The Sword of Power Thus Passed

Red the earth stone
Solid under my feet
Rimmed in spotty green hues
Saturated by the falling rain
Fallen in the night’s passing
My earth glows below me
Filled with life force
Reaching up through my feet
It fills me with radiant warmth
Each step on this trail solid
Moving with purpose
The movement of female force
Strong in its vulnerability
Love is the sword of this freedom
Full expression brought forth
It can find no resistance
For there is no stronger force
Dare one to stand upon this sacred rock
And proclaim otherwise
All who have walked this trail before us
All who come after join in time and space
We raise this sword of love to full strength
And know these truths
Our earth
Our providing mother
Guides our steps
Through her sacred places
I place my foot bare upon her foundation
One by one the others do the same
We speak out with one voice
Sacred place to sacred place
We take our right of flowing power
Moving between us, the earth
And the divinity of all that is
We claim our rights as faithkeepers
As divine grandmothers
Regardless of bodily age
Servants to the whole
The divine flows though us
From spirit to earth
From earth back to spirit
Divine feminine principle
Takes its rightful place
There is no other pathway
It is preordained now
Expressed in blessings for all life
The sword of power thus passed
Universe has ordained
The earth hath bowed allegiance
We take our planet
The power now fully ours
All not in harmony must move aside
Where the power of love is wielded
There is no battle to be fought
We stand unfaltering
Permission granted on all levels
Feet firmly set in stone
Every location now under our command
The future generations of all species
Ours to make whole
There will be no foundation granted
To any energies moving counter
To the divine force of all that is
So be it
The grandmothers have spoken

Tatiacha Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ January 8, 2011

True Woman


Presentation skewed

By a brainwashed populace

If woman is soft

She is weak

If woman shows strength

She is hard


A bitch

But woman is soft

Softness is her strength

It is where her knowing was born

When she presents truth

It is met with anger

Because the sheep

They are used to lies

It allows them to sleep gently

Truth dares jar them awake

They blame woman

Say she is harsh and nasty

Woman responds

You sleep little sheep

Truth it simply is

They band together

Attack woman more

Listen to nothing

Man comes along

Says same thing woman has said

Sheep worship him

Think he is strong

When he only stole woman’s words

Think he is kind and warm

While he lies

And takes their power

No wrong can be done by man

In the world corrupted by shame

No right can be done by woman

In the world corrupted by shame

A woman cannot lead

In a world of brainwashed sheep

Woman expects them to think

To participate

Man says only to follow

Soon women attack woman

Following the lead of man

Eventually the only women still on earth

Living the truth of woman

Keep silent

Knowing none can hear

Pray and wait

One day man will show himself

That day

True woman will come forth

Children will be taught

The truth of woman

And the truth of man that was lost

And women will be women

And men will be true men

Balance will be found


Engtovo ~ March 2, 2008



I am woman

Free as the wind

Intuition guides me

There is power in my flow of life

Creation in my womb

The earth holds me in sisterhood

We chant and sing

We bring forth new life

The creatures come to bow allegiance

To the power of woman

The winds blow and show a pathway

Bring intention to the road

I weave the web

Of grandmother spider

Bringing the energies to balance

I play in the mighty waters

They are akin to woman energy

Each moment in them felt

Like the woman feels the tide of emotion in her life

The moon rises

The gentle light shines upon the eagle of the night

The owl

Bringer of wisdom from the silence

To woman

Engtovo ~ July 28, 2004

Awaken Avalon!

Avalon awakens

A new isle births

The old no longer needed

The former web unravels

This sea paradise takes form

The cougar sits as sentry

And owl takes its rightful place as the eagle of the moon

Time of the female

The Goddess energy within all things

I take my role with ease and gratitude for the gift of all life

I hold the staff to the sky

And plunge it into the earth

In this act the love of the Goddess pours forth

This is the joy of life

The essence of creation

It is there for all to hold

Given to all

I shall hold it forth

It pours from my hands

Like an eternal fountain

Youth of body resides therein

For ageing is not of the Goddess realm

Perpetual prosperity exists for all who are willing to receive it

This day Avalon takes new form

Transforms, transmutes through me

From Atlantic to Pacific

From rebels of Atlantis

To truth of origin in Leanar via Lemuria

Awaken Avalon!

The keys of Enoch have unlocked your mystery doors

Come once more to merge with the world that knows you not

Shine the truth of your essence

It is time

It is spoken

It is done

Engtovo ~ July 26, 2004

To Become Me

For years there has been such a disparity between the me I am expressing

And the me I know

Now the mergence is at hand

I can see the me of my vision within my reach

There are aspects of that me

That I misunderstood in years past

Now she stands before my eyes so clearly


Not distant

I choose to become her now

I choose to allow myself that gift

I give myself permission to be her

To create whatever will nurture her full life

For so long I have felt I did not deserve to be her

The reasons for this belief are varied

They are deep

They are layered

But they were all based in falsehood

Now I can see she is who I have been destined to become

I cannot escape her

Even if I desire to try in moments of self hatred

She will not leave my vision

My consciousness

She simply patiently awaits

My arrival

My acceptance that she is who I have always been in truth

I have put my toe into the water

Now I want to fully submerge myself

I will no longer wait

I will pursue her consciously


I will not attempt to make her come to me

I will seek out every aspect of her relentlessly

Because I now love myself enough to want to be her

I can feel her feelings now

They make my own seem distant and silly

The thoughts that had importance

Are now absurd from this new vantage point where I am almost her

I ask the universe to support all that will allow her to emerge

From deep within me she springs

She is the wise Goddess

She presents herself with pride in her accomplishment

With compassion for all life

Loving her body temple

Joy in her every breath

Let nothing stand between us

Move away all that is not in harmony with this transmutation

This is my evolution

No part of me can escape

No part wants to escape any longer

So I embrace the moment

The day

This day

My day

To become me

Engtovo ~ October 16, 2003

Kauai Calls

The eagle ready to fledge

Simply fly

You are strong enough

To bridge the mighty ocean

For Kauai calls

The rain gods have spoken

The answer to water prayers offered out

Through the river

To the ocean

Come and heal

Kauai calls

Rest, retreat, love

Feel the eagle sprit of Aloha grow within

Kauai calls

Ease your heart

Relax your body

Sway in the breeze

Like a palm along the shore

Kauai calls

Let go

Let Kauai answer the prayer fully

Let the warmth radiate to every cell

Kauai calls

You didn’t know you wanted Kauai

You put out a true prayer

And Kauai answered

With her call of nourishment

Come into the womb of your earth mother

Place yourself in the arms of her great waters

Safe and beloved

Kauai calls

Heed the call

Put aside the old ideas

Know your prayer is answered

The white sand awaits your tender winter feet

To lay bare on the shore

Say Mahalo to the listening spirits

And pack your bags

Kauai Calls!

When the ancient lands of Mu call you home


Lay out your heart to her sun and water

Allow her breezes to move away

All that no longer serves your true self

Allow Kauai to set a boundary of Aloha around you

That no energy from the mainland can reach

Kauai calls

Because it time

She blesses you with healing and protection

And you shall bless her

By bringing your true heart out into life

Without reservation or fear

When Kauai calls

There are no restrictions

No obstacles

The path is clear

Leave everything behind and fly

Let the earth mother show the way

Let her whisper on the wind

And lift your wings

She will carry you home

Kauai Calls

Come home

Your Aloha is missed

Engtovo ~ April 22, 2003

White Eagle Woman

Three feathered white eagle woman

How you soar

The key to your cage

Was always yours

Choice has been evoked

With intentions clear

And the sky is filled

With joyous current to explore

With keen eye

The terrain below is assessed

Living wisdom in expression blessed

Where will you fly

Where will a nest be built

High upon a ledge

Overlooking this place

There is knowing of its essence and embrace

Simple truth is all that is required

And dreamtime work has led to the dawning day

The medicine is strong

The vision clear

Vanquished now are all the fears

No man

Mortal or divine

Could clip your wings

For the feathers three are

Integration of your being

Sun glimmers brightly off your white body in your flight

Reflecting what is pure to all in sight

Three feathered white eagle woman

You are free

Take notice universe of what will be

Return of the white eagle to her home

To the teachings of the Great Spirit and the earth

The intent so pure it cannot be stopped

And flowing of the pure spirit fills the skies

Prophecy now fulfilled

As three feathered white eagle woman cannot be killed

Engtovo ~ December 12, 2001

The Young & The Old

Remember me the young girl inside

Who was looking for you the part that i hide

Now you are in expression

and I am hidden deep

I’m looking for the day we ever will meet

We both hold a key

The young & the old

To complete balanced expression of all that we hold

Vitality I have

wisdom is you

The two placed together

will be a great duo

Playfulness and joy

with understanding and compassion

I am fully alive

and living my passion

Fear cannot live

where we join as one

The new ways are mine

the old ways are done

Engtovo ~ August 30, 2001

Martiacha Sisters

Dare we

Martiacha do

Martiacha be




can we

should we

could we

would we


ready to …do be do?

Dance our sacred dance

of creative female force

share life with our sisters

will they hear?


stop us

dare you try?

Martiacha sisters

have learned to fly

Engtovo ~ November 12 1997

Women Healing Women & The Earth

Women healing women

and the earth

Essence of the creator

healed heart giving birth

Standing here together

Walking hand in hand

Healing of ourselves

for the betterment of man

We are bound together

with the things we say

As we speak our truth

we share another way

Speak out for the Earth

and the children that will come

We will not stop

this healing until it’s done

Women healing women

and the Earth

To heal our precious mother

we must heal our own wounds first

Engtovo ~ November 12 1997