Where Are You

Where are you

That I am asked from ones when on the other side

When will we see you

I am here as I have been always

I am not removed just because I am not obvious

I am available

As I always have been

Where is it you look

You look outward instead of inward

I acknowledge that when it is time you will see me outward

But it will do you no good if you have not first found me within

There will be little time for worldly matters then

Those who have done the work within

They are the ones who will see the big picture

Those who will be freed

It is not I who frees them

It is simply I that shows them that they are already free

Because they did what was required

Are you doing this work

If not I cannot assist you in any way

I cannot do it for you

I cannot accelerate it when I am seen in the world

It must be done by you

It is your inheritance you seek

Not a gift from me

Look to the Father within

To the Christ within

That is where you will find me

Where you will find yourself

Where you will find all that is

Bother me not with desires of my outside expression

There are too many who do the inner work

That will be truly receptive to the moment of my outward expression

The question is not where I am

The question is where are you

Engtovo ~ July 26, 2004

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