the eagle of the moon

Time of the female

The Goddess energy within all things

I take my role with ease and gratitude for the gift of all life

I hold the staff to the sky

And plunge it into the earth

In this act the love of the Goddess pours forth

This is the joy of life

The essence of creation

It is there for all to hold

Given to all

I shall hold it forth

It pours from my hands

Like an eternal fountain

Youth of body resides therein

For ageing is not of the Goddess realm

Perpetual prosperity exists for all who are willing to receive it

This day Avalon takes new form

Transforms, transmutes through me

From Atlantic to Pacific

From rebels of Atlantis

To truth of origin in Leanar via Lemuria

Awaken Avalon!

The keys of Enoch have unlocked your mystery doors

Come once more to merge with the world that knows you not

Shine the truth of your essence

It is time

It is spoken

It is done

Engtovo ~ July 26, 2004

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