Abundance Project Month Two Meditation

The balloon opens in around 6 hours, I thought I would share this

When I went to the store to pick up a prayer candle they didn’t have any plain white and this store doesn’t carry any of the colors.  All they had were a few of the popular catholic ones.  So I grabbed a Guardian Angel candle and at first figured I would try and take the sticker off but then I decided that I liked most of the prayer, it was just the Jesus line that tied it to a religion, and I definitely want the project to be free of any given religion as a whole so that every individual is working within their own belief system. 


So I blacked out the Jesus part of the prayer so here is what is reads now.  The parts in red are not in the written prayer but I am adding them with intent.

Angel & Life Guide of God, with God’s love, you come to my side to bring me strength and protection.  You are light to me in darkness, bringing me comfort when I am afraid, giving me courage when I am afflicted, and blessing me with hope when I am discouraged.  Guide me on my journey to the kingdom (Abundant Life) promised to all through God (Creator, Great Mystery, Divine Principal, Source).


Abundance Project – Month Two

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month already!  Various people have emailed with good although modest at times results so far.  If you didn’t participate in month one and want to join us in month two this is your last chance to send me your name and email (engtovo at gmail dot com) as I need to get a current list out to everyone some time Friday.  The balloon open here (US Mountain time) on Saturday morning (the 30th) which is 12 hours prior to the exact time of the new moon.

Our times  GMT/UTC

Balloon Opens:  August 30th 7:58 AM

New Moon:  August 30th 7:58 PM

Balloon Closes:  August 31st 7:58 AM

North American Times

Balloon Opens: August 30th 12:58 AM Pacific (1:58 am mountain, 2:58 am central, 3:58 am eastern)

New Moon:  August 30th 12:58 PM Pacific (1:58 pm mountain, 2:58 pm central, 3:58 pm eastern)

Balloon Closes:  August 31st 12:58 AM Pacific (1:58 am mountain, 2:58 am central, 3:58 am eastern)

A note on how we will be working with new participants in month two

New month two participants will be putting forth the prayer of abundant life for all for themselves and everyone in the group.  Just like the month one people did last month (if you are new be sure and go back and read the other abundance project posts)

participants from month one will be offering up that same prayer for the new participants and offering up gratitude for the participants of month one.

If you have any questions ask now we only have a couple days 🙂

Question About Psychics

I went to Yahoo to take myself off of the unveiling list where the stuff happened with that Gerard guy and found this question posted on Yahoo Answers.  I had never even heard of Yahoo Answers but I found myself automatically answering the question and thought maybe some of you may be interested in this as well.  By the way, for those of you who don’t like the kind of conflict in the Enochian Circle post you may still want to wander down to the comments because there were some good questions that got asked on how to use Enochian Circle that really had nothing to do with the conflict stuff in he post.

On another note I do have a yahoo group email list too, and it was originally set up in 1998 to discuss the Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East book.  It never got much use discussing that so I’ve decided to re-task it to be for anything we want to discuss in relation to being a person on a spiritual journey.  So anyone interested can join here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Masters/  It is set up so that Randy or I  have to approve anyone joining to keep out the obvious spammers who attempt to join from time to time. 

The question:

If I went to see a psychic and what she said would happen did NOT happen, what does that mean?

The psychic said some things would happen in my life over the next few years, but it did not happen how she said. What does that mean? Why was she wrong with her prediction?

There can be several answers to this question. Some people who claim to be psychic are not and that is an obvious reason. Assuming this person is really a psychic, it could be any number of things.

When a psychic looks into the future they see the most likely path at that moment. The farther off into the future he or she is looking the more possibilities exist for you to take a different path. So many things can happen in our lives that cause us to make a decision or sometimes to not make a decision that can change the most likely outcome. Looking into the future is a game of playing the odds. Every person has freewill and continuously changes the timelines for their personal life.

Psychics work on vibration, meaning they pick up on a person’s energy and sometimes someone else’s energy could be nearby and be stronger than your own energy, and the most likely path a psychic is seeing is the path of the other person. This can happen easily when you bring a friend or family member with you to get a reading. The other person they psychic is picking up on may be the person you brought, but could also be someone that one of you love and are worried about or thinking of strongly. Sometimes though with busy psychics it could be the person out in the waiting room who is getting the next reading. This can especially be a problem in busy psychic fair type situations. There are so many people seeking readings that tuning into the correct energy can be a challenge.

Psychics work in different ways.


Clairvoyants see visuals of things and then have to interpret what they see, as each psychic has their own symbols. A good clairvoyant is very good at this but just like interpreting a dream sometimes there can be an aspect that is not clear, leading to a reading that is muddled. When this happens normally the psychic is unaware that they are misinterpreting the symbols involved. This can also happen with card readers, as well as all the card are representations or symbols of different energies that have to be interpreted on their own and in how they fall together when it is a multi card spread.

Clairsentients feel the emotions of the situation, the down side of that is that sometimes your desire for a particular outcome can have such strong energy attached to it that the psychic picks up on that as an overlay.

Clairaudients hear spirits talking to them. The accuracy of this then is affected by how evolved the spirit that they are talking to is. Another aspect of the clairaudient is that often times they talk to your guide or angel and that being may tell them information on the path they WANT you to take instead of the one that is the most likely at this moment. They often hope that by giving you this information it will help lead you to that path and they want you to take that path because it has the greatest growth for your soul.


The fourth gift is the gift of knowing, this is really the most accurate of the four gifts in terms of future sight, but it is the hardest for a psychic to explain to a client. It still has the same limitations though as far as showing you a most likely path. A psychic whose main gift is knowing may actually tell you about more than one path and tell you which one is the most likely.  All people have all four gifts in various orders of strength whether they are developed or not. The best psychics have their 2 or 3 tops gifts very integrated and use them together without really designating what is what.  The real key here though is that you really don’t need to be paying someone else for information about your future. In reality they shouldn’t be selling it. These developed spiritual gifts were meant for the growth of the individual or to be of service to humanity and selling fortune telling doesn’t really fit into either of those categories. You have the ability to go within and see your own most likely future pathways and then start making choices that will bring you to the pathway you want to take.


There are some events that are “big events”. These events usually affect large numbers of people either a whole country or the whole world. These events cross all timelines and are used by those who see the future as time markers. Even these however may not happen in a specific year for example. They just cross all timelines so while a psychic may give you a timeline it is very irresponsible for any to do so. One event that crossed all timelines was the 9-11 attack in NYC.


So in the case of a big event like that, a psychic may say it happens before or after this time line crossing event but cannot give you a date for that event. The event is then a time marker to look for. If you’ve been told something will happen after something else, the sequence is significant. In the spirit world they do not recognize time in the way we do. So it doesn’t make any difference to them if they told someone about 9-11 in 1989 whether that event will happen in what we experience as 1999 or 2005 or anything in between. So there is always a possibility that something that hasn’t happened may still be on your timeline or most likely path but simply hasn’t happened YET.


The way that the group consciousness on earth works even timeline crossing events often get pushed back. Like many psychics may be seeing an event around Jan of 2009 lets say, and because of what the energy of the whole of all of the beings of earth are doing that thing shifts farther away, in our linear view of time, but we are still headed right for it and it still crosses all timelines. That event may happen in June of 2011, but when it crosses all timelines it is destined to happen. It is rare for an individual to have a life event that crosses all of their personal timelines, but it does happen. Sometimes the birth of a child will do this or the death of a parent. If a person’s path is leading them into the public eye in a big way they are more likely to have personal events that cross all timelines because it is happening on a larger scale. A small scale version though may be a firefighter of a certain age was destined to be on the force and working when 9-11 occurred even if it had happened in 99 or 05 instead of 2001.


I hope this helps

Enochian Circle

I had an interesting an most unexpected exchange today on a yahoo list that I am on called the unveiling.  One guy Gerard was talking about a ghost where he stayed and I read that and just kind of ignored it wasn’t all that interesting to me.  One guy named Gary who it sounds like knows Gerard responded, then another guy Harold responded to Gerard about his clearing of ghosts.  I thought I wonder if these guys have ever heard about Enochian Circle?  So I shared a short bit of how that worked and then I hear Randy out in the other room intense.  Turns out Gerard had written back with a nasty blast at me so intense that Randy had automatically sent something back at him without even thinking about it, which is not something he often does, especially to someone attacking me.  Then I returned a short post to Gerard.  Normally when dealing with spiritual groups I refrain from using profanity as I know it offends some people.  Not this time though so if that bothers you either don’t read this post or just know it’s coming LOL  I actually use quite a lot of profanity in my day to day life as a child of the 70s it was just the way we talked and I don’t think much of it really.  It is not offensive to me so do with that as you will.

Gerard’s Initial Post

Last Saturday night we conducted another Ghost tour of the lighthouse and Telegraph Station at Cape Otway.
We finished up at around 8.30PM, and after a few beers the rest of the team left for Melbourne while l stayed in the accommodation quarters for the night.

Well, l had a very creepy experience there on Saturday night at 2.05AM. l was woken up by a hairy head on my shoulders.
Although it would have been nice if it was a real woman, but it was
the ghost that haunted the house. Paul and Denise the lighthouse
operators, who used to live in that building said it, that woman
Ethereal Being was the reason that they moved out of there!
It scared the living shit out of me.  It then jumped on top of me!!!!

l could feel her presence as if she had penetrated all of my cells
while she was on top of me.Even the bed was vibrating with her presence.  l woke up twice later during the night scramming help out aloud as every time l drifted off to sleep she would come for me again.  She wouldn’t leave me alone until about 4 in the morning when I shooed her off with the laser pointer.  l then cleared her death imprint from the bed l was sleeping I the next morning.
So l didn’t get much sleep that night at all.

Then Gary Says

I know it was not funny for you but I am ROLLING on the floor!
So much for the old cold breeze clammy feeling!!
It saw you as fresh meat!

Wished you had a video of that! You could sell it to a network show
in the us which i believe is ghostbusters or something like that!
Clearing-3cc hand circles, 3 clockwise hand circles and 3 counter
clockwise hand circles. Implosion, explosion and rebalance at the atom level.

Then Harold Says

I get help from 5D dolphin souls to escort ghosts back to their higher selves. It sometimes takes some lengthy talking-to to get the ghosts to latch onto the idea of going home. For one of the haunted places in Manitou Springs, I had to clear the issue for them that there were stuck on, dedicated to. Harold

and I say

At this point in time it in not necessary to talk ghosts into going back to the light, or tolerate them in any way, if a ghost is within your auric field which you can make whatever size you need at the moment, like in the case of a haunted house you can make it as big as the house.  Simply call for an “enochian circle”  No disincarnate entity has a right to be in your auric field without permission so in doing this the enochian grid workers can came and take the entity to the light.  This works for ghosts or ANY disincarnate entity who is bothering you so people who are attracting any kind of demon type energies or consciously dark spirits around them for any reason can also get rid them in this way. 

Now that we are in the cleansing phase of dark forces from the universe this even works for any person remote viewing you whose vibration is below a certain threshold.  Their soul can simply be taken away from you thus causing their cord to be cut in the process and their body where ever it is will die.  At that vibration they will no longer just be left in spirit if they die they will be returned to source where they will cease to exist as individual entities.  So fire away and lets get these %$#&%$#@! out of here!  This is not considered killing and there is no karmic aspect to this for you if a dark being loses their body because they were screwing with you.

If you accidentally “catch” someone who is of the light because you were over sensitized at the moment, which can happen then it’s no big deal and everyone on the spirit side of it will get a good laugh.  So call for an enochian circle anytime you even feel the weirdest energy around you at all if you are not real good at feeling out the distinctions in energies.  They seem to really like to mess with people when they are trying to sleep.


And Gerard Says to Gary

Hey Gary!
Yes then next morning l did have a good laugh.lol
It was the most creepy of feelings.lol
l should have been more vigilant that night in clearing the imprint
before going to bed.lol  AS l as was sleeping over the point that she had died, in that bedroom.

And then Gerard says to me & Harold

What a crock of shit, Engoto!!!!
Discarnate spirits are real people! GET IT?
l just hope that the next time you transmit that you spend 50 years
roaming this plane waiting for help, you fucking deserve it.
And 5D Dolphins , whatever.

l had no problem moving this poor woman on the next morning.
An for you morons who think that they are holier than thou, here is
the best way, and safest way to do it.
First you need the SKILLS to find the death imprint,and to determine
if it has no imprint near by, how else to deal with it.
The death imprint will have a spirit line running either north south,
or est west running through it, and the spirit will be there too.
You then ask that the Etherial Being, yes that is their correct and
RESPECTFUL name, present and they will.
You then call in their guides, angel, ancestors elders or whoever,
depending on their race and beliefs. These other entities are to make sure that when you send the Etherial being through, that they don’t decide to latch onto you instead.  Get them to then acknowledge that they can see their guides etc.  You then instruct then to look through their third eye.

As soon as they do that the Etherial Being then attains their AStral
eyes and then they will go through to the higher plains for processing.  During processing they cannnot communicate with you.
Only their guides can do that for you.

That is how it is done, with absolute respect.  If you try other disrespectful ways then your up for posession youself, probably because you deserve it, hey Engoto.  l think its time you fuck off from here because we are all a bit pissed with your shit head attitude.  Same goes for you too Harold, you fucking agent for the Crofts.  Gerard

Randy sees Gerard’s post before me and responds

Boy aren’t we full of ourselves Gerard, You should know that there are many ways to deal with disincarnate beings. YOUR WAY is not the only way. Your post reeks of arrogance and self importance. get over yourself. You dog Engtovo for her perspective yet put forth your perspective / truth as the only way. who the heck died and left you as THE authori


And I respond


LOL first of all my name is ENGTOVO  not engoto

Sounds like I scared the shit out of you Gerard.  Does that mean that you are remote viewing people you shouldn’t and are afraid you’ll get caught?  Maybe you are afraid your vibration will not meet the threshold and you’ll go bye bye?  You can go through all those steps if you think it makes you feel important and that you can do things that others cannot, but it is NOT necessary.  Yes disincarnate spirits are real people but if they are not dark beings you are giving them a gift bringing them back to reintegrate with higher self and if they are dark beings they will be cleansed from the planet within the next few years no matter what.  The CREATOR has determined that all beings below a certain vibration are going HOME, not to higher self, but returned to original source and will cease to be individual entities.  That is not just for earth but throughout every universe where dark forces have been influencing since the beginning.  That is just what is.  Have a problem with that?  Take it up with the Creator. 

I have never had a any entity attachment, and I would not for one second have a fucking ghost keeping me up all night!  My God if you let a simple ghost keep you up all night what would you do if you got attacked by a real dark worker???????   Exactly who are all of those you speak for when you say WE are sick of my shit??  If Lorae had wanted me to leave the list she certainly could have asked me to a long time ago.  I’m sorry if my perspectives push your buttons TOUGH SHIT get over it.  Astral eyes?  If you are not dealing with this shit from the CAUSAL level then you have no business doing it at all.  All the astral levels are what is being cleared.  That is the vibrational threshold for this planet all astral level beings are going home and only causal level being will remain individual entities to keep incarnating.

And exactly what was my shithead attitude here, all I did was offer a simple and easy way for people to protect themselves and help clear the planet.  So I guess being of SERVICE is being a shithead to you.  Sounds like you are working for the scumbags when you say things like that Gerard so feel free to fuck off yourself next time something simple challenges your ego.


The point in me sharing this?? I am not 100% sure, but spirit told me to, so I am.  A couple things pop into mind.  One being that those who make money doing clearing and so forth do not want you to be empowered to do your own clearing because it will cut into their income.  Two, if Gerard is so concerned about the disincarnate entities roaming for so long why would he be awake all night while a ghost kept him up unless he just likes the drama and gets something out of it.  If you were awake anyway and you knew a way to clear the entity wouldn’t you just get up and do it so you could get some sleep?  These types of personalities like these complex rituals because it makes them feel important that only they can do it.  Well every single person reading this blog entry can do ENOCHAIN CIRCLE.  It is part of the job of the Order of Enoch to respond to calls of Enochain Circle and it is your right to keep your auric space clear of all disincarnate entities that are not your guides or guardians. 

Most interesting to me is Gerard implies that I was callus or something and not seeing these beings as people by sending them home when he himself would wish for me to be lost in the ethers for 50 years suffering.  What the fuck is that?  I could never wish that on anyone!  I have spent 20 years clearing lost entities and sending them home to their higher self wherever I have come across them.  I have mentioned before that there are many people who say they are spiritual or metaphysical that are Hobbyists.  It has offended lots of people but this really brings that issue to mind.  There are metaphysical people all over living in “haunted houses” if you are truly on a spiritual path you would not live in a haunted house, you would clear the house sending the being back to their higher selves.  The thing is, having ghosts and being “sensitive” to them gets these people attention and that is what they want. 

That is one example of a hobbyist, some do it strictly for attention, others do it for attention and money, it seems to me that is the category I would put Gerard into.  Unfortunately MOST “new agers” are hobbyists.  The attention most of them seek is rebelling against whatever religious upbringing they had.  The silliest part of all is more often than not they will bring their religious icons with them into their supposed new age or wicca path.  They don’t want to go to a church full of Christians but the first thing they will seek out is to channel mother Mary or Jesus.

Changes to the Site

Hey everybody.  I tried out a new version of wordpress at the site itself and it was looking like it was going to be stable.  The reason I ended up with the blog at wordpress.com instead of on the site was because my host globat.com had serious database problems and everything I tried had continuous issues.  The main site was once upon a time partly on spiritnexus.org and partly on spiritnexus.com because way back when, front page which I used to make the site, had issues with Unix servers so I had the ORG hosting all the main pages and then had all the audio files and such on the COM because the ORG host didn’t offer enough space, and I also used CGI scripts over there that at the time were not compatible with windows servers LOL.  Oh how the Internet has changed! 

I’ve been unhappy with my host globat for a long time and have finally just decided it is time to change hosts so I can have everything all together and working like it should.  I wanted to make the transition as easy as possible so I got the new host signed up with the spiritnexus.org, the current site sits at spiritnexus.com and I have been forwarding spiritnexus.org to spiritnexus.com for several years.  So some people have links to the ORG and some to the COM.  I am paid at the COM until February so even after I have the ORG set up I will likely just leave things as they are there for a few weeks and then start forwarding spiritnexus.com to the new http://spiritnexus.org address. 

I will be integrating all the pages right into the blog to make the site easier to navigate and the process should take me a couple weeks.  You are welcome to wander over during the two weeks and watch the progress if you want, and if you do, please let me know if you run into errors or bad links, as I am having to hand code several things because of changing the domain.  Since I had to do that I figured I may as well reorganize my file system and clean up several years of clutter.  In the process there will be some new features like a mailing list that will let you know of new posts, and the ability to subscribe to comments on a post you have commented on so that you can get an email showing you comments that have come after yours.

There will also be an events system so we can keep track of the new and full moons and the times of the abundance project and things like mercury retrograde, solstices and equinox and so forth.  It also has a cool system for photos and any kind of visuals that will make it easy to put a group of photos into pages or posts so that areas like the chemtrails will be able to have a whole photo albums of all the chemtrail pictures on the main chemtrail page with links to galleries of different groups of chemtrail photos.  There will also be a new tab system on some pages.  Where I previously had things on separate pages that were closely related I will be able to put things each on their own tab instead, like the Dharlja family trees for example, the main Dharlja info can be on the main Dharlja page with each tree then having a tab.  This will make navigating the site much simpler and hopefully much faster with less pages to traverse.

Abundance Project – Magical Weirdness

A few days ago I was going to toss out the paper that had the names of everyone on the list and spirit said no, leave it alone.  So I asked what should I do with it?  They said wait until full moon and then near the time of the moon burn it so I left it where it was until this afternoon.  Full moon in my time zone was 3:16 pm so around quarter to 3 I grabbed it and took it outside with a metal bowl and lit it on fire.  After it was lit I thought I should grab the camera and get a photo.  When I got back with the camera the flame was out but it was in the exact same shape as it had been it didn’t fall apart at all so I took a couple photos and turned the camera off. 






Then all of a sudden a little burst of wind (change) came up and flipped a part of it over and I noticed that you could still read some type on it and that the type had been turned the same orangey red as the color of abundance in the abundance chart post.  In the last pic above you can see a couple letters but from where I was outside I didn’t see them at the time.  It just so happened too that the parts of names that show don’t show the first and last name of anyone outside the family. thus protecting the privacy of the group members.




Then after I got into the house I flipped over a little piece to if there was more writing and in this one you can see the word abundance and see even better the orangey red color.  Plus you can make out that I wrote on there in pencil life guides and guardian angels.  So now today with the Moon of this cycle of asking at full we now switch completely to GRATITUDE.  It has been spiritually acknowledged with physical symbology that we are all fully red (100% abundant life)!  Cool huh 🙂


8-8-8 Stuff Not Again

I got a link an an email list that lead to to a VERY long ongoing bunch of stuff about 8-8-8  I don’t know how many times I can say this but here goes again.  August 8 2008 is 8-8-1  you can’t just ignore the 2 of 2008 in numerology.  The fact that we leave it off and write the date as 08-08-08 is meaningless.   However, dark forces love to focus “light workers” on those dates to steal their energies.  Unfortunately they fall for it hook, line and sinker.  Here is one little quote;

Mass Consciousness plays a key role in the 8-8-8. Many of us ‘Lightworkers’ and Light-Holders on the leading edge of consciousness stay in our own little tribe, kind of like a little ‘bubble’ where we all understand what we’re talking about. Although it’s great to ‘be with our peeps’ and hang out with like-minded people, it has its drawbacks.

Even when we all join together for numerous Global Meditations organized by various metaphysical groups and Cultural Creatives – who takes part in these? A percentage (perhaps 10% of 6.5 billion people?) of mass consciousness who are awakened and aware – the Lightworkers.

What about the other 90%? Well, because of the Olympics, the other 90% will be tuned in to the energies of the 8-8-8. If you watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, you will be literally tuning in to mass consciousness – every country around the world will be coming together in peace to compete in tests of skill, honor and greatness. This truly is a beautiful opportunity to create change with intention. Tune in and envision the world the way you would like it to be.

This one really cracks me up.  Does anyone really believe 10% of the world’s population are awakened??  Let alone that that many join in global meditation together.  If 1% were joining together that would be a lot.  Seriously do the math.  Then she believes all the rest of the world will be tuned in to the Olympics with peace.  This is just frightening that anyone could be this naive.  She certainly has bought into the propaganda of the Olympics.  The truth is the Olympics have been used as a political tool and manipulation over and over again by all kinds of countries.  Just the process of where they are going to be held is a giant bunch of illuminati insanity.

Then she adds this quote where we are told to invoke the numbers into us!  I think NOT thank you very much.  888 has no connection to Christ energy and lets not forget that last year when they all did the 777 that was supposed to be the Christ number.

The spiritual facet of the 8-8-8 truly is one of world peace: “At 8:00 am/pm on August 8, 2008 (8-8-8) all Lightworkers and Keepers of the Earth should invoke the symbols of the Number 888 into themselves. Because 888 symbolizes the Sacred Number of Christ, invoke Christ’s Infinite Wisdom of ‘Loving thy Neighbor as Thyself’ into your heart.” – David Miller [link to www.cybertrails. com]


Oh and here is a good one

With the specific location of all our focus being on China (due to the Olympics) on 8-8-08 – right smack dab at the exact half-way point between two powerful eclipses of change – and with the eclipse shadow falling over the Ancient Silk Route – i.e. The Silk Road – a symbol of world trade and abundant economy – we have an opportunity to focus our intention for a smooth and safe transition to a new global economy. Without a crash and without cataclysm.


Yeah ok now the fact that china is doing the Olympics on her 888 holy day when we just had an eclipse means the world economy is going to be saved!  WAKE UP LADY!  Exactly what is this supposed new global economy just that statement sounds new world order to me.


She goes on to claim

8 is the quintessential number of power and life-force energy. For instance, the 8th house of the horoscope within astrology is the house of Scorpio energy, which is all about Kundalini and raising the life-force energy (coiled like a snake at the base of the spine/root chakra) up through all the chakras to create torrents of cosmic joy and ecstasy.

Sorry but Scorpio has JACK to do with Kundalini!  Anyone who has gotten their Kundalini open or is working on knows full well that it is not exactly torrents of cosmic joy.  Some might go as far as to say the process was cosmic hell, and getting it over with was the joyous part.

Then she starts to get into the 8 sideways as the infinity thing.  Shades of fire the grid dance through my head with the infinity as a snake tattoo that it’s leader had.  There is reference to snake in the last paragraph and here we go with portals and wormholes.

8 when turned on its side is the symbol of Infinity, the Infinite Force of Life that pulses through every molecule and atom of our Universe. Picture the Infinity symbol: can you see that it is a powerful portal to skate into and through, like a wormhole to infinite potential and streaming intelligence from All That Is. Think of an ice-skater carving figure-8’s into the gleaming ice. Carve new pathways to your connection with the Infinite.

She quotes Shirley Blackwell here and this info is not correct 6 is the as above so below number because it is spiritual energy (3) not earth energy (4) that the concept applies to.  That phrase is really about the building of grid and grid work and that is represented with the as above so below six pointed star. 

The manifestation of bringing something from above to below is 7 coming from the spirit (3) to the planet (4)  Now 8 does represent abundance and that is because all things are created in fractals and fractals are infinite in depth.  What energy that is put out must come back to origin and begin again.  Every new beginning has an opening to the infinite whole.  All that is – abundance of all things.


“Pythagoras called the 8 Light and Darkness. The 8 represents the Law ‘As Above, So Below.’ The earth is the lower circle and the celestial is the upper circle. This means that the 8 can take an inspiration and make it work on the material plane. It is 4 plus 4, the organizational abilities of the 4 doubled – 44” (Shirley Blackwell Lawrence)

She goes on and on about the 8 and it is an 8 day.

8+8+2+8=26 and 2+6 is 8

but we have eight days all the time.  We are always in the cycle so why is this 8 day so special?  It’s not! It is a ONE year, that is important to know because a one year is a time to begin new things that we want to grow and become successful. and on the year level we have 9 year cycles.  Having clarity and intent in a one year can effect your life for the 8 years to follow.  This one 8 day of 08-08-2008 will only hold significance if the illuminati scum bags orchestrate some dastardly deed at the Olympics or do something like release weaponized avian flu at the Olympics for everyone to bring home with them.

The article then goes on to obsess on the sun and Jesus as the son and so on which considering the fact the illuminati are well known sun worshipers I guess that is no surprise

Here is a quotable quote to live in infamy.  Has anyone ever heard of solar wind causing solar flares LOL this is a new one.  Solar flares accelerating evolution on earth is quite a bit of speculation too.  That the flares (too few or too many) are connected with global warming and cooling trends is pretty well documented though.

I am reminded also of the SOLAR WINDS and how they create SOLAR FLARES which accelerate evolution on earth.

What we have here is a powerful CREATIVE SOLAR WIND through which we can harness the Winds of Change – the Solar Flares of Evolution – and Create a new life for ourselves pe
rsonally, as well as a new gentler timeline for Earth and Humanity.


Then she gives us times to turn over our energy to the agenda that she is clueless exists.

8:00 – Connecting with God, The Infinite, The Christ-consciousness, The Great Central Sun, the Creative Solar Winds, the Spiral of Life
8:09 – Ending of old ways of lack mentality and disconnection from the Flow of Power from the Infinite – with God’s divine help
8:18 – New beginnings and an opportunity to double your prosperity
8:27 – The Holy Spirit will breathe life into your creations and your connection to the Godhead. Good energy for opening up to a new relationship and greater intuition.
8:45 – The angels will help you to create change in your abundance/prosperity levels, your creative expression, and your power in the world.
8:54 – The changes are upon you! Open up to them, embrace them, and travel through them with ease. And don’t forget to call in the angels for help.
Also of import: The exact First Quarter Moon is at 4:20pm EDT. The moment of 4:22pm (only two minutes after the First Quarter Moon) adds up to 8. This would be a great time to work with the Moon energies if you are so inclined. Remember that the First Quarter Moon is when the Leo-Aquarian Lightning Bolt discharges its power and moves into its first flower.


She does say her birthday is October 27 and that is no surprise for me, as most Libras unless they have powerful strong moon and ascendant, have big time trouble with discernment.  They want to make everything ok all the time for everyone and have no boundaries.  I wish those with weak Libra charts would just stay out of spiritual stuff!  So I am saying out loud to all you higher selves up there “if you want to create a soul to take a spiritual path give them the appropriate astrology”!  Is that too much to ask?  If you haven’t given them what they need to take a true spiritual path, then do a better job of steering them into some other hobby.  This path is hard enough without having to wade through their crap.  So with that I’ll leave you with the link in case you just can’t resist reading it in its entirety.


2012 A Golden Age: 8-8-08: Major Gate – The Time Between Eclipses – Through the Eye of the Needle to Solar Christ Consciousness