Crab Boats and Sunset 1-30-13

South Beach, Gold Beach Oregon

© Copyright 2013 Tatiacha Bhodsvatan – Diane M. Wood – All Rights Reserved

Crab Boat with a View


Crab Boat with a View

The sun goes down over South Beach in Gold Beach Oregon 1-30-13

© Copyright 2013 Tatiacha Bhodsvatan – Diane M. Wood – All Rights Reserved

Harris Beach State Park 1-20-13

Harris Beach


Harris Beach State Park  Brookings, Oregon

© Copyright 2013 Tatiacha Bhodsvatan – Diane M. Wood – All Rights Reserved


Bandon Sunset 1-11-13

Bandon SUnset

Beautiful Sunset in Bandon onthe beach off Coquille Point 1-11-13

© Copyright 2013 Tatiacha Bhodsvatan – Diane M. Wood – All Rights Reserved


Whispers seek outpouring of strength
An omen to portend of this time
They cross in front of me
And begin to run
I watch and feel the urgency
Speed and agility in union
Bending to cross the creek
They serpentine to the right and pick up speed
The other moves steadily unaware
They head right for impact
Hit she lay on the ground in shock
Gathering around with good intention
A small group convenes
Is she dead
They ponder her fate
Prayers move off them to her
Slowly she comes around
Moving behind obstacles
Hidden from view
She moves opposite the herd
Away from the scene and the danger
She emerges
She crosses over in front of me again
As she moves through the dirt and mud
That is this road
She trips and stumbles
Then returns to her feet
Her grace strength and stamina obvious
She picks up speed
Still somewhat apprehensive
Now understanding this close call
She moves out to the forest alone
The depth of her injuries unknown
She has survived another day
My heart pours out with love to this sign
This inspiration of divine timing
We all survive each day
Until it is the day we do not
I will take my hits
With some I may trip and stumble
But I will return to my path
And continue with the grace of an Elk

Tatiacha ~ March 3, 2011

New Earth

Waters move

Mountains reach higher

Some blow their tops

The earth shakes and shivers

Animals sleep

Overseen by divine hands

A world is being reborn

It looks difficult


But it is no different

Than the butterfly

Ripping open the chrysalis

There is already a new earth

It is right under the crust

It is formed

In the image of perfection

Ready to burst forth

When the chrysalis

Is finally ripped apart

Earth mother will sit

While her symbolic wings dry

These continents when dry

Will fill with new life

The humans of the new earth

Will be free

Of their past incarnation as caterpillar

They will not crawl and toil and struggle

They will fly free

With joy

Bringing fertility to the new earth

With harmony

All will live as one

There will be no veil

Between earth and spirit

All creatures

Will feel the full love of creation

The suns

Blue and yellow will shine forth

Their full light

Illuminating day and night

The stars will shine

But there will be no full darkness

Laughter and song

Will fill the night

And the day

The rains will nurture the lands

The snows will fill the high mountains

Springs giving life to new rivers

Flowers blooming

Fruits pouring forth

Skies clear and pure

New earth

With the perfect innocence

Of the fluttering of butterfly wings

Being chased by

Joyous children laughing


Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ June 14, 2008

This Distance

Distance betrays me

Time space illusion

The winds are howling

Bring forth

Spreading seed

Seeping through the window sill

Talking in the night

Through the woods

Squirrels nested safe

The sound awakens within

Reaches the place of new life

I go forth to meet it half way

The song is sweet

The laughter sweeter still

The howling continues

It wraps around

Touching nothing

Inside this cocoon

Distance becomes nothing

Time space becomes what is chosen


Engtovo ~ March 2, 2008

Parched Souls

Moon rising high on branches stilled

Snow hangs tenuous

Light catches the crystals glow

And sculptures are born of natures flow

Solstice night brings rebirth of days

Crows cawing overhead beckoning me to see

Beyond day into night

Moon shadows cast across this landscape

Beyond the shadows

Sparkles twinkle

Like reflections of the stars above

We move from one timeline to the next

As beings dance below this sky

Manifestations born in joy

Breathe beauty into parched souls



Engtovo ~ December 23, 2007

This Walk

Hawk flies over

Squirrel scurries quickly down the road

Raven circles to the clouds

The sun shines lightly

Warmth is gentle

Quickly to fade

Leaves have blown away

Puffy clouds drift overhead

Birds scatter all around

The crunch of gravel echoes

Horses calm in the paddock

The world is still here

There is gentle breeze

Coming and going

Magpies and Jays play

There are no cars

No power tools

No noise of any other

One footstep and then another

I walk

I stop

Smell, breathe and look

All life should be so simple

This walk this day

Eases pain away


Engtovo ~ October 31, 2007



Flowers in colors bursting forth

Ocean sands shifting with the hour

Sunset fading into long twilight

Mountains appearing out of the fog

Squirrels scurrying across the landscape

Birds singings sweet and soft

Fruits always ripe and ready

With flowers sweet to scent

Waterfall cascading downward

Water fresh and clear

Owl speaks in the distance

Butterfly flutters by

Gentle breezes blowing


You and I

Engtovo ~ April 18, 2007

Remembering How to Be Free

If I were a mountain
I would be the highest peak
If I were an ocean
I would be the very deep

If I were a lake
I would shimmer & shine in the sun
If I were a canyon
I would be the biggest one

Nothing can contain me
This I know is true
Nothing can change me
Unless I allow it to

In this world there is nothing
That is not within my reach
From the tip of every mountain
To the shore of every beach

One thing here is certain
It is the love all around
It’s reflected on the waters
And in the canyon it is found

A dream is just a dream
Until I choose to make it real
When that day becomes me
Only I’ll know how it feels

I’ll sit right here and ponder
All that love changes in me
With gratitude and wonder
Remembering how to be free

Engtovo – October 28, 2005


Sails full in blustery winds
The changes are blowing me in a new direction
I am at the mercy of these winds
But I trust them
I know they will take me home
I am open to them
I offer no resistance
My heart leads me into this freedom

Treetops sway in the distance
Never resisting the winds
They beckon me to do the same
Some leaves let go of the tree
They fly through the air
Acrobats of the sky

These winds are a gift
I acknowledge them now
Around me people fear the winds
They cower and hide
I wish they could see the gift given

I am swirling in peace
Unity is here with all who choose it
I can be moved to a new better place willingly
Or have the old rip and torn away
The winds do not judge any
They simply move
Move with them
Or they may destroy you
In your attempt to stand against them

Birds are moving with them
Finding joy in the process
They give me good teaching
This is how to be in the winds
Let go
Feel the current lift me
And fly

Engtovo ~ October 28, 2005

Useable Energy

Useable energy is here for me today
As the grid of me is aligned with divine blueprint
The thunder crashes around me
The breath of the air is revived
Droplets reach the earth
The plants receive
I receive
Manuel the bear receives
The drops quicken
Forming puddles and streams
To move the emotional force of water where it is needed
The emotions move inside of me
My quickening mirrors the storm
The sun touches through
Its rays of light glistening on the falling droplets
Just as the rays of light inside me glisten upon the moving emotions in my heart
Loud crashes of thunder removing blockages
And old ways long stuck
The downpour increases
Washing away that which is no longer appropriate
Nurturing that which is good and right
Somewhere about me I sense a rainbow
It is out of my line of view
But I feel it there none the less
The droplets dwindle and blue sky is in view
Even as the crashing thunder rumbles across this mountain top
The space has become overwhelmed with a peaceful silence
A completion
The useable energy remains
Awareness is heightened
As each lingering drop from the roof echoes through my space
I breathe in this useable energy and make it my own
As do each plant and animal nearby
It is a gift from the nature spirits to us all
A short but sweet shaman’s death
Born anew in each moment we carry on
Taking this energy out into everything we experience

Engtovo ~ August 10, 2005

After The Fire

The sky is grey
But the sun shines beyond this overcast
The sun shines above the hurricane
The tornadoes
And the blizzards
Beyond the works of man the sky remains blue
The birds will continue to sing
The moon will cycle
Bringing us phases of brilliant luminosity
And dark skies filled with twinkling stars
The world is in a constant state of change
In this change is stability
That our perspective can always be turned
To see the positive instead of the negative
In destruction is rebirth
After the fire
The forest grows back stronger
No matter how battered our planet or our hearts
Rebirth is imminent and unstoppable
So the grey sky can continue to be grey today
But my heart will recognize the beauty beyond
The world can continue its chaos
And I will live in the beauty I see

Engtovo ~ January 30, 2005


The light plays off your depths
No one knows where you’ll go next
I look out this window
It frames my view
But its view is much too small
I seek the fullness of you
The big sky calls

Engtovo ~ January 30, 2005

Dawn Of My New Day

Dawn comes to my life
It is a new day
The air is brisk and fresh
The sky is clear
I am filled with reverence
All my yesterdays are gone
I do not attempt to resurrect them
I allow this day to unfold without their interference
The sun lights the way
It glows forth and warms my soul
I feel energized and prepared
This day will be a good one
There is nothing that can change that
I breathe in the gift of life
And acknowledge the moment
The silence is overwhelming
Its peacefulness contrasts the world
Their chaos is their own
Here in the dawn of my new day
There is no chaos in my world
I am free
There is no other sensation
Purity of this freedom is everywhere

Engtovo ~ January 21, 2005


The snows fall

My fingers chill

I have no interest in this season

Another winter comes upon me

I question why I remain in this place

It is not in harmony with me

Or I am not in harmony with it

The snow falling can be beautiful

I see this

Recognize it

And yet wish to remain apart from it

I wish to live where the snows never come

Where my fingers never chill

How did I come to these places

Where the snows fall

And fall

And fall

They gather together

They feel like prison walls to me

I do not wish to go out in their coldness

I seek moderation

I do not want the searing heat of the desert

The dry parched air that steals my life force

There is a place that has moist air and moderate temperature

Why am I not there yet

My green hillsides call out to me

The raindrops dewy on the grass

I no longer wish to adapt and resist

I want only to be where it is right for me

Let those who love this cold and white live here in joy

Heart take me home now

Engtovo ~ November 20, 2004

Storm Brewing

Far and away

There is a storm brewing

It gathers strength and intensity

To fulfill its purpose

It is seen as a tragedy

Something to fear

It is neither of these things

It is a bringer of life force

An act of balance

The seas and the lands converge

In the aftermath

Birth is everywhere

Ignorant people

See only destruction

They live out of harmony

With the ways of nature

This leaves them blind

Another storm will brew

It is the way of things

And it is good

Engtovo ~ August 12, 2004

Kissed By The Fog

The falls are misted with rainbow droplets

Soon the fog rolls in and they are hidden

The world looks other worldly

Beings move in and out of this fog

Without outsider observance

I can hear the waves crashing

The sweet sound of seagulls off in the mist

The fog has insulated me in a world of magic

Only those who are meant to can find this place

Brief clearing comes with the darkness of days completion

And stars appear and disappear

Moving me in and out of multiple realities

Morning arrives and the thick white looks purified by the night

It is milky and wraps me like a comforter

The fire is lit to warm the damp air

And the smell of wood smoke fills the space

The ever present surf still offers its sound to my ears

constant and enduring

The sun gently begins to burn off the fog

I receive glimpse of the ocean and soon to the horizon blue sky appears

Birds are singing

And I can see the rainbow droplets of the falls once more

Kissed by the fog everything is reborn

Engtovo ~ July 4, 2004

On The Mountain

Hummingbirds, bunnies and lizards

Grouse dance near by

The silence broken only by sounds of nature

The sun goes down amidst smoke of far away fires

A brilliant red orange disc hanging in the sky

As I walk this dusty dirt road

All this gives way to snowy dreamscapes

Where I am guided by an unseen force

Female elder energy drives this bus

She is indigenous

And knows this earth

Obstacles presented are effortlessly traversed

The beacon is turned off

But I have found the man in time

The day awakens hot

But the breeze is sweet on my skin

Hummingbird returns

What is to come is as yet unwritten

Engtovo ~ July 4, 2004


Excitement of discovery awakens a new ember

Uncertainty took hold

Can the ember be trusted

Will it burn itself out as fast as it ignited

These embers

I have never understood how to tend to them

Or when they should be doused

I question myself when they ignite

My perceptions get cloudy

They take life of their own

I cannot control them

I am supposed to surrender to them

Allow them to lead me untempered

Attempting to prevent them has not worked

Trying to subdue them has not worked

Trying to hide them has not worked

Feeling they should not live in me

Have not accomplished anything positive

Why do they feel foreign to me

Who taught me to see them as wrong

How do I allow the embers to have a place in me

How do I live in harmony with their ignitions

How do I react when they go out

How do I cope when they refuse to go

When there is no expression for them

But they live inside

Ember do you have a life cycle

Predictable if allowed your full expression

Or are you the random chaos of heart

Am I doomed to be burned by you at any turn in the road

Should I be tending you

Keeping you alive

But allowing you to change focus

As the universe moves

And life changes with its movements

Speak to me

Show me the life that we share

Show me the dance in its perfected form

Teach me your ways

Set me free of my skewed perceptions of your role in me

Ignite in truth and understanding

And keep that alive forever burning bright in my soul

Allow that ember to be the leader of all others ignited

Come to peaceful union in me

Ember I integrate your fire

Engtovo ~ May 11, 2004

Snowflake Go Away

Snowflake go away

I do not wish to see you this year

Let the air warm

Become the rains

The moisture you bring here is a blessing

But I feel trapped here

I want to see the sun

I want to walk in the fresh air

So many years I see your beauty

Why is it this year I do not

I look out and you feel like prison walls

You have stolen my ground

And the roads

The sidewalks

Why do you steal my world

You look so beautiful on these mountains

Why can you not stay there

And leave my valley alone

Engtovo ~ January 24, 2004

Purification by Water

The wave has come and washed away all that was not needed

It took me by surprise

I had just finished setting up this place

I wondered what had been lost



What survived was pure and white

There was debris all around

But none was mine

I found the poems

The writing

I hoped the new ones were there

I accepted that if they were not it would be ok

Tucked the papers into the notebook

I would look through them later

There were no clothes to be found

I did not care

I look for the cell phone

I hear one ring

It is not mine

But the person calling wants to speak to me

Communication has not been lost

Is not limited

I realize I have my purse

My identity

I have my driver’s license

My checkbook

I have the plane tickets and will be able to return home

I feel no worry

No anxiety

What appears to be a loss is not

I am perplexed at my lack of concern

I feel I have everything that truly matters

I notice the sky is blue

It is a lovely day

Engtovo ~ January 24, 2004

Bear & Eagle Mates

Two bears walk side by side

Mated eagles glide above

The wars have ended

The eagle dance progressed

And fear of the bear attack passed

The new script has been written and implemented

The dual spiral of balanced male and female is magnetically being brought into

Unity, harmony and synchronistic movement

The hearts are ready

They are free and open to the universal dance

It is more than physical

More than spiritual

Emotions, thoughts, intentions, energies

Intertwine so completely that two work as one

The boundaries are clear and respected

Within this divine commitment of Bear and Eagle medicine

The spirit within each fully spiraling within the other

The time has come where work done distant

Is ready to be done hand in hand

Hibernation over

The bear essence of each must leave the cave

To take flight in their dual journey




Looking over the scene from above

Each perspective unique

They see the same scene from a different angle

These two blended have a complete picture

Balance is achieved in blending

This balance brings a new level of peace to both

Bear & Eagle live comfortably within them both

As they share the male and female essence of each with one another

Engtovo ~ January 18, 2004

Ocean Spirit

Waves rolling in

Tide gently rising

This is my natural environment

I am water

I am flowing


Each movement of the water speaks to my heart

Offers me a connection to all that is

It is a rhythm

A timing that is akin to me

When I am away too long

I feel out of rhythm

I lose track of my emotion

In time loose the emotional nature of my being

Taking me out of harmony

I must return

I must feel each wave reach up and caress my toes

Take me into the love and rhythm of life

Allow me to move through the days of gentle washing

To the days of intensity and crashing power upon the shore

They both are given equal importance here

Both respected and valued

Take me to the sands Great Spirit

Give my soul rest in my true environment

Allow the water to recharge me

Refresh me

Heal me

Remember how the drop of water that is me is part of the great whole

Let me ride the crest of the wave as it comes home

Let me sit beside my turtle relatives

And speak to the dolphins and whales

You know me Great Spirit

I am a creature of the mighty water

Left away too long I will wither and die

Take me home to the ocean

I am parched

It has been a long time

The mountains of this magnificent place have inspired me

They have helped me reach for the sky

Now return me to the depth of my heart

To the blood of the earth

To the power of my true nature

Engtovo ~ October 16, 2003

Kauai Calls

The eagle ready to fledge

Simply fly

You are strong enough

To bridge the mighty ocean

For Kauai calls

The rain gods have spoken

The answer to water prayers offered out

Through the river

To the ocean

Come and heal

Kauai calls

Rest, retreat, love

Feel the eagle sprit of Aloha grow within

Kauai calls

Ease your heart

Relax your body

Sway in the breeze

Like a palm along the shore

Kauai calls

Let go

Let Kauai answer the prayer fully

Let the warmth radiate to every cell

Kauai calls

You didn’t know you wanted Kauai

You put out a true prayer

And Kauai answered

With her call of nourishment

Come into the womb of your earth mother

Place yourself in the arms of her great waters

Safe and beloved

Kauai calls

Heed the call

Put aside the old ideas

Know your prayer is answered

The white sand awaits your tender winter feet

To lay bare on the shore

Say Mahalo to the listening spirits

And pack your bags

Kauai Calls!

When the ancient lands of Mu call you home


Lay out your heart to her sun and water

Allow her breezes to move away

All that no longer serves your true self

Allow Kauai to set a boundary of Aloha around you

That no energy from the mainland can reach

Kauai calls

Because it time

She blesses you with healing and protection

And you shall bless her

By bringing your true heart out into life

Without reservation or fear

When Kauai calls

There are no restrictions

No obstacles

The path is clear

Leave everything behind and fly

Let the earth mother show the way

Let her whisper on the wind

And lift your wings

She will carry you home

Kauai Calls

Come home

Your Aloha is missed

Engtovo ~ April 22, 2003


Winds are upon me

They howl at my window

Singing a song of shifting energies

They lift me up willingly

Transporting me to a new location

To root

To grow

To reach out

The trees carry their message

From top to top

Across vast spaces

Eagles lift their wings in joyousness

Allowing each draft to aid them in the journey

I welcome you winds

I will not attempt to stand against you

But like the eagle

I will allow you to uplift me

And teach me to soar

Engtovo ~ February 5, 2003

Earth Dance

Circle of creation

We enter

We pray

Pour forth love to all of creation

Commitments made to our earth mother

We honor her gift of life

Her nurturance of our every physical need

Commitments made to future generations

We give forth love for your arrival

Committed to give you a world better than the one we inherited

A thriving inhabitable planet

Understanding of joy and celebration

A safe place for open hearts

To share as the creator intended

We purify our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits

We enter the womb of our mother and sweat

Smudge away the energies that interfere

With our true expression of love

We prepare the sacred pipe

To carry our prayers for all life

The dance begins

The circle moves the sacred spiral upward

And calls it back down the center

To ground our prayers as living truth

We acknowledge the four directions

And all the medicine present within and all around

The eight winds of change come forth and bring healing to each of us

And out through us to all life

We dance the ideal of our pyramid foundation that points above

Into manifestation creating the below grid of our Enochian six pointed star

To hold this ideal present in our lives everyday

To share with the world as we walk forth from ceremony to your daily life

On the 3rd day of the dance

Having finished building the second triangle of our sacred star

The moon rises full

To bless each one with completion and release

Thanking us with gentle light for participation

We awaken to a forth day of celebration in the living prayer

With the new energy to the dance

The pipe is smoked and it is done

Until we begin the process again

We give our hearts in thanks to the Dharljas

The Hopi and the Blackfeet

For holding the solstice and equinox energies

Holding this planet gently for our awakening to the dance once again

We will grow the moon dances

While they hold these sacred four seasonal changes

We will not cease

Until all who live on earth hear the call of the dance

And come home to the love of creator and earth

Self responsible for what we leave behind for each generation to come on all levels

It is the dance of healing

For us

For the earth

For the future

For the children

It is Earth Dance

Engtovo ~ February 4, 2003


Sun sparkles across the great lake

Each ripple of water creates a new scene

A new home for the elders to hide within

The body of you comes into my dreamtime

And beckons me home

I say yes

Carry me there to reside by your changing energies

They fill a place in my heart with understanding

You inspire me with your beauty

You reflect the mountains that protect you with awesome integrity

Together you share

Stability and grounding presence

With deep emotion and continuous flowing love and prayer

I have offered you my prayers in years past

Now they have encircled the world

And they come back to me

Returning me to you


Ready to serve

Engtovo ~ November 17, 2002


Gentle rains

Come forth to move across parched land

Each drop caresses the plants

And the earth receives the gentle blessing with open arms

Joy ensues

As the drought ends

Life takes root once again

And grows into a new expression of beauty

Time passes with ease

When it’s allowed to

Old pains fade away

And leave only a uncharged memory

Just like the damage from the drought

Disappears with the new rain

Nurturing of self

Can take the same ease

Ending harmful thought

With the gentleness of silence

Engtovo ~ May 24, 2002