Comment on Old Ways: Directions

I read this article I found from facebook post it is interesting but seems odd to me from how I work.  I would never base the energies of the elements I called in based on the terrain of a particular place.  LOL 

For me Earth must always come first she is the starting place (the east).  She is the basis of all life and to me should always be acknowledged and brought forth first.  Followed by water to the South the place of highest energy in the northern hemisphere.  When the sun is farthest south is our time of greatest growth.  The majority of our body is water and water is the element that represents our emotion.  The element of fire is the west, the place where we transmute our emotions when the day is done and learn from them.  From the fire the smoke of our transmutation rises to to north the place of the element air where there is no physical form any longer, the place of spirit.

I’m curious about how other people do it?

Many modern practitioners call Elemental energy from each of the directions when they cast a circle. The most widely practiced form of this tradition is to call Air from the East, Fire from the South, Water from the West, and Earth from the North. Many practitioners also add Spirit as a "fifth Element," sometimes calling it "from Within and Without," sometimes calling it from "Above and Below," sometimes asking specific gods and goddesses to join in their right, and sometimes (whew!) simply representing Spirit themselves.

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4 thoughts on “Comment on Old Ways: Directions

  1. although i don’t practice any type of ceremony /rite, i do have an opinion on this 🙂 I believe that any road-map will work as long as practitioner believes in it. One can create a ceremony that would be reflective of one’s personality, goals, knowledge instead of using “old”, “traditional” or “textbook” scenario. Anything will work as long as intention is strong enough and set in motion. There is no right or wrong way about it. And a ceremony not even needed – just sincere strong intention and connection with that elemental spirit, universe, the father of us all, etc. Rituals are used, i think,to help a practitioner to get into “right” state of mind, but really it’s about a believe. if there is a believe in Self, a ritual is not needed, it’s not what causes things to happen, although i think it does attract certain energy/vibrations/spirit to a practitioner (especially in black magic i’d think).

  2. I agree, with the exception that anything that brings forth a result that is not in love and harmony with Creation is absolutely the wrong way! I have seen many people practice ritual without clear intention, just doing what they have seen or believe and open a door to negative energies! So pure intention and holding that intention and not calling in anything contrary to the intention with or without any kind of ceremony or ritual is truly the most important thing! So I would have to sum that up by saying if you know how to hold pure intention than what you do, or don’t do, doesn’t matter, and if you don’t know how to hold pure intention than anything you do is the wrong way.

    I would say that whether I am doing something with a physical component or without, spirit taught me to call to the Earth first because I am on her body and if there are aspects of my intention that are not pure enough she will lovingly show them to me before I precede any further. Some people may call to spirits to do this for them. The problem with that sometimes is who they call and why. Many people innocently believe in various entities with no basis for that belief and essentially turn the power of the intention over to that entity. Having lived in Sedona, that was prevalent in most of the ceremonies and rituals that went on there. People read a book about St. Germaine or someone and then turn over all the power of everything they do to him. It is scary the havoc that can be caused by that! You never have to discern the intentions of the Earth Mother! LOL

    The guy who wrote the original article clearly is not one of those people! He has taken his own journey and holds his own intentions; his writings are very clear and precise and you can feel they came from revelations on his journey. So I certainly wouldn’t be worried about what energies HE calls in what direction or order. Because he is holding the itention of what happens with all the energies he calls.

    • oh, yeah, i didn’t even consider those who get themselves into predicament by
      practicing things they don’t know about just because…(take your pick) – that would be a totally different story, a story about ignorance, ego and/or power.
      i experienced connection several times , not many, with elementals and plant/tree spirit. i don’t practice it as an exercise to get better or anything like that, but i had trees talking to me, winds not blowing where i am, but everywhere else around me, plant that was withering recovered in front of my eyes. but it only works with sincere intent and as long as you are able to stay tuned in and hold that focus. A man was given a dominion over all things, it’s true 🙂 it’s just somehow he decided to practice this dominion over his fellow men instead. look at the rituals and churches – it’s like mass hypnosis. Most rituals are about gaining power over something or somebody.
      BTW, did you ever mention when timelines are going to branch out again?
      Like you said in your e-mail, i too experienced pretty “pissy” state of mind last week (on Wednesday, in particular) and quite irritable this week also, especially today, which is atypical for me.

  3. yeah all those people who mistake domination for dominion 🙂 grrrr

    Timelines branch out again after the period of singularity I’m not sure how long that is as far as months / years but it won’t be until after the earth changes are complete and the sanctuaries are released.

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