Oh Yeah Pump Up the Fear


Capitol Police Boost Security to Deal With Threat of Pre-Sept. 11 Attack by al-Qaida
By John McArdle
Roll Call Staff
Thursday, Aug. 2; 4:33 pm

Capitol Police officials have stepped up the department’s security presence on Capitol Hill in response to intelligence indicating the increased possibility of an al-Qaida terrorist attack on Congress sometime between now and Sept. 11.

They are out of session from August 6th to September 3rd and noise is being made that they should not come back until the 12th.  So they want us to be fearful that Washington will be attacked during that time and that they are so important they should not even have to come back to the session at normal times.  Since when do we allow a supposed terrorist threat to determine when our congress will be in session.  This is either one of two; things simply a fear campaign to use as an excuse to enact some security measure that will effect our rights even further or they are planning another 911 type attack and right around 911coincidently.  Or could that be right around 9-9-9 (2007=9).  That is the completion numerology date, i can imagine they would love to create a circumstance that would complete the shredding of what’s left of the constitution with that date, and institute martial law.  Just know in advance is anything happens at that time it is an inside job not terrorism!

2 thoughts on “Oh Yeah Pump Up the Fear

  1. Yes, it would be a little too convenient if we had a terrier attack in DC while Congress was not in session. Especially now that Congress has given Shrub the go-ahead with his warrantless surveillance powers, the power to turn any law-abiding American into a “terrierist” merely for opposing Shrub’s policies and procedures, AND now that he can seize our property – at a whim. (Well, it’s a “whim” to me if it’s illegal.) Plus, tptb are predicting an attack, so I guess there will have to be one, just so no one makes a liar out of Chertoff!

    If we’re going to have an attack, let it be a tsunami of Americans, starting from the West Coast, moving across the country to the East in one rolling wave in unison, to swoop into DC and pluck the nincompoops out into the public square where they shall be duly tarred and feathered by our frenzied masses. Amen!?

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