Cycle of Creation


think wisely

dream again

think not


talk wisely

whisper again

talk not


play wisely

love again

play not


plan wisely

Laugh again

plan not


judge wisely

enter again

judge not


act wisely

be again

act not


dream wisely

complete again

dream not

Engtovo ~ April 6 1997

The Golden Light

Gently floating to the sea

a group of angel friends and me

We came upon a waterfall

graceful as it made it’s call

Across the bridge we dared to go

entering right into the flow

My soul became the drops of rain

up to the sky and down again

Spraying up upon the plants

The tiny leaves begin to dance

They take me deep within the stock

down from there I begin to drop

Into the earth I then flow

when I get to the spring I sparkle and glow

From here I look upon the sky

the place of creation for you and I

The angel friends begin to sing

the bells in the wind begin to ring

I keep on going on like this

not a creature or plant will I miss

The oneness of all I have learned

brings me the peace for which I’ve yearned

They gave me the gift of the golden light

deep in my soul it feels so right

I come back to my body filled with love

thank the angels from up above

Go back to my busy worldly life

filled with craziness and strife

But every time I want to cry

the angels all begin to sigh

Call on your gift of golden light

it’s always there to serve you right

We came to you because we care

call on the light when life’s not fair

Now it lives deep within your heart

but you must call to do your part

You’ll have the peace you always sought

all of the battles have been fought

Welcome home to the mother’s arm

ignore the sirens and car alarms

You hold the world in your hands

we want to make sure you understand

If you ever stumble at all

the golden light will catch your fall

The golden light is the greatest gift

allow the angels to give you a lift

Allow this gift to be received

and you will never be deceived

This is all we have to say

your angel friends will call it a day

The Angels ~ October 4, 1994