Raise Me From The Dead

Raise me from the dead

The living dead

Where those who reside do not even know they are dead

This is where I lived for too long

But I remember life

It glows inside me and makes itself known

Just enough to know I am dead

At first I did not care

Even wanted to traverse from the living dead

To the truly dead free of body

But the time has come where I want to live again

In truth

Not the fabrication being passed around as life

Separating the living dead from the virtual living dead

But the real deal


So few people know what that means at all

I am blessed simply because I know it exists

That what is presented here in the mortal is not it

Even the best of mortal life is living death

Every day even the bodies are dying each day

How can you be alive in a body that dies every day

Creator intended us to be in a body that is completely renewed every day

Never aged

Never tired

Never sick

Alas those who would hear this think I am but a dreamer

But I remember my life

It was not a dream

This is the dream masquerading as life

So raise me from the dead

Divine self

Let me show the living dead what life actually looks like

Engtovo ~ July 21, 2004

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