Earthquakes & Time Line Collapses

Well we are almost out of the main window for these earthquakes although the lesser window goes until January 5 so I can’t assume we are not going to see these big earthquakes as seen through the linguistics of Half past human.  For a couple days though I have been wondering if we are in the process of more timelines collapsing.  With the planetary expansion that is going to be occurring there is only one timeline chosen by creation to take us through this so like a bottleneck we are losing more and more timelines every day until we have only the one timeline through this situation.  It used to be before creation enacted this process that the timeline we would come to take was governed by the collective consciousness of humanity.  That is why the dark forces work so hard to manipulate our point of view and get us to unknowingly go along with their agendas.  This timeline though is not the timeline of collective consciousness it was chosen by Creation for the good of the planet and the whole and specifically for the complete clearing of the dark forces from our planet and our sector of creation.  We have been shedding large chunks of timelines for the past 3 years.

Lets say for the sake of explanation that we currently have 10,000 timelines left and we need to get down to the one.  Lets say the collective has been heading toward a New Madrid mega quake in December 08 for some time and half of those timelines are in alignment with that collective energy.  The linguistics of half past human would show that information very strongly with 5000 of 10,000 timelines and the collective energy all moving in that direction.  But lets say that is NOT a scenario of the timeline that Creation has chosen for earth at this time.  Then the earthquakes will not happen and when the window for them is complete without their expression those 5000 timelines collapse and we then would be down to 5000 total timelines left.

This could be happening or it could even be that these two expected quakes may not happen as the linguistics suggest and only one quake manifests.  There are a l lot of possibilities.  There is not a lot of information available about the particular timeline that Creation has chosen but that is the way it should be.  The dark forces don’t need to know where we are really headed so they cannot prepare.  For the rest of us, who intend to stay on the planet through these changes, that means going within and aligning ourselves with the timeline Creation has chosen and then acting on the instincts that follow over next couple years promptly and without fear.

It would be my perspective that the best timeline would be one that compresses the changes into a very short period of time to minimize suffering.  The downside to that perspective is that if you are not listening or are not acting promptly enough you likely will not get a second chance to get where you need to be.  Trusting ourselves and our guidance at this time is essential.  I have no idea how many timelines are currently still active but I know we are within 3 years of being at the one timeline that will take us through the changes.  By the time we reach that one timeline all survivors will have already been determined by choices they did nor didn’t make and it will be too late to take an action that you were prompted to take sooner.  There will be nothing personal in that process.  These are big changes and we simply need to be in the right places with the right support to survive.  I won’t be surprised either way on these earthquakes if they come outside the most likely window or if they don’t come at all.  We are getting to the point where months in advance is much too far in advance for the linguistics to be totally accurate unless the events in question cross EVERY timeline.  Because the linguistics connect to collective consciousness and our path no longer lies where the collective drive it some things in the linguistics may not be accurate at all.  So while it is interesting and I will continue to watch these things we can only trust the still small voice within.  It may tell us things that are counter to our rational perspective.  If we are to survive it will definitely tell us things that are counter to the collective.

What an interesting time to be on planet earth.  There certainly is no question in my mind why we wanted to be here to see it “live”  LOL

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