Dr. Meg Blackburn & Fire the Grid

I had never heard of Dr. Meg until Asahi posted her newsletter in a comment. Thanks Asahi, because this is exactly the kind of thing I would like to comment on.

I’ve posted the full newsletter below so you can read it in full context if you want without going to the other page’s comments to read it. But I am going to pull out parts here that I think are the most important to talk about.

our Oneness sounded like a huge humming that had a pulsing rhythm. We were not only addressing the earth grid, but the Universal consciousness as well.

I wasn’t going to comment on this line but my brother Randy walked in and read that part and said in his smart ass way “what was that HAARP” I got a good giggle out of that. She describes what she saw in her meditation, which for the most part is meaningless to me because mediation is symbol oriented like dreams, so her symbols won’t likely mean anything to the rest of us.

We unified the earth grid with the universal mass consciousness, something that has been lacking for eons.

Universal mass consciousness is GOD, CREATOR, SOUCE, DIVINE PRICIPAL, It has never been lacking here or anywhere else for eons it has always been available to anyone who sought it inside of themselves. It may have been hard for many people on earth to remember it was there for them, but it has never been lacking.

And as we did, the earth grid had its own reaction. Many described seeing or feeling blue lights that went on one right after the other.

Every sector of the earth grid that wasn’t working, that wasn’t lit, awoke.
The field of blue energy that occurred (which by the way is a very healing set of frequencies) expanded and then the entire grid glowed golden. That’s right.

I’m going to tackle this visual because she said many saw blue lights. Blue light energies are the color of Ascended Masters. I believe this means many saw the Ascended Master who had been given permission to dissipate these energies doing that job. There is no part of the earth grid that wasn’t working. If the actual earth grid wasn’t working the planet would break apart into pieces, it is the very fabric of her being. Blue is not an actual healing frequency unto itself. Any color can be used for healing, it depends on who needs the healing, and for what as to what color they may need.

I remember years ago people were obsessed with having to put a red stone on a red chakra and ignored the energy of the particular stone. In truth when using color or stone if you put red into a red chakra or a red stone a red chakra either could put the chakra out of balance even further. This is the same kind of thing limiting a stone, a chakra, a color to one aspect of it’s total expression. Glowing golden is interesting because a Dharlja has a golden sphere of light around them with the master blue light emanating from the gold core. If people really saw these things, to me it is just confirmation that some people were tuned in enough to see what we were doing to stop their energies from being abused by the dark forces.

I know that many who participated may have expected immediate results. In many ways we are seeing those. The earth has begun to rebalance. If you watch the earthquake patterns regularly (which I do) you would notice that the pattern has shifted slightly and that there is movement in areas that we don’t normally see. The intensity of the pacific ring of fire has changed as the ring has shifted slightly as well.

This is just pure BS I have been watching the earthquakes and have for a long time, the ring of fire is active, as always, and has been quite active throughout July. There has been no shift in the activity or where the earthquakes are happening. You can go to the earthquake notification centers and get historical data.

The intensity of lightening has become greater, with huge lightening storms occurring as the grid balances.

This is not new the weather channel has been talking about the intensification of lightening for a while now certainly long before fire the grid. This is most likely the combination of natural changes happening on the earth, related to the point we are at in the earth’s cycle. Just like the sunspot activity not following the norms of the 11 year cycle.

In fact, these releases have been so prevalent that most of the people I have shared healing sessions with of late have partial or full reversal of their chakra systems. This has been consistent across the board. Before we fired the grid, I was onl seeing this in the earthquake zones.

This is NOT good! You do not want your chakra systems reversing. I’m not certain is she is talking about the rotation of the individual chakras or the reversal of energy entering on the left side exiting on the right. Either way it’s not good, it is a sign of disharmony or trauma. Chakras move clockwise and should only be moved counterclockwise by a healer for a clearing, kind of like back flushing and then returned to normal clockwise rotation. Energy should come in the left side of the body and leave on the right for the arm and leg torso energy flows. Once again occasionally if there is a tough blockage we may reverse the flow temporarily in a healing session to move the blockage out and then return it to normal.

The one exception to this is there are a small percentage (a fraction of a %) that naturally have reversed flow, we have had a couple of them on the table and it is clear it was natural. These people told us that they didn’t fit in with society and couldn’t do group things. I image because of that it was a karmic choice of the higher self. One of the problems when a person has reversed energy is that when we join hands in a circle that person is trying to send energy the opposite direction of everyone else.

A healing circle of people is one of the only times that there is a counterclockwise flow of energy. That is because a healing circle creates a double helix of energy, so the physical circle is the counterclockwise aspect of that. It happens because the double helix is inherent in all human endeavors. An interesting addition to this is the fact that a very tiny fraction of a percentage of humans are completely reverse, meaning their internal organs are reversed. My mother has treated two of them in a fifty year career as a nurse.

People undergoing any kind of great trauma, like a severe earthquake may get into such a state of shock that their energy centers or energy flows are fluctuating forward and reverse as a natural response to try and clear the  trauma from the bodies.

And then thereare the space time relationships. How many of you are seeing things? They are there, then they are not? People, animals, indescribables? The dimensional barriers have thinned even more, and there are communications going on that are easier to relate. And the elementals have been hugely active.
Have you seen the little squiggly patterns in the air? Little spirals covering your entire field of vision? Those are the basic elementals and they are alive, awake and active in the way that they were when our original root races existed on our planet.
None of these things is even the slightest bit unusual, people have these experiences everyday. If there is an increase, which I am unaware of, it would be due to the removal of the conglomerate entities and earthbound spirits that were interfering with the natural phenomena. The elementals as they are called are simply the angelic deva kingdom,  they have never been inactive or inaccessible. They have always operated the same, the only thing that ever changed was human awareness during different stages of human history.

And in the news, politicians exposed, injustices being made right or at least challenged. And this is just the beginning.

Uh, who, what, where, when, and how? She must have an extremely low threshold for this statement. Because I have not seen one thing in the last two weeks that I would consider some big exposure or an injustice made right.

Many of you might have noticed how much more sensitive you are to things. That is because you are more accessible. When we fired the grid, we experienced a major cleansing. Our particulates have a different mathematic ratio than they did before the event. The very fabric of our manifested selves in relation so all creation is now spread farther apart, allowing information to flow through us more freely, uninterrupted

More accessible to whom would be my question here? Our particulates have a different mathematical ratio? That is the most meaningless statement I have ever heard! But once that has you confused and your mind is busy saying to itself what the hell, you get hit with the important statement to pay attention to that you’ll likely gloss over. That our fabric is now spread further apart allowing information to flow in freely. Fabric is just another word for grid so she is saying your personal grid (spiritual, mental, emotional, or even the grid of your physical body) now has holes in it! It is spread further apart, well there is a real good reason why it was woven tightly. The reason is that it is your PROTECTION!

On the spiritual level a hole in your grid can lead to entity attachment, even symptoms of mental illness as any spiritual energy can get into and interact with you. On a mental level it would leave you open to mind control, to receiving messages from the technology that dark forced use to change your belief system. On the emotional level it cause lead to depression and drug addiction as you feel you cannot contain your emotions. On the physical level illness would set in. Healers fix holes in these grids that have been caused by people unknowingly over the course of their lives. But According to Dr. Meg, fire the grid created holes. Isn’t that an expected result of all that LOVE?

And speaking of energetics, remember that this kind of work always has a trickle down effect.

Well I can do without that trickle down effect! Of course the good news is those of us in the United States have already experienced trickle down first hand, courtesy of Ronald Reagan, and know that NOTHING trickles down, so I guess we are safe.

I had a little look at Dr. Meg’s website to get an idea of what else she was up to since I was unfamiliar with her and boy I sure didn’t like what I saw.

In her Bio after going on for several paragraphs about how she is Master Healer and on an on and on, we get this:

Meg credits her experience to “paying attention, having absolutely no expectations, a huge amount of passion to learn, and most of all to a deep sense of humility.

Hmm the rest of the bio had no humility whatsoever! And clearly she expected fire the grid to have certain effects, so now she is attributing things she sees to fire the grid. Every time someone presents themselves as “Master Something” beware! They are trying to make themselves appear to be something more than you or I. The reason is always the same, CASH. Master Tarot Reader, Master Astrologer. You would not believe how many people I know well, who are these kinds of Masters! They worked very hard to convince to me take on the title Master Healer, Master Channel bla bla bla. They all make a living on their spirituality and therein lies the burn. As long as their spirituality is their meal ticket, they are compromised and owned by the system. If you or I make a living working in a restaurant for example, we have no financial effects tied to the information we receive, and how we choose to perceive that information. Anyone whose livelihood is dependant on their spirituality cannot be authentic in their personal presentation outside a small circle of friends and family. The reason is they have to maintain a mask. Their consciousness goes where the wind blows, because where the wind blows, the money follows. We all know how strong the winds were blowing for fire the grid. Why did all the big “teachers” support fire the grid? They can’t afford not to. I plan to talk a lot in an upcoming post that is in progress about authenticity.

From Dr. Meg’s site: Fees for personal readings/healing/channeling $250.00 USD

There is no information on her site about how long the reading even lasts, so if we assume it is an hour, then that’s 250.00 and hour, ‘cmom is anyone on the planet worth 250.00 an hour, and to give you information you HOPE is true, to questions you already have to answers to inside yourself, for FREE.

She had this little blurb about channeling

A note about safety and clarity: Anyone who is Channeling or attempting to Channel should always check the source of the information that they are receiving, as there are those “out there” who will at times give erroneous information that would easily fool most novices and even some seasoned Channelers. Each source should always be asked if they are of the light from the light and within the light. If they are not, then they must be commanded to leave. With such a command, any being that is not of the light may not stay present.

She doesn’t say who she channels, only that they are Ascended Masters. I would like to know who I am paying to get information from if I was interested in a reading. She tells us to make sure they are from the light but the problem is every part of creation can say they are from the light and not by telling a lie. When dealing with Ascended Masters you ask to see their blue light. They are required by universal law to show it to you. You may not perceive it only as a visual your other gifts may perceive it as well, but when you ask to have it shown to you it is a very powerful experience. This is one of the many ways Kuthumi and some of the others claiming to be Ascended have been outed. I had one experience where the family was someplace someone was channeling I can’t even recall why we were there as we were never known to go to many channelings. I closed my eyes and asked the claimed Ascended Master to show his blue light. He couldn’t because he wasn’t ascended, and he immediately left body and the channel gave some excuse for his leaving, and was clearly shook up.

Dr. Meg claims to be a deep trance channel and the problem with that is twofold. One is that the channel doesn’t get any of the information being offered unless he or she goes back and listens to tapes of every session. If you spend 30 hours a week in trance not remembering anything would you want to spend another 30 listening to the tapes? So the entities do anything they want and then comes problem two how is she checking the light status of an entity if she is not consciously present?

the Ascended Masters always amaze audiences with their understanding and compassion and ability to speak about an unlimited range of subjects.

Here she is talking about her channeling sessions, she talks about the AUDIENCE. Did I see that right? Yes it really said audience, as in people watching a show. Hmmmm when I was channeling Bestali, he was always excited earlier in the day before an evening channeling because he was looking forward to chatting with his friends and eating m&ms. I can’t even imagine considering the people who we channeled for an audience, that is just downright disrespectful.

On Dr. Meg’s site I also found silly platitudes like this one

Watch for signs of peace. The hearts of a great many have al­ready been exposed to it and it seems likely that we could find our society is experiencing it in epidemic proportions, which then, of course, could pose a serious threat to what has up to now seemed a fairly chaotic condition in the world.

I see we are experiencing epidemics of depression, suicide and medicating for those with pharmaceuticals or self medicating with drug and alcohol abuse, or food. So even though many people find this kind of thing cute, to me it is just more denial of the HUGE problems we have in the world. Get your head out of the sand Dr. Meg and pay attention. Oh and speaking of DOCTOR Meg. She has a doctorate in metaphysics, which is really just nothing. I could have one, for one or two thousand dollars, and a few online courses of kindergarten level metaphysics we all know. It just sounds so damn impressive though, when you are telling people you are worth 250.00 an hour. She is a Rev. Dr. no less. I guess I should be begging a grand or two off of you readers so I can be a Rev. Dr. too after all I am already ordained. I could be the Reverend Dr. Engtovo, and then I would be legitimate in the eyes of the New Age. All credentials in place.

MOVEMENT TO SPIRIT™ •The ever popular interactive workshop which teaches the participant how to utilize energy, music and movement toward opening to Gamma Consciousness, our highest consciousness

Ok one last dig from her site, this is one of her workshops. They all build on each other so you have to take one in order to take the next guaranteeing more income of course. There were no prices and I am afraid to even know what the charge is. This one caught my eye because of the moving to Gamma Consciousness. Still shaking my head! There is no such thing as gamma consciousness. These are the states of consciousness.

· Beta, fully awake state

· Alpha, light meditative state.

· Theta, deep meditative state

· Delta, sleep state

Now when you reach a certain level of practice and start to Lucid Dream this is conscious awareness in Delta State. There is also another part of the Ascension work where you enter delta consciously, like a deeper meditation, only your body is fully asleep and you are having full REM cycles. Your brain is asleep and dreaming but your consciousness is aware and the dreams will not be remembered as the consciousness was not tuned into the dream. This is the state that a Dharlja spends two hours in out of every 22-24 hours. They need no other sleep, so they are always consciously aware 24-7-365. Gamma, well that’s just another Greek letter that sounds like it would be more and better, and apparently it sells.

Below is the full newsletter in case you are interested.

Online Messages: August 2nd, 2007
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Online Messages

Message from Dr. Meg:

Online Messages
August 2, 2007

Greetings to each of you! Much has transpired since our last transmission!

First of all, the most asked question that I have had since July 17th is DID WE FIRE THE GRID?? The answer, unequivocally is YES!!! So what happened? What continues to happen? Ok, here goes ~

As we all came together to Fire the Grid on July 17th, the intensity on Universal levels was amazing. If you could here it (which I could) our Oneness sounded like a huge humming that had a pulsing rhythm. We were not only addressing the earth grid, but the Universal consciousness as well.

As the humming intensified, the fabric of creation slowly rose, like a huge wave. The wave changed frequencies, changing to higher and higher vibrations as it rose. At about the 45 minute mark, the wave collapsed from a convex rise to a concave trench-like form. Next, I watched as the convex format began to shift and change, the frequencies continuing to rise. And then it all smoothed out like calm waters. This was one of the most powerful events that I have ever witnessed.

We unified the earth grid with the universal mass consciousness, something that has been lacking for eons.

And as we did, the earth grid had its own reaction. Many described seeing or feeling blue lights that went on one right after the other.

Every sector of the earth grid that wasn’t working, that wasn’t lit, awoke.

The field of blue energy that occurred (which by the way is a very healing set of frequencies) expanded and then the entire grid glowed golden. That’s right.

We brought the frequencies of our very source to the earth grid.

We are powerful in our being and even more powerful when we unify for the greater good. We did this with intention, with passion, and with Grace.

So now what???

I know that many who participated may have expected immediate results. In many ways we are seeing those. The earth has begun to rebalance. If you watch the earthquake patterns regularly (which I do) you would notice that the pattern has shifted slightly and that there is movement in areas that we don’t normally see. The intensity of the pacific ring of fire has changed as the ring has shifted slightly as well.
The intensity of lightening has become greater, with huge lightening storms occurring as the grid balances. There have been great releases of the electromagnetic energies from within the earth. This is a sign of shifting and changing. In fact, these releases have been so prevalent that most of the people I have shared healing sessions with of late have partial or full reversal of their chakra systems. This has been consistent across the board. Before we fired the grid, I was onl seeing this in the earthquake zones.

And then thereare the space time relationships. How many of you are seeing things? They are there, then they are not? People, animals, indescribables? The dimensional barriers have thinned even more, and there are communications going on that are easier to relate. And the elementals have been hugely active.

Have you seen the little squiggly patterns in the air? Little spirals covering your entire field of vision? Those are the basic elementals and they are alive, awake and active in the way that they were when our original root races existed on our planet.

And in the news, politicians exposed, injustices being made right or at least challenged. And this is just the beginning.

Energetically, we have experienced many changes. Our overall frequencies have been amped up considerably. And we have been refined. Many of you might have noticed how much more sensitive you are to things. That is because you are more accessible. When we fired the grid, we experienced a major cleansing. Our particulates have a different mathematic ratio than they did before the event. The very fabric of our manifested selves in relation so all creation is now spread farther apart, allowing information to flow through us more freely, uninterrupted (unless of course we are kicking and screaming, resistant to the very changes we intended!).

And speaking of energetics, remember that this kind of work always has a trickle down effect. As the energies of what we have done reach our earth and therefore our experiences, the effect will grow and grow, becoming more and more sound and obvious. Don’t think for one moment that you didn’t make a difference. That we didn’t make a difference. All I can say is I am honored and privileged to belong to the One of which all of you are a part.

The most important part of this entire event was the unification of peoples across the globe for the intention of love.

As we united, there were no boundaries, no differences, no fear or defenses, only LOVE. And that is huge. It is the beginning of the unification of humanity for the greater good of all. And what better service is there than to intentionally change the experience of every being in our world and beyond.

We are Blessed.

A few coming events and other announcements:
I am currently working on finishing my new book “Conversations with the Children of Now, Crystallines, Star Kids and Indigos Speak Out about the World, Life and the Coming 2012 Shift”. It will be released in February of 2008 and is already available for pre-order on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Conversations-Children-Now-Crystal-Transitional/dp/1564149781/ref=sr_1_1/002-8141078-5289616?ie=UTF8&s=books&sr=1-1

My Fall schedule is packed with fabulous journeys! Please check my web schedule for specifics and contact info! In September I will be in Salt Lake City for the A Touch of Angels Tree of Life Conference. Then, the week following I will be in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Keynoting the Building Bridges Conference, which is all about the kids! The first weekend in October I will be in Chicago at the Lightworker’s Conference, then in November, I will be joining the entire World Puja Network Crew along with JZ Knight and Michael Tamura to Lift the Light in Seattle, WA. The weekend following I will be presenting mainstage at Celebrate Your Life in Scottsdale, AZ. I look forward to meeting you at one or more of those events! For further details, please see my web schedule at http://www.spirirlite.com/schedule.php.

The web store at spiritlite.com continues to grow. I have added Children’s books, more DVD’s, CD’s, wands, hand made leather journals, Inspiriters, who are mischevious characters based upon southwest folk art, each representing an attribute we all seek to find in ourselves, and more!

One more wondrous announcement! The Dr. Meg Show celebrates its one year anniversary next week (August 8th). To celebrate this momentous occasion I am hosting a FREE LIVE CALL IN SHOW during which you can call me and we can chat, I will answer your questions and we will have a generally wonderful time! The show is from 9 – 10 pm eastern time (6 – 7 pacific). To tune in please go to http://www.worldpuja.org.

To call in please dial 1-888-341-6639 and then, when prompted, please dial this code: 1015524

Since our conferencing set up has limited call in space, please hang up after you have had your turn so that others can call in as well. I look forward to our time together!

As always, I wish you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and love in everything that you do.

Blessings, Grace and Peace,

Dr. Meg
Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

Message from the Masters:

Online Message from the Masters
August 2, 2007
Anshallah! Antui ansi entui jentelah!

Greetings to each of you from that which you are!

You have done well to change the vibration from which you live. Those changes which have been intentionally created in such a way that the unification of humanity has begun. It is the only way that ultimately you and your planet will survive.

Old paradigms from which you used to base your decisions and your actions upon as well as your dreams, have been laid to rest. It is time to be in the now. Time to stop living in front of yourselves and pay attention to that which is now. As we often say to you, nothing has ever happened outside of now. Now is all there ever is was or will be. So, when you are present within this now, you begin to hear the guidance which comes to you for the journeys each of you has chosen to partake.

How have things changes for you? Many of you have begun to realize that you must change locations geographically. Perhaps you are not receiving instructions about where that might be, just that it is. Do not be of concern. That which you need will come at the very moment in which you need to know. The point in this now is for you to become accustomed to the idea that things are changing, that life is shifting.

Problem solving has taken on a new light. The ways that you used to go about this no longer work. Untruth no longer worked. You cannot fool yourselves into thinking that you have solved your concerns when you have not. The basis of all problems is two fold. Resistance to the journey and its paths, and fear.

That resistance at one time could be smoothed over in such a way that life became tolerable. In this now, each must be within personal truth, integrity on the inside, or chaos will reign until that point is driven home.

Fear is wrought about from previous experiences or what ifs. Neither of those are of the now. It is that the Now brings perfection. Always. If you find yourselves in a state of conflict or even panic, we suggest that you ask yourselves the following questions:

“In this moment, am I safe?”


“In this moment, do I have everything that I need?”

The answers to those questions will always be “Yes, and Yes!”

And beyond that is what was, or what has not yet been and is merely speculated or imagined. The truth is in the now.

Coming in your near future is another series of events leading toward the alignment of your planet with its galactic center, or point of origin. That alignment will occur in December of 2012. Leading to that, as we have previously spoken, are a series of Universal, or Cosmic events that will create different effects within your human experiences.

Beginning on September 6th, there comes a vibrating within the upper dimensions of creation. This is a balancing, an alignment, and an awakening of energies which have been dormant since the dawn of creation. On the 14th of September there comes a major celestial event. We wish to reiterate from our past transmission those points of importance to this event and its effects upon you:

Coming in September of your time there is another major shift. This one is a different sort than those which we have previously talked about with you. On the fourteenth of September at 6:02 am Eastern Time there comes a breach in the fabric of creation. With this, in an early attempt to heal that breach, anti-matter fills the void which is created and there comes a vacuum effect.
As the vacuum effect initializes, there will be certain manifestations of balance required from the interior of your planet. This may take form in the nature of eventful sized earthquake activity. It will also take place in your weather patterning.
Within your bodies you will feel this shift even if you are only slightly aware, or barely aware, for as the void opens, releasing anti-matter, there comes a lightening of the cosmic energies which fill you. As the vacuum effect occurs, you are being filled with light energy. Cleansed, wiped clean. Initialized and initiated to the energies which follow.
That energy which follows is laden with the symbolic language of the infinite. It is both teacher and student, mother and child, peace and all that is not, love and its antithesis, desire and fulfillment.
The energy which comes with the language of the light will open within each of you avenues of consciousness which you had never conceived. Avenues which if you choose will bring you to greater being by virtue of your very existence. And those avenues will be filled with the instructions contained within the symbols. And the instructions will become you and you them.
What are the messages contained within the symbols. All that has ever been. All that can ever be, infinite possibilities at your disposal to change your experience and even the world in which you live. Infinite information to guide you toward brighter being, and the safety from within the One.
Until now most of you have seen yourselves as separate beings from within the entirety. This is not true you know? Separateness is mere perception in opposition of that which is timeless truth. You have sought to fill yourselves with those things which are not of worth except in measurable human terms. But what of that which lies beyond? What of those who have not? What of that which cannot co-create because it has been used up? Those things do not fill you but rather weigh you down with false security.
The truth in abundance is that it is all relative to the values you perceive. Just make certain that those values are yours and not belonging to others.
As the yin and yang of the void of the opening and the light which is pulled into you by that very destruction becomes assimilated within you there will be another great wave of energy which moves through your local reality carrying with it an encodement which is of the patterning of the divine.
The encodement is, for lack of language in your world, a road map to your very states of divinity.
As the planets within your solar system continue their journey toward the original beginning point, the galactic center, the light within you becomes magnified. The earth then begins to respond as well. That which is your very being responds in turn and you can either allow yourselves to be carried with the flow, or find yourselves tossed in the conundrum of chaos as the edges of the vortex are of a violent nature as the energies are being pulled in one of the most dramatic trans-dimensional changes which has ever occurred. As the tear in the fabric of creation fills with anti-matter and you are filled with light in turn, the dimensional barriers will begin to cross, become entangled temporarily and time as you know it will become confusing to say the least. At least for a cosmic now. Your realities may begin to open, even to the point of temporary confusion. Do not let this concern you. Know that beyond your current perception there are vast worlds of living breathing color and life. Many of them are aware of you. Most of them have contacted you at some point, or others in your world, with messages of peace, the lessons of the infinite and love embodied.
As you seek all that is holy, all that is sacred, remember that that which is most sacred is you. You are all and everything that you seek and within you are universes enfolded, all things possible and light beyond imagining.”

Our point in repeating this is that the information reaches you fully. The opportunity for your opening as an infinite being manifested as humanity comes at the moment of the rift in creation.

As you are created so shall you live. As you live, so shall you reap all that is holy and all that you choose.

The key is in the choosing. Do you choose reflexively, of the moment and by each experience, or do you choose consciously with intent for you journey and the highest possibilities for yourselves and all others? For as you choose, it is chosen for all others. AS you are the One. AS you are all things. As you are of the divine source from which all things come, your divinity begets your ability, your right to be the Creator which you have sought your entire lives.

You are that.

You are the choosing.

And the choices are endless, as are you. Call your name to all creation and claim your right to be all that is and the Creator of the reality you wish to command. And do this with loving humility, with passion and with peace in your hearts.


As it is written.



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22 thoughts on “Dr. Meg Blackburn & Fire the Grid

  1. one thing has been puzzling me more than anything… what can the tagline possible mean? if you have any ideas Engtovo, or anyone else, i would really love to hear.

    ps – can you get impressions of people just by reading a few of their words? if so, what do you think of me?

    take care, you all out there…


  2. The tagline being…

    Be Defined.

    This just baffles me. As for the rest, I am still trying to form my own conclusions, but I figure I should start with the first thing one reads when going to the site…


  3. I don’t believe Engtovo offers personal readings to the public.

    But since you are so curious about your personality, I could give you an idea, instead.
    Well, in my opinion, you’ve left an impression of someone with a troubled mind, perhaps certifiable.

    Something to think about.

  4. I agree that much of the new awareness movement seems deluded and nonsensical.
    What interests me is how many things may be explained if in fact the new “intention” movement is true.
    Wayne Dwer began talking about intention years ago, and marketed same as a series of exerpts and anecdotes, a sort of hopped-up Norman Vincent Peale more then 25 miles from home with a slide show.
    What Dwer lacked was the method, the test. I first began to pay attention to intention when I heard Richard Braden’s interview discussing his book, “The Divine Matrix”. Braden is a person of endless energy and curiosity, and went to Tibet to check out the Yogis.
    When he discussed prayer with them, they explained that prayer (intention) works if it is done properly. The Yogis require that the supplicant must (1) pray in a ritualistic fashion that is right for them, (2) believe, and finally (3) experience the physical and emotional response which would accompany the realization of the prayer. a sort of catch-22. (3) prevents the doubters and those not having the faith of a mustard seed from succeeding.
    Braden saw the Yogis prayer method as the link between mind and matter and decided to preach this in a religious context.
    Now assuming this is in fact true, it explains much, such as the success of those such as Peale and also the failure of the skeptics, how about “luck”, all living in perpetual self-fulfillment of their belief and emotional experiience, light or dark. How about miracle healings, self-induced cancer, etc etc etc. How many times have I read that to succeed, I must first accept total responsibility for all of my failures and truly believe that I am HERE because I wanted to be here? Because that is the path to control of my life, the believing that I did it, I created the whole freaking mess.
    If one truly believes in intention, i.e. mind- over-matter, then all is explained, and each of us is uniquely empowered to go forward and to create our own reality.


  5. hi mitch,

    thats quite alright, i was curious if anyone had that ability here. engtovo writes more than enough words to leave a crystal clear impression. our agreements part where engtovo rationalizes negative emotions. i see instead a fire inside, not a fire of anger, but of determination to take action. anger is irrelevant. ^
    do you see the trouble in my mind continuing for much longer? i see a period of intense activity ahead of me, for the cause we are all fighting for, even if some of us choose to fight with one another and waste time with paranoia, and need to train as much as possible during the time i have left before even greater weight will be placed upon me, on my part willingly.

    why have you not reached transendence yet Engtovo? you communicate in a way that suggests you would rather speak possible truths to a minority than join hands with as many as possible to begin affecting the majority. are we really going to leave them all to die?

    we have to know FOR SURE who we can and cannot trust for this circle to form next year! here everyone agrees apparently, but elsewhere everyone just argues, nothing is getting accomplished. the trouble in my mind stems from the fact that we could be making greater progress if we become willing to lay down our arms; not our shields perhaps; and start working together however we can.

    there are a million good people running a million good websites that are each tainted in some way; very few are totally pure. none seem to want to recognize their own impurities; still possessed with shadows of their egos when they would rather believe they have transformed ego to hue successfully! i have taken great lengths to avoid this last of traps on that Infinite Corridor you speak so correctly of! you have so so much good in you Engtovo; i beg; i plead; lay down your arms so we can work together (not you and I specifically, but the general we)!

    none of the millions I’s out there will get much done as it continues to get worse before it gets better; as they say. the old I divined the future over and over and over again until it saw it’s role; a role as part of a necessary we. it saw how to become hue and not ego for good, and that was when it stopped being an I. The oppositional belief structures all collapsed; all the way up to the top, and it entered the absolute a little bit ahead of the rest of itself, the rest of itself is now trying to catch up (me, the one typing this message). this is not the ego typing; for the love of all that is beyond good (and bad)!

    I apologize, I do not know where that burst came from. If you wish me to leave your site, I will do so in honour. I truly bow before your potential, but when I see so much fire and do not see how it is being put to use in the tangible world, it makes me sad. We can’t keep playing gridwars forever, a grid up for a grid down. We need the multifaceted approach, and I would be your knight along another facet.

    Continue to do the good work that you do, we really do need it, but unless your page is getting a million hits a day, and being linked to a million other websites, and others are saying the same thing you are on their sites, the grid work, the site, and everything else you do is still not enough.

    I am nearly destroying my physical body doing everything I can too, but the beyond-Nirvana stage allows me to hear that I too am still not doing enough either. We need to make concrete liasons like the one I am trying to make here, and then another; and another; and so on. If we find reasons to point fingers at each other forever, it wont be enough; and since we were warned we will not be forgiven either.

    I was told this was THE ONLY way what we are ALL trying to do is going to work:

    When towers of individuals join together, they create a floating castle.

    Please read my project in the tutorials section of the website where I post and tell me if I have been wasting my time there or not… many, many years of work there

    I love you all.


  6. Boy was I a little ahead of myself in the link you dug up! Post-Shift I am certainly still not! But I think I understand it enough that that part of the mind can say it is, the question is whether or not I can apply it in that 99.9999…% sort of way in everyday life so as to not give off the troubled-mind aura you identified very successfully.

    This is a tough stage of the game; forming the liasons. Maybe I am not ready for it yet?

    Unfortunately the bulk of the information is in the Tutorials section of the grillflame site, this is not my website; else membership would not be required. I ask for an assessment of my work there so far. Currently a ”hutch” is trying the schizophrenia/pseudo-community/delusions of perception approach in the topmost thread.

    I think Engtovo could possibly relate here. Don’t you love it Engtovo when people don’t seem to understand the importance of what you are most essentially trying to do and attack it on the basis of a lower principle than that which is most essential?

    In your Don’t Fire the Grid series, it matters most not even if you are right or wrong (I am leaning towards your case more and more with each RV, but that Shelley is an unknowing pawn, not part of the illusion directly), but that people CANNOT just blindly go with something that sounds good at the surface level.

    They have to think about it 7 ways from Sunday and be SURE they can trust what they are putting their energy into. Suffice to say, on the 16th of July I had drawn no conclusions yet, but I sure didnt participate on the 17th, personally because I have many facets of activity and as I mentionned, have very little energy left over to hand over to any cause no matter how good it appears to be.

    There is just so much text to read everywhere isn’t there! Who has the time to read it all and be the most informed?

    I like the realness of people here at spiritnexus so far 🙂

  7. I could repost all the information on the grillflame site here; but is Engtovo comfortable with having that much external text posted to her website? There must be a few thousand book-sized pages worth of information by now…

  8. eq I understand your frustration in wanting to get the word out and seeing some tangible results. I can say I have learned over many years that the amount of people who want the truth is small. If you and I were ascended this day and took over the TV stations all over the world to share this wonderful news that humans can live in a whole other way, the result would be that most of the world would be terrified of us. There would be a group of people who wanted all the information intellectually and would want to study us scientifically. Then there would be those who would want to profit off us, and those who wanted to be near us thinking they would have some sort of status. After all those groups were filtered out, there would be left a small group of people who really wanted to know the teachings, but within that group there would be a much smaller group who were really willing to apply the teachings by going within. It’s sad and unfortunate but true. We are talking tens of thousands out of millions who would do anything with the information.

    I know you understand that it is a path of REVELATION you cannot just read about it and know it in your head, you have to experience it. I think your desire to give it to all the world comes from a really pure place in your heart where you can’t understand why anyone would not want that life. It does no good to try and give it to people that don’t want it. All either of us can do is try and draw together the energies of people who do want it and support one another in the journey. You seem to be carrying the responsibility for the whole on your shoulders. As hard as it is we are not responsible for them they have to be responsible for themselves. If we try to do too much for them we rob them of their self reliance and free will. Don’t lose heart though everything is going well even when the tangibles are hard to discern.

    What would it take to get the info at the other site into some organized form? We do have the forum here that not many people are using we could set up an area for the info there or if there is a base of info that would do better on static pages we could do that too and then set up an area in the forum for discussing the info. Let me know what we are dealing with here.

  9. Hi Engtovo,

    So nice to hear from you.

    Your site seems like the current hotspot on the radar of the current state of affairs simply because you are the one brave enough to give such a, errr, commercial type of site as firethegrid such a good working over. I found it ironic that in the videos she said there would be no money involved but they are selling many trinkets on their site.

    It made for an interesting parralel with my current state of affairs.

    While on holidays I am drafting my first book that will likely be strongly associated with a mediation course I foresee myself producing the music for. Maybe I can post the refined bulk information when it is ready for you and others to skim through.

    There is somewhat of a mixture of a following and a circle forming on the grillflame website, I wanted the circle not the following, but we believe that we can use the introductory section of this book to create a magnetic effect that will see more and more people truly becoming interested in applying these lessons to their own lives if they can see real proof that the paradigm shifting benefits are really not too good to be true.

    Why am I so interested in the best of all possible future case scenarios?

    In nature I am constantly reminded of how much I enjoy diversity in life. I would rather have as many people as possible make it through the worsebeforebetter so as to maintain the diversity originating from the old world when we enter the new, as you accurately forecast here.

    Speaking of this, do you believe the maps to be still accurate?

    Anyways, I am suprised by the amount of truly good people I am constantly meeting from especially Canada, Europe, and Australia, but of course from everywhere else too. These are simply the ones with the strongest internet presence.

    I think if we can really, really lay it out for people, a dominoe effect might just be possible, even though, as you say in truth above, right now it doesn’t look so good. We need to remind ourselves to see through all that too sometimes.

    I think the less welcome elements of many people stem from their integration to society, so we have an effect where essentially no one is to blame as we can continue to trace back the blame further and further back into history.

    There is good in everyone except for the imposters, and I honestly still don’t understand their motives, I assume survival.

    So if there is a way to either serve as an extremely visible shining example, gaining fame temporarily, or to offer proof of our teachings all across the full gamut (I have studied sciences, mathematics, arts, of course spirituality), then at least in the case of my personal rappore with the single or multiple entities I communicate with, we will have done everything we could, and we will be given access to the increased spectrum of reality.

    The book will be called Ultra Infinitio, whereby my primary thesis will be of outlining various proofs that we can transcend infinity just as numbers can in mathematics.

    Engtovo, I have come here to give you that feeling I am sure you know, the tingling in your head or stomach, a sudden rekindling of hope that makes laying down the arms all too easy. Since I am always a few years ahead of myself, and I am now beginning to fully apply what has been happening in my mind to every facet of my reality, we have advanced far enough in time that my future self is right around 2012.

    I can trace the line all the way back to now, 2007. This means it is finally a solid line and not a dotted one anymore. As in calculus, I am succeeding in approaching the limit of infinity and so this time when I divide 10 into to three to get 3.333….3 and multiply it back by 3 again, I am getting 10 again and not 9.999…9.

    This is a great relief to me. Just finding your website has been an incredible omen to me of the next stage of my work here. The person in the body lets me unite with him so completely now that we can make the portal a heck of a lot wider than it looked like it was going to be not too long ago. And it all started with that silly FiretheGrid website… how ironic!

    You noticed the transformation during the course, he is letting the shifting happen seamlessly now so anyone with an acute observation can notice the change in aura from the beginning of the text to the end.

    He studied very hard and built his tower to allow the multidisciplinary approach of creating the Mysterium Scriabin once prophecized about, trying to create it himself in unfortunate madness because he could not accept the fact he was ahead of his time, trapped in the past.

    So it looks like we allowed him to reincarnate in the present and he worked just as hard as he did the last time around, this time taking interest in much more than just music, mysticism and theology, what with all the modern electronics around nowadays.

    He was taught about probable futures and how to push/pull towards the best possible one, and like last time he wanted to do it for everyone in order to enjoy the diversity as much as possible… can you blame him?

    He is a little frustrated with the limitations of textual language, and apparently while in Europe the azerty keyboard layout, it impedes the automatic typing it would seem, but he is trying his best to use it as best as possible in French and English, and combine it with the communication of music, art, and mathematics to put an end to the temporary chaos and give us all a sense of direction again.


  10. Leif,

    I was a little bit shocked at what happened above, having had no intention for it to happen. I have no idea how one is supposed to know which spirit it is exactly who is communicating through you, and see myself as more of a spiritual descendant of Scriabin than another instance. We were both composers of music interested in investing electricity and mysticism into music, and as he came to be so misunderstood I would like to correct all the false allegations against him while resuming his work in building the Mysterium for the benefit of all, to maintain as great a diversity of life as possible through the worsebeforebetter looming on the horizon.

    I need something substantial to my credit if I intend to network successfully, as do I need enhanced abilities of discernment and intuition like what Engtovo teaches here regarding the FireTheGrid website if I am to network with the right people and not potential saboteurs, understandable motives or otherwise.

    So I have a team at grillflame helping to truthpool in an effort to generate the authorless book Ultra Infinitio, we must begin by proving how transinfinite number series in mathematics can tie back in to tangible reality to generate a portal anyone can pass through to return to the absolute without failure. The most closeminded of individuals need only give it a try with the greatest skepticism in order to have their belief structures completely reset in one fell swoop.

    There is a high enough force also interested in preserving the diversity of life on earth through the difficult times ahead for us to feel as though we are being very well supported in this endeavour, via the matrix of coincidences, circumstances, parrallels and perpendiculars, meaning that we only need the drive, intellect, and emotional resolve in order to succeed, now that the necessary technology is becoming available. Multiple trained remote viewers are comparing findings along the future paths and tracing the consistencies back to the Present Moment leaving no room for overconfidence – we know it is possible, we know it is the right point in the timeline, and we are fairly sure we will have all the right people we need to work together and make it happen.

    Reality is most definitely fiction. Realizing this removes all the burden one places entirely upon themselves, realizing at the same time that all free individuals have no one else to blame for that which they do not enjoy in their lives, it is all their own doing.

    A world of people no longer doing it to themselves will be a fine place to live indeed, regardless of what the inevitable aftermath of the worsebeforebetter may be.

    And so perhaps I should withdraw from here for the time being, and return when I have some properly organized reading material to share, not just 1000s of pages of truthpooling.

    take care everyone,


  11. Come on eq, you asked the universe for help, by demonstrating that you were unable to communicate that which you expressed an intent to communicate, and the universe responded to this ‘prayer’, through me. 🙂 But if you ‘prayed’ without real intent, then no matter. Take care!

  12. hi leif,

    i am beginning to be able to communicate what I intend to communicate. It is a good feeling after this many years of frustration. I have records from 5 years ago that the mind knew inside what it wanted to communicate, but I have learned that is only by being able to physically apply (and not just to oneself, but to the world around onself) that which one knows, can one communicate precicely what they intend to communicate in this regard, and no less.

    it does not matter what specific websites get used by individuals interested in sharing the real truth, so long as they get traffic from people open-minded enough for the level of quality of content at said website to perpetuate the domino effect to apply to increasingly less open-minded individuals until it is clear to everyone possible that identifying and isolating the real truth from the chaos is definitely in our best interests.

    We need things like FiretheGrid to instigate the training of our abilities in intuition and logical discernment to the point where we really know how to find the real truth without having to pick through chaos to find it. It is easier than it seems, but not until we get good at it.

    The websites will ultimately be of less significance than the work we do in the tangible world, for those of us who are doing work in the tangible world as well. It is up to those of us who are doing partial good to realize it is only partial and to keep working towards doing the greatest good possible, and to realize we can only begin to link together in our efforts with invulnerable success when we are each already doing the greatest good within our lesser sphere of networking.

    Lack of trust certainly impedes this type of networking, but so does the clinging ego effect of thinking we are doing the greatest work when we are not yet doing as much as we could, this is such a difficult step to overcome.

    It was the story of many years of my work until I learned how to generate positive energy spirals and truthpooling for groups of people all seeking the greatest good, with the eventual knowledge that we would all get there more quickly working together this way than working alone.

    At first glance this contradicts the trend I mentionned above of people needing to be already doing the greatest good before they can come together as towers to make a castle, but after a closer look we can see that people in this case would have the intention of reaching this greatest good, never settling for anything less, never contributing to the chaos, and this is almost the same thing.

    It is not a bad thing to have one’s intent far ahead from what one is actually doing in the present moment, so long as one will never stop short of their target and call it their target instead.

    we are all eternal teacher/students, be wary of those who claim to have learned everything and as such consider themselves to be only teachers, having nothing to learn from anyone who slightly contradicts their teachings.


  13. Your web site was brought to my attention by one of my subscribers. You have run excerpts of my copyrighted work without my explicit permission and, I might add, have done so in a way that degrades not only the meaning of what I said, but with an attitude that further degrades the meaning of my words.

    Had you included my messages in their entirety you would have found that the chakra reversals are not what I am causing, but what is being found and repaired in sessions that I have with my clients. The electromagnetic emmissions of the earth just prior to earthquakes are causing different parts of people’s chakra systems to reverse.

    Also, had you even bothered to read my web site as you stated that you did, you would have noticed that there are full page descriptions of my services that clearly state the length of the sessions and what my clients can expect.

    And yes, the earthquake zones have been more active, yes, the earth grid looked just as I described during the fire the grid, the Ascended Masters are far more than little blue lights, and yes, as those same Masters have taught me, the particulates are mathmatecally spaced in all of creation. It is part of the balance of the fabric of creation. Much of this has been scientifically proven and in fact, the geometry that I presented in my book, “Pyramids of Light”, was on the cover of “Science Magazine” and scientifically proven nearly a year after my book was released.

    Your comments reek of an ego that needs attention and of one who is closed to the possibilities that there is more to experience beyond the illusion of third dimensional reality and your own experiences. People don’t need more negativity.

    The entire message can be read on my web site at http://www.spiritlite.com.

    I don’t appreciate your using my work without permission. It is a free service that I have donated for many years. It is from my heart and soul, as is this request.

    My newsletters as well as my web site are copyrighted. Please pull these excerpts off of your web site IMMEDIATELY or run my newsletter in its entirety, without changes or omissions. Feel free to comment all you want. Just don’t change a word of what I said. Make sure to include full credit to me as well as a link to my web site.

    As always, I ask that everyone use discernment about everything and that includes what I bring into this world. Ultimately it is your journey, but never is it meant to be at the expense of others. Thank you.


    Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
    Author of The Online Messages

  14. Just ran across your post here and I have to say that I am dissapointed that you chose to make me a target of your judgement rather than e-mail me with any questions or concerns you might have.

    Your criticisms are short sighted and in fact mean spirited. Perhaps if you were to read my writings with an open heart and leave the interpretations to the hearts of others who might want to read them intact and unedited, rather than using me to bolster your ego and try to prove how much you know, you might find that everything that I do is with love and of the highest integrity. I can’t speak the same for yours. My newsletters are free to the public and by subscription only. There is room in this world for everyone, no matter what they believe or feel.

    You have reprinted on your site, copyrighted information from my website without my explicit permission. This is copyright infringement. Please remove all quotes from my web site from your site. in the future, I would be happy to consider giving permission for reprinting if it is done so with the same intentions in which my writings are created. Thank you so much. I wish you wondrous journeys.

    Blessings and Peace,

    Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

  15. You obviously did not just find this, as your comment above from September 3 emphasizes!!!! Lest you are afraid that I am not going to respond, I do intend to respond FULLY. I have just been busy offline with more important things! You do NOT wish me wondrous journeys, that’s obvious! You may not like what I have to say but at least I don’t tell those kind of “New Age Politically Correct Lies.” That’s called integrity, being AUTHENTIC!

  16. I read Dr. Meg’s newsletter. “Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!” In other words, of course she was going to get defensive — what she wrote was nonsensical mumbo jumbo! I can’t believe that people buy into all that, but then again, there are a lot of lost people on the planet willing to follow anyone — even someone as lost as Dr. Meg.

    Here’s a question for Dr. Meg. If you are so psychic, intuitive… whatever you want to call it, then why did you not see FTG for what it was? Reptilians doing a head count and location pinpointing of the lightworkers on the planet!

  17. OK, I just finished reading this again. Now I am picking sides. Dr. Meg, I’m sorry but, you are full of crap. When I say I’m sorry, I don’t mean sorry for saying it. Just sorry you are. Being this full, with so much crap, must be painful and uncomfortable. This is not just a minor constipation problem. No sir. There is so much crap in there, that you would need the “jaws of life” and a sump pump to even begin to empty it all out. Good luck with this Meg. And Meg. Try eating more fiber in your diet dear. It could help.

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