Why Do Americans Never Learn?

Dear America,

Another election cycle and once again it’s claimed the sky is falling!  Chicken Little runs the elections these days, and yet most Americans fall for it, even when what is happening is blatantly obvious to anyone with the slightest modicum of intelligence.

America we are not in Kansas anymore, and we haven’t been for a long time.  The wizard of Oz is a tiny, pathetic, little man running your elections from behind the curtain.  You know this, and yet you continue to believe in the great and mighty Oz!  If only we can change parties (AGAIN) it will all be OK because it really is the fault of the democrats, I mean the republicans, no the democrats, or the republicans.

The two party system is a failure in governance for the people and the country.  We all know it through simple observation.  Apparently they have you all by the balls though, as you are all too weak-minded to vote in a president that is not a democrat or a republican.  You cannot even insist on allowing other parties, or an independent, to debate.  What are you afraid of America?  Do you think the whole substance of your life’s existence will fall into an abyss if you come to the simple conclusion that you have been duped by politicians your whole life?

Don’t we all know these politicians are liars?  Isn’t this daily discussion?  Yet when it comes to action, well, the American public is just scared shitless.  They are so afraid of the opposing party, (or maybe their own shadow) that the idea of something outside of that is just too much to think about apparently.  Well, guess what America, you have all been supporting the same agenda all along.  The idea that the republicans and democrats represent differing or opposing points of view is a lie and it always has been.  When the doors close they together pass one unconstitutional law after another.

We now live in a country with so many laws we don’t even know if we are breaking them or not.  We live in a country where both parties have squandered our joint wealth on immoral, illegal wars.

What responsibility do you each hold in the 15 year ongoing genocide in Iraq?  Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9-11, but which we attacked and bombed over and over, destabilized, trashed the infrastructure, & poisoned with depleted uranium, killing 1,500,000 Iraqi citizens.  In the PC world where we are unwilling (or unable) to allow honest discourse about our countries history in relation to the Native American people or slavery because we claim the pain of these 100’s of year old events are just too painful, (not to mention handy for divisive manipulation).  We ignorantly ignore that, we the citizens, allow a genocide in our name, by our government, that is still going on!  Quick look away, and bitch about the unfair stuff that happened hundreds of years ago.  Yes that is your democratic and republican parties authorizing your money to be spent to kill in Iraq.  That’s your money they used to kill in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Libya.  They would like to use your money to kill in Iran, in North Korea and ultimately they would like to use it for a WW3.  It’s not that past events are unimportant, it that they use them to prevent us from paying attention to what they are doing NOW.

They tell you that everything they collectively want to control is a threat and feed you on fear porn and you suck it up like willing little babies.  All the while they steal the money from social security leaving the elderly in poverty, and tell you that social security is untenable.  They divide you all into boxes and then convince you it is the fault of the other box and you love that shit too.  It plays to your ego and your desire to be right.  In your self righteous lust to feel in control you defend your party no matter how despicable their actions.

Right in front of your face both parties take your constitutional rights and your money and like an abused child, you still love them while they abuse you.

As if all this is not bad enough, there is endless evidence of the global players that are behind the scenes running all these governments.  Yet for election 2016, Hillary is the “globalist” and Trump an outsider!  Ha!  Grow up America!  The march to globalism is the agenda of the democratic and republican party, there is no difference!  I am damn sick and tired of hearing you shit faced dimwits claim there is.  Both parties are financed by the same giant corporations who rape the planet.  They own all the politicians, and often write legislation for them.  Ever wonder how the giant patriot act was passed so quickly?  Well it was already written long before 9-11!  These global greed mongers are working their way to a planet where we are all slaves.  They realized that outright slavery had become too unpopular around the world by the 1800s and set upon a new goal to enslave us all while allowing us to believe we are free.

You do not get a democratic or republican nomination by being an outsider, against the globalists or the establishment.  Your votes mean nothing in the nomination process, which is a sham.  These organizations are private clubs with their own rules that owe nothing to the American voter.  They can, and do change their rules and they have gained control over the debates, which used to be run by the League of Women Voters.  Now they can maintain their monopoly over the system and ensure no other parties or independents can gain political traction.  They can’t have the slaves actually voting in their congress or president after all, grass roots is a danger to their existence.  Then there are the voting machine issues, missing ballots, and so on.  Even if we had real candidates, we can’t trust we have real votes!

They have an agenda to own all the world’s water and seeds, to control the world food supply and hold you hostage by your need to eat and drink.  Meanwhile they push for a carbon credit system to be sure you pay just to breathe, knowing all the while that the damages that have been done to this planet and your health, have been done by them.  They have ensured it is their chessboard.  In so doing, you just get moved around at their will.  You may be a pawn, you may be a queen (movie star, president, etc) either way you do their bidding.

What is sad is that most of you do it willingly believing in your ___________ fill in the blank, party, religion, country, and so on from the biggest division to the most mundane.

You love this shit, you live for it, you don’t care how much damage is done to us, to our planet, to other species, or even to future generations.   If the message is that Christians should be hateful uncompassionate asses hating on anyone that is poor or disadvantaged, by God by the time their marketing is done that is exactly what most Christians will be and they will use your own Bible to give you the talking points to justify being a person so un Christ like.  I can fill in the same blank with Muslim or Jew.  It’s all a big fat manipulation.  You cling to it like your life depends on it.

The lying media is said to be the left, yet there is the lying right media claming it so and vice versa.  Then we have an alternative media that has in some form become co-opted since we approached this election.  It is clear by the clone like talking points among people who so proudly let their conspiracy freak flag fly for years that some sort of threat and strong arming happened.  Now they are the new unified voice of lies.  They are to convince you that Trump is “one of us”.  You believe it!  What the FUCK!

America you are always looking to give away your power just so you don’t have to hold it.  You don’t give a damn who you give it to, or what they do with it.  War, genocide, the destruction of the earth, hey no problem, it is not your fault, just put your head in the sand.  God forbid you should just take a quiet moment and make up your own mind about, well, ANYTHING.

Quietly these global planners think 100 years ahead while you are unwilling to think beyond your next beer or your next fuck.  You will get The Donald or Hillary and either one will continue the agenda, while they laugh, drinking fine wines, in multimillion dollar estates and private clubs.  They are all good friends, and have the same masters.  Not just our American politicians but the heads of state all over the world!

If all the world is a stage then the audience (that’s you) are the biggest dumb fucks ever.  Meanwhile you wave your flag, and talk about how we are the greatest nation on earth and how proud your are of the troops, so you can feel better about making the conscious choice to be ignorant of the play.

I am a descendant of a Quakers who did not believe in violence.  Yet my 4x great grandfather stepped away from his congregation by signing out in good standing according the Quaker records, and fought in the Revolutionary War.  Why?  I can only presume that despite his belief in non violence, he saw life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as a fundamental human right and saw no option but risk his life to ensure his descendents could have that.  After the war he went back to his Quaker life in a new congregation further west and resumed his non violent life.  He made sure that his children were educated, and that the importance of being educated and vigilant was a trait that would be passed on to his further descendants.

Education is not just reading or memorizing a book.  You must learn facts of course, but you must learn how to discern, how to think, how to seek information.  Most importantly you must learn how to question every fact provided, because people providing facts have the ability to skew your perspective on the subject at hand, and often lie outright.  You must be willing to question your own beliefs, not just blindly carry on with the belief of your parent, or teacher or other authority figure of your youth.  When this doesn’t happen you end up with a population of people who will believe anything.  For the first time in history American’s walk around with the whole internet in their hands and yet choose to remain ignorant, while the information needed, including multiple perspectives is readily available.

Thank you, great, great, great, great, grandfather!  While your legacy may not have been passed down without each generation having their own imperfections, it did reach some of us!  I share your belief in actual freedom, not the fake shit we are being handed these days.  It was your grandfather and great grandfather who boarded a ship seeking freedom from European oppression.  They passed that to your father, whose sons moved west and whose descendants landed all over this country.  You were entrepreneurs, creative, hard working, peace loving people, constantly moving on as oppression reared its ugly head.  Grandfather there is no where left on the planet to move on to.  You and the proud liberty loving people you fought beside to win my freedom had no idea that people involved in the creation of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution would so quickly be co-opted and that this corruption would become the despicable entity that ignorant Americans kiss the ass of now.

A war of Independence is not an option now, as government changed by violence only creates a power vacuum that sucks sociopaths into the new leadership roles, that is what observation of our true history and the history of other nations has taught us.  We already have sociopaths running the world; we don’t need more of that.  The only way to change this world, in which we allow the global elite to play us, is to stop being so fucking stupid.  Educate yourself.  Stop allowing other people to think for you America.  Kick the democrats and republicans to the curb.  Kick corporate money, well, all money, out of the political process.  In fact do away with parties’ period.  Stop labeling yourself so you can choose other labels to make enemies.

Have you been manipulated and played?  Yeah sure, and they are good at it, but how many generations have to be played, how many times before you stop being so damn gullible? While you fight about the presidential candidates, you ignore the senate and house elections and you will dutifully tick off democrat or republican in those races.

Sure presidents do things like; every year since 2001 sign a paper stating we are in a “state of emergency” so they can authorize activities that are not legal, moral or constitutional.  Where is the emergency America?  Oh is it all that terrorism you are afraid of?  You know the events where the FBI finds a person who has radical beliefs but has not taken action (and likely would not), then goes undercover, and talks them into taking action, gives them all the supplies and then …. Aw never mind that is too much truth for you!  It will cause your fluoride addled mind to come to a standstill.  You still don’t even want to deal with the fact that despite things like cocaine being illegal for you, your government CIA is trafficking it.  Another day, another government for them to overthrow with that cocaine money they earn from you America.

The number one job of the POTUS; look the other way, deflect blame from anyone who deserves some, smile, wave and take the heat while everyone else fucks the American citizen!  Oh, and spend plenty of time on vacation doing important stuff like playing golf!  Presidential candidates make oh so many promises even ones they know no president can make good on, because most of the power to do things that need to be done (or sell us down the river) lies in the hands of congress.  Every draconian, unconstitutional bunch of shit passed is done so with the cooperation of both parties. You reelect people who have been in congress so long they have dementia and you didn’t even notice!   Then you blame the president for all the deals made by congress in back rooms and on nice vacations with lobbyists.  They trot out a divisive issue when needed, and pretend to take sides to keep you playing your party game.

Politicians and big business are all interbred and I mean this literally.  They are all related, they go to school together, they marry each other, they work together moving back and fourth between corporate leadership, board membership, and political offices.  Let’s not leave out all their think tanks, supposed charities, and foundations where they launder dirty money and take and make bribes!  I could go on for days but hey you could care less America!

Go Trump Go Hillary rah rah

Stop the hating!  Do I sound like a hypocrite after all the names I have been calling you?  Yep, that is what you have made me America.  All I ever wanted as a sensitive being is a loving community, kindness, oneness, understanding, generosity among people; this is what is inside me.  Not racism, not sexism, not hate.  You have taken that beautiful spirit and made me cynical with your disgusting willingness to hate anyone, at any time, for any reason.  I want to be open and vulnerable and trusting!  I am not alone in this, there are other Americans like me and all those names I used, don’t apply to them.  (Sadly many of you may have just wrongly put yourself into that category)

There are people like me all over this planet. All we want is freedom.  We are oppressed by a multitude of governments.  We are the ones who would not need laws because we are capable of self regulation, of respect, integrity and honesty.  We can do the right thing, because it is the right thing, we don’t need a government to tell us what is right.  We are the ones who leave a camping place clean when there are no rules telling us to do so.  We do not riot and deface and destroy property of our own, of others, or even of the governments we don’t like.  We don’t profit off the backs of others or destruction of the planet.  We don’t threaten and coerce to get our way.  We can get married without government approval or permission and we can get a divorce without lawyers and fighting over material things.  We don’t give a shit about the color of someone’s skin, their gender, their sexual orientation etc. We are not violent because we are grown ups and violence is just fucking stupid, and damn it, I shouldn’t have to tell you that!

I could continue to list dozens of other things, but I am afraid it is all over your head America. We want actual freedom not fake freedom.  You know you work your ass off to pay your mortgage for 30 or 40 years you own the damn place right?  Oh hell no!  You keep paying more tax, and more tax, that keeps going up the older and broker you get, and if you get behind $5,000 tax on that $250,000 dollar house, your government steals your house, sells it, and keeps the whole quarter million.  Is that freedom?  Nope, that is just one example of your economic slavery.  How about when your government passes laws forcing you to patronize a private, profit making business for your own good?  Is that your freedom?  No it is not, but it is how the insurance companies became so rich!

How about when they force you to inject toxic ingredients into yourself or your child and claim they are helping you be healthier, and then indemnify the corporation that makes that toxin?  Or when they endanger your water with pipeline deals with big corporations while other pipelines are breaking and causing environmental degradation, is that the “land of the free and home of the brave”?  What about your EPA, the very agency responsible for protecting our environment causing a toxic spill and the whole government looking the other way?  How did big cities like Flint end up with toxic water with a whole federal agency watching, whose only task is to make sure things like that don’t happen?

That is not my idea of freedom, nor would it have been my ancestor’s idea of freedom.  He temporarily set aside his lifelong belief in non violence to give us a chance to form a government that could sustain the ideal of real freedom.  Instead we got an imperialistic bunch of shit because you America keep voting in these imperialistic scumbags!

Common sense and common decency has been lost here and truthfully around the world.  Well, maybe it was just never found by most people to begin with?  Maybe those of us who “get it” are just some kind of freaks of nature and the low life animalistic human is the pathetic norm.  I really don’t want to believe that, because underneath my cynicism lies the heart of an idealistic optimist like my 4x great grandfather.  He sacrificed one of his most sacred ideals to help form this country in pursuit of what he thought was a higher ideal for us all.  That sacrifice was certainly was not for what it has become!

I want to believe in you America, but I think you are a two faced bitch, and you give me no evidence to the contrary.

The problem is America; I shouldn’t have to tell you that the 2016 election is the same sham as the 2012 one, and the 2008 one, and so on, and so on. Why do Americans never learn?


A True Daughter of the American Revolution

*Not to be confused with the hoity toity patriotic clap trap group that would encourage you to be brainwashed and mindless.


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You Say You Want a Revolution?


You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world ~beatles

Why do we need government?  One reason, and only one, the inability of a percentage of the population to self regulate.  As long as there are people willing to harm others, willing to kill, rape, steal, destroy things and hoard all resources to control others, we will instinctively desire to join energies for the purpose of forming a collective acceptable norm with a system to enforce that norm.  The problem is; that very same percentage of the population will then use the collective system to do all the same things on a group scale, and no matter what form of collective, it will become more and more oppressive.

It forms like a pyramid with a small group of people who truly have no conscience at all that get off on power and the suffering of others.  Beneath them is a bigger group of those who have no ability to control their impulses and desires.  They want what they want and they do not care if what they want harms others.  Those of that group who have some conscience are encouraged to ignore it and they are weak and willing to do so.  At the bottom are the decent people of the planet, some awake some unfortunately blissfully asleep and oblivious, who if left to their own devices with no government, would choose to simply meet their needs for food, clothing, and shelter and embrace a life of family and creativity without need or hording or controlling others and with no desire or action to harm others.  The system of government is truly irrelevant.  We can talk all we want about the forms of collective government from democracy to socialism to fascism and dictatorship even to kingship.  They will all, no matter with what ideal they start with, end up in the same place and repeat heinous crimes over and over of war, genocide, colonialism, tyranny.

We humans are the problem, every government is human, and we humans have a rogue conscienceless element that we have never found a way to keep in check.  Every government we have ever attempted to create was for that one purpose, and each one became the tool for the same rogue humans.  The oppressed will rise and become the oppressors and feel entitled in that process with the rouge element at the helm of every violent revolution.  For a short time even some of the best people will join in, feeling entitled to harm the former oppressors, with these rogue element leaders encouragement.  Eventually things settle back down to a sense of normalcy and the good people go about their lives and abating their guilt of participation by allowing the rogue element to manipulate said guilt to their agendas.  The entitlement to hate and the collective guilt get handed down to future generations that were not part of any of it and it then starts all over again.

The same things said about government can be said for large religions, they serve the one same purpose, and without the rogue element we are capable of living a life of doing no harm without religious guilt and shame.  The religions have not stopped the rogues at all, they have been used to inspire groups to do harm by claiming to be the correct system and justification for wars and violence.  The same way political arguments defend and claim one government type is superior and right, so too are religions abused.  Both have the same intention at the start, collective regulation to prevent harm later used as a tool for harm because of the rogue element.  Good people need no one to tell them how to have a relationship with higher power.

Those of us who are awake get very upset at those who are asleep and we sometimes blame them.  The reason they cling so hard to staying asleep is because they are decent people, they don’t want to do harm and seeing the harm that is happening is too painful.  They feel it, if they see it, or experience it in any way and it just hurts too damn much, they can’t take it.  The rogue element counts on that, it watches and waits knowing the script, playing up the parts as it sees fit, providing distractions, meanwhile the decent people, not understanding how anyone can have a lack of conscience, and a desire to harm, have stopped being vigilant because the stress and pain is too much.  We who are awake get that, we do feel the stress and pain, and we feel isolated and alone with so few of us who get it.  The pain is in our consciousness and in our bodies; we come to resent those who won’t awaken forgetting they are good souls stuck in an endless cycle that they don’t understand.  We then get more frustrated and angry which leads us to let go of our ideals to get some change, any change, to release the stress and pain we carry like a burden for all human life.  We have to tap into these new energies now.  We must release the resentment of carrying the burden of knowledge for the collective.  Can we attempt to shift to gratitude that we have this knowledge and have the opportunity to be of service in this time of change?  Can we in so doing bring forth so much love that those who are currently asleep feel safe to come out into the street with us?

Any government born in violent revolution will always be violent, will lie, cheat, steal, war and oppress.  We the decent people get pushed until we feel no other way is possible.  Because we have a conscience and we abhor violence we have to get pushed long and hard to get to that point.  If we are to overcome this rogue element of our own species we must revolt in non violence in huge numbers now before getting pushed to that point where violence becomes acceptable to us because it has gone too far.  We are the majority; we who can self regulate and have no need of government.  We, who would simply live peacefully and with love.

Part of the good and decent people have simply been conditioned to always being told what to do, how to do it and what to feel by government and religion.  Removal of this rogue element in some manor would require people to start to live without that structure.  The idea that you can create a structure for yourself as loose or as regulated as you desire is frightening to those who feel safe in rigid structures.  Their conditioning will want to seek the rogue element to again create and enforce such a structure over their fellow man out of fear.  For the decent masses to face down this rogue element, we will have to face down our individual fears of true freedom and true liberty.  Freedom means that there will be neighbors and towns people around us living lifestyles we don’t like.  There is only one bottom line, if they are not harming anyone else, it is none of our business.  (And yes the anyone does include harming the earth, as doing no harm would have to include not creating a polluted environment for others on the planet or future generations)

So we change the script and we stop following the rogues, then what do we do with those who are without conscience and want to harm?  Truthfully, I don’t know, everything we have done on this planet in the past has not worked.  We are in uncharted territory here, but the energies have shifted and the rouges know it, they are scrambling to force us into the script.  The streets of Brazil filled with people tipped by a raise in bus fare, millions on the streets of Egypt to declare that the new leader is no better than the one they removed last year.  They are terrified by the truth of us all standing together, as well they should be.  What will tip the people of the United States, Canada, Australia and the other western nations to that level is unknown.  It is coming though and we cannot give in to a violent revolution if we want to stop the cycle.

Those currently asleep won’t step out for violent revolution unless their lives are torn apart and they are left with nothing but to defend what is left, and who could blame them, I don’t want violence either.  Like all violent revolutions, they happen too late and the new leaders are more sociopaths sucked into the power vacuum.  What about those cops and those military on the street?  Our numbers need to include their friends, family, & neighbors.  They need to look around and see their own life standing there looking back at them.  They need to know that their actions in that moment affect what they have to go home to.  We have to remember that the group of rogue humans with no conscience is small, and the underlings with impulse control issues are fear based reactors who will run when outnumbered.

For those who have been sleeping, who don’t want violence any more than I do, know this, there is more safety in our numbers than in our guns and weapons.  We have to come out in numbers too great for violence to be an option, numbers so great that our revolution becomes a celebration of empowered love.

Tatiacha  7-3-13



Yellowstone Plume–Two Different Images?


This site had this image about the new imaging for the Yellowstone Plume  The Salt Lake City Tribune has this original image and several other news outlets as well.


Now for some reason several places have this bottom image instead.  Notice that it is different than the one above.  It is even clearer when you enlarge it.  It also cuts off the top where I mentioned in a previous tweet  that there seemed to be a hotspot right near the Missoula, Montana area.  WTF  The pic on the right is supposed to be the old tech.  Why do we have two different images floating around.  Interestingly several of the stories say that the new tech kind of validates the old tech.  The image below matches better than the image above but neither match!  Are they just trying to hide how ignorant they have been, making a comparison image that has been slightly adjusted and recolored so it matches a little better?


National Geographic has a big story about this with none of these images!  Huffpost Green also has no image.  C’mon people listen up the image in this case IS the story!

Hey Ed Dames & Steve Quayle Montana is NOT Safe!

Why is it that shill Ed Dames back in the late 90’s told the world to move to Whitefish Montana and find caves there?  What happened?  Hundreds of people …. RICH PEOPLE showed up and built McMansions!  The idea that based on all these earth change maps showing coastal areas in jeopardy that Montana is safe is pure crap.  There is no state that is just all safe, and secure.   This is an E.L.E. earth expansion.  No part of the planet will be untouched.

Now enter Steve Quale on Coast to Coast AM last night, he is talking about Dames who has long since been discredited since his whole bunch of Whitefish crap and remote viewing money making scam.  Quale is telling people “come to Montana” and this time Bozeman.  He says Yellowstone will not erupt and all is well.  I have always maintained that Yellowstone would not have the big caldera eruption as it has in the past.  It will have a small eruption opening up a massive lava flow as it has more than once since the last super eruption 600,000 years ago.

More likely in Yellowstone than a large explosive caldera-forming eruption is eruption of a lava flow, which would be far less devastating. Since Yellowstone’s last caldera-forming eruption 640,000 years ago, about 30 eruptions of rhyolitic lava flows have nearly filled the Yellowstone Caldera. Other flows of rhyolite and basalt (a more fluid variety of lava) also have been extruded outside the caldera. Each day, visitors to the park drive and hike across the lavas that fill the caldera, most of which were erupted since 160,000 years ago, some as recently as about 70,000 years ago.

This is what spirit has always shown to me!  They said so much lave would come from Yellowstone that it would build into quite a mountain before all was said and done but with the completion of the shift the hot spot would have moved, so to speak off the new east coast, under water.  They have still drawn a 100 mile circle around the caldera and said the area inside the 100 miles would not be inhabitable for decades, and that many downwind areas east and to the N – NE and S – SE depending on prevailing winds at the time, of that in Montana and Wyoming would not be inhabitable for some time due to the amount of ash from the initial opening of the magma flow.

Here is the 100 mile circle


As if Yellowstone is not enough of a concern for Montana, the Rocky Mountain continental divide has always been seen to rise considerably as the forces of the plasma expansion push up beneath them.  In some area as much as 6 or 7 thousand feet.  This rise will be most prevalent in Colorado, Montana and Canada.  It will put these parts of the Rockies into the range of height of the current Andes.

Montana also has expansion points that will crack open.  The Bitterroot Valley is one of them, with the rip going north of Missoula as well, while the bitterroot mountains themselves will be pushed up.  There will be breaks in the Cascades and the interior that will allow sea water to come into them and flow into these rip points.  The NW part of North America is one of the primary places the planet will rip.  The north American Plate from Montana and Utah around Salt Lake City over to the ocean will break into pieces .  Leaving many of the higher land areas to be islands.  This area of broken plate will be very much like the current islands and group of  small plates that is current day Indonesia. The future islands will be a highly seismic and volcanic area of the planet.

The map I made of this area shows the lands above water after all is said and done but there is no way to show the expansion itself on here.  So the width of these waterways is not able to be shown.  The mountains will not be covered in water but there will be rips that tear apart areas of mountains that allow the sea water to come in and many valley areas are already over deep cavernous areas in the earth and will collapse down.  The surface crust in some places will fall into these massive rips from the expansion.  Don’t forget that more water will be created in the expansion as well, we will not simply be dealing with current volume of water that is in the sea.  The biggest rip points in wide areas can literally have water come up from beneath as well.

NW adjusted

Here is a second version that shows the most major rips some of these are more “surface rips” some will be along the places the plate breaks.  The Gorda plates off southern Oregon will tip on their side bringing up a new mountain range so I didn’t even deal with the rips down there.


In the Whitefish area that Ed Dames talked about, the rise of the continental divide and specifically the Swan Mountain range that rims the Flathead valley raising will force out an underground aquifer and flood the the flathead valley in freshwater.  There are two scenarios for the Flathead region all the way down to Missoula depending on how deep the east west rip goes.  One brings salt water all the way into the valley, which is shown on the above maps.

These detailed maps of the Flathead I made several years ago while living there.

This is freshwater flooding from the aquifer with the top blue being proximity of salt water

the new flathead

This one is the worst case rip bringing salt water all the way into the flathead

the new flathead saltwater version

The point is not that no one can survive in Montana, the point is that presenting Montana as a pristine and safe place is ridiculous!  Montana is not what many people think it is either.  There are internment camps built in Montana.  There is a state of the art maximum security prison in Hardin sitting EMPTY waiting for “domestic terrorists”.  They consider independent thinkers like us to be the real threat!  There are nuke bunkers, as in silos for our nuclear weapons that are targets of nukes from across the world.  There is a firm presence of NSA, CIA intelligence community.  There is a level 4 bio lab in Hamilton  and what germs they are playing with there are top secret.  They could be released by humans on purpose or a release could happen in an earth change event.  Even the scumbag Dick Cheney has bought into the Ed Dames remote viewing and built a McMansion in Whitefish in case his “ranch” in Wyoming is not safe.  Sorry DICK but no matter how many houses you have you will  not be surviving the earth expansion!

FYI unless you have cash in the bank if you do want to relocate to Montana you better try and secure a job before moving because their really are not any, so once again this message from the Dames genre via Quayle is to the RICH.

While I am on a little bit of a rant, what is with the current popularity of this lame “Navy Map”  As if there would be uniform flooding all along the coasts.  The Olympic Peninsula in WA has huge mountains.  Mt. Olympus the tallest mountain on the peninsula is 7669 ft!  On the Oregon coast the coastal range I believe is as high as 4000 – 4500 ft and in places rises quickly from the beach.  There is no explanation for why the interior  Utah et al is open water or what would bring it in over the continental divide in places in Colorado.  Yet part of Florida that is a whopping 200 ft. at best is just fine.  It looks like a kid just took a marker to a map.  This is an insult to the technology of the Navy.  If they do indeed have a map based on information they have you can be sure it has incredible detail and all the topography included as well as place names Etc..

OH and never mind the fact that in AZ the higher 7000 foot Mogollon Rim and the San Francisco peaks are underwater but the lowlands of Phoenix and Tucson that are about 1000 feet are fine.  Explain why that water would not be tumbling over the rim.  I lived there for a period of time the whole damn rim would have to crumble to less then 1000 feet for that to happen!


I know my Earth Expansion information is hard for people to wrap their heads around but seriously the same people think shit like this is reasonable!!!!!!!!  There seems to be this thought that if multiple maps have same absurd information than it must be true.  DISCERN and research the topography of what is here now and at least ask the questions of HOW.  Some people may have a theory of how for their maps that we just don’t know.  Never forget most of these people have been selling these maps for years and making a profit off of fear of the changes.  In my experiences the more common a piece of psychic information (for lack of a better term) is the more likely it turns out to be disinformation!

I got my first and most simplistic maps in 1989.  I have shared them for free every since they have been online since 1998 and the big wigs that we know are shills for the propaganda machine have purposely ignored them, and pushed the whole “these maps almost match therefore they are truth” agenda.  Mitch Battros for one knew about them in 1998!

Comment on Old Ways: Directions

I read this article I found from facebook post it is interesting but seems odd to me from how I work.  I would never base the energies of the elements I called in based on the terrain of a particular place.  LOL 

For me Earth must always come first she is the starting place (the east).  She is the basis of all life and to me should always be acknowledged and brought forth first.  Followed by water to the South the place of highest energy in the northern hemisphere.  When the sun is farthest south is our time of greatest growth.  The majority of our body is water and water is the element that represents our emotion.  The element of fire is the west, the place where we transmute our emotions when the day is done and learn from them.  From the fire the smoke of our transmutation rises to to north the place of the element air where there is no physical form any longer, the place of spirit.

I’m curious about how other people do it?

Many modern practitioners call Elemental energy from each of the directions when they cast a circle. The most widely practiced form of this tradition is to call Air from the East, Fire from the South, Water from the West, and Earth from the North. Many practitioners also add Spirit as a "fifth Element," sometimes calling it "from Within and Without," sometimes calling it from "Above and Below," sometimes asking specific gods and goddesses to join in their right, and sometimes (whew!) simply representing Spirit themselves.

More… Old Ways: Directions

Dead Birds & Fish

States; Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Texas, Maryland, Tennessee, Florida
Other Countries; Sweden, New Zealand, Brazil, England, Japan, Canada, Argentina

As usual with the lame stream media we are given two choices for these deaths

A. Some crazy supposedly scientific explanations that make no sense. Fireworks scared them?  Seriously why do we not have these mass bird deaths every New Years and 4th of July then.  They ran into power lines.  Come on birds deal with power lines daily!   Storms, yeah that’s the ticket, never mind that there were no storms in the reported areas.  The birds were to be found to die of traumatic injuries.  In other words they flew into something or simply fell from the sky and went splat. 

B. You are just a fanatic looking for the apocalypse.  The fuel for those heading to the fanatical extreme and those who are more reasonable is not that there are these groups of deaths that occur occasionally in a random location,  It is that there are so many mass bird and fish deaths in many locations all over a 4-5 day period of time.  Not over the course of a year for example.  There is also the fact that a vast majority of the bird deaths occurred in the overall New Madrid / greater gulf region.  How can any reasonable person not ponder what the hell is going on.

How about these more likely scenarios

C. The powers that be are playing around and testing dangerous technology they are keeping secret.  I suppose we are supposed to believe that could never happen despite decades of proof of it happening over and over.

D. There are magnetic or other energetic anomalies happing in and or around the earth that may have serious consequences but are not “the apocalypse”  but simply a natural phenomenon that happen on a cyclical schedule that we are not aware of.

We may not have the answers, but not to question would be grossly irresponsible!


Georgia Scientists Investigating Large Bird Kill – 11Alive.com | WXIA | Atlanta, GA

Flock Of Birds Found Dead In Wilson County


Mystery bird deaths in Sweden add to unexplained US, New Zealand finds


Hundreds more birds found dead in western Ky


Mysterious bird kills may be linked


Second State Has Mass Bird Kill


Dead birds in Louisiana; dead fish in Maryland, Brazil and New Zealand


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‘Carpet’ of dead snapper on New Zealand beaches


UK news of dead birds, fish in Sweden, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Zealand, Brazil


Now East Texas also reports hundreds of dead birds


Two Million Dead Fish Appear in Chesapeake Bay


40,000 crabs join slew of animal-death mysteries


The sky isn’t falling, but the animals are


Hundreds of dead fish ‘a natural occurrence’


Cold snaps blamed for dead fish found floating in Spruce Creek



Mass animal deaths go global


THOUSANDS OF BIRDS FALL DEAD ( SOUTH AMERICA ) – Could it be related to 7.0 in Argentina?


Govt – 3,000 AR Birds Fell Dead From Sky From ‘Fright’ (sure)


The Oil Spill & The Call To Sanctuary

I got this email a couple days ago

Just wondering if you have any thoughts or insights to post on your site on the singularity development in regards to to this disastrous oil gush.

I hadn’t given much thought to how the pressure building within the earth for her expansion would effect oil and gas wells before this oil volcano event that is occurring in the gulf.  Spirit has talked a lot about the pressure of rising magma on regular volcanoes and that when the brunt of pressure reached a certain level we would witness many volcanic eruptions in a short period of time.  It only makes sense that the oil and gas pockets in a certain area would be effected the same way.  There is another well in the north sea that the mainstream media seems to be carefully avoiding talking about so no one will ask the question “why are oil wells suddenly under so much extreme pressure?

The current bunch of stories like this one


say very little, the original story I saw which I can no longer find showed the platform on fire and surrounded by ships attempting to put it out.  Maybe these were two different incidents and the other one was covered up completely?  At any rate we have intense pressure in two offshore oil regions.

The well in the gulf is very deep and happens to lie right on the tip of one of the first expansion points that will rip open.  It will start in the gulf and rip open through the New Madrid fault system.  All the continents will experience these rips within current plates in an expansion event as well as inter plate rips under the ocean.  For North America the New Madrid area will be the largest inter plate rip.  With this being also seen as one of the first rips to occur, the pressure building in the area is immense.  As the pressure builds further we should expect to see some other deep wells overwhelmed and gradually wells that are shallower.  We could also see some natural gas explosions in the producing areas of the south as well as more of the mud geysers we saw a few years back in Oklahoma that go hand in hand with all New Madrid events, but they will be much greater at this point.

Not to take any responsibility away from BP, as they were drilling at a depth they knew they had no business drilling.  Oil leaking from the ripping expansion points was inevitable.  Because we have wells they were destined to be the first point of exiting oil under pressure.  If they had not been drilling this particular well the first oil pressure explosion and opening rift may have happened in late July to August of this year instead of spring.  The powers that be know of the pressures happening inside the earth.  They have a great deal of scientific data, and all those with access to it are under high level clearance and do not have permission to say anything.  There are people who knew that the result of this drilling would open the rift before it would happen on its own.  They continued anyway.  They are fine with the death or sickness this is creating, and they hoped that opening this rift would release enough pressure to allow them to continue getting oil out of their other wells for as long as possible.  What it may create though is unnecessary precursor quakes along the New Madrid system.

We are in the throws of an extinction level event (E.L.E). So these things are to be expected.  It is difficult and tragic to watch any event that will cause a great loss of life whether that life is human or animal life, but there is more to come.  This is not a set of ordinary earth changes this is an EXPANSION EVENT.  It was an expansion event, not a asteroid or comet that killed the dinosaurs.  Even though this is a E.L.E.  life will go on for the great majority of species, including humans, that is the purpose of the sanctuaries.  There were sanctuaries created back at the time of the dinosaur event.  At that time there were no Dharljas or Avatars from this planet and Avatars from worlds with similar atmospheres came and created the sanctuaries.  Many aspects of this planet (the whole solar system) were experimental and so it has not followed the pathways of many other planetary systems.  The dinosaurs were not included in the sanctuaries because it was determined that they were too large of a species to inhabit a planet of this size, so they were allowed to go extinct.  Most events that have caused smaller extinctions have simply been allowed to follow their natural course of events without any interceding.  This event however is much too large and could cause the end of all human and mammal life without the sanctuaries.

It has been pretty common knowledge through the last 2000 years or so, to those who sought the understanding, that there would be great loss of life at this point and that there would be great “sickness” of the seas and other bodies of water.  This is the start of this “sickness”  We only have around 6 months to singularity and there are very few timelines left to collapse.  The powers that be are desperately attempting to manifest the timelines with the most destruction of human life right now because they truly believe they can be the survivors of this E.L.E.

Let me just say this; no planetary expansion on any planet in the universe has been survived underground.  The force required to bring about the expansion is far too great and even an underground space that survives intact will be filled with too many poisonous gases for a period of time for them to be cleared out before death occurs.  Even underground animals will leave their dens and attempt to survive up top.  No amount of air purification systems will be adequate as there will be breaches in even the best system it is just not possible to be underground. 

But hey… powers that be… feel free to give it a shot :-)  your returning to spirit no matter what you do anyway.

I sure don’t mean to sound morbid or doom and gloom because I am not.  I know that the work that has been done and is still in progress in relation to protection and survival of species through this event is going well.  There are even species thought to be extinct right now that are in fact not extinct at all and there are breading pairs available to protect.  There will be many sanctuaries created.  The vast majority will be unique ecosystems of wilderness that can be held intact for the species living there and will not include mortal humans.  There will be a group of sanctuaries that will be places for humans spread in areas around the world that have a few things in common. 

  • Good soil with low levels of soil contamination
  • Abundant water source
  • Abundant variety of plant species
  • Food growing capacity
  • Abundant wildlife
  • Will be above sea level when things are settled
  • Are within what will be the greater tropical zone of the new equator after the expansion since the event will bring with it a small ice age as things settle

The sanctuaries will be spherical, so they will go into the earth and into the sky and become contained biospheres of life.  Oceans could wash right over them with no effect.  They will free float within the earth crust and so earth movements will be minimized, and will have their own environment and weather systems until the planet has settled and they are able to be released.  A few will have more than one sphere hooked together.  The spheres will vary in size and the human carrying capacity will vary based on the ability to sustain all the species in a given sanctuary for the time required in the particular area.

Ahmuganhai has been sounded!!! 

This is the call to sanctuary.  It is a call to individuals.  While multiple individuals in one family or group of like minded friends may all hear the call it is a call to each individual person.  If you attempt to bring people with you that have not received the call internally they will not make it to sanctuary in one way or another.  Loving someone does not mean it is their path to rebuild the new world.  All who hear the call should be in sanctuary by singularity January 20, 2011 if they want to do it with ease.  After that you will have til June 21, 2011 to attempt to find your way into sanctuary but it will be difficult with all the events that will be happening 

No one can tell you were the sanctuary you are being called to is.  If you have heard the call you will simply go where your heart is saying to go!  Some places of sanctuary may seem contrary to the mental.  The call to sanctuary is based on vibration.  No one below a certain vibration will come to sanctuary period.  The dark is being cleared from the planet and the rebuilding of human society will be done by the highest vibration beings and then those who are light but still working to build up their vibration will be born back into the world highest vibration first.  While those of a lower light vibration will work through things in sprit waiting for their opportunity for a body.

We are on the verge of a large North American event that will change all our lives.  It will be the first domino for those of us living in the United States and Canada.  I hope those of you receiving the call are prepared and I don’t mean for the physical survival, I mean mentally and emotionally as prepared as anyone can be for such events.  You will be required to make choices and move within that atmosphere to get where you need to be so detachment to as great as extent as you can detach is your greatest tool through these events.

I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces that I have not yet met in this body.  It’s been a long time coming ………….Ahmuganhai


Ahmuganhai Pronounced: ahh mahh gahhn hey


More detail on the singularity from January of 2009


More info on timeline collapses from December 08


More on the sanctuaries



Keep these dates in mind  I personally was given dates in between many of these for some specific earth change type events but I have been told they are for me alone.

July 17-18, 2010 Carl Johan Calleman Breeze of Unity Consciousness

Nov 2, 2010 The 6th night ends all preparedness needs to be done

January 20, 2011 We enter the Singularity all other timelines will have completed the collapse process.  There will only be one timeline at this point through to Venus Transit, at which point we will be offered a few possibilities specific to the earth and things will begin to branch out again.

March 8, 2011 Carl Johan Calleman  Universal Wave Movement

May 21, 2011 While I don’t read much Christian stuff I found a couple dates on a site I came across interesting they are taken from dates projected out in the bible.  This date is the projected date of the “judgment day”

June 21, 2011  Spirit says by this date everyone needs to be in sanctuary that is supposed to be there.

October 21, 2011  The same Christian info has this date as the end of days

October 28, 2011 The Carl Johan Calleman end date of the Mayan Calendar which corresponds with what I have been told for years.  Spirit has always said it would be done and over by the 12-21-2012 date in fact they said it would be all said and done by the second transit of Venus.

June 6, 2012 2nd Transit of Venus

A Transit of Venus happens four times every 234 years! They come in pairs, this one is the 2nd of the pair the counterpart on June 7, 2004.  

The last pair of Venus Transits were December 9, 1874 & December 6, 1882

The next pair is December 11, 2117 &  December 8, 2125 Then June 11, 2247 & June 9, 2255 based on our current calendar which will not be valid IMO so this and all other aspects of the solar system will all be changed along with time itself! 

The fifth world energies hit winter solstice of 1999.  2004 was the first year of the new world, as Venus, the planet of Divine Love transited between us and the sun in June of 2004, an eight years gap to this second transit.   These are the 8 years in which LOVE has changed the very blueprint of our planet, our solar system, and this universe.  This new blueprint it what is manifesting NOW!  At the time of the second transit the 1000 years of peace prophesied by so many cultures truly begins. 

by the way wordpress is now putting big ugly google ads right in all my blog post which I hate with a passion so please bookmark http://blog.spiritnexus.org

Bird Flu – What Are The Odds of Mutation

I thought with the recent post about weaponized bird flu I would repost this article I wrote in 2005 with the note that when I wrote it, I was just speculating about the potential for the conscious creation of a pandemic strain of bird flu.  Now it is looking like evidence is building for just such a creation having already taken place.

Are we tired of hearing about the bird flu yet? The constant fear mongering never ceases. Words like epidemic & pandemic thrown around by those who the average Joe thinks know something he does not. Let’s face the facts here, bird flu is a disease of ummm… birds, that has infected a small amount of people. Yep that’s right a small amount, about 200 known cases of which approximately 60 people died out of 6 ½ billion people on planet earth. This is hardly worth noticing based on the numbers alone. For the most part these people either worked in or lived near a facility that raises poultry. A few may have been exposed to groups of wild birds infected, but most reports state that all contracted the disease from birds, with one or two rouge reports claiming one or two human to human transmissions with no evidence to back up their statements. Remember SARS the last big pandemic fear? Nothing came of SARS and it is just as likely nothing with come of this strain of the avian flu.

We have a whole lot of hype and no information whatsoever. The big pandemic we are supposed to prepare ourselves for is the one that is created when the bird flu mutates and is then capable of human to human transmission. This mutation is presented as immanent and absolute. I want to know what this assumption is based on. Where is there even one shred of information that shows this bird flu will ever mutate to be transmittable from human to human. There is none! All the great scientists of the world who specialize in this field are guessing that this one will mutate, yes you heard me, guessing. What are the odds of mutation and what is the scientific basis for the odds. There are no odds, zip, none, nadda. If it does mutate, do we know it will be as virulent as the current strain, or will it just be another flu? Well according to science and history a virus that is especially virulent is not good at spreading, and when it mutates and becomes better at spreading it becomes less virulent.

There are sites out there that want to scare us even more than the average media, one states that this virus has a 50% kill rate in humans and that we should expect that kill rate as a pandemic. This is fear mongering of the worst kind. First of all it only appears to have a 50% kill rate based on the amount of people who have been tested to have bird flu and how many of them have died. Second there could have been many others who contracted this strain and had minimal symptoms and recovered without ever being tested for bird flu drastically changing the numbers. Third the strain they have was contracted from birds it is not the human to human variety that it would have to mutate into in order to become a pandemic, that strain is an unknown.

One of the worst pandemics of historical record was the black death of the 14th century and it had an estimated 20% kill rate. The Spanish flu of 1918-1919 is now believed to be a mutated version of avian flu and it affected 20 – 25% of the world population with a kill rate of 2.5 to 5% of those infected. Of those who died many died of secondary bacterial pneumonia that was untreated as there were no antibiotics at the time, so the same strain hitting now would presumably have a much lower kill rate. The reality is that if the world experiences any kind of pandemic with a 50% kill rate we can be certain it was human created for the very purpose of culling the human population.

There is a lot of talk of the vaccine they are making and how long it will take. This too is nothing but propaganda as all flu vaccines are. A vaccine cannot be created for a mutated virus that does not exist yet. There may be scientists trying to make a vaccine based on the current strain hoping that it will speed up the making of a vaccine for a mutated strain that appears later. No matter what vaccine they may present us with, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. The current flu vaccine is a joke and the fact that they want us all to have it so bad only makes it more suspect. Do you know that you may be taking a vaccine for a different strain of flu then the one in current circulation? Vaccine manufacturers never know what strain is going to pop up the next season as they are manufacturing your vaccine so they guess. Oh sure they use computer programs to help them guess but it’s a guess none the less. When they guess wrong they send out the vaccines anyway and all the dutiful docs are more than happy to sell them to you even though they know they are worthless, having been made for the wrong strain. Every one still needs to make their profits even when they guess wrong.

The truth is there is no evidence any flu vaccines work. Anecdotal evidence of my mother a nurse for the past 50 years, 73 years old and still nursing, is that her colleagues and patients who take the vaccines all get sick! She won’t take it, even when the hospital attempts to force her to, and amazingly she hasn’t had the flu since the last time she gave in, a few years back, and took the vaccine. That year she got the flu within a few days of receiving the vaccine. Flu vaccine is just big money plain and simple and when they create shortages, real or imagined, they make even better money as people clamor for more in fear. Now we have tamiflu this is supposed to be a significant medicine for the flu. Governments are stockpiling it for the bird flu pandemic that they tell us is imminent. There is no evidence that tamiflu will do anything for the bird flu if it mutates. It appears to do little to nothing for the regular flu. Information shows the regular flu will be on average one day shorter in duration with tamiflu, but no less intense.

I think the powers that be are just praying for a pandemic. With a true pandemic just think of all the lovely police state actions that could be taken world wide by governments champing at the bit to take away freedoms. Taking away our rights with the perfect excuse, claiming it is to protect our lives. Could there be a more perfect cover for crimes against humanity? This may seem far fetched to many, but with no real science behind the claims of mutation, and this strain becoming the next big pandemic, this would lead one to wonder (at the very least me) does a mutated version already exist, having been mutated by humans? Is the confidence in this being the coming pandemic simply because it is the release of a biological created from the bird flu for the purpose of culling the world population? Who would benefit from the pandemic? The list is a long one but most certainly it doesn’t include anyone who is the average Joe of any of the world’s nations. Is this a conspiracy theory of mass proportions? Sure, but that doesn’t take it out of the realm of possibility.

If history repeats we are due for a pandemic and it could have come 5 or 10 years ago based on the averages, it could be 5 or 10 years in the future. It’s no different than waiting for the big earthquake, it could come at any moment. We should all have some basic preparedness, but go on with our lives without allowing our media and government to control us with their fear mongering. The flu in fact serves an important purpose in the human body, those who purify their bodies and mind rarely get the flu. Those in need of purification get the flu, the fever kills off all kinds of things that harm the body, often when inflicted we give our digestive system a rest and take in only fluids for a few days detoxifying ourselves. There are always some who are in a weakened state and the flu ends their lives, but as the old saying goes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I don’t th
ink we should be attempting to vaccinate against a mostly innocuous, although unpleasant illness that serves a purpose in human existence. Don’t want to experience it, try regular mediation, fasting, remove the poisonous foods and supposed medicines of our toxic society from your diet. Turn off the TV when the fear mongering escalates and refuse to live your life in the constant state of stress that is being pressed upon us by media and government.

The odds of this bird flu mutating into a pandemic are completely unknown. The odds of a new virus showing up tomorrow with no warning and sweeping the world as the pandemic that is due, equally unknown. So if you want to worry about, it then you may as well take a vacation to a beach resort and spend the whole vacation anticipating being hit by a tsunami, or go to LA with the purpose of waiting for the big one. When the big ones hit, whether they be tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, pandemics or inside job terrorist attacks like 911, no amount of worry changes anything, all it does it tear at the fabric of our lives while things are good. We should all have some food, water, medical supplies etc, so when something hits we are prepared to take care of ourselves, but once you have a few supplies in the house and car, LET GO! A life of fear is not a life worth saving, choose joy.

Engtovo Bhodsvatan
November 30, 2005

Venus Transit Pair

I just read a little ditty that says June 7th 2008 is the midpoint between the two Venus transits.   I really had never stopped to think about where we are in the process and what midpoint would be.  So a energetic thanks goes out to whoever did stop to think about it.  🙂

June 6, 2012 is the next Venus transit.

This is a NASA photo from the 2004 Transit


Below is some info my 2004 astrological aspects.  Since spirit was clear that during these eight years it is imperative to focus on Divine Love, this midpoint date seems like a good time to stop and refocus if needed.

A Transit of Venus happens four times every 234 years! They come in pairs, this one is the 2nd of the pair the counterpart on June 7, 2004.  

The last pair of Venus Transits were December 9, 1874 & December 6, 1882  The next pair is December 11, 2117 &  December 8, 2125 Then June 11, 2247 & June 9, 2255

Venus, the planet of Divine Love transited between us and the sun in June of 2004, It will transit again in 2012, an eight year gap, in what our current calendar says is 2012,  These are the 8 years in which LOVE will change our experience on the planet.  At the time of the second transit (June 6, 2012) the 1000 years of peace prophesied by so many cultures truly begins. 

Between now and then we will have to choose Divine Love every day in every situation and insist our governments and institutions do the same.  we cannot be apathetic we must in fact take a very active role.

Why the obsession with Venus and Divine Love?  Because Venus has gotten a bad rap all these years being seen as the planet of romantic love.  Now I have nothing against romantic love, but it is very small in relation to true Divine Love.  I simply want our intentions in the right place to use this Venus energy in fullness.

Fiction Exposes the Sorry State of America

Sometimes Boston Legal really makes their point well and in the season ender when Allan is told he is representing traitors he responds that the country was started by traitors!  I Love it!

Denny’s defense of America was just as telling as Allen’s arguments about how far from the ideals of the Declaration of Independence this country has traveled.  He freely admits to all the horrendous things America is doing and defends them by giving examples of how we have ALWAYS done these things.

In reality we started screwing up immediately after the Declaration when we approved a constitution that allowed slavery, didn’t acknowledge women, and used phases like “all men are created equal” knowing full well that it was not referring to black, red or yellow men and did not include women at all.  They had no idea that in the future, generations of Americans would be born that actually believed that referred them, them even if they were not white men!  After all that power belonged solely to white men was a given at their time!  These generation for the most part have no idea our great country was not only started by traitors to the British Crown but on lands acquired through Genocide of the 500 Nations already here.  History gets presented in a favorable way for those who even learn any history at all.

Allan made great closing arguments with only one mistake, calling us a democracy, with all the historical references in the show the writers should have known not to use that term since we were never a democracy, by its original definition, but a Representative Republic.  Now the definitions have all conveniently been changed to make a democracy and Representative Republic and a few other forms of government “democracies”  So that we can spread democracy around the world by force if necessary!

Here are some old definitions from 1928

These succinct definitions of what is Democracy and what is a Republic was produced by the US Army in 1928,  These definitions have been quietly withdrawn since, soon after.



A government of the masses.

Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of “direct” expression.

Results in mobocracy. 

Attitude toward property is comunistic-negating property rights.

Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate. whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences.

Results in demagogism license, agitation, discontent, anarchy. 

Democracy is the “direct” rule of the people and has been repeatedly tried without success.

A certain Professor Alexander Fraser Tytler, nearly two centuries ago, had this to say about Democracy: ” A Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of Government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of public treasury.  From that moment on the  majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that Democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always to be followed by a Dictatorship.”

A democracy is majority rule and is destructive of liberty because there is no law to prevent the majority from trampling on individual rights. Whatever the majority says goes! A lynch mob is an example of pure democracy in action. There is only one dissenting vote, and that is cast by the person at the end of the rope.


Authority is derived through the election by the people of public officials best fitted to represent them.

Attitude toward property is respect for laws and individual rights, and a sensible economic procedure.

Attitude toward law is the administration of justice in accord with fixed principles and established evidence, with a strict regard to consequences.

A greater number of citizens and extent of territory may be brought within its compass.

Avoids the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy. Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice, contentment, and progress.

Is the “standard form” of government throughout the world.

A republic is a form of government under a constitution which provides for the election of:

  1. an executive and
  2. a legislative body, who working together in a representative capacity, have all the power of appointment, all power of legislation all power to raise revenue and appropriate expenditures, and are required to create
  3. a judiciary to pass upon the justice and legality of their governmental acts and to recognize
  4. certain inherent individual rights.

Take away any one or more of those four elements and you are drifting into autocracy. Add one or more to those four elements and you are drifting into democracy.

Our Constitutional fathers, familiar with the strength and weakness of both autocracy and democracy, with fixed principles definitely in mind, defined a representative republican form of government. They “made a very marked distinction between a republic and a democracy and said repeatedly and emphatically that they had founded a republic.”

A republic is a government of law under a Constitution. The Constitution holds the government in check and prevents the majority (acting through their government) from violating the rights of the individual. Under this system of government a lynch mob is illegal. The suspected criminal cannot be denied his right to a fair trial even if a majority of the citizenry demands otherwise.


Difference between Democracy and Republic, in brief:

government by the people; especially : rule of the majority.

b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences

a: a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president  : a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government.

b: a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law.


Democracy and Republic are often taken as one of the same thing, but there is a fundamental difference.  Whilst in both cases the government is elected by the people, in Democracy the majority rules according to their whims, whilst in the Republic the Government rule according to law.  This law is framed in the Constitution to limit the power of Government and ensuring some rights and protection to Minorities and individuals.

The difference between Republic and Righteous Republic is that in the Republic the Government rules according to the law set up by men, in the Righteous Republic the law is the Law of God.  Only in the Righteous Republic it can truly be said “One nation under God” for it is governed under commandments of the only One True God and there is no pluralism of religions.

Autocracy declares the divine right of kings; its authority can not be questioned; its powers are arbitrarily or unjustly administered.

Truth be know we are no longer a Democracy or a Representative Republic but in fact a Fas
cist State! 

In “Fascism Anyone?” Laurence Britt, identifies 14 characteristics
common in fascist regimes. His comparisons of Hitler, Mussolini,
Suharto, Pinochet, and Franco yielded these 14 common traits.

They are listed below

1) Powerful and continuing nationalism
Fascist regimes tend to make use of patriotic
mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other
paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere as
are patriotic symbols on clothing, public displays,
and cars.

2) Disdain for the recognition of human
Because of the fear of enemies and the need
for security, the people in fascist regimes are
persuaded that human rights and civil liberties
can be ignored in certain cases because of
“need”. The people tend to look the other
way or even approve of torture, summary
executions, long incarcerations of prisoners
without trial, etc.

3) Identification of enemies/scapegoats
as a unifying cause
The people are rallied into a unifying patriotic
frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived
a common threat or foe: ethnic or religious
minorities, liberals, communists, terrorists,

4) Supremacy of the military
Even when there are widespread domestic problems,
the military is given a disproportionate
amount of government funding, and the domestic
agenda is neglected.

5) Rampant sexism
The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost
exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist
regimes, traditional gender roles are made more
rigid. Opposition to abortion is high as is homophobia,
and anti-gay legislation as national policy.

6) Controlled mass media
Sometimes the media is directly controlled by the
government, but in other cases, the media is indirectly
controlled by government regulation, or
sympathetic media spokespeople and executives.
Censorship, especially in war time, is common.

7) Obsession with national security
Fear is used as a motivational tool over the

8) Religion and government are intertwined
Governments in fascist regimes tend to use the
most common religion in the nation as a tool to
manipulate public opinion. Religious rhetoric and
terminology is common from government leaders,
even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically
opposed to the government’s policies
and actions.

9) Corporate power is protected
The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist
nation often are the ones who put the government
leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial
business/government relationship for the power

10) Labor power is suppressed
Because the organizing power of labor is the
only real threat to a fascist government. Labor
unions are either eliminated entirely or
are severely suppressed

11) Disdain for intellectuals and the arts
Fascist regimes tend to promote and tolerate
hostility to higher education and academia. It
is not uncommon for professors and other
academics to be censored or even arrested.
Free expression in the arts is openly attacked,
and governments often refuse to fund the

12) Obsession with crime and punishment
Under fascist regimes, the police are given
almost limitless power to enforce laws. The
people are often willing to overlook police
abuses and even forego civil liberties in the
name of patriotism. There is often a national
police force with virtually unlimited power in
fascist nations.

13) Rampant cronyism and corruption
Fascist regimes almost always are governed
by groups of friends and associates who appoint
each other to government positions
and use governmental power and authority to
protect their friends from accountability. It is
not uncommon in fascist regimes for national
resources and even treasures, to be appropriated
or even outright stolen by government

14) Fraudulent elections
Sometimes elections in fascist regimes are a
complete sham. Other times elections are
manipulated by smear campaigns or even assassination
of opposition candidates, use of
legislation to control voting numbers or political
district boundaries, and the manipulation
of the media. Fascist nations also tend to
use their judiciaries to manipulate or control

Astrologers share a sense of foreboding about election

A convention of Astrologers met in Denver and what they came out with does not bode well for the US elections this year.  This article was on the front page of the Durango Herald. There are multiple aspects in the story that the family has been discussing for some time, like Bush doing something to prevent the elections from happening and this with the 911 dream I just had tells me it is time to pay very close attention.

The family has been talking for a couple of weeks about the possibility that Hillary really is the illuminati anointed one and that perhaps they intend to take out Obama to give her the nomination.  Robert Kennedy was killed in June before the elections.  Could they be planning the same type of thing?  We have speculated about what kind of Manchurian candidate they would have to use on Barak to unite people behind Hillary instead of turn them against her.  Certainly a far right religious racist would do the trick.  We need to talk about these things loud and clear to make it known in advance that if this scenario comes to play out we will not buy into it!

Not that I like Obama or Hillary, they both work for the same masters as well as McCain.  I have also wondered with the fervor that surrounds Obama, whether he is the “anti-christ” and maybe their plan would be to take out Hillary to guarantee Obama the presidency.  Just as with the opposite scenario choosing the Manchurian candidate closely would be very important to getting the Hillary people go get behind Obama.  Considering the factions and infighting within the illuminati we may be looking at two simultaneous scenarios one with a assassination of a candidate and another with a scenario that attempts to keep Bush in office. 

What do you guys think?  Any dreams or insights that would add puzzle pieces to this puzzle?


Astrologers share a sense of foreboding about election

Agree that a time of upheaval is coming; Saturn, Uranus opposed on Nov. 4

May 21, 2008

By Joe Hanel | Herald Denver Bureau

DENVER – Forget about Tuesday’s votes in Oregon and Kentucky. Barack Obama has won the Cosmic Primary and is destined to be the next president of the United States.

Seven leading astrologers consulted their charts and came to the unanimous conclusion, which they shared Tuesday at the United Astrology Conference in Denver.

Although the crowd of several hundred cheered at the forecast, the seven panelists shared a sense of foreboding.

“There are things that are going to happen in the next couple of months that could turn the game into something different than we think it is right now,” said Shelley Ackerman, a New York City astrologer who appears frequently on television and radio shows.

A time of upheaval is coming, they agreed. Election Day – Nov. 4 – will put Saturn in opposition to Uranus, meaning the two planets are aligned at opposite ends of the zodiac. Saturn symbolizes experience and the establishment. Uranus is the planet of change and youth. When they are opposed, the country sees a period of “revolutionary fervor,” said Raymond Merriman, the panel’s moderator. The last Saturn-Uranus opposition was from 1965-67, a time of drastic cultural change.

Other astrological events during the summer make the election unpredictable. Democrats will gather in Denver for their national convention in August – the same month as a solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse.

The events raise the possibility of President Bush somehow interfering with the election, said Robert Hand of Reston, Va.

In fact, most of the astrologers on the panel weren’t sure if the winner of the election would be the same person taking the oath of office on Inauguration Day. Some of them expressed concern about Obama’s personal safety.


“I’m hoping they really pump up the security around him. I’m just really concerned about that,” said Sandra Leigh-Serio of Boulder.

And the election gets even trickier for astrologers.

It’s the single most “screwed-up” election from an astrological perspective in decades, Hand said.

“We don’t have a single solid birth chart, so this is going to be very difficult,” Hand said.

Astrologers think Hillary Clinton was born at 8:02 a.m. Oct. 26, that John McCain was born at 9 a.m. Aug. 29 and that Obama was born at 7:11 p.m. Aug. 4. But those times might not be accurate, and if they’re not, then all bets are off with the candidates’ astrological charts, Hand said.

And most menacing of all, whoever wins might regret it. The charts don’t look good at all for Jan. 20, Inauguration Day.

“Whoever gets sworn in, it ain’t going to work too well,” Ackerman said.

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Ted Kennedy Ho Hum

They are going on an on about this brain tumor that Teddy has and no offense to the family, but CNN get over it already.  The man is not dead…yet.  Leave something left to say when he does die.  It’s not like I have some great respect for this guy anyway.  He is just one more corrupt politician who has helped drive this country down the road to disaster (and no I am not a republican, I am INDEPENDENT)

His greatest claim to fame is being the brother of two politicians who were assassinated.  Since that time he just gets elected over and over with out any great effort by a state that thinks what?  Maybe they are still afraid of offending him, or they think the county owes him a lifelong career as penance for his brother’s death?   Apparently death is the only way we will get him out of congress.  If only he could take John McCain with him to the other side!  These are two sides of the same coin they write bills together that harm our constitution and pretend to to oppose each other.  When he does die we will hear about the whole Kennedy family for a fricken month.  Ho HUM

Tomorrow’s Eclipse



Totality in USA mountain time is 8:01pm to 8:51pm


I’m sure everyone has heard about the satellite or at least what we are being told is a satellite that they are going to attempt to shoot down tomorrow and conveniently they intend to do it during mid eclipse.  God knows what we should expect from this!

Eclipse Details From NASA


The second lunar eclipse of the year is another total eclipse. It is a deeper event since it is the first central total eclipse since 2000. The eclipse occurs at the ascending node of Luna’s orbit in southern Aquarius. Since the Moon is 2.6 days shy of perigee, it will appear 8% larger (= 1.2 arc-minutes) than it was during March’s eclipse. The Moon’s trajectory takes it deep into the southern umbral shadow, resulting in a total eclipse that lasts 90 minutes. At mid-totality the Moon’s centre passes just 12.8 arc-minutes south of the shadow axis. This places the Moon’s northern limb only 3.4 arc-minutes north of the axis while the southern limb is 15.4 arc-minutes from the umbra’s southern edge.

Since different parts of the Moon will probe radically different portions of Earth’s umbral shadow, a large variation in shadow brightness can be expected. As a consequence of this geometry, the southern half of the totally eclipsed Moon will appear considerably brighter than the northern half. Observers are encouraged to estimate the Danjon value at mid-totality.

The penumbral phase of August’s eclipse begins at about 07:54 UT, but most observers will not be able to visually detect the shadow until about 08:30 UT. A timetable for the major phases of the eclipse is listed below.

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 07:53:39 UT
Partial Eclipse Begins: 08:51:16 UT
Total Eclipse Begins: 09:52:22 UT
Greatest Eclipse: 10:37:22 UT
Total Eclipse Ends: 11:22:24 UT
Partial Eclipse Ends: 12:23:30 UT
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 13:21:01 UT

At the instant of mid-totality (10:37 UT) the Moon will stand near the zenith for observers in French Polynesia. At that time, the umbral eclipse magnitude will be 1.4760.

All of North America will witness some portion of the eclipse, but western observers are favored. The early penumbral or umbral phases will be in progress at moonset for observers in Maritime Canada. From the eastern USA, the Great Lakes region and Ontario, the Moon sets in total eclipse. Only observers to the west of the Rockies (including Alaska) will be treated to the entire event. All phases of the eclipse are also visible from islands of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand and eastern Australia. Various stages of the eclipse are in progress at moonrise for eastern Asia. No eclipse is visible from Europe, Africa and western Asia.

Future Total Eclipse of the Moon from now through 2012 

February 21 2008 (Visible in all of the eastern U.S. and at moonrise in the western U.S.)

December 21 2010, also Solstice so very powerful (All of this eclipse is visible in the whole of North America)

June 15 2011 (Not visible in the U.S.)

December 10 2011 (Visible at moon set in the U.S.)

Eclipse Tonight

Don’t forget tonight is the the total lunar eclipse.  This energy is the build up energy for 9-9-9 which then ends on September 11th with new moon partial solar eclipse starting the next cycle.  There is likely a lot of nasty ceremony going on tonight so keep yourself protected and if you’re in an area where the eclipse is visible get outside and enjoy it, it is very powerful to be out under a full lunar eclipse, and you likely won’t be able to sleep anyway!!  🙂

Fire the Grid – Bohemian Grove Update

To start I want to share something spirit told me in late June. They said the next six months were a very important time. Many people on a spiritual path are being tested in various forms by their higher selves to see if they were going to step up and really do the work. With everything that is happening now, and everything that spirit sees coming, there is no more time left for people to step up. These tests must be complete by September and those who pass the tests need to be in their assigned locations by the end of the year. I thought assigned locations was an unusual term and asked for clarification. I was told that higher selves had chosen where they wanted their soul aspects to be if they passed the tests. In essence this was a final test, as many of the locations were places that many light workers would not consider moving. So I’ll get back to how this fits in later in the writing.

There have been some discrepancies about the actual date of the Bohemian Grove ceremony this year.  According to the associated press and the San Francisco Chronicle the dates are July 12-29.  I have heard its starts on the 17th and I heard the Cremation of Care ritual was the night of the 15th.  Ultimately the key here is that they were in full swing on the 17th in one form or another.

All I knew  is they would be doing their thing in July and we had to pull the grids out from under them in June.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to be in ceremony while everyone did the 7-7-7 stuff, but I knew they wanted to get the energy, and they have the knowledge of how to hold it when necessary.  They have a place connected to the grove energetically that is near Klamath, CA  That is where they hold all energies from grove ceremonies  and then do one big send out, like a mass email, when they are ready.  The Klamath location is hooked directly into the Mt. Shasta leyline system grid and then into the primary leyline/vortex grid of the world from there.

The motto of the grove is “weaving spiders come not here”. There are a lot of reference to this coming from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and signifying that the grove is not a place for conducting business. This is indicative of the way the dark forces work. They take a seemingly innocent reference and use it, knowing full well it means something completely different to them. Weaving spiders make webs, webs is yet another term for grid. A weaving spider is a grid worker of the light. For the life of the grove that has been a true motto. Grid workers of the light did not come to the grove and attempt to unravel the grids there. It has been one of their most protected places. Now that is no longer true. Weaving spiders came in June and the sacrifices of the grove will no longer be relevant in their power structure.

There have been some questions about the conglomerate entities that I mentioned in DON’T Fire the Grid. They are difficult to describe. The reason they are called conglomerate entities is because they are a conglomerate of trapped beings, both human and animal in nature. They were embedded into the earth in satanic dark ritual locations. The grove had two of these beings. Each time a human is sacrificed in a ceremony at one of these location they are killed in a really horrible fear inducing way. At the moment of terror and death the soul of the human sacrificed is trapped into one of these conglomerate entities. This has gone on for thousands of years. The conglomerate entities have been moved to new locations when necessary. Each time a new sacrifice took place the strength and power of the fear and darkness of the conglomerate entity increased. Every human soul trapped into a conglomerate entity belonged to a higher self (spirit) and because they were trapped the higher self could not ascend. To the high priests of the dark forces that served two purposes; it strengthened the dark energies they had to work with in ceremony, and it kept beings of the light from their ascension.

Spirit has always said that at the grove they have ritual ceremonies that they do every year, and then other ceremonies that they do now and then.  Clearly this was to be a banner year for them.  A couple months ago when I first heard about fire the grid and went to the site, I instinctively knew I didn’t want anything to do with it and left.  Then when it was brought back to my attention and I watched all the videos.  I realized they were going to attempt to get these fire the grid energies as well, and didn’t have time to think about the complete why of it. 

Now that I  have had a chance to step back for a moment or two I can see the long term plan here.  This was not a knee jerk reaction by them to get the fire the grid energies.  This was a long term plan set in motion in 2002, which means that 7-17-2007 was a pretty special upcoming date to them.  They were planning a special ceremony that day, and that ceremony needed lots of extra energy.  It may be just mere coincidence but I accidentally came upon a Christian board this week that had these little tidbits

genesis 8:4 and the ark rested in the seventh month, of the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat

according to the Jewish civil calendar, the 17th day of the seventh month is Abib, which is believed to be the day Jesus resurrected!

So two really significant historical happenings of biblical proportions, lol, both on 7-17. 

7-17 by it self is a 6 (as above so below) and so is 7-17-2007. Numerology is really important to the dark forces, in fact they are obsessed with numbers in many forms. The large gathering at the grove happens in July because it is the 7th month.

The significance of the 7 in general is that seven represents bringing spirit into matter.  3 being the spiritual and 4 being matter, the four directions.  We all have 7 totems on our medicine wheel; east, south, west, north, above, below and within.  These seven correspond to our elemental chakra system that does not open until our Kundalini is activated.  This is the first step in the ascension process.  These seven; our connection to everything around us (the 4 directions) and our spiritual connection, (above, high self, below, earth, and within, soul) combine with our two primary totems for a 9, completion.  Our primary totems walk beside us, left and right and represent our strongest medicine in the world.  They correspond to the side our body in that the totem on our right side works with our left brain logical strengths, and the totem on our left works with our right brain intuitive aspect.

These are key numbers that the dark forces are always aware of in everything they plan.  They also love to work with 11 and 22 because they are considered master numbers and they want mastery over the world. So going back to the ceremonial dates this year whether they really are the 12th to the 29th or they want the world to think those are the dates they would be significant either way.  Both of the dates have the exact same numerology a 19-1 they are wanting to start something new, and were planning to emphasize it on a 6 day (fire the grid) which is, as above so below.  In other words they are trying to manifest something into the veil of illusion that is big, so it can be put it into action in the world, with either our acceptance, or our apathy.

I am tending to believe that the dates are either accurate or the ones that matter because in May or early June I had a dream where I was given the date July 12, 2007.  I rarely have dreams with dates in them at all, and have never had one with the year.  So I marked it on my calendar.  The dream didn’t include anything about what the significance of the date was. Silly me, I was hoping it was something special for myself 🙂 

I woke up on the 12th with another dream one that I knew was trying to give me information about what the illuminati was up to.  In my dreams, tornadoes always come with news of their doings, these dreams when they are relevant specifically to the U.S. always have someone calling 911 in them.  This dream had the tornado but no 911 call, so this a global storm, so to speak.  In the dream it was said on the radio that this was the largest tornado ever (something huge is planned).  There was a reporter with me who wanted to get the scoop. (intuitive knowing that we didn’t have the whole story)  without getting into the details of the dream, there was big brother, the TV show (we were being watched) and the house was completely emptied of food down to the spices. (The event is big enough to leave us with no food available)  There were photos taken of the tornado that had spirits in them, one was the son of a friend who was dead in the photo who is not currently dead.  ( I’m not sure if he dies in the event or if his death will be a marker that the event is about to happen) One of the most important elements was that the tornado was sideways, telling me it would look like a natural event. being a tornado, but there was nothing natural about it.  My brother also mentioned that a sideways tornado brought to his mind a harvester, that could sweep across doing far more damage than a traditional tornado.  The photos were left hidden in an obvious place for spies to find, so they would leave the rest of our stuff alone. ( indicating a cover up, hiding or destroying of evidence, and that if they didn’t find what they were looking for they would destroy everything looking for it)

This led my brother to talking about HAARP coming to full strength completion recently and speculation that this could be human created earthquakes and volcanic activity.  However another kind of storm, FEAR, could be coming first, the big brother reference could be a way of referring to the the planned false ET attack/landing, we need a one world government to protect our planet from aliens agenda.

I spent the day of the 12th writing DON’T Fire the Grid.  Most unexpected and certainly not what I was hoping the 12th in the dream was referring to 🙂  So I am thinking whatever the plan is that the dream refers to was to be energized at the grove starting the 12th.  I received a quote today stating that the fire the grid site had a new statement announcing that its 17 July 2007 event will produce “the first”… ET contact. hmmmm more coincidence.

Well lets look at another little bit of numerology.  While everyone was all excited about this being the 7-7-7 year after all their 333 and 444 celebrations in years past.  The real numerology of this year is a 9. The day with the 9 energies are the ones the dark forces are focused on, while the light groups were all distracted with 777, is 9-9-2007 a total of 27- 9. 

9 Is completion, so they are already cooking up something new for the NEXT cycle, the 1 cycle which comes with the 1-1 2008 – 111. The year 2008 has two 111 days as 10-10-2008 also comes to a 111, so there are ten months between the two power days of the new 1 year that will lead the energy cycle for the 8 years that follow. (right through 2012, when we have the 2nd in the pair of Venus transits and the earth’s rebirth, to 2016 which is the next mercury transit) This year would qualify as one of the now and then ceremonies at the grove (every 9 years) although I think this year was something even bigger.

The dark forces feel they need to control this 9 year cycle to take themselves through the 2012 rebirth. This is where we come to the message spirit gave me in June. I wasn’t thinking about the numerology, but after the fact it is interesting that the 9 date for this 9 year (9-9-2007) is September the time the testing must be complete. The new beginning 1 date is 1-1 2008, corresponding to message that those who pass the test must be in their assigned locations by the end of the year.

Another little interesting numerology tidbit is that Shelly Yates son was 4 in 2002, a 4 year and now her son is what ahhh… yep that’s right 9, in the 9 year, and 10 in that powerful new 10 year. The date of her accident was an 11 day, a master plan was set in motion that day by the dark forces and unfortunately for them, we are screwing it up big time.  As predicted by many wise souls the latest news from Shelly has her setting up a personal site and releasing a book about her life and several other books.  How handy that these will be on her personal site so when people say hey you’re raking in all this cash, Shelly she can say “not from fire the grid, that’s a different site”  What could this woman possibly have to say to the world that takes several books, when she admits to being on a commited path one year?

But the focus now, aside from the personal fortune she is planning from her book sales is Project Cause.  She states that the information about project cause will be up and running in early September.  How convenient!  Just in time for the 999, imagine that!  She says in her message that


(her caps not mine). That is a blatant as it gets!  New world ORDER participants.  Willingly taking part in this evil plan! She then wants all her new world participants to register themselves and leaves us with a quote from Edgar Cayce.  Conveniently Cayce is one of the least controversial metaphysical personas, so she won’t offend the fringe of her followers who are religious.  The quote is one that is about peace needing to come from within, smashed right in there with the message that all her new world participants will be shoving their version of peace down our throats.  We are supposed to see the Cayce quote and ignore the fact that neither fire the grid nor project cause has anything to do with individuals finding peace within.

Over the past week I have written a lot about anger and how we can transform it into something positive. After the conglomerate entities were returned to spirit the souls were released to return to their higher selves. This was both a tremendous victory of love and a time of turbulent emotion. These higher selves upon integration had to deal with the anger they felt at having their ability to ascend kept from them in this heinous way. My brother Lee was of the people whose higher self had a potential (soul) trapped into a conglomerate entity in 1959. Spirit prepared him in advance for the integration and told him he may experience some intense anger for a couple days. They asked him to stay home and ride the storm, as it were.

As the higher selves started to do the integrations they started seeking a way to transform this energy, and decided they wanted to transform it as a group. Lee was asked to assist in grounding this process. They asked him to head down toward Flathead Lake from where he lives to get into the core vortex area. At the same time they asked me to head out to the cliffs here about a mile from the house. When I got to the cliff they started an invocation of empowerment that this anger would be transmuted into love, clarity and the ability of the souls they had on earth to see through the illusions and stand their ground. They wanted all the aspects of themselves to speak out and take action, so that the kind of pain that had been put on to them by the dark forces would not be used again against anyone else. It was very powerful, the winds whipped up and I was aware of Lee’s energy and that of someone in Sedona using the southern vortexes for this purpose with Lee in the northern vortexes. I was the hub between the two using this dome energy that I created here in Pagosa Springs when we got here to protect the town from the Dulce NM influence. (about 20 miles away)

On the way home I became aware that a group of grid workers were pulling out grids from power spots of another sort. In dark force energy work, and often taught in witchcraft, (which is a sign that the type of witchcraft in question was not started in light) the practitioners are taught to hold energy in spots in nature. They look for locations with certain qualities and build a grid to hold energies that they can call upon when needed. The reason true light work would never teach this is because we have access to all the energy in the universe, we have no need to store personal or group energies. The grid workers first ripped apart the Klamath, CA spot where the grove energies are stored when needed. Then came a spot in the Alps somewhere, I was planning to dowse out the exact locations, but never did get to that. Third was a spot somewhere near Monaco. Fourth was in Glastonbury, England. The fifth was on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. At this point I thought it was done, but then came to realize the grid workers of all five spots had come together to tear apart a very big one someplace on the east coast of the United States.

This work done I arrived home and a hour or so later Lee called. He said “I made it to town, but not to the lake”. As soon as he left a big storm whipped up out of nowhere. He got into town and felt sick, he thought he was going to throw up and pulled over. After the feeling passed he headed home but there were trees down and various neighbors had to come together with chain saws, to clear the road. I had no doubt he had been exactly where spirit wanted him. When comparing times he stopped in town at the same time spirit had me doing the invocations. As the night went on the storm got worse, by morning there had been several tornadoes in an area that it is rare to even get a funnel cloud. Clearly the intensity of the anger he was grounding for transformation was intense. The work was done on behalf of the higher selves, and the primary power holding spots that are used for any grove energies were no longer available.

No sooner had that been completed when I received the email letter I posted in the blog post Here we go again damn it. In their desperation they were going to have people send energy they could use directly to yet another power holding spot. This time they made a big mistake however. They had in their intention that this energy was for the Earth Mother. They never intended to give it to her, but trap it before it reached her. Because the intent was there, with the earth mother’s permission the workers of the light would be able to take that energy and place it to the intent of the Earth’s choice. So on the 24th this energy was siphoned out of that power spot and given out freely as the Earth intended. Her intent? Her first instinct was to use it to help in ridding the dark forces from earth. Upon looking closely at this intent she decided that with the current speed of events in that area, she did not want to offer extra energy that could bring further chaos to those in the light. She felt the pace of that work was on target. So she decided she wanted to uplift those who work so closely with her to bring forth loving energies. She wanted them to feel SOLIDARITY with her and one another. She wanted to offer them strength and fortitude. So the energy was sent out to the workers with that intent and if you are one of us, you felt it, even if you didn’t know what it was.

Unless something comes up unexpectedly, that was the last attempt to save themselves at the grove. They have lost their most important power spot in the North America, they have lost all of their conglomerate entities and they have lost a few high priests and some of their disciples. They were attempting to break grids of light and were caught. Typically if a being with a body is caught in this manor they are released. On the 24th however, the Creator said bring them home to SOURCE. When they were removed from the earth dimension the soul detached from their bodies. With no soul the body’s heart cannot beat. I am aware of approximately twelve who were caught in this manor. If you are one of the spiritual leaders of the dark forces it has been the worst month in your history. If you are in harmony with the Creator, this month has been our greatest victory on earth to date. We are well on our way to remaking earth as God intended, with no dark forces. So to the dark forces let me say PLAY NICE your days are numbered and you will not accomplish any of your goals. May I suggest enjoying the short time you have left on earth and as an individual being! Go play golf or something…

ohhh p.s.  Make sure and make note of this date, November 11, 2009.  There is bound to be someone trying to work with these energies as it is a TRUE 11-11-11.  DISCERN!

Here We Go Again! Damn it!

I just got this email (shared below).  Now they want your energies on Tuesday the 24th.  How CONVENIENT, the dark humans will still be at the Bohemian Grove. and this supposed device was picked up by aliens the day after fire the grid.  Numerology of this day is a 22 day!!!!!  So perfect that it is sent out by a PhD no less, and it wants us to heal something that was supposed to be created by the cabal (i.e. dark forces) . Blaming themselves for damage to the earth to get us to respond and give our energy this is a classic manipulation.

He says he can’t tell us where exactly to send our energies because it would be dangerous.  To whom exactly?  But we will be told in the winter.  The Earth Mother is just fine!  If she needs our help with something she would send out energy to all the people who are open herself, she doesn’t need a PhD mouthpiece.  She is quite capable of  communication all by herself.  They want you to send your energy to this spot, without knowing where is, by intention, using their wording.  They even want you to time shift if you are not available on Tuesday (at 8am pacific time) and send it now or, if you miss the time, send your energy BACKWARDS through time!  Here is the deal, I am working on a fire the grid update where I explain how the dark forces use certain places to hold energy until they are ready to send it all at once.  Since they can’t do anything from the Grove itself.  They want you to send your energies to one of the places they store energy directly!  The danger in exposing where, is that people like me will go tear it apart!!  At the appointed time a high priest of the dark forces, who is no doubt already at the location to facilitate the receiving, will send out the energy with their evil intent.

Once again they use the old standby, the earth is in trouble, to sucker us in to turning our power over to them


Subject: Joint Psychic Exercise to heal Mother Earth’s latest injury
From: “Richard Boy-an PhD” <drboylan@sbcglobal.net>

Joint Psychic Exercise To Heal Mother Earth’s Latest Injury – 7/24/07

Friends and Star Kids,
You are invited and called upon to join in a Joint Psychic Exercise to
respond to a healing need of Mother Earth’s after a Cabal-inflicted injury.

The explanation/background follows.
The Cabal had placed a massive disruptive-energy device in a northern latitudes location. This was recently discovered.  A task force, consisting of Colonel Shadow (and his Counter-Insurgency Team) and a Zeta crew and  starcraft, took this device out of Cabal control on July 18 . The device was deemed so damaging to Earth that it was removed from Earth’s atmosphere by Zeta safely into space. However, the device had been in place long enough to do serious erosive damage to Earth’s surface in that locale.

So, Mother Earth needs substantial healing of the damage left by the device’s past presence.  This is where you can help.  You are requested to join in a Joint Psychic Exercise Tuesday to respond
to a need of Mother Earth’s for healing after this cabal-inflicted injury.  The Exercise will consist of directing he-ling, restorative energy to the northern-latitudes location where the device was located. The healing energy “send” should last at least 15 minutes.
The precise details of the location and nature of the device cannot be  revealed at this time. Revealing the information now would pose
substantial risk of harm. I regret that the details cannot be disclosed
until early Winter, at which time the danger of harm will have passed. Please do not ask for more details now.

As for the matter of where to direct your healing, restorative energy
for Earth Being/Mother Earth, please send your energy to Earth Mother by intention “to the location where the recently-removed disruptive-energy device used to lay.” Mother Earth will “get it”, and will gladly receive your soothing, repairing energy.

If you absolutely cannot make this time, join us as soon as you can,
and back-time or forward-time (time-jump by intention) your effort to coincide with ours.

Thank you.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor

DON’T Fire the Grid

pdf file DON’T Fire the Grid

DON’T Fire the Grid

Let me tell you why. The fire the grid campaign is another agenda by the dark forces and there is ample evidence of this.  In general, global meditations of all kinds are created with good intentions and people participate with a desire for positive change on the planet.  However, most people are unaware of the workings of energy, even the energy of their own bodies, let alone the energies of group consciousness, the energies of the earth, and yes the energy manipulation abilities of the dark forces of planet earth.  The average Joe participant in a global meditation ASSUMES that the energy he has offered into the meditation has gone to the greater good, to love and light, to peace and higher vibration, but the truth of the matter is, this energy more often than not is abducted, so to speak and used for a much different agenda.  You see when we join energies, we are indeed very powerful.  The problem is there are so few people on the planet knowledgeable enough to wield this group power we create to be used for the intended purpose.  Unfortunately most of the beings with this knowledge are dark beings. 

The reason?  They have been controlling the world for a long time and controlling what we learn and believe.  Only a few people tread the inner path far enough to gain the same level of knowledge on working with large amounts of energy as the masters of dark forces who carefully pass the information along among them selves to select initiates that are trained from childhood.

In essence we meditate and turn this power over, not knowing or caring who it is being turned over to.  Many people believe the Ascended Masters are handling it.  But it is power of earthly beings with form and we must handle our own power, Ascended Beings in spirit do not have permission to interfere in the affairs of man.  There are Ascended beings on earth with form, some of us are aware of this, some are not, they are called Dharljas, (less than 200 of them) but they also cannot interfere and simply take this power to apply our intent.  We would, as a whole, have to ask them to take the power from a particular meditation and they would have to AGREE to do so, as they cannot be responsible for all the people of the earth.  This is universal law.  The problem is the beings of love respect and work within universal law and the beings of darkness do whatever they want and do not abide by universal laws.  The end result is every time the powers of darkness need an infusion of our energy to continue to maintain their veil of ignorance over us.  They “inspire” some good intentioned but open and unprotected person to bring up the next big global meditation and we freely give them out power. 

What a great con they have going and we keep participating because we are desperate for change, for love, for peace, for the world to make sense to our hearts.

This particular meditation fire the grid is an especially slick production.  The open person to “inspire”, is a woman people relate to, a woman whose life sucked so immensely that any improvement would be momentous to her, leading her to have great passion for the cause that would change her life.  Her story is an emotional one and she is real in her sharing of the story, her life has been changed.  The agenda however is clearly available upon scrutiny, although this is one of the better presentations I’ve seen in a long time.

The way in which the dark energies work their agendas is consistent, they take things that are truth and that are important to us and they make them the center point of the particular “project” and they weave them together in ways that we are used to, and relate to. Then they insert small aspects of their real plan, right in the middle of two really big emotional core positive truthful issues so that we go from the emotion of the one positive point to the next point ignoring the part in the middle we should be scrutinizing.  The metaphysical movement of the early century was infiltrated and used in this way becoming the New Age movement.  At the beginning it was about 90 percent basic metaphysical principals and 10 percent their agenda, but as time has gone by, almost nothing in the current New Age movement can be trusted.

Some uses of this technique are so badly done that they are hilarious to read by people who are aware.  Others are quite well woven.  In the early 90’s the Ashtar Command had some well written propaganda that many people integrated into their belief system and still hold onto today.  The Ashtar Command are in fact, a group of dark entities.  They have no ships and are a complete fabrication of the illusion put upon us.  They created the fear agenda of the earth changes, which are simply a natural process of the planet and started the promises of being saved in ships and the ET contact that the dark forces planned to use to force us through the fear of space invaders into a global government.  These techniques have been used with lies to convince even the most die hard conspiracy buffs to believe we are in imminent ET danger.  Here is a news flash, the reptilians and the greys are not ETs.  They were in fact created right here on earth and share earth human DNA and animal DNA from, animals currently alive and extinct.  True ETs work with the universal law of non interference and would in fact not have the knowledge to leave their own planets if they were not in harmony with the universal. 

The reason the reptilians and greys can screw with humans and this world we live in is because they are earthlings!  During the times of earth changes past, when we have lost our technological knowledge they retained theirs and used it against us. They aligned them selves with the dark forces and it has been earth civil spiritual war every since.  The truth of the matter is, they hate themselves and want to be fully human as they are not in an image the Creator brought forth, but an image brought forth by the ignorance of human interference, thinking we had mastery over the Creation process, this is why they hate humans, this time it was them that believed they had mastery over the Creation process.  But like the earth all things seek homeostasis and Divine Principle of life will give all things rebirth.

The concept of ascension was also high jacked early on by the dark forces, using these same techniques. They used the popularity of channeling to accomplish this.  There are people who are actually channeling (communicating) with spirit beings of light, but most channelers are just people who were open to receive information input into their mind.  Some of this is accomplished through spiritual techniques some of it is accomplished through the use of technology.  A key to this manipulation is that these people all channel the same entities and offer the same message, at times almost word for word.  St. Germaine, & Archangel Michael are two of the favorites.  The reality is there is no reason for everyone to talk to the same entities, we each have our own guide and angel, if you are talking to spirit those two beings and your own higher self is who you should be talking to.  No one else should have contact without the permission of your life guide.  Now the disinformation spread by these fake channels (who completely believe in what they are doing) is considered common truth thus strengthening the veil, that keeps us in ignorance.

What this current group of dark entities has done with Shelly Yates of  fire the grid, is one of the better uses of this technique.  She believes it all, so on the conscious level you hear truth from her, she is compelling and you want to believe her, it is altruistic, it speaks to the part of the heart that believes in the inherent good in people, but pay attention to some of the details.

First there is no definition of the grid, or what firing the grid means, and exactly what grid as there are in fact thousands.  As a person who’s whole life purpose is working with grids this is an over sight beyond measure.  The one description in the nine part video on youtube.com is that the earth’s field is made of little hexagons, smaller versions of the personal field of each individual.  This was one WAKE UP moment while watching the video!  This is absolutely false.  The closest thing we could come to that description is the human group consciousness and while it affects those of us here on earth, it is a human grid not an earth grid.  That group consciousness grid is the one that is veiled by the dark forces so that we humans have a difficult time tapping into truth, and moving our personal consciousness beyond the limited belief of the whole as instilled by the mind programming from birth by the powers in control.  That is not now, nor has it ever been an earth grid. 

There are several earth grids and they do play a significant role in group meditations because we use our bodies to give and receive energies and we use the earth and her leylines to do so from body to body and the group consciousness transfers energies from soul to the whole.  When we are together in group we often join hands to transfer the energies to one another when we cannot be in the same place we use the body of our earth mother to join with us.  It is like she has millions of hands that reach out where there is a gap between us that needs to be bridged.  Humans have always connected their own personal grids with the earth grids in various ways.  This is in fact the number one battlefield between the workers of the creator and the dark forces.  The dark forces knowing the general public has lost this knowledge set up grids within sections of the earth grid they use to control us.  They did so with permanent physical expressions at key power spots, one such example is the Washington Memorial obelisk.  This holds a point of a power grid that was formed with the early government of the United States.  I have spent years tearing apart these grids that do not belong here, or in the case of ones anchored in a permanent structure we find ways to transform the energy then take the grid and integrate it into love and it becomes one of our grids to empower the whole instead of one of their ways to disempower the whole.  I am going to get back to grids in a little bit but I want to go back to some detail on the fire the grid event.

Here are a couple examples of the technique discussed as used in the fire the grid video of Shelly.

Example one

 Emotional core positive truthful issue: 

Shelly being enveloped in great love in the car on the way to Montreal and having to pull over weeping (very emotional)

Disinformation packaged in the middle

You can use the energy to heal a dying boy, you can use the same energy to heal a dying planet.  This one phrase hooks us into one great fear that our planet is dying, or that we are killing her, and it ties into our overall knowing that the situation on the planet seems to be hopeless (ie dying)  You have to stop and back off from the emotions this evokes and bring forth critical thinking.  Our planet is not now nor was she ever dying!  We do not need to save her the way the little boy was saved.  Many of us have long had inside us this desperate feeling of needing to save the planet.  But that is multifaceted; one part is the mind control programming, one part is many of us were incarnating on the planet that was destroyed, where the asteroid belt is now and have unresolved feeling about that, and one part is knowing that we currently have the same technology to destroy this planet in the same way.  But this planet is not sick or dying!  What we humans have put upon her is capable of killing humans and animals, it’s not good we have to stop, but it doesn’t even compare to a good case of the flu to her.  She will go on with or without us as long as we don’t implode her.

 Emotional core positive truthful issue: 

Getting validation finally through the event that leads to meeting Dr. Steven Greer (also very emotional to get validation of something you want to believe but fear)

  Example Two

 Emotional core positive truthful issue: 

Food, water and shelter for every person on the earth no matter what, not based on economics ( a huge emotional plea for any of us with a heart)

Disinformation packaged in the middle

We will have a global council ruling and controlling the money that will no longer go to little charities but will come to the one big charity to feed and house everyone.


Are you paying attention yet?  Global council of who?  Who do you trust with the trillions that would be required to do this work.  Sounds like global government to me, same old agenda different face.  After all, can this one altruistic charitable organization be expected to wade through the red tape of almost 200 individual governments to do its important work.  I know lots of people that I trust and love and respect, but give the group of them trillions of dollars to help the needy in any way they want, and then add in the influence of the dark forces that would then be exerted upon them even in the best of scenarios no mortal could hold that power with integrity, in the current world model.

 Emotional core positive truthful issue: 

The concept that the indigo children will take over in 2012 and do all the real work ( in other words just meditate now, and that all that is required of you, whew what a relief, we can have that over with by next week)

This second example has a trick in the second emotional core, because it includes truth and disinformation so if you question at all, you may disregard this statement but keep the global rule part presented above it.  This second core says there are indigo children, which is true, and plays on our knowledge that 2012 is an important time which we also know to be true.  The lie is that the indigo children will just take over and all we have to do is get through this fire the grid meditation and then dump the responsibility on them.  She then further goes on to say that there are billions of 15 year old indigos who will be able to vote in 2012.


Even if she misspoke and meant to say millions, vote? Where? The U.S.?  Are we the key to the world domination plan here in the U.S.?  Not every country lets 18 year olds vote, nor does it makes sense that she tells us the indigos think differently than we do, but they are just going to change everything by voting in the same system.  Ummm. I think changing by vote, would require candidates to vote for, that are not part of the dark agenda, and a voting system not controlled by the dark agenda’s cash.

Its also absurd to anyone who is aware of the higher vibration people being born on the planet for the time of transition, that they are all miraculously 15.  The indigos as they have been called have been coming for quite some time, some are around 50 and they were a core of the anti Vietnam war movement.

2012 is important because it is a rebirth point for the earth, the beginning a new cycle.  All things have rebirth points; humans have the obvious rebirth point of reincarnation, getting a new body.  But within this life we have the rebirth point of the body every seven years.  As we move closer to ascension and activate various energies our rebirth point increases in frequency.  This is often referred to as the quickening or the awakening. As the earth nears her rebirth point it creates a vibrational influence that affects all life and makes activating higher vibrational frequencies within us easier, another fact the dark forces want to keep from us.

The desperation to maintain control and keep the veil intact through the 2012 rebirth is the obsession of the dark forces.  It is a war they have long since lost, but they are determined to continue on in the attempt to take their stranglehold of soul slavery into the next millennia.  All their efforts are being thwarted day by day and they are at their wits end, so to speak.  This is an excerpt from a previous blog entry that then ties into the fire the grid manipulation.

July 7, 2007 – Every year in July the power elite do ceremony at the Bohemian Grove in northern California, these ceremonies have included human sacrifice and are attended by well known people from around the world. This is a boy’s only club, making it clear that even when women are in power in the world their power only goes so far, and the big boys are calling the shots, or… were calling the shots!The day after the summer solstice this year a group of grid workers were able to dismantle the grids of the grove, which would prevent the energy of their ceremony from being spread around the world. We knew this would lead them to take some desperate measures, as they believe the grove ceremonies are what allow them to remain in power here in the United States. We waited, watched, and prepared for all contingencies as July drew near and they would have to take some sort of action before the ceremonies began.Today was the day they unveiled their new plan to spread the energies, they tapped the 7-7-7 ceremonies and music celebrations for climate change (an illuminati created issue unto itself) creating person to person grids instead of planetary grids. They put key spiritually powerful people into these locations. Some consciously knew what they were doing others were people who are unaware they were open to manipulation. They intended to use this unified focus on the planet to send an energy line to the key people who would then connect it to others open in the moment to the cause and they would be sending energy to family and friends in their prayers and it would continue on that way. This plan however has been thwarted and stopped the energy lines to the key people preempted and there is no avenue for the grove ceremony energies to be spread in the world.Note : When I say the climate change thing is an illuminati issue, it is because the whole global warming hype is their attempt to convince us we need one global government to save the planet. Global warming is NOT human created! We are in a natural cycle of the earth and sun in that respect, and in fact a universal cycle is in play at this time as well. That does not mean we have not done awful things to the earth and need to stop, but global climate change would be here even if we were still tribal nomads with no technology whatsoever.Incidentally this is not 7-7-7 at all ,because numerology doesn’t work that way, you have to add the 2 of 2007 and it is 7-7-9.  7-7-7 was two years ago ,the same was true when people did all the 3-3-3 and 4-4-4 crap, discernment is the biggest key of any spiritual path 

On the 8th of  July these same grid workers were able to pull from the earth ancient conglomerate entities that were embedded into the earth, like a dark entity will take over a human body and embed into the heart chamber, making it difficult for healers who know how to do entity detachment to remove, (as most entity attachment is just that, attachment to the outer grids of the human).  These conglomerate entities have been in the earth for thousands of years and the dark forces used them to anchor the veil and hold key points in the grids they control.  This one aspect of the veil was released with these unnatural entities being returned to light source.  The first result of this work occurred on July 9th when I found the protection grid that surrounds my residence surrounded by earthbound spirits. 

When these conglomerate entities were no longer holding the invisible dimension of the earth in their control, masses of earthbound entities realized they were not where they belonged, and were naturally drawn to grids created in love seeking a way to return to their higher selves.  The grid workers quickly created tunnels of light for them to return to spirit.  Thousands returned home.  This was to the dismay of the dark forces, who regularly use the earthbound to do their dirty work.  It serves their agenda to keep as many as possible earthbound because a higher self cannot ascend in spirit without the return of all parts of it’s being to the whole.  Nor can any part of their whole ascend on the earth to become a Dharlja if one part is trapped earthbound.  This changes the whole game, and they know it.

The Bohemian Grove ceremony is a 17 day ceremony, so while they are still there plotting and planning in desperation, things continue to look more and more bleak for them, due to the hard work of a small group of people who have dedicated their lives to defeating the dark agenda, by learning the ancient knowledge and taking control of the grids and retuning them to Divine Principal.

Their next plan while they are still at the grove … To use FIRE THE GRID on 7-17 to send out their negative ceremonial energies to control the planet.  Is this where you want your light, love, and peace energies to go?  7-17-2007 was chosen for specific reasons.  For one, the dark forces knew they would be in the grove ceremony, and would be able to use the energies as they chose to further their agenda.  They also love to manipulate the numbers.  In this case it is the 17th and they have a 17 day ceremony.  17 is an 8 in numerology, which is infinity, the symbol that Shelly was told to tattoo onto her body.  8 is the number of abundant prosperity which is the dark force obsession, controlling the world’s money to keep us in slavery.  And the mathematical equations of all of Creation are equations that go on infinitely, and they want to be in control for eternity. 

They chose the 11:11 time, as always, because 11 is a numerology master number the number of ascended beings, whose energy and power they would like to have, but that cannot manifest in darkness.  All the 11:11 events have been dark force orchestrated.  If someone decided that 5:26 was a sacred time and got it into the group consciousness you would find yourself looking at the clock all the time when it was 5:26! Pure manipulation.  The total number for the date is a 6 this is a key number to grid workers.  Because it represents the Enochian star (aka star of David).  This is the sacred symbol of the Order of Enoch, who are the universal grid workers.  This symbol has been high jacked like so many others, over the thousands of years of dark energy abuse.  It represents the concept of “as above so below”  It is how they create the veil of control over us.  They created the grid of control above and anchored it to the earth and we below act within this limited view of our world, and don’t see our Divine inheritance and true power.

The pentacle is the symbol of the Dharljas, the humans the dark forces despise the most, which is why they turned it upside down and made it their symbol of evil.  We can destroy the veil, but we must stop empowering it first, by turning our power over.  The key to global change is changing ourselves as individuals.  We don’t have the power to change other people.  We may inspire them, but we cannot change them.  We must each raise our own vibration to uplift the whole. What would happen if we instantly and massively raised the vibration of the collective consciousness?  Many of us would experience amazing bliss and joy, but the lowest vibration people on the planet would be unable to handle it gracefully and would likely act out, creating even more horrible atrocities in the world.  If the Dharljas step out into public and show the true Divine Inheritance that is the birthright of us all this could also be an unfortunate side effect, because the group consciousness would be significantly heightened immediately.  We must unravel the veil and remove the power of the dark forces permanently and we have all the elements in hand to do so in the next five months.

The time to step up with this work is now, because with all the energetic and grid avenues to remain in power thwarted, the powers of darkness are planning to turn to technology that will create earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The purpose is to create worldwide destruction before the 2012 rebirth.  This will give them the global government they want.  They will then claim it was all natural, and they are just trying to save the poor suffering people with their slavery.

 Responses to quotes off the reverse speech site (linked below) discussing fire the grid, are included here to add clarity on the nature of grids. http://www.evpreversespeaking.com/2007/07/08/don%e2%80%99t-fire-the-grid-it-is-our-prison/#comments  

The grid that the grid workers are talking about firing up is in fact what has been put in place to blast the harmful net out of existence”  Sandi 

There is no grid that has the purpose of blasting the harmful net (veil) out of existence.  It is not possible to blast it out of existence with a grid.  It is in fact, a grid unto itself that does not belong around the earth.  To remove grids they have to be unraveled and disassembled and like the proverbial giant roll of string you have to find the end of the string to even begin to unravel the ball.  Individuals have found this and done the unraveling personally but they cannot do it for everyone.  It is the hundredth monkey principle.  For the veil to fall a large enough number of us must each individually unravel the ball until the group consciousness is imbued with the knowledge of how to do it readily.  At that point, it cannot be maintained for anyone any longer, and the whole is freed.

 “But the net is the net and our prison” Peggy 

The veil keeps our perceptions limited and keeps us from knowing that we are divine and empowered, which is how the dark ones want it.  But the term net used in reversed speech can be used for any grid, because the correct sounds for the word grid, in reversals are not there, net is the common term.  Because the work done by most doing reverse speech is to root out the negative agendas of the dark ones, they are often reversed speaking about various aspects of the veil a form of a grid to limit us.  As well as discussing various aspects of the grids that we are attempting to take from them to use for love or the grids they are attempting to take from us.  However within each and every one of us is the power to pierce the veil, that is what they don’t want us to know.  If enough of us understood that, the veil would fall and be gone forever!  It requires our participation to continue, these global meditations are the very thing they use to keep the veil strong.

 “A grid is time/space. Light is not; we have no real common language apart from mathematics to describe light” Spooky 

A grid can have time space elements but there are in fact no human words to explain all the aspects that grids are.  All physical matter is made up of grids as well as the things we consider non physical, Grids are in fact made of light, divine love, (which is an aspect of God and is not what we understand as human love) thought, and intent.  The light that is used is not the visible light that we perceive and quantify in the world.  It emits a brightness of a sort to the soul/spirit and the visual light that we get in our minds that is not of the physical eyes.  Mathematics in fact is the language of grids but the specific mathematics have not been applied by mortals.  If humans had this particular set of mathematical principals (and the understanding therein), what we consider physical laws like gravity and aspects of physics could be obscured at will, which is one of the many things a Dharlja can do.

“There is no positive/light energy grid nor negative energy grid, just the net.  No one at this time gets out of here dead or alive for that matter”  atomic240

The grids are made and have intent, but the positive or negative aspect of them depends on who is in control of any given grid.  If the dark forces have control of a grid, they use it to send negative energy out to all it affects.  In fact people do get out both dead an alive.  The veil is difficult and painful to pierce but it is done by those who ascend with their last potential/aspect returning to spirit in completion and ascending, and with those who stand forth which is ascending on the earth, becoming a Dharlja.  Dharljas can also become Avatars which means they can disassemble the atoms of their bodies and return to spirit and reassemble them and return to the planet at any time.  The term Avatar has come to have an incorrect meaning over the centuries in the east and is currently applied to respected teachers that are not in fact Avatars.

Ascension on the earth (becoming a Dharlja) is not leaving the planet.  No ships, no ETs or  changing dimensions, the 3D, 4D, 5D stuff is just more new age dark energy terminology that is meaningless.  The Dharljas are right here with us.  If they want they can adjust their vibration not to be seen but they are in the same dimension as us.  If you live in a crowded city, you may have walked right past one in the street and never known it. 

 “Can a being of such darkness create the feeling of being a being of light? And how do you know?” Deann 

Yes, and here is why.  First of all original source and the nature of all beings is Divine Principle, no matter how far an entity has strayed, that is still within them and they can use it.  Secondly, there is the perspective aspect.  They consciously chose a woman who had known no real love and attention in her life and chose her for a task.  Given this other worldly attention in itself was an overwhelming feeling she had never experienced.  In essence she was being told “you matter to us” a message she never received in life.  The other aspect of perception is that this entity could still have been a higher vibration than her at that moment, considering that he has an conscious knowledge of how to heal the child, he is one of the more sophisticated dark entities.  Many of these beings went very far on a spiritual path and then consciously chose to align with darkness.  His vibration being still higher than hers and embracing her would have been a feeling of love and bliss to her.

She readily admits to being on Prozac depressed for 20 years.  These kind of mind altering substances are used to dumb us down and keep us tied to the veil.  They lower our vibration the longer they are used.  This is true of all mind altering substances, including alcohol.  This is why the dark forces love these substances and they love us to indulge in them.  If they can make the world so stressful that we want more and more of them all the better for their agenda.  Anyone wanting to ascend and pierce the veil will at some point have to cease all use of mind altering substances.  Being on a mind altering substance makes you open to dark manipulation through you, as you are unable to tend your own energies and protection while under the influence.  This further complicates global meditations if participants are in any way under the influence.

 “if you are looking for negative then that is what you will find” Deann 

This statement is right out of the dark energy handbook, classic new age propaganda, it is one of the ways they keep us in line by saying we don’t have the right to question and to scrutinize.  That if we question we are being negative and judgmental, when in fact, we are attempting to discern, which is our responsibility as creator beings, who are fully responsible for all we create and co create in this world. 

“She never said anything about focusing the energy of the grid anyway.  What she said was to do something that makes you happy, mediate or pray for one hour on that day at that hour for the healing of the planet.  That’s all” Deann 

Exactly the point she never said anything about focusing the energy!!!!!!  Why the hell not?  If she is planning a global meditation she has the responsibility to know where the energy is going, how it is going there and why.  She is essentially asking millions of people to trust her and she has no idea what will happen to the energy.  That’s because the dark being didn’t tell her they already have a dark plan for the energy she will bring them through her “project”.  That plan, continued global slavery.  This is a simple 1+1 equation. 

Think about this:

1 global slavery agenda

+ 1 focus on what makes you happy

= global slavery makes us happy! 

That’s what we are giving them by FIRING THE GRID


Engtovo Bhodsvatan – July 12, 2007



Bohemian Grove Ceremony a BUST!

And the score is

Engtovo and Friends 1
Illuminati 0

Every year in July the power elite do ceremony at the Bohemian Grove in northern California, these ceremonies have included human sacrifice and are attended by well known people from around the world. This is a boy’s only club, making it clear that even when women are in power in the world their power only goes so far, and the big boys are calling the shots, or… were calling the shots!

The day after the summer solstice this year a group of grid workers were able to dismantle the grids of the grove, which would prevent the energy of their ceremony from being spread around the world. We knew this would lead them to take some desperate measures, as they believe the grove ceremonies are what allow them to remain in power here in the United States. We waited, watched, and prepared for all contingencies as July drew near and they would have to take some sort of action before the ceremonies began.

Today was the day they unveiled their new plan to spread the energies, they tapped the

7-7-7 ceremonies and music celebrations for climate change (an illuminati created issue unto itself) creating person to person grids instead of planetary grids. They put key spiritually powerful people into these locations. Some consciously knew what they were doing others were people who are unaware they are open to manipulation. They intended to use this unified focus on the planet to send an energy line to the key people who would then connect it to others open in the moment to the cause and they would be sending energy to family and friends in their prayers and it would continue on that way. This plan however has been thwarted and stopped the energy lines to the key people preempted and there is no avenue for the grove ceremony energies to be spread in the world.

So, I guess it is time for the celebration! Their power over the United States officially ends here and now, July 2007, imagine that! As my good buddy and spirit guide Bestali has said to me so many times “oh gosh too bad”

Note : When I say the climate change thing is an illuminati issue, it is because the whole global warming hype is their attempt to convince us we need one global government to save the planet. Global warming is NOT human created! We are in a natural cycle of the earth and sun in that respect, and in fact a universal cycle is in play at this time as well. That does not mean we have not done awful things to the earth and need to stop, but global climate change would be here even if we were still tribal nomads with no technology whatsoever.

Incidentally this is not 7-7-7 at all ,because numerology doesn’t work that way, you have to add the 2 of 2007 and it is 7-7-9.
7-7-7 was two years ago ,the same was true when people did all the 3-3-3 and 4-4-4 crap, discernment is the biggest key of any spiritual path

Colorado’s Kangaroo Courts

Kangaroo courts in Colorado where a lawyer  recommends as a strategy that a woman lie about her newborn baby’s father and his family in order to get protection orders placed against them so that she can control the baby. Never mind that she was never in danger nor was her child, that all the baby?s father wanted was minimal visitation. Never mind that there are people in Colorado in actual need of a protection order. Never mind the consequences to the child or the father?s family. The Colorado court that should see through this ruse instead hands out the protection orders willingly. No crimes were committed no one was even accused of a crime. No one had a record or had EVER committed a crime. The father?s family are well known to be pacifists, but the manipulative little bitch, who is developmentally delayed, and obviously mentally ill as well, with a long history of suicide attempts, has full control of the baby with the father getting supervised visitation four hours each Sunday. Who supervises the visitation? Well mommy dearest would not consider anyone other than her mother, who she lives with. Did anyone bother to check that this is the same woman who raised a son who is in prison for 51 years for kidnapping and raping two teen girls. Not exactly a stellar example or someone who should be considered worthy of supervising anyone.

This same woman is known to have drank heavily through the youth of her children and there is no evidence she does not drink now, no doubt she is the very reason her daughter is developmentally delayed. She was living with this mother when she lied and claimed to be pregnant two months before she actually was and continued this lie throughout her pregnancy despite multiple ultrasounds that disapproved her claims over and over. (In other words she is a proven liar) She had no job and got pregnant purposefully knowing that Medicaid would have to pay all her expenses. I see no reason to believe this girl would ever be capable of living alone even without a child. Yet the court feels it is in the child?s best interest to be with her mother and the grandmother with no time with the father outside this home and no ability to see his family under any circumstances. His family are all law abiding citizens, have never been in trouble with the law, no family member has ever been to jail for any reason. This family strived to get her proper medical care when she neglected herself during her pregnancy and her mother did nothing. The actions of the father?s family saved the life of this child with an emergency c-section done due to their research, that her doctors did not pursue do to their belief the girl was just crazy. (which she is, but she was also quite ill) A small synapses of the situation obviously, but enough to be disgusted.

In Colorado a permanent protection order can be issued against someone with nothing more than the person?s claims, no proof is required and any old lie will do. Once issued four years must pass before the person who is restrained can go to court and ask for the order to be removed. They will, however, have to come to court fully prepared with fingerprints checked out by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI, a three month process. Since when do we in America have to prove our innocence, instead of an accuser proving our guilt? Since when do people need to be ?protected? from people that they can accuse of nothing? Since when should anyone with no record whatsoever of violence be assumed guilty and have protection orders issued against them, based on the word of someone who could say anything, has no witnesses to any event that would lead them to believe they are in danger? What is wrong with this picture? How can law enforcement take any Colorado protection order seriously when there is no burden of proof to get one? Why should they believe anyone with a protection order is in danger ever? Do other states in this county consider protection orders issued in Colorado a joke? Or has this become the norm across all the 50 states? What?s next we all need to have the FBI check us out in advance so we can take a little card to court if anything happens proving that we have a clean record, that we have no criminal history? This is disturbing beyond words to me, it is clearly unconstitutional, but then those of us paying attention already know that the constitution has been stripped of all its power already. This is just another indication of how our justice system is completely corrupt and broken just like the executive and legislative branches. It could just be that it?s only a matter of time before the governments local, state and federal will just issue a protection order against all citizens with the protected parties being themselves. Clearly they see us all as criminals but considering they are all criminals I guess it only makes sense to them to think we are the same as they are.

Engtovo Bhodsvatan

I agree with a REPUBLICAN and I shudder in disgust!

Those who know me know I do not belong to any party I am a true independent, however my leaning is more liberal than conservative politically, and the opposite is true personally. When it comes to the dems and republicans however it seems to end up that I dislike the inept democrats, and despise the diabolical republicans, and especially their claims to own the Christian religion. Most of the really nasty laws that are antihuman come from the republican camp and then of course the pathetic democrats do nothing to stop them. That of course is because we don’t actually have two parties it is just a ruse. The reality is that they have one agenda and that for those of us who tend to think liberally the republicans are happy to disgust us, and the democrats are equally ready to disgust the conservative set. Then they setup these mock little scenarios and vote for the same Orwellian legislation. The perfect example of course being the Patriot Act, but that’s not what’s on my mind, what’s on my mind is the illegal immigration debacle.

How screwed up does an issue have to get when I am forced to agree with the republican conservatives in the house of representatives who are at odds with the whole senate. The ruse is to give us an amnesty program allowing anyone who has broken our immigration laws citizenship while appearing to tighten security. After all here we are in this post 911 world, billions going to homeland security and the American people just accidentally found out that anyone, including terrorists, can walk right across our borders. Now I’ve known this for many years. The minutemen were doing their thing and trying to get our attention in the 90’s, pre 911, and I was listening, were you?

Here is the spiritual dilemma, the conundrum that many people face who in effect live in two worlds. What I believe spiritually is that we could have a beautiful world with no borders whatsoever. However there are evil people in this world and they want a world without borders as well, but their version is one in which they control the whole world and the rest of us are slaves and worker bees. This is not exactly the spiritual no border theory I ascribe to. In the world we live in now we are stuck in a paradigm of already created laws and an economic reality that holds us all in slavery. As long as that paradigm exists any change we create has to be changed from within or the result is economic collapse which very few people are prepared for. The kind of change that would be required to create my borderless world isn’t going to happen in this paradigm. I believe it is born of earth changes that free us of all government, who instead of being servants to the people are in reality the jailers of our lives.

In this paradigm we have a country with laws that have been enacted to control who enters our country, and they are not being enforced, this is hurting our country and our economy. As long as we are stuck in this paradigm every illegal that we do not send back to their country of origin is sucking the lifeblood of our own families. We have to control our border or the powers that be will destroy what is left of our deteriorating country. This is where the disgusting agreement comes with the republicans in the house. We must control out borders first, totally and completely before even discussing what will become of those who have already broken our laws and entered this country illegally.

I hear the argument, we are a country of immigrants, this has truth to it but it is not the truth in wholeness. Over 80% of U.S. citizens where born in this country. True grandparents and great grandparents may have been LEGAL immigrants. Let us not forget we have this country because those early immigrants with no status legal or not, starting with Columbus committed genocide against the 500 nations already here. But here we are, right here, right now, what is left of the Indian nations of North America, the descendants of the original invaders, the descendents of the legal immigrants of the new country of the United States, and those who legally immigrated in their lifetime. We have an immigration policy that allows more legal immigrants every year than almost every other first world country combined. We set this policy at that level to allow new immigrants to assimilate to the American way of life. That immigration policy works when ILLEGAL immigrants are not entering the country by the thousands every single day. If we enforce our immigration laws we will be far from stopping immigration, it is illegal immigration we need to stop.

Now I don’t for one second believe that a bunch of Arabs attacked us on 911. All the evidence proves the official version of the day to be a joke, it was an inside job no doubt about it. However I do see there are a lot of people in the world who may actually want to commit terrorist acts against us, and if they do, all they have to do is walk right across the Mexican border! The President doesn’t want to militarize our border, but the fact is the Constitution gives the federal government only a few responsibilities for the 50 states and one is common defense. That means keeping anyone, terrorist or illegal immigrant from crossing into this country. That is a job for the military! The constitution prevents the military from policing the American people within the borders of the United States, that however is completely separate from controlling the border. We have thousands of our active duty military controlling the border between North and South Korea they have been there for 50 years! Bring them home to protect our own borders; Korea is long over due to deal with their own issues.

I am a peace lover and a pacifist and completely against this war were have been waging in Afghanistan and Iraq and certainly the potential for one in Iran, but lets look at this issue from the perspective of a president who apparently loves war and ask a few pertinent questions. Why does a President who is willing to threaten anyone for anything not willing to threaten Mexico. If Vicente Fox was threatened with a few well placed bombs that would take out him his family and his top guys, I’m thinking he would try a little harder on his side of the border to stop his countrymen from entering the United States illegally. Not only that but why are we not pressuring him to control his southern border so that every John or Jane Doe from South American can’t just walk in to Mexico travel north and cross the border. Any terrorist that would enter the United States from Mexico would not likely be a Mexican citizen, which means Mexico needs to let them in first. Bush wants us to believe Mexico is our friend, well Mr. President with friends like that who needs enemies? That is like having a friend who would welcome pedophiles into your house while they baby sit your kids. Where is the arm twisting on Mexico? Big macho America won’t threaten a supposed friend even if they are our greatest threat, but we will threaten weak rulers in unstable areas with oil. I guess if our Mexican friends would just find a huge oil field lurking under them, bam boom bombs go off and Mexicans do become Americans after all! Well at least an American controlled territory we do have standards after all, no citizenship for those we conquer, only American handlers.

It’s all so sick and disgusting but we will not stand up to Mexico for their complicity in every way, first and foremost by their corrupt system so impoverishing their people that they are desperate to come here. The problem is here cannot handle the mass immigration without crumbling. We cannot afford 10 million workers who pay no taxes but use everything our taxes pay for. We cannot afford to offer them health care in a system already crumbling where American citizens can get the care they need. We cannot afford to school the millions of Spanish speaking children, who are essential using our school system as a day care center. I want to know when the anchor baby policy came into being. I mean really if an American woman goes to any other country and pops out a baby it is an American citizen, how did it ever come to be that a baby birthed here of a mother who is not here legally could be anything other than a citizen of the mother’s country. If a tourist has a baby here is it a US citizen? It is insane! That’s all to be said about that policy.

Should we send them back? Hell yes we should send them back, but first we have to control the border so they don’t just walk back in. Should we pressure Mexico and the other corrupt South American governments to implement changes to give them a better life in their home country, hell yes. If we are going to be the tough guy of the world let it be with good reason. The citizenship of all anchor babies should be revoked. Illegal Immigrant Felons fill our prisons they need to be sent back to prisons in their own countries we should not be paying for them in their crimes on our citizens or in our prisons. Why is it that other countries can tell us they won’t take back their own citizens, that is absurd! We talk tough and act tough on issues that only serve the puppet masters but when it comes to what serves the people it will never happen. Why won’t we take a tough stance with Mexico and South America with our borders, drugs that’s why. Drugs are big business and our leaders are deeply involved in the drug trade just like our southern neighbors. They may be better at pretending it isn’t so, but many of us know better. Tight border security would catch the drug runners who would eventually implicate the power brokers in America. We don’t take a tough stance against corruption because our own government is too corrupt.

To those who say these immigrants are doing jobs Americans won’t I say flat out BS! Twenty years ago when the problem was small and the illegals here were mainly migrant workers, our toilets were clean our restaurant dishes were washed! What they have done is force wages down so that American citizens (who are paying taxes) cannot afford to live, while illegal workers are living fine without paying taxes. The idea they take the low paying jobs is also a false claim. Recently in Montana a group was arrested working construction, making over 20 dollars an hour tax free. I can’t make 20+ an hour tax free and a large percentage of the American citizens can’t even get a 20+ dollar an hour job willing to pay taxes.

Death of the U.S. Constitution

It’s May and I wrote this way back at the end of January and then forgot to post it so I am going to date it to the time of writing instead of the time of posting.

The lingering death of the United States Constitution is close to coming to an end. As the constitution has been slowly chipped away for years, the majority of Americans were oblivious, now the power grab has been secured with the addition of Alito to the Supreme Court. This is a very dark day for America and for the world. With Alito the deciding vote on a Supreme Court that is split in its views, the freedoms that the American people have bragged about, lived and died for are all but dead.

The Constitution has in fact been on its death bed for at least 30 years, but we still had the illusion of the rights that is gave us while we watched them be taken away one by one. Slowly and subtly they passed by while we toiled in economic slavery with fluoride brain mush making us unable to perceive what was happening. Then came 9-11 and the nation actually asked for our rights to be taken away. “Oh big brother please protect us” Well we then deserve what we are the process of getting, a complete fascist state.

All of the fascist laws that Bush has called for have been granted, when Congress has refused, Bush has simply added a signing statement to the bill passed to make the law apply to him only as he wants. In fact he has used 500 of these signing statements since he has been in office and the whole idea of signing statements was the brainchild of Samuel Alito. President Bush has never vetoed a bill! Now that Bush has the Supreme Court stacked there is nothing to stop him from seizing full dictatorial control of this country and essentially eliminating Congress with full support of the nation’s Supreme Court. The balance of powers that the Constitution demands is now officially gone! The balance was unofficially gone with the Supreme Court decision after the 2000 elections and the complete lack of accountability for the election fraud in 2004. Two elections were illegally handed to the man who believes it is his mission from God to be our fascist dictator. Now all illusion of propriety is no longer necessary as the five votes needed to turn any Supreme Court decision his way are in his pocket. So long Constitution R.I. P.

The Congress who swore to uphold the Constitution have just handed it over to be placed in a paper shedder and they either don’t care, are complicit or are ignorant, none of which are viable excuses. I have known for quite some time that both parties are the same, now, however, they are not even pretending to have different agendas. They share one agenda to destroy the republic of the United States.

Now those of you who have read my other writings know that I am not a big believer in countries in general and feel that the evolution of humanity leads to living on the planet with no need of government at all. We, however, have not evolved to that point and the destruction of a republic that claims freedom and human rights for its people to be replaced with fascism is not an acceptable alternative. We have for years jumped on the backs of other countries who were not offering their citizens the human rights we felt we could take for granted. Now here we sit with our own rights tattered on the verge on nonexistence, a country now known around the world for torture, abuse of our own citizens and the innocent citizens of other sovereign nations. A country pressed to preemptive war against a nonexistent enemy that was manufactured for the purpose of the destruction process.

Are we in fact karmicly regressing to that from which we came? The United States was formed on all kinds of lies and falsehoods even though there were many with good intentions among the founders. The original constitution had no Bill of Rights, the founders did not agree that we had specific rights. The Bill of Rights we defend were after thoughts, Amendments of those of conscience. The original constitution acknowledged human slavery as acceptable and allowed slaves to be counted as only 4/5 of a human for census purposes. Not exactly a stellar moment in human rights. The framers of the Constitution also had no problem with founding a country on the land where 500 nations already existed and simply exterminating the majority of these 500 nations and imprisoning the rest on reservations until those left could be assimilated.

As the years passed the diverse group of people who immigrated formed a group consciousness that believed in freedom and human rights and ignorantly believed that they had achieved that goal, and should share the good news of democracy to all. Unfortunately they were duped and like the Spanish missionaries who forced people by violence into Christianity we found ourselves over the years trying to violently force other countries into democracy, despite the fact we were never a democracy but indeed a republic. Lie after lie, war after war, in the name of democracy the American people were scammed into believing we’re making the world a better place. What we have been doing is what the United States has always done; stealing property and vital resources from anyone we could take it from by force. It’s the way it has been in Europe for millenniums and we came to this continent and continued with this pattern only with a greater sense of arrogance and purpose. Now we are about to be put back under the fascist rule of King George, only this King George may be even worse than the original one we fought the revolutionary war to escape.

Perhaps the republic of the United States was doomed from its start, but we the people with or without the republic or its Constitution are still, and always will be, the true power. The question is whether or not we will see our power and use it and demand that any government we live under be OUR government and afford all the human rights we pride ourselves in. We can declare our independence as individuals and as nation states and refuse fascism. We may be nearing a time when the states we live in will have no choice but to face the question of whether or not to secede from the union in order to stand by the intent of the Bill or Rights and their own state Constitutions. As important as it may be to know what is happening in federal level politics, it is equally or more important to know what is happening at your own state level. Will your state government succumb to the fascist state of King George, or will your state refuse if necessary and leave the union for the rights of WE THE PEOPLE.

Looting after Katrina

Looting after Katrina

Being annoyed watching CNN is not unusual for me, as the anchors are consistent at ignoring what the people they are interviewing actually say.  They repeat what was said changing the meaning immediately, and that is status quo for them, I expect that, however today, well, today is different.  When a disaster such as Katrina comes to pass, it is a time to be even more diligent in presenting the story from an unbiased position and today bias was all that was reported.  I’m not sure if this bias was intentional or just an expression of a few people unable to back out of their own emotions to see that there are always multiple sides to a story.

The issue in question … looting or in some cases surviving.  A CNN producer was very vocal about how disgusted she was at the looting.  The assumption she passed on to the world wide audience was that these were criminals before the hurricane, continuing with their disgusting criminal ways.  She commented specifically about how she saw someone looking through Nike tennis shoes trying to find their size.  She said they were not taking things they needed to survive like food or water they were taking clothes and shoes.

Let’s think about this for a minute.  Your house is flooded, everything you own is gone.  You have the clothes on your back.  You are wading through disgusting water, filled with oil, feces, and god knows what else, which is now all over your only clothes.  I’m thinking I would feel a change of clothes was definitely a survival item.  Many people were barefoot when all was said and done, wading through water and debris filled with danger, shoes would be an absolute survival issue!  Finding the correct size shoes?   You’re kidding right?  If you have a choice are you going to take shoes out of desperation that don’t fit you if there are shoes there that do!  

I think we have to take into consideration the situation and the psychological impact of what is occurring.  I am absolutely certain that if any of us found ourselves in the situation, as those people perceive their situation, we would be capable of doing all sorts of things we would never do here and now.  

Consider for a moment that some of these people may have been born and raised in New Orleans; some may never have been out of the city.  Everything they know is gone, there is no food, no water, they have nothing.  They have no radio, no news; they are unaware of the devastations depth or the response to it.  To them, in their world view, Armageddon itself has occurred.  They don’t have the ability to step back and look at the picture from a rational or logical perspective any more than the limited CNN producer did.  They are in the moment, in their truth.  

A comment was made about a man taking a TV, think about it, if this man was rational he would know he has nowhere to go with the TV, no power to turn it on, no signal to receive if he did.  What drew him to the TV of all things?  To me it would be obvious that the TV represents a connection to the out side world, TV is the American comforter.  It wasn’t a rational choice but it was a choice of a man who was not likely himself.  

These people need water, food, shelter and clothing not jail and police!  Now there is the other element those who took guns and are roaming the street.  Some of them may be acting out in a flight or fight instinct, and yet they are still dangerous and that has to be stopped.  We do however, in our system of justice, look at the circumstances of a crime, not just the crime itself when assessing a proper punishment.  May all those who think we should round them up and send them away for life never have to experience the loss of their whole lives in order to find out what they are or are not capable of in the most desperate of circumstances.

The same people who have no understanding of the immensity of the psychological impact also want to blame these people for not leaving to begin with.  We have all had lapses in good judgment that were not recognized as such until after the fact, that simply makes us human.  Once again however this doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that thousands of people didn’t have vehicles, or had vehicles and no money for gas to evacuate, and more had no money to stay anywhere had they left.  There were also those too sick to get themselves out.  

Before the storm hit I saw hundreds showing up at the superdome, I thought to myself why are they not loading these people into school buses, and city buses and evacuating them, when they know the superdome could flood.  Those who did not have the means to get themselves out of the city were not taken out by the government that ordered the evacuation.  After the fact they start moving people with school buses, too little too late.  So the powers that be that complain about the desperation and looting, in fact greatly contributed to it.  They also had lapses in good judgment.  At this point there are no business owners that will be wandering back to New Orleans any time soon; they are also the most likely residents to have good insurance.  What difference does it make if those clothes and shoes go onto the backs and feet of people who have NOTHING?

People who are so caught up in the perspective of business and money that they have lost their ability to see with the eyes of human compassion are a sad lot indeed!  In the midst of the destruction stood police, who stood back and did nothing to stop the looting.  Why?  Because in the mist of devastation that great, with their radios not working and their cars underwater, their uniform was just clothing and they were humans caught in the same hell.  They understand why the people are taking what they need.  I’m certain they can imagine if it was their wife and kids, parents, or other relatives left behind with nothing in a hopeless despair.

If you think you are beyond taking anything under the same circumstances, I hope that you will be able to forgive yourself if you ever find yourself in one.  Of course for those who judge these poor people, they would likely have a multitude of options with money in the bank and likely a vacation cabin they could run to for refuge if their main home was destroyed.  Once again economic inequality rears its ugly head and those who had little, have nothing, and those who were blessed blame them for trying to stay alive.

Engtovo Bhodsvatan
August 31, 2005

Liberal Bias in the Media?

There is liberal bias in the media.  I am so tired of hearing this!  If the media is liberal then I can’t even imagine how liberal I must be!  The truth of the matter is I am personally quite conservative, although I am sure most would consider my political perspective liberal.  The powers that be like us to think we must chose sides and agree with a platform on one side or the other, but as a thinking self empowered human being, I cannot in good conscience agree with either.  I come from a perspective of freedom, which means that my choice to be quite conservative in ways, such as not drinking for example, does not give me the right to expect others to make the same choice.  Obviously we need boundaries that protect us all from real harm, and that was the original intent of laws, and the legal system of justice.  But we as a country have strayed far from protection, into the realm of total control of the masses.  That total control is now our greatest threat of real harm, and it comes from those claiming to be our protectors.

The tool of this control is the media and it is used by both primary political parties. The media is a puppet, nothing more, nothing less.  They report whatever the brainwashing machine of our society wants them to report, whether it is perceived as liberal or conservative.  If the subject is personal freedom, they will always take a position opposite of freedom. If the person or group bringing the issue to the table is a liberal group they will bring on conservatives to attack them.  If the person or group bringing the issue to the table is conservative they will bring on liberals to attack them.  

The key in discerning what is happening with the media is not looking at liberals or conservatives.  They are just pawns in the bigger game.  Look at the overall issues that they want to shift our opinions of by polarizing us.  Freedom for example is an issue that strikes deep with both liberals and conservatives if they are awake.  Both, when awakened, see things like the Patriot Act for what is it, police state legislation.  But if the population of conservatives can be convinced that position is a liberal one, then they can manipulate them into supporting the police state legislation and vice versa.  It is a sick game, and easy to get pulled into, as they bring the most outrageous people out for the sole purpose of polarizing people that have more in common than they would like to admit.

While Fox news is the most obvious in their support of anything that serves the puppet masters, there is a reason why I consider CNN to be the illuminati channel.  CNN has built a reputation for being middle of road, as absurd as that is.  They are simply more masterful at presenting the information in a way that a greater number of people are comfortable with.  What I love best about CNN is when you happen to be watching something big unfold live, like 9-11 or Waco.  If you are paying attention they will play a story or show some aspect or video clip once and then it will disappear, it will never be shown again, and will not show up on their website.  The powers that be let them know that piece is history, and it will appear as if it was unsubstantiated information that was never confirmed.  It happens with them over and over.  So if you watch carefully during breaking news you will get information that is significant once, and you better pay attention, because then they will drum it out of your mind be repeating over and over what they want you to believe.

I remember watching Waco live.  At the time we had one of the old big satellite dishes, where you had to tune to different satellites and the dish moved.  At the time there were satellites you could tune in that had the live feeds of news stations, unedited, as they came in.  My ex-husband, my brother and I were watching one of these feeds that day.  We saw the tanks approach the building, break a hole into it, and saw flames streaming out of the tanks to the building.  We sat in shock and horror; I was in tears that day as I watched live, my government, kill innocent women and children.  Some others were privy to this one time feed and one or two even managed to record it.  It was immediately cut out by CNN and never shown again as if it never existed, but we saw it happen, we know what our government did that day.  No amount of attempted brainwashing with another version can change what we saw happen that day, any more than the fairy tale that two small planes (in relation to the towers) caused the obvious controlled demolition of the Twin Towers I saw live on 9-11.

I’m not a physicist, not a scientist of any type, not an expert in demolition, not a brain surgeon, but a teenager could understand that those towers coming down from the hit of those planes is absurd!  It just wasn’t a physical possibility and I didn’t need all the information that is currently available, like the heat caused by the fire and the melting point of the steel, to know it was a controlled demolition.  It was obvious to me as I watched, even as Aaron Brown sat in utter disbelief.  Not only was it a controlled demolition, but it was a damn good one!

I am a firm believer that for some odd reason people who go into journalism are idealists.  They believe we are the great nation of the hype, instead of a flawed nation of good people.  They believe that our government has good intentions when they refuse disclosure on any number of thousands of subjects.  They believe that keeping things from us really is best for us.  They are like young children who can’t believe their parent could ever do something wrong.  I cannot figure out what it is that draws people with this propensity to journalism, but clearly they are willing to believe the best of even the most heinous of situations.  What happened to the 5 W’s and the H?  That would be who, what, why, where, when and how, for those of you who may have never been exposed to that in high school.  

Would knowing the full truth of what our government has, and is doing, shock people?  Yes.  Would they be able to handle it?  That’s a good question. Certainly some would be challenged in ways they can’t imagine.  I believe in truth and I believe that maybe it’s time for the American people to be shocked out of the coma they are living in.  As Dr. Phil likes to say, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge”.  We have been supporting a collective lie that is perpetuated by the media.  

From the earliest days of this nation we have allowed a lack of integrity in the presentation of information to guide our destiny. This lack of integrity led us into genocide with the native nations of the continent & the support of slavery in our inception.  From that time it has led us through cycles of oppression of people in race, gender and religion and has been used to justify endless wars.  The only way to stop this cycle is full disclosure, but don’t expect to see it from the media idealists, the media power brokers, who know full well what they are doing, or the government.  They are fully committed to keeping us in disinformation, for our own good, no matter how many people may suffer or die a horrific death from this.

Yes we must be wary of the media but not because they are liberal or conservative, but because they report anything that is given them to report, how they are told to report it, with no regard for truth or integrity.

The latest barrage from out local Denver channels (local being relative over direct TV) is an endless list of for your health stories.  From one day to the next they contradict each other but are reported as absolute scientific fact.  It is disgusting fear mongering, meant to keep you and I in an endless state of stress.  Stressed out people are easy to control, they are overwhelmed with their lives and have no fight, no resistance.  Don’t believe any of it; take responsibility for your own health and life.  

Read between the lines when watching the news and when you hear things you know to be lies, be sure to confirm to yourself consciously that it is a lie and you are not accepting it into your consciousness.  It seems simplistic to many, but it has worked well for me to use the words, Cancel, Cancel, Cancel, when I hear something on TV that I know is just pure crap.  Let go of the attempted polarization and discern what you hear from your heart, not from a liberal or conservative point of view.  You will see the real issue is not political, but an issue of big power that runs both sides, controlling what we think and how we will act out on those thoughts.  Always ask yourself who profits from this perspective.  When you dig deep you will see that those profiting support both political parties, even when particular individuals appear to be from one or the other.  Nothing is ever as it’s presented to us to by media or government in these times.  

The point?  Think for yourself, question everything, and accept nothing at face value.  Healthy skepticism is not being negative, it is being empowered.  Your other choice is to be one of the sheeple, and no self respecting human would consciously choose that… would they?

Engtovo Bhodsvatan
August 17, 2005

Earthquake In Seattle Human Created?

Hello All

I originally planned to send this off to the Seattle group but thought maybe a few of you might be interested too.

In 1989 when Bestali (My Guide for those of you who have never met him) first started talking about an earthquake in Seattle he always said it would be an 8.4 and on a fault line under Puget Sound. The nay sayers said there is no fault there and that the Pacific Northwest was not subject to quakes that large. He said that the quake would shift the magma base of Mt Rainier causing it to become active within 6 months or so of the quake. Glacier Peak and Mt. Baker were also seen to be affected and come into greater activity. Around 1994 Bestali said a possibility had come forth that would cause Mt. Rainier to blow before the big earthquake. I noted it but didn’t think much of it at the time. A couple years later the subject came up again while Bestali was taping some information with Mom And Randy. He said that there was a certain number of paths that had a smaller quake happening that would have the same effect on Mt. Rainier’s magma base and cause it to become active sooner than the large quake. He told me a few weeks later that the precursor quake if it came to pass, would have to be within Mt. Rainier’s base area (50 miles or so) and that it would require a minimum of a 5.6 (at this level it would need to be within a 25 – 30 mile area) but he saw that it would be closer to a 7.0.

In the mid 90’s the scientists found the faults under Puget Sound. Soon there after they found evidence that the area had experienced a 9.0 on the fault off the coast. Then they said it, the fault in the Sound was itself capable of an 8+ and that it had been 400 years since it had a large quake and was over due to have a big one.

During the same time period Bestali talked to us a lot about the new technologies of warfare that were being developed and the attempts to control the weather and so forth were the desired technologies of the New World Order. He coined the phrase Economic Slavery as the description of our western way of life and proceeded to explain that the ability to cause droughts, floods, earthquake and the like could render a country helpless economically thus the country(s) holding this technology would rule the planet.

When the Seattle earthquake happened a couple weeks ago I had this nagging feeling that I couldn’t rule out the possibility that this was a human created earthquake. A couple of things stood out. One was that the most recent large earthquake in 1949 was in the same location at almost the same depth. The chances of this happening with the complex system of faults in the area seem to me to be astronomical. If it was human created why would they choose the same spot? Easy, they had the data and research on it, they knew what the consequences would likely be in terms of strength and damage. Second this was a 7.0 quake! This was not a 6.8 and there was no evidence of a reason for their downgrading. The difference was that a 7.0 is considered a major quake both in terms of damage but also in terms of insurance claims and the thoughts of the local people. The powers that be were not willing to take the financial hit of a 7.0 and also they wanted to be sure locals didn’t think this was their big one. They knew better.

I was planning to write this the day after the earthquake but for some reason I couldn’t get myself motivated to sit down with the computer. This morning I found out why. Eric checked his email and in it was a article about some others who believe this was a human created quake. (I’ve included the article below) Last night my friend Judith and I were talking on the phone and this subject came up and she asked if they would test on our country, I said yes!

There is no patriotism involved in any of this, it is all about power and control, and money of course due to the fact that we, the normal folks in the world are in various ways participating in the Economic Slavery concept we have been brainwashed to believe in. They will test in whatever country will offer the greatest access to post war game information, They want to know exactly what the results are, just like any other type of war technology testing.

The article says this quake didn’t behave like a normal quake of it’s magnitude. Many things struck both Mom and I as an interesting tidbit of information, that day that correlate with this position. The quake broke a needle on a seismograph, very odd for a 6.8. It maxed out the machine as well, and according to the article acted overall like you would expect a 3.0 to act only bigger. Also of note was CNN caught Bush as he transited from one location to another, early in the day and asked him about the earthquake, he blew it off, as if he knew it was going to happen and said “oh FEMA will take care of that.” The reporters seemed stunned at his lack of interest and a couple hours later he was sent out with a prepared statement that was clearly a response to the reporter’s disgust. They as usual, did not show his original statement more than the two times I saw it. (Usually it’s only once, they must have screwed up) That’s why we affectionately call CNN the Illuminati Channel! J

After the earthquake experts all over were asked by every CNN anchor “Is this the big one for Seattle?” They all said no, the big one will be an 8.5 in the Sound and it’s due anytime, and that the greater area could still have 9+ on the San Andreas off the coast, but that that fault was not as great of possibility at this time. One guy asked if this took the pressure off and he responded that it took the pressure off that place, but in fact it increased the pressure on the other faults.

The Point? Watch Mt. Rainer, and listen to your divine self, if you need to go to or through Tacoma or Olympia. If your gut says no than don’t go. Mt Rainier is unique, every volcano is. The behavior of one cannot really be applied to another. It is like walking into a crystal shop, you won’t find two crystals that are truly alike. The scientists want Mt. Rainier to behave like Mt. St. Helens, which means they anticipate that when the time of eruption nears that they will have swarms of 2.0 – 3.0 earthquakes under the mountain and they will be able to impose danger zones around the mountain. Mt. Rainier has never been that kind of mountain. Once her magma core has been activated she simply blows without warning (other than the steaming and melting of glaciers that is already in evidence) and then moves into an active phase with regular earthquakes and lava flows.

When I realized that this was most likely a human created quake, the puzzle pieces went together as to why Bestali had been getting more and more unsure about which would occur first the earthquake or the mountain. I had never factored in or asked about the human element! What a major oversight that was on my part. The probable pathways for that were likely in the 1000’s. Who would finish the technology, and get it functioning, and at what point in the timeline that would occur, and where would they test. Wow boggles my mind how many timelines that one potential left hanging. Now we know though, Mt. Rainier has had the quake required within the magma base to blow first. Assuming that the timeline for the 8.4 isn’t close enough together that they go almost simultaneously!

UPDATED: Was the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake triggered by environmental war?

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