New Pathway

Creeping into view a new pathway is emerging
Eagles soar above
They follow the serpentine flow of the river below
Ice lingers along the banks crackling in the winter sun
I call out for greater sight like the eagles above me
Allow me to see where this pathway leads
For this moment I am grounded
No sight is granted
I must simply tread this winding pathway with my heart
Trust every turn
Acknowledge every stone
Every tree along the way
Root out my foundations and strengths to carry me forward
A new beach is uncovered every time the tide goes out
These emotions have been beating our shores battering us
But the tide has now turned
No one knows what we will find here
Everything has been changed
Some things seem fresh and new
Others damaged from the tidal surges
How they mesh from here we must wait to see
Give over the spirits say
Allow yourself to be receptive to any outcome
One thing leads to something greater
This is the time for dominoes to tumble in a preordained order
I know not this order
All that is seen is the tipping of the first
There is no longer free will choice in this sequence
There is a loss of perceived power
Leading the mind to ponder things unthinkable
Why would such things ever be preordained
Even the mind knows they would not
Still in the absence of the normal it wanders forth in deception
I begin to trust this unfolding
As I become accustomed to its essence
I know I must move farther to embrace it fully
A destiny thus waiting is calling
Elements moving in or out of my pathway
Chosen of my Creator must be accepted with grace
For every sorrow I may befall on this trail
There are joys I am being led to
I will feel each feeling
Give it its truth and acknowledgement
Then continue forward on this new pathway

Tatiacha ~ February 11, 2011

Flip of Polarities

Can there be a time for which
Bottom is top and top is bottom
A flip of polarities found with ease
Transition of energies sure to please
I sought out this flip from near and far
It makes sense to the heart maybe not the head
Restores grounding to some if not all
Those who resist will surely fall
Like looking though a window
The view is clear but with boundary
There is protection within this place
Of those outside there will be no trace
Trembling the earth as energies flip
Physical and emotional tied together
We change ourselves we change our world
Oceans of water inland are hurled
Look to the tragedy should you desire
What looks bad may very well be good
Open hearts are freely dancing with the flow
Dark forces now have no choice but to go

Tatiacha ~ January 8, 2011

The Sword of Power Thus Passed

Red the earth stone
Solid under my feet
Rimmed in spotty green hues
Saturated by the falling rain
Fallen in the night’s passing
My earth glows below me
Filled with life force
Reaching up through my feet
It fills me with radiant warmth
Each step on this trail solid
Moving with purpose
The movement of female force
Strong in its vulnerability
Love is the sword of this freedom
Full expression brought forth
It can find no resistance
For there is no stronger force
Dare one to stand upon this sacred rock
And proclaim otherwise
All who have walked this trail before us
All who come after join in time and space
We raise this sword of love to full strength
And know these truths
Our earth
Our providing mother
Guides our steps
Through her sacred places
I place my foot bare upon her foundation
One by one the others do the same
We speak out with one voice
Sacred place to sacred place
We take our right of flowing power
Moving between us, the earth
And the divinity of all that is
We claim our rights as faithkeepers
As divine grandmothers
Regardless of bodily age
Servants to the whole
The divine flows though us
From spirit to earth
From earth back to spirit
Divine feminine principle
Takes its rightful place
There is no other pathway
It is preordained now
Expressed in blessings for all life
The sword of power thus passed
Universe has ordained
The earth hath bowed allegiance
We take our planet
The power now fully ours
All not in harmony must move aside
Where the power of love is wielded
There is no battle to be fought
We stand unfaltering
Permission granted on all levels
Feet firmly set in stone
Every location now under our command
The future generations of all species
Ours to make whole
There will be no foundation granted
To any energies moving counter
To the divine force of all that is
So be it
The grandmothers have spoken

Tatiacha Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ January 8, 2011


Twisted dreams filled with skies falling
There is no relief
Fleeting from one to another
They are angry
Stopped with regret
One moment of peace moves through
It is still and quiet
Then it all begins again
Arms outstretch to grasp
And miss with slight touch
Pendulum swings back
There is no center
Time stopped in awareness
Chaos ensues
It is below
It is around
It cannot reach in
There is no sense of place
It is endless and immediate
Painful in time
Empty of breath
No sense of landing
Only arrival

Tatiacha Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ 11-14-10

The Heart Yearns & The Mind Follows

Candle burns quickly

Betraying the shifting of time

It is done but unseen in this moment

It is bigger than expected

So big I feel pulled to it

When it was to be pulled to me

I give up pieces of myself willingly

They are no longer needed

But the discomfort of them leaving

Envelops this moment

It’s a journey planned but unknown

Its outline rough

The details shifting with each passing day

Mind desires to pin it down

Spirit knows better than to try

I reach my hand out to touch it

It is fuzzy and soft

Warm and comforting

But the other side is shielded

It is that side that will have to be tolerated

It is not the whole

Not even half

But it comes with the deal

It is the small print

The unspoken

It won’t last long

But each moment of it filled with demands

It cannot be avoided

It cannot be embraced

It is just what is

Human nature will make its so

I walk alone into this undefined plan

Knowing others will join me there

But I can’t help but hesitate



Of a circle of hands

Walking in together

It’s foolish thinking

Wanting something that is asking too much

But the heart yearns

And the mind follows


Engtovo ~ August 31, 2008

It Is Good

Temptation past

To do for

No longer a question

Each will contribute

Equally from the divine

No burdens

Do we carry

There is only joy

Re-seeding all that is good


Requires no sacrifice

Hearts joining

Unison of vision


There is peace

In the sounds blending

Sweetness and innocence

Offered to all

Trust is complete

Above and below


Without separation

The saboteurs gone

Each one is giddy


Hands filled with rainbows

Colored rays

Blending out to infinity

This view has never been seen

It was chosen



And it is good


Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ June 14, 2008

New Earth

Waters move

Mountains reach higher

Some blow their tops

The earth shakes and shivers

Animals sleep

Overseen by divine hands

A world is being reborn

It looks difficult


But it is no different

Than the butterfly

Ripping open the chrysalis

There is already a new earth

It is right under the crust

It is formed

In the image of perfection

Ready to burst forth

When the chrysalis

Is finally ripped apart

Earth mother will sit

While her symbolic wings dry

These continents when dry

Will fill with new life

The humans of the new earth

Will be free

Of their past incarnation as caterpillar

They will not crawl and toil and struggle

They will fly free

With joy

Bringing fertility to the new earth

With harmony

All will live as one

There will be no veil

Between earth and spirit

All creatures

Will feel the full love of creation

The suns

Blue and yellow will shine forth

Their full light

Illuminating day and night

The stars will shine

But there will be no full darkness

Laughter and song

Will fill the night

And the day

The rains will nurture the lands

The snows will fill the high mountains

Springs giving life to new rivers

Flowers blooming

Fruits pouring forth

Skies clear and pure

New earth

With the perfect innocence

Of the fluttering of butterfly wings

Being chased by

Joyous children laughing


Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ June 14, 2008

The Choice


Let go


Heart is heavy

But easing

Sacrifice done

Freedom reigns now

The worth complex

The outcome decided

There is relief

We choose joy

We choose easy

There is little understanding

Big picture obscured

For others

But not for us

The choice feels right

Nothing left to do

Those who work

Are guided

They are already journeying

The others are too late

It’s ok

They can be too late

They will come again


It will be done

Then they will understand

The choice is for joy

A life which they know not


Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ June 14, 2008

This Distance

Distance betrays me

Time space illusion

The winds are howling

Bring forth

Spreading seed

Seeping through the window sill

Talking in the night

Through the woods

Squirrels nested safe

The sound awakens within

Reaches the place of new life

I go forth to meet it half way

The song is sweet

The laughter sweeter still

The howling continues

It wraps around

Touching nothing

Inside this cocoon

Distance becomes nothing

Time space becomes what is chosen


Engtovo ~ March 2, 2008

Light Fades, Light Dawns

Light fades

Hue changes from orange

To red

To pink

There is intensity

But it’s uneventful

It does not match my feeling

My thought

These things are in limbo

Suspended by something new

It floats in with gentle waves

They strike me

I see it all

For a fleeting moment

Then it passes once again

Between waves

There is emptiness

It is not sad

But unfinished


I wait

Knowing it will come together

Some future moment

Will offer expansion

Thought and feeling will merge

And understand

Now I wander

Lost in myself

My heart open

It struggles to take in all that this is

It is heavy without burden

It is tight without restriction

I seek to embrace it

But it is still too big

The hues within me will change

Transform to encompass all

Clear will be this new day that comes

It will be eventful

But lack intensity

Light dawns


Engtovo ~ October 31, 2007

Creator's Battle

If we play by the numbers
There are many who say
The cycles will reveal
What is brought this day

The nine year of completion
Has brought us to rebirth
Bringing a new opportunity
To build a brand new earth

The prophecies are spoken
The time is upon us now
But everything is different
Will you ever notice how

There are those who argue
Those who cry and then
Some are eyes wide open
Aware what happens when

They are touted as insane
Ignored at the very best
But they will stand laughing
At the ignorance of the rest

Revealed are all the truths
The inner most thought
Of Creator’s manifestation
Of warriors who fought

They were not of world wars
They were not of anything
They followed in their heart
Whatever the Creator brings

The victory came swiftly
Though the battle was long
The pain quite overwhelming
The battle now has gone

Engtovo ~ September 10, 2007

The Life We Share Is Blessed

The change is here and it is final
Prophecies have come to close by this change
Roles foreseen are no longer
All are free to progress as the heart leads
It is good
Even though it may look chaotic
Those whose hearts are filled with hate
No longer have a script to follow
They never understood that the original script
Ended with love not hate
But now they flounder with no script at all
Love has come forth early as it were
Many will still suffer
As humans detest change
There is no way to avoid this
No way to fix it
We must look to the good and in openness do what we can
Without disempowering any
For the truth is yet to come forth or be understood
In a significant way
We must turn away the truth of our life for no one
It is their truth as well if they choose to see it
If they choose to ignore it
That is unfortunate
But it is not up to us to convince them
Or show them
It is their true nature
They have lost track of it in this world
It has never left them
They do not have to earn it
It is they who have left that knowing
Creator holds it out to them as he has unto us
I welcome this change
I welcome the freedom from the script
This change allows love to manifest quickly
Should this choice be made
It allows those who had things laid out in precise timing
To step forth into their true life now
My life lies before me
And I claim it
It is in this moment and each moment forward
It is a good life
And I give it away for no one, no thing
It is sacred as it was given to me sacred
It was meant to be joyous and so it is
The hurt and suffering chosen by others is
Not reason to disregard this sacred trust
Compassion goes out to them
The hand of the divine reaches out to them to tell them
Your suffering is not as you were intended to live
They can trust that and move with the love in their hearts
They can reject that and continue to suffer
There is no answer that is right or wrong
As there is no judgment to this condition
We are free to choose
And I have chosen
Many have, and the life we share is blessed

Engtovo ~ September 12, 2005

One Day

It vibrates inside and causes pain

It makes muscles spasm and quake

The enormity of it

Makes my stomach churn in discomfort

Dread takes me from foot to head

Convinced I am not ready

And I never will be

Messages given to me in childhood

Leading me to believe

I could become nothing

Do nothing

That would affect this world in any significant way

No one intended for me to believe that

They did not know

Could not tell me

That every person affects this world in a significant way

No matter the role they play

They did not know of the role I came to take

Unable to support this mission I take

I have been left alone

To conquer the terror

No comfort can come from them

They would not know what they are comforting

Why they are comforting

Even if they knew that I need comfort

My expression comes to surface

For as much as I know of myself

There is always more that I do not know

More to bring my body to pieces

Quaking in the face of my own power

I ask for knowledge

For manifestation

But do not feel worthy of keeping my own secrets

Do not trust myself to handle my chosen destiny

The conflict this creates within me

Causes my body to stop functioning

It attempts to shut down

To stop breathing

To stop pumping the blood

But death is weaker than my power and my body continues despite my terror

Another day comes and it looks like the one before

I wonder if they always will

The physical changes I have seen

Never seem to reach me

And yet I know they will

One day will come that will not look the same

I beg for that day

And yet that day brings me to my knees

It represents months and years of days

Where I must stand in my power

That day is the crossroads

The point at which I can hide no longer

The role that changes that day is small

And in itself is nothing to fear

But it is the domino set in motion

The days that follow cannot be stopped

In truth they cannot be stopped this day

But that day is the catalyst to my mind

Something perceptible that can be feared

The fear of that day must be my greatest pain

When the day itself will be greeted with love and joy

Let it pass let it be done

Let me embrace it

Release my body

From of prison of self created pain

Let my breath come with ease

Let my heart be rhythmic and peaceful

Bring this harmony into me and let the days and years play out

Let my power have its way with me

It comes from the place of grace

It is born of love

Poetry ~ October 22, 2004


Alas there is change

It is the moon of change

The cycle shifts us all

Some feel it some don’t

But make no mistake

You have been shifted

We move toward the equinox

The beginning of the first full cycle

The fifth world moves me

To lead with energy

This equinox it begins for me

I am in preparation

These changes in this moon

Set the stage

Place me ready

I agreed to do this

I am in harmony with it

I welcome this moon

Move the tide of me

I am fluid

Free to flow with the universe

This endeavor

Is perfectly aligned with these cycles

It is glorious

I feel the hearts of all who will participate

The Earth mother holds us

Her arms are strong and steady

Her cycles guiding us

Are you ready

It cannot be stopped or held

Any more than we could keep the moon full

My power is gifted in perfect synergy

To the power of a union of spirits

Together change moves through us

Change resisted brings pain

Give yourself to the flow of Divine Love

Release the pain

Animal brothers and sisters listen

And I listen

A song is sung

Peace becomes them and me

The time is here

The change is upon my breath

I welcome it into my words and deeds

Engtovo ~ January 24, 2004

Purification by Water

The wave has come and washed away all that was not needed

It took me by surprise

I had just finished setting up this place

I wondered what had been lost



What survived was pure and white

There was debris all around

But none was mine

I found the poems

The writing

I hoped the new ones were there

I accepted that if they were not it would be ok

Tucked the papers into the notebook

I would look through them later

There were no clothes to be found

I did not care

I look for the cell phone

I hear one ring

It is not mine

But the person calling wants to speak to me

Communication has not been lost

Is not limited

I realize I have my purse

My identity

I have my driver’s license

My checkbook

I have the plane tickets and will be able to return home

I feel no worry

No anxiety

What appears to be a loss is not

I am perplexed at my lack of concern

I feel I have everything that truly matters

I notice the sky is blue

It is a lovely day

Engtovo ~ January 24, 2004


Winds are upon me

They howl at my window

Singing a song of shifting energies

They lift me up willingly

Transporting me to a new location

To root

To grow

To reach out

The trees carry their message

From top to top

Across vast spaces

Eagles lift their wings in joyousness

Allowing each draft to aid them in the journey

I welcome you winds

I will not attempt to stand against you

But like the eagle

I will allow you to uplift me

And teach me to soar

Engtovo ~ February 5, 2003


If the future were in the hands of ordinary people

Those of heart

There would be no lines

Arbitrary lines set forth by men

To give themselves power and control

There would be no invisible line between Mexico and the U.S.

Or the U.S. and Canada

There would be no countries

To draw the line in the sand

And defend it against nothing

No threats would exist

We would not be of state or countries

We would be of our continent, of our planet

Without our belief in invisible lines

We would share the land

The food

The resources

For it is only the perceived line that allows ownership

To commence and control then to take hold

A world without lines

It is a goal worth working for

There are those who think a world without lines

Would simply allow them to control it all

But where would they make their compound

And keep us at bay

With no lines to protect them

This world cannot be controlled in truth

Many have tried

All have failed

Because although you can get the masses to enthusiastically support

The line theory you present them at the time

They will always have within them

A line they will not cross

Do you see lines work both ways

Now it is you who have crossed the line dark ones

And the people will rise up and retake their truth

A world without lines will be born

Engtovo ~ December 25, 2002

The Last Minute

Last minute organization

Feels good

Feels right

Things in place

Orderly thoughts

For a spontaneous life

There are no limits here

The plan is at hand

What was once obstacle

Has been removed

I glance around the situation

And everything falls into place

Not everyone is flowing freely

Without resistance

Yet they move into place

What appears last minute

Has been in progress for years

In gratitude I bless the passage

The stepping stones

Have all been placed

At the last minute

And I will cross the river

I am no longer afraid of the emotion therein

It can sweep me away if that’s needed

Many stand upon the banks

To retrieve me

At the last minute

If I am immersed too long

Or the rapids are near

Divine timing is at hand

And it is the right timing

Clearly in retrospect of all that has passed

It only appears here in the fog

To always be

The last minute

I trust that all will appear

At the exact minute

It is truly required

Engtovo ~ November 9, 2002

You Who Are Of God

Seek not

The truth of the unfathomable

For no difference does it truly make

What is seen is seen and has been perceived

It cannot be understood in fullness

By the human mind

For it has been so long conceived

That is beyond the time frame of your life span

Before your birth

These days were known to spirit

These tragedies foreseen

More tragedies are coming

They will not break you

You who are of God

They will not own you

You who are of God

They will not take your life

You who are of God

Walk now upon the mighty waters

Of the emotion of human kind

Know that you shall traverse the falling debris of chaos

There is no harm that can befall

You who are of God

The Bible speaks of this time

The Veda’s speak of this time

The Koran speaks of this time

The Torah speaks of this timeThe Bagavad Gita speaks of this time

The stories of the ancestors of all races

All religion

Speak of this time

You who are of God

Be not afraid

The Archangels ~ Engtovo ~ October 24, 2001


Shock is the minds way of protecting itself from an immediate pain

Our gift it is

Gives us time to slowly integrate what has occurred that was so tragic in force

When shock wears off and rage ensues

That is the time to be vigilant

For this is the time we shall act in a form that is not of God’s highest expression for us

Time should be taken

A period of cooling off

A period of waiting

Of grieving

No decision need be made now

There will still be time tomorrow or next week for actions

Just actions

Unjust actions

All actions

But if we are to look back in determination and decide an action was unjust

Let us have made in not in the time of rage

Let us have made it in ignorance

For at least ignorance has a solution to prevent its reoccurrence

Acting in rage does not

Engtovo ~ October 24, 2001

Creation Is In Progress

wanton thoughts darting in and out

prying eyes without bodies look in at me

dreams that should be nightmares are now without fear

changes so become me that my mind wonders if I have changed

perspectives shifting so greatly that it is an earthquake of mental activity

silence comes in fits between tremors

body feels the vibrational increase

heart beats out a different rhythm

scenes move in and out of the minds eye

creation is in progress

only the spirit divine knows which scene is the one manifesting

opportunities show themselves as veiled gifts

confirmations are made available to me and acknowledged

only I know what happens in my sphere

others see only a cloudy image of an incomplete picture

movement masquerades as stillness

time pretends to move slow while is flies by in months

there is something more that I feel

it cannot be chased down as it moves toward me

symbols are unique to me

timing is my own

all of me participates here

and it is done

Engtovo ~ September 11, 2001

Note: I wrote this poem about 2 am in the morning and then went to bed only to wake up to a phone call the next morning about the World Trade Center attacks.


Pestilence, famine, pain, and despair

The earth rocks to and fro

Magma pierces the earth’s crust and spews all around

The turbulence sends the masses screaming for God

Where is God?

With you in every moment

There in your heart

That which you ignored

when it told you to leave this place before chaos ensued

God understands your resistance

God understands the power of minds

And God is where ever you are

There is peace in this place of chaos

There is God’s true vision of something greater

There is strength in this experience

Remember it well

It will serve your understanding and compassion later

Step upon it to uplift you

Listen to your heart

and your chaos will cease

Engtovo ~ September 9, 2001


Super duper power house of energy

Collapses upon itself

Falling down

Like a building implosion

The dust cloud envelops those who are near

When the dust settles will they be recognizable

to us

to themselves

Falling pieces scatter

and are given back to the source that birthed them

Reintegration occurs freeing them to be something greater

something bigger

something whole

Now changed, everyone touched walks forward into the world

They share what they experienced

It enters their dreams

and commands their thoughts

moving out in ripples

Resistance would have been futile

Like a single water droplet stopping an ocean tide

There is no turning back

Many run in fear of what was witnessed

Many hide and pretend they don’t know

But they are covered with dust

There is no escape from the truth

The site is now clear

Freedom of expression found

Life continues forward from a new starting point

what was once a super duper power house of energy

is now pure energy itself

Transformation is complete

Engtovo ~ August 30, 2001