There is a lot of talk about the starfish and wasting disease and fukushima but here in Gold Beach on the Southern Oregon Coast the starfish are abundant and doing great.  These were taken this afternoon.

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Light Rays and Reflections

Like a veil an opening in the clouds sent light rays down to the ocean.  Awesome!?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ??????????????????????



Full Moon Rising

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Moment of Initiation

Deliciously sweet
Sublimely flushed
Waves of heart aflutter
Beyond body
Beyond mind
Emotions attuned
Souls speak
Words unnecessary
Outside forces shut down
Two among many
Alone in a crowded room
Corded by choice
Plugged in
Pictures emerge of them
Profound gentle mergence
Nothing pulled back
Moment of initiation
Enmeshed sweet intensity
Unashamed connection
Cannot be denied

Tatiacha  ~  11-12-13



Flow me
Stream of consciousness calls me
Taking over
Into the all
I rise
I fall
Free of it all
Beleaguered body
Lets soul decide
Sets down its ego
Lets go if its pride
I will follow
As I AM leads
No longer suffer
With a heart that bleeds
Compassion is not
Weeping and pain
But loving the all
Detachment remains
I see it
I feel it
I hear it
I know
I send all my love
And continue to flow

Tatiacha ~ 11-12-13

Déjà vu of Planets

Tenuous waves
Of fragile outcomes
Lapse upon unknown shores
Broken is the chain
Like a widening sinkhole
Outcomes planned fall in
Never to be recovered
They shout outbursts of frustration
But get no relief
We do nothing now
But watch
As they collapse upon themselves
Fear porn surrounds us
It is the only weapon left
They gasp for breath
As they slowly inch toward the edge
They will be sucked down
Pulled into a black hole
They themselves created
It took on a life of its own
Its magnetic pull
Greater then their strength or power
They hold on
Attempting to stay on solid ground
One by one they succumb
Every detail was planned
The construction complete
They can get no occupancy permit
The mother says no
It is her body
Opportunists are not welcome
She will choose who she allows
On or within her
The heavens ablaze with comets
Speaking of times past
Déjà vu of planets
The repeat performance
Has been canceled

Tatiacha ~ 11-12-13

Immersing me

Glances touch
Avoiding interjection
That causes resistance
Hands brush together
They meld and travel
Immersing me
I give in
All falls away
Soft waves of dark hair
I feel his heart
His eyes tuned to me
No longer caring
What anyone thinks
I remain
In this moment
Heart open
At peace

Tatiacha ~ 11-12-13