Parched Souls

Moon rising high on branches stilled

Snow hangs tenuous

Light catches the crystals glow

And sculptures are born of natures flow

Solstice night brings rebirth of days

Crows cawing overhead beckoning me to see

Beyond day into night

Moon shadows cast across this landscape

Beyond the shadows

Sparkles twinkle

Like reflections of the stars above

We move from one timeline to the next

As beings dance below this sky

Manifestations born in joy

Breathe beauty into parched souls



Engtovo ~ December 23, 2007

11 Days

11 more days

Until what is unknown

The number pops into mind


Leaving me to wonder


Not a week

Not two

Why does instinct taunt me so

Will I just wait

Will I attempt to figure out my clue

Matters not

The outcome will be the same

11 days

A master number

Symbolic of spiritual event

11 days

One and one is two

Simplistic by nature

A grade schooler will understand

A joining

A reflection of duality

Perhaps a balancing of male and female

The clue is lacking

Day count

T minus 11

Engtovo ~ October 31, 2007


Imprint of longing

Lingers upon waking

Gentle energies ease me as I lay

Comfortable and warm

I seek to remain

Bundled from the life of the day

Time so swift

I am swept up in her current

The clock changes

But I am in a place separate

Minutes are hours

Here consciousness wanders

There is no destination

No path

Random shifting of sands

This is the float of my thought

Heart touches out to eternity

Then loops back to me

For a moment I awaken

Then fade

It is sweet and embracing

Alas body breaks the feeling

Makes demands of this world

And I succumb

Engtovo ~ October 3, 2007

Creator's Battle

If we play by the numbers
There are many who say
The cycles will reveal
What is brought this day

The nine year of completion
Has brought us to rebirth
Bringing a new opportunity
To build a brand new earth

The prophecies are spoken
The time is upon us now
But everything is different
Will you ever notice how

There are those who argue
Those who cry and then
Some are eyes wide open
Aware what happens when

They are touted as insane
Ignored at the very best
But they will stand laughing
At the ignorance of the rest

Revealed are all the truths
The inner most thought
Of Creator’s manifestation
Of warriors who fought

They were not of world wars
They were not of anything
They followed in their heart
Whatever the Creator brings

The victory came swiftly
Though the battle was long
The pain quite overwhelming
The battle now has gone

Engtovo ~ September 10, 2007


Alas there is change

It is the moon of change

The cycle shifts us all

Some feel it some don’t

But make no mistake

You have been shifted

We move toward the equinox

The beginning of the first full cycle

The fifth world moves me

To lead with energy

This equinox it begins for me

I am in preparation

These changes in this moon

Set the stage

Place me ready

I agreed to do this

I am in harmony with it

I welcome this moon

Move the tide of me

I am fluid

Free to flow with the universe

This endeavor

Is perfectly aligned with these cycles

It is glorious

I feel the hearts of all who will participate

The Earth mother holds us

Her arms are strong and steady

Her cycles guiding us

Are you ready

It cannot be stopped or held

Any more than we could keep the moon full

My power is gifted in perfect synergy

To the power of a union of spirits

Together change moves through us

Change resisted brings pain

Give yourself to the flow of Divine Love

Release the pain

Animal brothers and sisters listen

And I listen

A song is sung

Peace becomes them and me

The time is here

The change is upon my breath

I welcome it into my words and deeds

Engtovo ~ January 24, 2004

Shifting By Choice

This time is busy with process

Pregnant with possibility

Healing takes place in waking and sleeping time

I do not know all that is healing

There is too much to keep track of to fully understand the depth of

I know only that it is the appropriate time and place

I allow this to commence

It is good

I embrace each passing day as it lifts from me old thought

And leaves me feeling the new energies that I am becoming

At moments I am overwhelmed by the immensity of what is passing

Or perhaps the immensity of what I am becoming

I am uncertain which is more in my heart in any given moment

I just feel the shifting

It is like the sands of the desert

The configuration at any given moment is not definable

And yet there is comfort in the knowledge

That the shifting will continue

I cannot sustain the same configuration

And that is good

I am always changing

Parts blow away as the winds assist my shift

Those parts are no longer needed

I do not attempt to hold them to me

There is freedom in this shifting

No expectation of sustaining one way of being

Those parts of me that think they should sustain such are weary

They are giving way to the winds


I sigh in relief

Give over to the natural flow of the universe

Allow me to be that which is right and perfect for the given moment

I am able to receive in this space that which is needed

To be of service to the whole

And give away that which will serve as well

There is a remembrance of this way of being

It is barely below the conscious surface

It is bubbling up to be known

My heart is welcoming it

My mind is starting to welcome it as well

My life is becoming the truth of my true desires

Empowered by my Creator

Not by my old and tired way of thinking

It is as if I have reached the 100th money of my own thoughts

Those in alignment with Creator begin to propagate themselves

And crowd out the old

They grow exponentially

The old thoughts see their own extinction

They do not even bother to fight for their lives any more

They are resigned to their demise

They are influenced by the new way to understand

Their demise is in the best interest of the whole of this being that I AM

I have made a choice and I have made it many times

As many as it took

Now the truth of this choice

Is creating me

My life

My future

My service

It is the force through which the Creator is shifting me

My choice

It is the orderly random chaos that is healing me

Bringing me to the divine state of balance that is my birthright

Allowing the spirit of the Christ within me to stand forth

In true expression

For that is the choice made

Engtovo ~ October 15, 2003


Receiving and giving

So often presented as giving and receiving

If we do not first receive from the Creator what is it we give

How do we sustain ourselves

Keep from giving the vital force that keeps us alive

We must first receive and be comfortable in the receiving

Allow ourselves to overflow in the Creator’s love

Until this love flows unto those around us

We have been taught to live up side down

That it is more important to give

This was not a teaching offered in malice

It was a teaching offered to show us how to be unselfish

But spiritual energies are not Christmas gifts under the tree

When we give energies we are then depleted if we are not properly receiving

We cannot simply return to Wal-Mart to buy a new gift for another person

In spiritual energies we must in fact be first selfish

If we are not we are not truly capable of helping others

We must bring in these spiritual energies from the Creator

We must choose to see ourselves as worthy of all this good energy

From this place of filling full


We are then free to give, knowing we can not be depleted

For we are continuing to receive in every moment

The journey to knowing our worth

Is our journey to allowing ourselves to receive in fullness

We hold ourselves separate from the Creator

We feel we do not deserve all of the Creators love and energy

We think that if we give and do good deeds we will become worthy

In so doing we become tired and weary

expending our limited amount of vital life force

Many die in this process

Never understanding they are worthy

That they do not need to give away their life force to prove their worth

But in fact the Creator desires to fill them with life force in every moment

In the process giving us the ability to truly give to others

without giving our life away

We have the right and inheritance of life and this is the right,

In fact the responsibility, to receive

To be vital in this life and flow that vitality out to all life

without losing it for ourselves

This nourishes all other life

As the Creator directs it to us to nourish our life

It is the cycle of life

We must receive and give

Let us stop giving and receiving

For once we have given

The receiving comes too late

We are sick


Void of faith

Or dead

Let us choose life together


Engtovo ~ October, 15, 2003