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yelena and your point is??????  You clearly have set ideas in your consciousness that you want to hold… so hold them.  You can believe anything you want to believe, but stop trying to convince me I should believe what you believe.  I am sure there are some things that you don’t quite understand due to the language thing, but most of your questions are just plain annoying.  You want to pit information you get here against information you get somewhere else just for the mind game of it.  it is tiring and a waste of my time.

I challenge your inner knowing quite honestly because if you were in touch with your inner knowing you wouldn’t be running around reading everything from everybody and trying to make it all fit together in your HEAD.  You would read what you wanted and simply take it or leave it as your heart led you.  You said yourself  in one comment that you can’t be in touch with the energy in a power spot if someone is with you.  That’s absurd, if just being around another person throws you off than your connection is weak.  I trust ME and only ME!  I have read almost no books and I don’t patronize other spiritual sites.  You asked about who would a past life reading be about if I had one, me or the previous soul that inhabited this body, and the answer to that is; I would never have a past life reading!!!!!!!!  I don’t go to psychics and readers.  I get my answers about my past lives from within myself.  I could care less what someone else’s book says, or their workshop or class.  I don’t do any of it.  I just follow MY path, no one else’s.

It is not my intention to be a teacher or a guru.  I am one woman sharing my path, my experience.  The reason?  Simple, it is two fold.  One is that writing whether about spirit or poetry or whatever is simply one way I enjoy expressing myself.  I share what I write the same as I share my photography or any other creative expression, including building the site.  The other is because as anyone who is on this path knows it can get very lonely as you go along.  As the years pass people fall away as they stagnate in their spirituality or fall away from spirit all together.  If someone who really is going through the paces finds the site and sees nothing other than the knowing that they are not alone in this journey than it is worth while to me.  You tell me you are so blissed out and in a perfect state of meditation that you can’t even feel anything negative, well if that is true than why are you not trying to take these questions inside yourself? 

That is not to say I am opposed to questions.  If people are honestly curious or confused about something I said, I welcome that, but I don’t think you are either.  You just want to throw a bunch of stuff at me because that’s the way you live your life.  I went to great length to get to many of your questions in the podcast and then you went straight to the two questions we didn’t get to.  What the hell is that?  You seem to think you have some god given right to demand answers from me, and in your timetable.  I am not your teacher, go WITHIN!  As far as I can see you’re just on some intellectual trip.  I owe you nothing.  I don’t owe anyone anything.  My site is 100% SHARING, I have asked nothing of anyone ever.

I am going to answer these questions,  they may have had other people wondering, but from here on out Yelena, find your answers within.  There are plenty of other questions that are from people who I feel are really wanting the information as it resonates with what they have gotten within, but they are just seeking some clarity.  I would like to spend my time speaking to those questions.

yeah, what about that catastrophy bestali was talking about? is he still? Even if it is his knowledge at the time isn’t it wiser not to focus people’s attention on that and create collective consciousness of doom?

Bestali never talked about a catastrophe because neither he nor I consider earth changes a catastrophe.  It is just a natural process of the earth and is no way negative.  It also shouldn’t be fearful because higher selves decided long long ago if their potentials were going to stay on the planet or not.  We are still in the midst of earth changes, what has changed are the details of some of what will happen with the earth, due to the fact that Mars decided on a rebirth to house life.  This required an expansion energy to come into the solar system to “kick start” her environment and that expansion energy effects all the planets in the system.  I have talked about this on the site earlier. 

i find 2 statements in your latest article odd: my inner knowledge tells me that HS will never test its potentials and another-one receives by one’s believes (metaphysics 101)-so, even if satanic ceremonies resulted in human sacriface, no matter how fearful the victim was at the time of death, the victim will go to “hell”(join the dark forces) only if he believed in hell. Or are you saying that they can force the soul into conglomerate entity at the time of death? i wonder, why are you so detailed about that issue-i’d guess none of your readers can do the grid work anyway…but some people are more impressionable than others and, again, is it worth creating that kind of consciousness?

Higher selves do test their potentials (souls) they assign karma to different aspects of themselves and decide all of the life changing events and life lessons we experience, except for the ones we create with our freewill, which are usually much worse than the ones higher self thinks up.  It is after all, the ascension of the higher self that is the goal, we are just parts thereof that are given different gifts and talents and limitations to achieve certain goals and lessons for the higher self.

I don’t believe in hell, and belief in hell has nothing to do with conglomerate entities.  The souls are trapped into the conglomerate entities by using grids at the moment of death that prevent the soul from going anywhere other than into this energetic prison of a sort that is the conglomerate entity.  it is not NORMAL  nothing the dark forces do is normal or right.  That is the whole damn point.  I’m sure there are readers of mine that can do grid work and do grid work and  I thank them for their contributions to the whole.  I talked about it at length because I have had several inquiries wanting more detail about it.  Not all the questions I have received are here in comments many come in email.

dreams are very good means of communicating with spirit as well as your subconscious. however, they are not to be taking literaly. people interpret dreams differently, but it is agreed that they are symbolic. Like death-means transformation; house-your mind; absence of food-absence of knowledge, etc.

I find this just plain insulting I have been recording and interpreting my dreams ( and the dreams of other people I know well) for 20 years.  I know my own symbology and have many years of RESULTS of my symbology.  Dream books are a good starting place, but every person has their own symbols. If you interpret your dreams based on some book instead of results you will NEVER understand your own dreams.  If I have a dream that is confusing to me I write it down and let it show itself, or discuss it with my brother Lee who is quite adept at catching things in my dreams that I don’t see in a confusing dream as I am with his dreams.  There are also dreams that are clearly what I call “processing” dreams.  They are part of current issues I am working in my growth, but are not really spiritual in nature.  I don’t even bother to record those dreams, let alone try and make them in any way significant.  The difference between a processing dream and a spiritual dream are very obvious.  There was nothing confusing about the dream I shared.  Perhaps you missed the part about these tornado dreams being a pattern, this means they have shown me consistent results.

what is the difference between projection, either astral or causal, and just dreaming-i mean how can one tell whether projection or a dream?

Projection is leaving the body and is done during meditation while consciously aware.  We all leave our bodies when we go to sleep.  A combination of the two would be lucid dreaming, in that case the body is technically asleep (in other words in delta brain waves) but you are consciously aware and may affect the direction of the dream.

the activation of the sphere recommended by Bestali-is it basic purpose DNA activation to higher vibration?-i am not clear on this

The Kundalini raises the vibration of the DNA.  Most people who open their Kundalini and thus activate the elemental chakras never activate the sphere.  The sphere is only activated consciously by someone on a dedicated ascension path.  if a person does not intend to attempt to ascend there would be no point in activating the sphere.

there is this SRT (spiritual responce therapy) out there that claiming to clear your akashic records, your contracts, programs, etc Practitioners work with charts, pendulums and HS of theirs and a client (i think). i know it is possible to do because i do this myself (not by SRT method, but by reprogramming my mental and then emotional bodies) for several weeks now and very successfully. But can somebody else even with the help of the Spirit do that for you?

You cannot clear your akashic record.  The akashic record is just that, a record of everything that occurs with every person and animal on the planet.  The Akasha has no judgement or emotion it is simply  a record of factual occurrence.  You do not want to clear your contracts because they were made by higher self for the desired outcome for the life.  Clearing them would be a use of freewill that would likely end with you creating more karma instead of completing karma. 

programming is a good thing to clear and another person can help clear programming, with your permission, but it certainly is not necessary.  It is something that can be done for yourself with dedication in meditation.  If you haven’t learned what you wanted to learn by having the programming to begin with then you may not find success in clearing it until the lessons related to the programming are complete.  However, working on clearing it will raise awareness of the lessons, and may enable you to complete the lessons quicker than anticipated.  So its always worth while in my opinion.

Spirit reflects its level, knowledge, etc and is limited by understandings of a receiver; info is given only in terms that a receiver can understand, and it filters through receiver’s perception. And that’s the reason, i believe, we have different info on a same topic, sometimes even contradictory from different channels, readings, etc

This is why you develop your own inner connection.  If you are not going to or reading different channels then there is nothing to get confused about.  MOST channels are not even channeling spirits at all.  They are receiving a stream of information from dark forces using technology.  The things they bring through make me want to have no association with channeling at all.  I have come close to removing all things related to channeling from the site on several occasions.  These so called channels make every person who actually has a connection with spirit, whether they have channeled or not, look like a bunch of flighty idiots who will believe anything.

Readings are especially bad, very few readers are any good.  Most of them are just in it for the cash.  Also many who are good are not necessarily spiritual, they were simply born with a psychic gift and may be able to see some future things, but have no spiritual understanding of what they receive whatsoever.  If you are trusting readers you will not go far on a spiritual path and are wasting your money.

So one of my personal truths which i presently hold is that God doesn’t really have a plan except to continuosly evolve  through us, our experience. God granted us free will and merely observes how we use it. Now, based on that let me ask you: 1) if God intends in 2012 to take all dark entities off the planet, doesn’t it undermine free will? 2) if God doesn’t interfear and is all love, what dark forces rebelled against? You also say they created density…So density was not God’s intention and creation for us to experience?3) you say that when souls are created, determination is made whether they’ll be  human, nature, animal spirit. Decided by whom? I got impression that not by
souls…again, how about free will, then? 4) you say that souls after assesment go back to their HS…Always? Are you saying that next incarnation will be done by different souls ?

You are free to believe God has no plan, but I have experienced God’s plans in many forms, so I will stick with what I know.  Free will exists within God’s divine structure.  What you seem to want to believe is that because there is free will God has no structure.  You may want to watch the video I posted about the Mandelbrot Set.  They deal with the apparent paradox of a plan and freewill existing simultaneously. 

In general God does not interfere in the creation once formed.  We are however talking about GOD here, and if God decides that something did not go according to plan and is now hurting the whole GOD has the right to make any choice to rectify that.  I didn’t say dark forces created density.  I said dark forces brought about a new form of density that was not in God’s plan and does not serve the whole of the creation.  Their density is one that is so thick, for lack of a better term, that is makes it difficult for being incarnated in it to feel their connection to God.  Why would God want anyone to feel disconnected from their divine essence?

Who decides what sparks (that become twin spirits – eternal love ties in the case of humans) will be human animal etc.  GOD!  Souls eventually return to higher self, normally after one incarnation.  Sometimes a high vibration soul may become a guide after incarnating.  Sometimes a soul is created by higher self for the sole purpose of being a guide.  Occasionally the higher self will create a soul that is going to have more than one incarnation before returning to higher self.  They are called carry over souls.  It would be extremely rare for them to experience more than three incarnations.  So yes, in general, the next incarnation will be another soul from higher self.  However, what is the definition of next incarnation?  Most higher selves at this point in time have four or five souls on the planet at the same time.  One could be a baby while another is 95 and about to pass over.  In these cases lifetimes overlap when looking at past lives.  These are called parallel selves.  If a person has one or more parallels going through a difficult experience and the person is a sensitive they will likely feel some of the feelings of the parallel.

If you familiar with the book “life between life” where the author regresses people and interviews them about that time in between incarnations-none of them mention rejoining with HS

Once again I don’t read other people’s books about spirit stuff, so no, I am not familiar with the material.  But having done many regressions myself with people, I have found that the integration with higher self is insignificant in a regression, it is so ingrained into the soul as there is no true separation to begin with.  Most people are also aware of the life review that happens after death, but when doing a regression this gets skipped as well, unless you specifically ask the person to go to the life review after seeing the previous life.  If you have someone in a regression and ask them to experience the life review and then the return to higher self they will describe it in detail and the feeling of homecoming and joy they feel.

so it is your knowledge that new souls are constantly born or it is all the same original souls just circulating over and over?

New (sparks) spirits are born every time there is a new solar system created.  From there various groups are created that are connected to each planet.  These are angelic spirits and include humanoid species.  Some Universal Spirits will incarnate on every planet.  Most Universal spirits are very old, but God creates new groups of Universal Spirits as needed as any Universal Spirit can choose to return to source when they want to.  God also creates new Universal groups with the beginning of each new super universe.

SOULS are primarily the incarnate aspects of higher selves (some are disincarnate guides) so they are created from higher selves all the time.  You may say they are new because it is a new soul, but it may be a very old higher self.

about walk-in:
if you take all the experience of previous soul and say got a past life reading, who’s past life that would be – prevous soul’s or yours? (especially when you go under the same name)

When I said in the podcast that you take on the experience of the previous soul, I didn’t mean their past lives!  You only take on what they experienced in the current incarnation from birth until the time they leave.  If a walk in were to have a past life reading the reading would be for the soul in body if the reader was even for real.  Name has no bearing at all.

do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?

Not sure why you care what I think on this matter.  All the information is out there for anyone to discern.  But for the record I know it was an inside job.  I was told about this event in 1989, as an event that would be a marker of where the world was in the timeline.  I think anyone who looks at all the facts and can believe the official story is in enormous denial, even if they don’t believe in dark forces.  The science is the science.

would DNA activation happen without Kundalini openning first? do one goes without another or

Not sure what the actual question is here because the Kundalini changes the DNA vibration of the body, but the concept of awakening more strands of DNA that is so frequently talked about, and often referred to as activation, is not connected to the Kundalini at all.

did you get to Samadhi gradually through meditations or did you use specific meditative technics or themes?

I used the techniques shared in the grand hallway of the infinite self and a couple of steps after that, that haven’t been discussed in any length yet.  If the intent is to get there your guides will get you there with dedication.  We don’t have guides to just watch us, in fact the protection element is the job of our guardian angel.  The job of our guide is to keep us on the path set forth by the higher self.  Some higher selves make very detailed plans for us, others more of an outline.  If the plan includes coming to a higher state of consciousness then the guide is more than prepared to lead that process.  In some cases they plan to take you to a certain point and then allow another to take you the rest of the way.  That was true with me, Bestali turned the inner work over to my guide Atara in 1991, and it was he that led me through the ascension steps that I have progressed through thus far.  Now I have another guide that took over my next phase of work named Aktanc.  Bestali was certainly qualified to take me all the way, but my plan included the others because of a certain rapport that I have with them that would facilitate the work.

About soulless entities-Bestali was answering questions about Grays and he said there are 2 types, one of which is servant type soulless race buid by dark forces/lusiferians..they are dying out. BTW, he also said that  Engtovo is of Melchizedek order whereas i believe you said-Enochian

Well he talked about the Pentalites which are the guardians of earth, and the Greys were created to look like them as much as possible.  But a body that is not an android cannot live without a soul.  If he ever used the term soul less, which I don’t recall, he would not have been using the term literally.  The Greys are not dying out, but they are gone.  Several years ago they were made an offer to return to the work of God, and that we would build a planet for them to incarnate and have a civilization.  They took the deal which the other dark forces saw as one of their great betrayals.  It is the reptilians that have been dying out.

I was a Melchizeldek for a very long time.  The job that I do in spirit required me to spend time as a Melchizeldek worker, and Enochian worker, and a Michaelian worker.  After completing that aspect I returned to my Enochian teacher for the rest of my apprenticeship.  Bestali and I were Melchizeldeks in training together, and he was working with me with his Melchizeldek energies at the time of the channeling.  He knew once I started to become consciously aware of the grid work, that would become my focus, so he let me think I was a Melchizeldek until sometime after Atara got his hands on me, as he is my Enochian teacher.  My brother Randy and I were just talking about that the other day.  Neither of us could remember when exactly we came to understand I was an Enochian.  Now it is like a family joke that any of us ever believed I was a Melchizeldek.

If you already lived your divine expression as darlja, why did you incarnate again? or rather why you incarnated not in divine expression?

I am still living my divine expression as a Dharlja.  I have another body and I walked in my consciousness into this body in order to do certain work against the dark forces that as a Dharlja I would not do because the Dharljas do not interfere in the affairs of mortals.  It was a way that I could abide by the Dharlja philosophy and still get the work done, because this body would be in a mortal experience.  I was asked to do this by God.  Three of us did this, myself, my brother Seb (who I met in mortal and know as Lee) and my husband Makenai who is out there somewhere doing his thing.  That is why my focus here is so much on the grids and stopping the dark forces.  It is the reason I came into this body.  I left my other body in suspended animation to do this, and now more often than not, I am awake in both bodies.  When I have completed this work I can integrate my two bodies and live in my ascended expression.  It is also possible I will ascend in this body while still here, and could live in two bodies, although I feel no need to be in two bodies ascended, and believe I would still integrate bodies.  I can say on a strictly personal level,  that if God hadn’t asked me to do this, I would not have done it.  I miss my family and the divine life, which is why I am so dedicated to ascend again.  I know what I gave up, and even though it has only been 22 years, it feels like 200 as mortal life SUCKS.  People get sick of me talking about ascension, but if they had any clue how it compares to this life they would be working a hell of a lot harder to attain the divine life.  This life is nothing more than slavery to the dark forces.  Divine life is complete freedom and empowerment.  That is what so many people are afraid of.  They have been slaves so long they fear their own freedom.

Fire the Grid – Bohemian Grove Update

To start I want to share something spirit told me in late June. They said the next six months were a very important time. Many people on a spiritual path are being tested in various forms by their higher selves to see if they were going to step up and really do the work. With everything that is happening now, and everything that spirit sees coming, there is no more time left for people to step up. These tests must be complete by September and those who pass the tests need to be in their assigned locations by the end of the year. I thought assigned locations was an unusual term and asked for clarification. I was told that higher selves had chosen where they wanted their soul aspects to be if they passed the tests. In essence this was a final test, as many of the locations were places that many light workers would not consider moving. So I’ll get back to how this fits in later in the writing.

There have been some discrepancies about the actual date of the Bohemian Grove ceremony this year.  According to the associated press and the San Francisco Chronicle the dates are July 12-29.  I have heard its starts on the 17th and I heard the Cremation of Care ritual was the night of the 15th.  Ultimately the key here is that they were in full swing on the 17th in one form or another.

All I knew  is they would be doing their thing in July and we had to pull the grids out from under them in June.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to be in ceremony while everyone did the 7-7-7 stuff, but I knew they wanted to get the energy, and they have the knowledge of how to hold it when necessary.  They have a place connected to the grove energetically that is near Klamath, CA  That is where they hold all energies from grove ceremonies  and then do one big send out, like a mass email, when they are ready.  The Klamath location is hooked directly into the Mt. Shasta leyline system grid and then into the primary leyline/vortex grid of the world from there.

The motto of the grove is “weaving spiders come not here”. There are a lot of reference to this coming from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and signifying that the grove is not a place for conducting business. This is indicative of the way the dark forces work. They take a seemingly innocent reference and use it, knowing full well it means something completely different to them. Weaving spiders make webs, webs is yet another term for grid. A weaving spider is a grid worker of the light. For the life of the grove that has been a true motto. Grid workers of the light did not come to the grove and attempt to unravel the grids there. It has been one of their most protected places. Now that is no longer true. Weaving spiders came in June and the sacrifices of the grove will no longer be relevant in their power structure.

There have been some questions about the conglomerate entities that I mentioned in DON’T Fire the Grid. They are difficult to describe. The reason they are called conglomerate entities is because they are a conglomerate of trapped beings, both human and animal in nature. They were embedded into the earth in satanic dark ritual locations. The grove had two of these beings. Each time a human is sacrificed in a ceremony at one of these location they are killed in a really horrible fear inducing way. At the moment of terror and death the soul of the human sacrificed is trapped into one of these conglomerate entities. This has gone on for thousands of years. The conglomerate entities have been moved to new locations when necessary. Each time a new sacrifice took place the strength and power of the fear and darkness of the conglomerate entity increased. Every human soul trapped into a conglomerate entity belonged to a higher self (spirit) and because they were trapped the higher self could not ascend. To the high priests of the dark forces that served two purposes; it strengthened the dark energies they had to work with in ceremony, and it kept beings of the light from their ascension.

Spirit has always said that at the grove they have ritual ceremonies that they do every year, and then other ceremonies that they do now and then.  Clearly this was to be a banner year for them.  A couple months ago when I first heard about fire the grid and went to the site, I instinctively knew I didn’t want anything to do with it and left.  Then when it was brought back to my attention and I watched all the videos.  I realized they were going to attempt to get these fire the grid energies as well, and didn’t have time to think about the complete why of it. 

Now that I  have had a chance to step back for a moment or two I can see the long term plan here.  This was not a knee jerk reaction by them to get the fire the grid energies.  This was a long term plan set in motion in 2002, which means that 7-17-2007 was a pretty special upcoming date to them.  They were planning a special ceremony that day, and that ceremony needed lots of extra energy.  It may be just mere coincidence but I accidentally came upon a Christian board this week that had these little tidbits

genesis 8:4 and the ark rested in the seventh month, of the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat

according to the Jewish civil calendar, the 17th day of the seventh month is Abib, which is believed to be the day Jesus resurrected!

So two really significant historical happenings of biblical proportions, lol, both on 7-17. 

7-17 by it self is a 6 (as above so below) and so is 7-17-2007. Numerology is really important to the dark forces, in fact they are obsessed with numbers in many forms. The large gathering at the grove happens in July because it is the 7th month.

The significance of the 7 in general is that seven represents bringing spirit into matter.  3 being the spiritual and 4 being matter, the four directions.  We all have 7 totems on our medicine wheel; east, south, west, north, above, below and within.  These seven correspond to our elemental chakra system that does not open until our Kundalini is activated.  This is the first step in the ascension process.  These seven; our connection to everything around us (the 4 directions) and our spiritual connection, (above, high self, below, earth, and within, soul) combine with our two primary totems for a 9, completion.  Our primary totems walk beside us, left and right and represent our strongest medicine in the world.  They correspond to the side our body in that the totem on our right side works with our left brain logical strengths, and the totem on our left works with our right brain intuitive aspect.

These are key numbers that the dark forces are always aware of in everything they plan.  They also love to work with 11 and 22 because they are considered master numbers and they want mastery over the world. So going back to the ceremonial dates this year whether they really are the 12th to the 29th or they want the world to think those are the dates they would be significant either way.  Both of the dates have the exact same numerology a 19-1 they are wanting to start something new, and were planning to emphasize it on a 6 day (fire the grid) which is, as above so below.  In other words they are trying to manifest something into the veil of illusion that is big, so it can be put it into action in the world, with either our acceptance, or our apathy.

I am tending to believe that the dates are either accurate or the ones that matter because in May or early June I had a dream where I was given the date July 12, 2007.  I rarely have dreams with dates in them at all, and have never had one with the year.  So I marked it on my calendar.  The dream didn’t include anything about what the significance of the date was. Silly me, I was hoping it was something special for myself 🙂 

I woke up on the 12th with another dream one that I knew was trying to give me information about what the illuminati was up to.  In my dreams, tornadoes always come with news of their doings, these dreams when they are relevant specifically to the U.S. always have someone calling 911 in them.  This dream had the tornado but no 911 call, so this a global storm, so to speak.  In the dream it was said on the radio that this was the largest tornado ever (something huge is planned).  There was a reporter with me who wanted to get the scoop. (intuitive knowing that we didn’t have the whole story)  without getting into the details of the dream, there was big brother, the TV show (we were being watched) and the house was completely emptied of food down to the spices. (The event is big enough to leave us with no food available)  There were photos taken of the tornado that had spirits in them, one was the son of a friend who was dead in the photo who is not currently dead.  ( I’m not sure if he dies in the event or if his death will be a marker that the event is about to happen) One of the most important elements was that the tornado was sideways, telling me it would look like a natural event. being a tornado, but there was nothing natural about it.  My brother also mentioned that a sideways tornado brought to his mind a harvester, that could sweep across doing far more damage than a traditional tornado.  The photos were left hidden in an obvious place for spies to find, so they would leave the rest of our stuff alone. ( indicating a cover up, hiding or destroying of evidence, and that if they didn’t find what they were looking for they would destroy everything looking for it)

This led my brother to talking about HAARP coming to full strength completion recently and speculation that this could be human created earthquakes and volcanic activity.  However another kind of storm, FEAR, could be coming first, the big brother reference could be a way of referring to the the planned false ET attack/landing, we need a one world government to protect our planet from aliens agenda.

I spent the day of the 12th writing DON’T Fire the Grid.  Most unexpected and certainly not what I was hoping the 12th in the dream was referring to 🙂  So I am thinking whatever the plan is that the dream refers to was to be energized at the grove starting the 12th.  I received a quote today stating that the fire the grid site had a new statement announcing that its 17 July 2007 event will produce “the first”… ET contact. hmmmm more coincidence.

Well lets look at another little bit of numerology.  While everyone was all excited about this being the 7-7-7 year after all their 333 and 444 celebrations in years past.  The real numerology of this year is a 9. The day with the 9 energies are the ones the dark forces are focused on, while the light groups were all distracted with 777, is 9-9-2007 a total of 27- 9. 

9 Is completion, so they are already cooking up something new for the NEXT cycle, the 1 cycle which comes with the 1-1 2008 – 111. The year 2008 has two 111 days as 10-10-2008 also comes to a 111, so there are ten months between the two power days of the new 1 year that will lead the energy cycle for the 8 years that follow. (right through 2012, when we have the 2nd in the pair of Venus transits and the earth’s rebirth, to 2016 which is the next mercury transit) This year would qualify as one of the now and then ceremonies at the grove (every 9 years) although I think this year was something even bigger.

The dark forces feel they need to control this 9 year cycle to take themselves through the 2012 rebirth. This is where we come to the message spirit gave me in June. I wasn’t thinking about the numerology, but after the fact it is interesting that the 9 date for this 9 year (9-9-2007) is September the time the testing must be complete. The new beginning 1 date is 1-1 2008, corresponding to message that those who pass the test must be in their assigned locations by the end of the year.

Another little interesting numerology tidbit is that Shelly Yates son was 4 in 2002, a 4 year and now her son is what ahhh… yep that’s right 9, in the 9 year, and 10 in that powerful new 10 year. The date of her accident was an 11 day, a master plan was set in motion that day by the dark forces and unfortunately for them, we are screwing it up big time.  As predicted by many wise souls the latest news from Shelly has her setting up a personal site and releasing a book about her life and several other books.  How handy that these will be on her personal site so when people say hey you’re raking in all this cash, Shelly she can say “not from fire the grid, that’s a different site”  What could this woman possibly have to say to the world that takes several books, when she admits to being on a commited path one year?

But the focus now, aside from the personal fortune she is planning from her book sales is Project Cause.  She states that the information about project cause will be up and running in early September.  How convenient!  Just in time for the 999, imagine that!  She says in her message that


(her caps not mine). That is a blatant as it gets!  New world ORDER participants.  Willingly taking part in this evil plan! She then wants all her new world participants to register themselves and leaves us with a quote from Edgar Cayce.  Conveniently Cayce is one of the least controversial metaphysical personas, so she won’t offend the fringe of her followers who are religious.  The quote is one that is about peace needing to come from within, smashed right in there with the message that all her new world participants will be shoving their version of peace down our throats.  We are supposed to see the Cayce quote and ignore the fact that neither fire the grid nor project cause has anything to do with individuals finding peace within.

Over the past week I have written a lot about anger and how we can transform it into something positive. After the conglomerate entities were returned to spirit the souls were released to return to their higher selves. This was both a tremendous victory of love and a time of turbulent emotion. These higher selves upon integration had to deal with the anger they felt at having their ability to ascend kept from them in this heinous way. My brother Lee was of the people whose higher self had a potential (soul) trapped into a conglomerate entity in 1959. Spirit prepared him in advance for the integration and told him he may experience some intense anger for a couple days. They asked him to stay home and ride the storm, as it were.

As the higher selves started to do the integrations they started seeking a way to transform this energy, and decided they wanted to transform it as a group. Lee was asked to assist in grounding this process. They asked him to head down toward Flathead Lake from where he lives to get into the core vortex area. At the same time they asked me to head out to the cliffs here about a mile from the house. When I got to the cliff they started an invocation of empowerment that this anger would be transmuted into love, clarity and the ability of the souls they had on earth to see through the illusions and stand their ground. They wanted all the aspects of themselves to speak out and take action, so that the kind of pain that had been put on to them by the dark forces would not be used again against anyone else. It was very powerful, the winds whipped up and I was aware of Lee’s energy and that of someone in Sedona using the southern vortexes for this purpose with Lee in the northern vortexes. I was the hub between the two using this dome energy that I created here in Pagosa Springs when we got here to protect the town from the Dulce NM influence. (about 20 miles away)

On the way home I became aware that a group of grid workers were pulling out grids from power spots of another sort. In dark force energy work, and often taught in witchcraft, (which is a sign that the type of witchcraft in question was not started in light) the practitioners are taught to hold energy in spots in nature. They look for locations with certain qualities and build a grid to hold energies that they can call upon when needed. The reason true light work would never teach this is because we have access to all the energy in the universe, we have no need to store personal or group energies. The grid workers first ripped apart the Klamath, CA spot where the grove energies are stored when needed. Then came a spot in the Alps somewhere, I was planning to dowse out the exact locations, but never did get to that. Third was a spot somewhere near Monaco. Fourth was in Glastonbury, England. The fifth was on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. At this point I thought it was done, but then came to realize the grid workers of all five spots had come together to tear apart a very big one someplace on the east coast of the United States.

This work done I arrived home and a hour or so later Lee called. He said “I made it to town, but not to the lake”. As soon as he left a big storm whipped up out of nowhere. He got into town and felt sick, he thought he was going to throw up and pulled over. After the feeling passed he headed home but there were trees down and various neighbors had to come together with chain saws, to clear the road. I had no doubt he had been exactly where spirit wanted him. When comparing times he stopped in town at the same time spirit had me doing the invocations. As the night went on the storm got worse, by morning there had been several tornadoes in an area that it is rare to even get a funnel cloud. Clearly the intensity of the anger he was grounding for transformation was intense. The work was done on behalf of the higher selves, and the primary power holding spots that are used for any grove energies were no longer available.

No sooner had that been completed when I received the email letter I posted in the blog post Here we go again damn it. In their desperation they were going to have people send energy they could use directly to yet another power holding spot. This time they made a big mistake however. They had in their intention that this energy was for the Earth Mother. They never intended to give it to her, but trap it before it reached her. Because the intent was there, with the earth mother’s permission the workers of the light would be able to take that energy and place it to the intent of the Earth’s choice. So on the 24th this energy was siphoned out of that power spot and given out freely as the Earth intended. Her intent? Her first instinct was to use it to help in ridding the dark forces from earth. Upon looking closely at this intent she decided that with the current speed of events in that area, she did not want to offer extra energy that could bring further chaos to those in the light. She felt the pace of that work was on target. So she decided she wanted to uplift those who work so closely with her to bring forth loving energies. She wanted them to feel SOLIDARITY with her and one another. She wanted to offer them strength and fortitude. So the energy was sent out to the workers with that intent and if you are one of us, you felt it, even if you didn’t know what it was.

Unless something comes up unexpectedly, that was the last attempt to save themselves at the grove. They have lost their most important power spot in the North America, they have lost all of their conglomerate entities and they have lost a few high priests and some of their disciples. They were attempting to break grids of light and were caught. Typically if a being with a body is caught in this manor they are released. On the 24th however, the Creator said bring them home to SOURCE. When they were removed from the earth dimension the soul detached from their bodies. With no soul the body’s heart cannot beat. I am aware of approximately twelve who were caught in this manor. If you are one of the spiritual leaders of the dark forces it has been the worst month in your history. If you are in harmony with the Creator, this month has been our greatest victory on earth to date. We are well on our way to remaking earth as God intended, with no dark forces. So to the dark forces let me say PLAY NICE your days are numbered and you will not accomplish any of your goals. May I suggest enjoying the short time you have left on earth and as an individual being! Go play golf or something…

ohhh p.s.  Make sure and make note of this date, November 11, 2009.  There is bound to be someone trying to work with these energies as it is a TRUE 11-11-11.  DISCERN!

The Bodies

Often when talking, like in the podcast, we breeze right past a subject without thinking about what someone listening may or may not know and it can lead to misunderstanding of certain aspects. In most cases I could just wait for someone to ask some questions, but in this case this one subject stood out to me as being confusing so I will elaborate.

We talked about the etheric body in the first podcast when we were talking about astral projection not being astral, if you are a causal level soul And that you don’t have an astral body unless you are at an astral level vibration, on the causal level, it would be a causal body. Then we talked about having an etheric body, and this would lead one to think the etheric body is the one with which you project, or enter dream time. It was not my intention to leave this impression

The etheric body belongs to High Self it is the Spirit Body it has a form to it, but it is not physical, it holds the blueprints, so to speak, of what God created for the spirit in it’s full expression, not just it’s physical experience, and in fact the whole spark that became the two spirits (eternal love ties)

When incarnated we have four bodies, the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual and there are grids that create the matrix of each body. The physical body is obviously very dense and it’s grid system is the intricate expression of the DNA. The other three bodies house different aspects of our soul expression and each have a set of chakras embedded into their grid system

These grids really generally are shown in the diagrams, there are also diagrams of the three chakras systems of these bodies.

The spiritual and mental bodies have the blueprint of the soul incarnation and DNA connection and body expression programmed into them. The emotional body has the highest probability of hindering the perfect expression of this blueprint. Thought can trigger a mutation of this blueprint in the mental body though, and filter this into an imperfect expression in body as well, creating illness. The spiritual body blueprint cannot be effected by either thought or emotion and remains in it’s pure form.

To bring this perfect blueprint into expression to heal a disease for example you would call the blueprint from spiritual body into the mental resetting it, and then into the emotional, clearing anything not in harmony with the blueprint, and then into and through integrating all into the physical. to bring forth the healing of the body.

When we leave our bodies in what is called astral projection or in the dream time journey our soul is using our spiritual body. Information is sent back to the emotional and mental bodies into to brain that then is received as thought, information, and vision or is passed into the physical body as sensations and energies experienced.

The following aspect may not make any sense to you because I have not gone into any great length on the activation of the sphere, and that part of the ascension process, but I’ll stick it in here anyway.

During the ascension process, when the sphere is formed, the spiritual and mental bodies get woven into the sphere structure directly, the emotional body stays tied to the physical but is also still tied to the spiritual and mental bodies at it always has been. Emotions must pass through to the mental or spiritual body to be expressed in the sphere as the emotional body is not tied directly to the sphere.

A Master Incarnate’s bodies work a little differently. For those who don’t know a Master Incarnate is an Ascended Master who comes and takes on physical form for the purpose of teaching. A Master Incarnate has no Higher Self because they bring the totality of their spirit into form. Master Incarnates have full access to their etheric body because they have no Higher Self, the etheric body is brought into form with them.

A Master Incarnate’s etheric body holds all possible models of DNA sequence expression for the planet so if a master incarnate felt a reason to do so, he or she could re-sequence their DNA and literally reprogram the spiritual body blueprint. They would filter it down etheric- spiritual- mental- emotional- physical and change who they are, their race, their gender, appearance, but also the DNA and chromosomal realities of their body. They could become your DNA relative if they desired, they could sequence themselves so that a DNA test would show them to be your parent, or your child.

There is not much chance they would want to do this for any reason, but they can.

A Master Incarnate when leaving body takes the spiritual & etheric body on the journey. They are interwoven and can appear physical to other people if so desired, but if touched would not have a full density, more like a partly dense hologram. As all Master Incarnates eventually becomes Dharljas, if born into mortal bodies (which is essentially why they come to be world teachers) This ability would have little use after becoming a Dharlja, as a Dharlja can bi-locate and have two physical bodies in different locations anyway, there would be no point in projecting an etheric alternative.

Here We Go Again! Damn it!

I just got this email (shared below).  Now they want your energies on Tuesday the 24th.  How CONVENIENT, the dark humans will still be at the Bohemian Grove. and this supposed device was picked up by aliens the day after fire the grid.  Numerology of this day is a 22 day!!!!!  So perfect that it is sent out by a PhD no less, and it wants us to heal something that was supposed to be created by the cabal (i.e. dark forces) . Blaming themselves for damage to the earth to get us to respond and give our energy this is a classic manipulation.

He says he can’t tell us where exactly to send our energies because it would be dangerous.  To whom exactly?  But we will be told in the winter.  The Earth Mother is just fine!  If she needs our help with something she would send out energy to all the people who are open herself, she doesn’t need a PhD mouthpiece.  She is quite capable of  communication all by herself.  They want you to send your energy to this spot, without knowing where is, by intention, using their wording.  They even want you to time shift if you are not available on Tuesday (at 8am pacific time) and send it now or, if you miss the time, send your energy BACKWARDS through time!  Here is the deal, I am working on a fire the grid update where I explain how the dark forces use certain places to hold energy until they are ready to send it all at once.  Since they can’t do anything from the Grove itself.  They want you to send your energies to one of the places they store energy directly!  The danger in exposing where, is that people like me will go tear it apart!!  At the appointed time a high priest of the dark forces, who is no doubt already at the location to facilitate the receiving, will send out the energy with their evil intent.

Once again they use the old standby, the earth is in trouble, to sucker us in to turning our power over to them


Subject: Joint Psychic Exercise to heal Mother Earth’s latest injury
From: “Richard Boy-an PhD” <>

Joint Psychic Exercise To Heal Mother Earth’s Latest Injury – 7/24/07

Friends and Star Kids,
You are invited and called upon to join in a Joint Psychic Exercise to
respond to a healing need of Mother Earth’s after a Cabal-inflicted injury.

The explanation/background follows.
The Cabal had placed a massive disruptive-energy device in a northern latitudes location. This was recently discovered.  A task force, consisting of Colonel Shadow (and his Counter-Insurgency Team) and a Zeta crew and  starcraft, took this device out of Cabal control on July 18 . The device was deemed so damaging to Earth that it was removed from Earth’s atmosphere by Zeta safely into space. However, the device had been in place long enough to do serious erosive damage to Earth’s surface in that locale.

So, Mother Earth needs substantial healing of the damage left by the device’s past presence.  This is where you can help.  You are requested to join in a Joint Psychic Exercise Tuesday to respond
to a need of Mother Earth’s for healing after this cabal-inflicted injury.  The Exercise will consist of directing he-ling, restorative energy to the northern-latitudes location where the device was located. The healing energy “send” should last at least 15 minutes.
The precise details of the location and nature of the device cannot be  revealed at this time. Revealing the information now would pose
substantial risk of harm. I regret that the details cannot be disclosed
until early Winter, at which time the danger of harm will have passed. Please do not ask for more details now.

As for the matter of where to direct your healing, restorative energy
for Earth Being/Mother Earth, please send your energy to Earth Mother by intention “to the location where the recently-removed disruptive-energy device used to lay.” Mother Earth will “get it”, and will gladly receive your soothing, repairing energy.

If you absolutely cannot make this time, join us as soon as you can,
and back-time or forward-time (time-jump by intention) your effort to coincide with ours.

Thank you.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor

More on Anger & Healing

I woke up pondering more about the Anger issue and feeling like there was more to be said on the matter.  One reason is someone close to me has had lifelong anger issues. So I was pondering what I had expressed before about owning and expressing anger in a safe way, and or transforming it into something positive, and the differences between that and how this person’s anger expresses.  The comment below that was recently posted got me to thinking about the deep resentment aspect of anger that can rip apart a marriage, or other intimate relationship.  It also got me to thinking about what he calls righteous anger.

What I have  learned about anger is that it is a useful emotion so that you will take a look at yourself and keep your mouth shut about others.   It really works for a successful marriage.   Righteous anger like the kind Jesus showed is a spiritual quality versus the anger that most of us feel all the time which comes from the ego.    The latter is what most people get in trouble about.

I was laying in bed thinking about the resentful ranging anger, we have all felt it.  It’s horrible, it’s consuming, and wrenching.  Then I thought about how my anger feels when I am all fired up, and  pissed off about new agers making my work harder for example.  Inside me having felt both, these are two completely different feelings.  I laid there the longest time wondering if there were any words to describe the difference between them that I felt.  The second one inside me is more like passion, it’s intense but fleeting.  It is expressed in words, in song, in a discussion with someone I’m close to, the writing of a poem and it’s gone.  It rarely survives even a day.

The first kind and it’s depth seems to be either a situational anger that can pass as the situation changes, or this ongoing raging that becomes toxic in nature.  The person that I am close to that has this anger inside likes to express it at other people.  This is obviously the toxic aspect that then eats away and destroys aspects of his intimate relationships.  We have had many conversations over the years about this element of his personality and how it does not serve him.  He has a great deal of spiritual knowledge and yet this one element seems to stop him in his tracks.

So how does one such as he own his anger and express it in a non harmful way or transform it?  Oh the making of so many conversations!  Over the years I have seen several elements in his anger that really are the core to me.  One is control.  He has a desire to control the outcome of things that are not controllable.  He has an immense level of fear, and he chooses not to trust his higher power.  All three of these things are obviously connected and the source of the anger.  He hasn’t shown a real desire to delve into those things and work them through.  This leaves him with an unending amount of anger expressing through.

I can only think of a friend I met several years ago online who worked with the right use of will material.  I have never read the material, but everything I have heard I really related to.  This friend was going through a horrible time in his marriage, his wife was unfaithful and in his open mindedness he even agreed to try polymory.  He was filled with anger and rage and introduced me to his version of RAGING.  he would go out into nature and scream, yell and rage, kick things around, and keep going until he exhausted himself and felt emptied or was left in tears that came until he was emptied.  He did this several times a week during this period and it worked for him.  He moved through the rage and when he was done, he decided that he wanted something different from a marriage than this wife was willing to offer, and divorced and moved on with his life.

I often wonder if this raging technique could help this other person’s anger.  What cautions me in this thought is the knowing that he seems to want to keep his anger, and knowing that he has these deep core issues from which this anger springs, that are not being dealt with.  So how do we heal or deal with an issue of wanting to control God’s plan in life?  For me I have always had a willingness to move through God’s plan.  I know I am one puzzle piece in this huge amazing puzzle.  All I have to do is my piece.  Some times I want the details of what it is that I am doing and none come, and I do it anyway.  Years later I may be shown what that was about and I find it all so fascinating.

Other people may say, well if you can’t tell me what I am doing this for, than I am unwilling to do it.  You have the right to do this, but when you do you get left out of the puzzle.  So that element comes down to being willing.  What makes some of us willing to allow God to move us through life, and other people unwilling to trust God’s plans.  I really can’t answer that question.  The reason being, that not being willing is foreign to me.  I see it in other people, I see the anger it causes them, the pain, I recognize it, but I don’t understand it.

This same element of willingness comes into our trust in spirit.  I am not the most trusting person on the earth.  However, I have an amazing trust in my guides and our relationship, that many people in my life don’t understand.  To me it is quite simple, they have always been there for me, no questions asked 24-7.  They have never expected me to be anything other than I am, in the moment.  If the moment is not great, they will tell me “all is well” and “a better moment is coming”.  I have talked at length with people about this inner relationship, but there is no way to truly convey the things unseen.  My guides are my best friends, they are hilariously funny, kind, gentle and filled with love.  At times they are not afraid to give me a good talking to, if I am wallowing.  I am filled with gratitude that I have this gift in my life of their friendship and we have this amazing mutual respect.

When I come upon the unwilling, I see suspicion and and unwillingness to open the heart even to one’s own guidance.  It just makes me want to yell “hey you chose the guide how dare you not trust him/her now!”  What causes this level of fear?  How do we then find an appropriate outlet for the fear so;

the fear can pass
the heart can open
the trust and willingness can be born
and the anger and resentment that eats the soul can be released

If only I had an answer to that one!  The problem is a hundred solutions can be offered but the person dealing with this issue has to be WILLING to use one. So it would appear that complete unwillingness is a terminal condition?  I guess if I thought I had a terminal condition caused by myself I would be one unhappy camper too.  I believe there has to be  a breakthrough somehow.  I am not one to believe anything is terminal.  It is the quirk of my spirit I am the biggest cynical optimist you’ll ever meet.  I have no faith in humanity, but my faith in God is so strong that I don’t need to trust humanity.  Ponder that one for a while 🙂

So where’s the breakthrough and does it have to be a big nasty spiritual slap upside the head?  I guess in this post I am putting it out there to you all.  Have you been there?   Did  you have a personal breakthrough that moved you into remission of this terminal disease, of unwillingness born anger.  If so I would like to hear about it and more to the point I would like this person in my life hear that it can be overcome.  There is nothing like the story of someone who has been exactly where you are, and moved beyond it, to help inspire.  Maybe you, yeah YOU, reading this is the inspiration he needs.

So maybe my pondering on anger has really become a call for healing.  I have been able to offer this person little, as the appearance of ease with which I traverse my path (which is an illusion) is one of the things he resents.  So with willingness and trust I am handing this desire to see him have a healing breakthrough over to the whole.  He has amazing gifts he could offer the greater puzzle and I would like to see them interwoven in the Creation.  It is out of my control and I give it over.

Grand Hallway of the Infinite Self

This is the claimed meaning of the crop circle shown below on the site where I found it.

Represents the Seven chakras or the Seven energy centres of the body – the higher expressions through which we access the invisible realms. Suitably positioned at Long Barrow near Avebury – the burial grounds  where spirits were sent to the realms beyond the beyond.


I’m not sure who took this pic the page links to a page with two photographers and no images that are exactly this one.  The photographers are Steve Alexander & Lucy Pringle.  I apologize for not knowing which of you has the copyright on this this particular photo (6-7-2007)

Clueless, clueless, clueless!!!  If these are your chakras they are in one hell of a mess!  Seven chakras would be aligned there is no hallway between them.

I had no intention of talking about this at this particular point, but here it is, so I will give a brief overview.  This is one of the early steps in the ascension path, once the the Kundalini has been fully opened.  (and there is no fudging on the Kundalini thing) see more detail on that below.

You must enter the Grand Hallway of the Infinite Self from the earth walk, circle of life (see diagram below).  You may enter from any of the four directions.  Depending on your personality and lessons entering from one direction may be more difficult for you than entering from a different direction.  Once in the hallway you will find doors of possibility.  This aspect may take many meditations to complete, depending on how many possibilities there are in your life that you have not considered.  As you walk through the hall, one person may have three doors on each side, another may have hundreds.  The key is to keep moving past them to the end of the hallway where you will have to face your sentries. These are the parts of yourself that do not want you to to change and move on.  You want to get past all these sentries into the Eternal Circle the Seat of the Soul.  The sentries may present themselves to you as things you fear.  For many people that may startle them out of meditation and they will have to try again another time, hopefully the next day.  You want to work on this every day until you get into the circle then you will be ready for the next step.

If you have gotten into the hallway but are finding the journey really difficult, lets say it’s been a month with no sense of accomplishment or movement, you may want to go back out in the circle of life and enter one of the hallways from one of the other directions.  Say you entered from the south, and it is just not working, move around the circle and attempt to enter the west hallway instead.  Really make sure you need to do this though.  It can slow things down to start in a different hallway, if you are just experiencing a mental block, or you are  inexperienced at meditation.

The next step is taking control of the Seat of the Soul .


This is the Kundalini energy flow


This crop circle from June 6th the day before the grand hallway one is a presentation of the sphere of an Ascended being (Dharlja)  The two lines that form the football shape are an attempt to show the dimension of it being round. The sphere has four primary vertical quadrants that are held by the Elemental Chakras.  The first awakening of the sphere is the Kundalini awakening of the Elemental Chakras.  There are several steps between the Kundalini completion and the full activation of the sphere.


Crop pic Copyright 2007 Lucy Pringle

Elemental Chakras


These steps all come before the Grand Hallway of the Infinite Self  These are just outline points and it has always been my intention to get more info about them on the site, as well as the steps that come after the Grand Hallway of the Infinite Self .

Assessing your Readiness

· Bridge of Assistance

· Chakras: Upper three most important during the initial opening to spirit process, overcoming fears of spirit, contacting spirit, guides, awakening the spiritual gifts like clairvoyance, clairaudience

· Later after the Kundalini, the lower 3 Chakras are most important. To leave mortal issues in the mortal, remain grounded, integrate lessons and information, activate solar plexus connection to God within and fully activate creation chakra (navel).

· Heart remains equally important all through the process, although it is less likely to get blocked totally after the Kundalini opens.

· Kundalini opens the elemental Chakras for the first time

· Where is your Kundalini, at what stage, dangers etc.

· The Kundalini Energy Flow

· This flow begins out of the body elemental chakra. It is timed with DNA sequence, if activated early it is dangerous, even deadly. many people have chosen not to activate it in a given lifetime at all or even many lifetimes. (this is of the souls who are of a level compatible with opening it at all) It is the purest energy of the creator possible to experience while in a physical body. It is creation, given from creator to higher self it enters the body elemental then enters the root chakra, where a DNA sequence begins and a center known as the DNA creation center is activated. This center is slightly higher than the root chakra and deep in the center of the body cavity.

· In men the onset of Kundalini is the only time this center will activate. In women it activates at the time of conception for 28 days to allow the soul of the child to connect and begin to create it’s body, and also at the onset of the Kundalini. Activation of the Kundalini before child bearing is beneficial for child and mother. It can be dangerous or deadly for it to start it’s process during pregnancy (beyond the 28 days). For this reason many women choose not to activate until they have given birth to all the children they wish to have.

· Moving up the chakra system, when the Kundalini reaches the heart chakra energy is added from the soul elemental chakra, to further enhance the progress of the Kundalini process.

· During the activation of the DNA creation center, and again at the time energy is added from the soul elemental detrimental symptoms can be experienced. (Prolonged sickness and death can occur if unprepared)

· The Kundalini continues to move upward and out of the crown chakra where it comes to join the mind elemental which links directly to the higher self and the creator.

· This process can not be forced or rushed or stopped once it reaches a certain point. There are a few techniques to assist the Kundalini making a positive body transition. This energy is often misunderstood to represent sexual energy, which it is not. It is creation energy that effects all chakra equally including the second chakra that deals with sexuality.

· The process normally takes from 6 months to 10 years. As the Kundalini move up the body it creates all cells to be in alignment with a DNA sequence of higher consciousness as programmed by the higher self before birth. The further the current sequence is from the new sequence the more difficult the transition. This is especially true as the Kundalini enters the brain and reprograms brain cell DNA sequences. This is the most common time in the Kundalini process for death to occur, often in the form of a stroke or aneurysm. The higher consciousness vibrational level is dependent on advancement of the higher self, and life choice of the higher self. Difficult transition can be the higher self forcing so to speak, the potential into a large jump for the greater good of the soul growth. Often it is this tremendous jump that is what causes risk of death. The higher the vibrational jump the higher the risk. Many have died before they finished their life plan due to the higher self’s desire to take the larger risk on the odds that it working could ultimately result in ascension, or MAJOR growth for the soul, and ultimately higher self. The Kundalini can activate as early as one year old.

· The Kundalini is sensitive to every day medications like Tylenol and cold medications and very sensitive to any kind of prescription medications

· Awareness of elemental Chakras

· In this society your elemental chakra attention is most likely in the north. (air) It should be in soul elemental. Find out where it is and move it into soul elemental work on keeping it there as it has a tendency to bounce back to it’s habitual place.

Generating Love

Note:  Because we have been talking a lot about grids you should know that this is a very basic heart/love opening grid to prepare the vibration for the next steps.

· love as love = love
· love as heat = healing
· love as light = grids

· grids of light send love and healing

· love is generated in the Chakras of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and in the cells of the physical body

· love is received from the universe as it is, the work of every part of God is to send love to every other part, love received is multiplied and sent back to the universe

· Spirit says it is like a lake; a stream flows in one end and yet there are also springs deep in the lake. At the other end of the lake the stream emerges, much larger than it entered, yet the lake is always full and pure.

· Pure Love is God’s work. It is not romantic. It does not differentiate based on liking someone. It does not go only to those loving or light. It goes to every last bit of God stuff, every atom. It permeates and holds all things together, without it there would and could be no universe. It is the building block of creation. It does not stop, end, or fade and sees no imperfection. It can not be interfered with or blocked, it has no obstacles.

· Five minutes a day sending pure love can cancel out any negative thought for the rest of the day.

· Sending happens automatically when you are receiving. The receiving nurtures your generating machine, activating it to generate and send out love. If you stop receiving, you stop the flow. The receiving is like the gas and oil for your generator. It is the love the universe sends to you, for you to nurture self.

· When ready to fully focus the love energy, receive, generate, send, all levels in all bodies, generate 10-fold return to the universe. When generating from Seat of Soul 1 million fold what is received. Heat or light as well (first you have to get into the seat of the soul and activate some energies there)

More Disinformation

Oh my god every day it is something different

This quote was from the site of a spiritual author.

The root, sex and then the solar plexus  chakras are activated as children grow into adulthood. Having reached adulthood, many people go on to activate their heart chakras and some venture into the realm of the throat chakra, especially during meditation.



Little children that don’t have all seven chakras active and flowing are SICK children!  If you heart chakra isn’t open you are out of balance this is what we healers do, is remove blocks that people create in ALL their chakras because of various emotions and thoughts.  Yes that’s right, all seven chakras with or without meditation

The Kundalini can start to open in childhood but it’s not common unless the child is a very advanced soul.  The Kundalini process can take up to 10 years, but it is completely different from the chakras functioning. 

The chakras should all be functioning in the womb!  As the areas of the body form, the chakras start to function and bring life force from the soul into them.  They should all be fully functional by 5 – 6 months gestation.

I happened upon this site because it was supporting fire the grid , and I clicked on a link in an email about how everyone was falling for the deceptions.  The descriptions of the individual chakras and what they do is just as bad.  I still find it shocking that someone with so little understanding of one of the most basic metaphysical concepts could have gotten a book published.

Owning our Emotions

Comment on fear mongering… oh please  the article does sound very angry…i am surprised actually…i do inner work only for 2 years, but it produced huge changes in consciousness and i can’t imagine what would fire me up like that…i agree, changes do start from within, inner work, not wishfull thinking. However, i know that those of us who are on this path are aware that we can’t push, drag or shame people into it…it comes from within and sustained from within…again, personally i don’t get upset or angry anymore, but when i get homesick (i’m not an earthling i think) in a big way, my only heaven is meditation. How many people meditate when they don’t feel so good? And i mean among those who do practice…yeah, exactly…so we need not to be angry with or expecting from others who are really are ignorant and may be getting “free ride” as you say. We know not to have expectations of gratitude and be prepared to hear just the opposite; we just know better..why get angry then? yelena

yelena, when I was two years into my path I didn’t get angry much either. You are in a honeymoon stage with God, the blissful “there really is something more” stage. It’s like being in love with love. But just like a good marriage, in time you settle in and the love grows into something real that is beyond the bliss. If the Ascension path is followed, you will first get to a place of even greater bliss than you experience now. This is the Nirvana, Samadhi stage. This is where people then often get stuck, because they don’t know there is something more. In a good marriage when you leave the in love stage and get to the point of seeing the person you love as a real being with flaws, the love doesn’t fade or go away, it just becomes realistic, which is empowering.

If you are strong enough to continue out of that Nirvana stage and move on, you get to the difficult part of the path. The deeper you go within the closer you get to your own inner darkness, which lives at your core and must be cleared. It is like peeling an onion and we have all been through some nasty stuff through thousands of lifetimes on this planet. It’s all in there and you have to look at it, own it, and allow it to serve God. There is anger there and rage and every emotional you can imagine, and you must feel them all without condemnation of self.

There are a lot of people who knew me in the Nirvana stage of my path. I would just open my mouth and out would come endless profound musings about the divine. But do I want that stage back? No, because the Nirvana stage only sees one side of the picture, the all love side. As wonderful as it is, we live in a world that is NOT all love, and to change it we have to acknowledge it. We have to move out of that bliss stage and face the truth of the current world in which we live, if we want to ascend. There are plenty of people who live a monastic life in the Nirvana stage, and then die at a ripe old age and that’s ok for them, it’s not a right or wrong issue. We can each remain at any stage we want to remain at.

After leaving Nirvana, the more in tune you get with what is really happening in the world, and how these energies have held back true human expression for millions of years on multiple planets, it’s going to make you angry. It would not be possible to have the full emotional understanding of this and not be angry about it. It will activate things inside you that you have uncleared anger about. God will teach you how to use the anger that was activated and turn it into motivation for change and upliftment

The thing is, who taught you that anger is wrong or unspiritual in the first place? I am not afraid of my anger because I am not a violent woman. I would never hurt myself or another person. I don’t lose control of myself in my anger. Anger is simply the expression of knowing something is not right, seeing injustice. In the story of Jesus turning over the table of the money changers in the temple, he was clearly angry. He had a reason for his anger. What was being done was wrong, unjust, and an affront to what is holy or sacred.

Without anger as a motivating factor in the world no one would ever change anything. The emotion is never the problem, it is how we deal with any given emotion that is the key. We have been taught to fear or suppress our emotions. Every time you suppress an emotion because you think it is negative you limit your capacity to LOVE, as all emotions, and the depths thereof are connected. Most really positive organizations in the world were started by one person who got pissed off. A mother of a child who was kidnapped and murdered, filled with anger, rage and pain, channels that energy into an organization to stop other children from being kidnapped and murdered, for example. A negative example of not dealing with the emotion, attempting to suppress it is; a woman in the same predicament gives over to her anger and rage, turns to alcohol, leaves the bar drunk, crashes into an oncoming car and kills the innocent child of someone else.

I certainly won’t be apologizing to anyone for being angry about the pain, suffering and injustice in this world. I am angry at the chosen ignorance of the masses who have access to information they choose to ignore. My anger is justified. All I can do is express it in a way that is not harmful, speak MY truth. I use it to motivate me on my inner journey, and with my outer work sharing my perspective with those who want to hear it. You’re surprise at my anger is your own EXPECTATION of what a spiritual person is supposed to act like. There are three primary metaphysical lessons, and I do have a partly written article on these that I guess I should finish. They are expectation, perception, and judgment. They are all tied together and how we each interact with them determines how we move through our relationships in this world.

More on Group Energy & Dark Forces

/comment snip/ however, on the local level of groups of 100-150 people meditating on light and love-that’s what i felt, light and love, even for days after. also there are documented evidence of significant crime rates dropping during group meditations. i think, the solution lays in focusing within as individual, becoming Love and expressing it without…if more and more people could do that –  yelena

A group that is small has a focused intent and is capable of determining where their group energy is going.  When 1000s of groups that size along with other individuals are all sending out their energy to something bigger who is taking this energy and applying it to what intent.  I have read the info about reduction in crime and it wasn’t very convincing.  I imagine that if you get your hands on a bunch of statistics of a given area before and after there will always be something that you can take out of it and give credit to the meditation.  Statistics as a whole are a tool of manipulation, the numbers can be presented in so many ways to give about any perception you desire.  The problem is light and love is a wonderful ideal, but group prayer should always be given a very specific intent. 

A positive example of those same 100 or so people, would be intending the healing of a specific person who is ill.  When you do this the energy is handed directly to the person’s higher self.  There is no chance of any negative force high jacking that energy.  The minute you go to a global event, who is taking the energy for the light to apply it to the intent?  What are their qualifications for doing this, and where did they learn the skill of holding and then placing the intent of millions of people?  What is the SPECIFIC intent?  More love is ambiguous because it means something different to different people.  Even focus on your joy is ambiguous.  Have you ever considered that a pedophile feels joy when looking a child pornography, or raping a child, and that he may have participated in the meditation and put that “joy” into the group consciousness?

The solution does lay with the individual, focus on raising your own vibration and ignore group stuff, unless it is something very specific like intending the healing of someone.  If you feel the need to express assistance to the world there are plenty of active ways to do so.  Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food banks etc. are all loving positive expressions.  You can also offer love and forgiveness to every person on the planet in individual mediation without it being used against you or the whole. It is the magnified power of groups that the dark force wants to use, because once you give your personal energy over to a larger group you no longer control it, and because it grows exponentially the more people participate. 

This is obviously the same reason why light workers want to do it.  They want to grow their intent exponentially; they just don’t know what they are doing.  It is like sending a 15 year old out on to the freeway who has never driven before.  Would we do that?  Of course not!  Driving requires proper training to be safe.  Group power and intentions also require adequate training for the intent to be held then used where intended.  This is a problem over and over again in spiritual circles.  

I know people whose group endeavors were ceremonial in nature, and the ceremonial leader thought he/she was properly trained but were not.  In these situations ceremonial participants who came to raise their consciousness have left ceremony with entity attachment instead.  They allowed themselves to be vulnerable in ceremony and that’s what makes ceremony powerful.  However, it requires the ceremonial leader to have the knowledge and ability to protect everyone in the ceremony.  It also requires the ceremonial leader to have the highest vibration in the ceremony.  It should be obvious that this then requires the ultimate of integrity instead of the typical ego.  A ceremonial leader who could tell someone they could not participate in the inner circle of ceremony because the person was of higher vibration than him or herself, would be a rare individual indeed!

Most people don’t even know how to properly protect themselves, let alone protect the energy of millions of people.  On the other side of the fence dark humans are taken into training in childhood and taught;

  • How to protect themselves
  • How to protect their greater group
  • How to attack other humans
  • When humans are vulnerable to attack
  • How to use and manipulate energy
  • How to hold large amounts of energy.
  • How to circumvent Universal Law
  • How to trap energies and (i.e. cause a recently deceased human to be earthbound)
  • How to make grids
  • How to unravel grids of light workers
  • And much much more….

Contrary to that, we are generally taught in society that spiritual energy doesn’t exist, and those who feel it are maybe a little crazy, or paranoid, especially if they feel attacked by something unseen.  We are taught from childhood that seeing or talking to spirits and angels is make believe.  Parents strive to get their kids to let go of such make believe before they enter school, where they receive further brain washing. 

When I was a small child I could see the grids.  I recall being four or so and I was starting to forget and not be able to see them anymore.  When I was on the verge of falling asleep I would drift out of my body and see the grids and get scared, because I was forgetting what they were.  It would startle me back into my body, and then I would be afraid to close my eyes for a while.  This may happen four or five times before I fell asleep.  I remember telling my parents I was afraid of the lines, they of course, were clueless what I was talking about.  There is very little else I recall about being four!  If my parents had known what grids were, they surely would have realized I could see them, and could have encouraged me in keeping this ability.  The children born into long lineages of intentionally aligned dark families are encouraged to remember everything they know and use it for hate.  Their spiritual knowing is nurtured for evil purposes, while simultaneously the general population is taught there is no such thing.  What the general population is allowed to know stays in the confines of religion, where it is tightly controlled.  Then all religion teaches that anything ‘occult’ is negative and must be avoided.  They do this to ensure there are very few people on the planet with the spiritual knowledge to fight the dark forces on their own turf, so to speak. 

They own all the institutions of higher learning.  They determine the curriculum of the psychology and psychiatric paths and anything they find threatening to their power is classified as a mental illness and MEDICATED.  That is not to say there are not also real mental illnesses.  The fact that they then make a big fat profit off the medications too, as they own the multinational corporations, is just a fact they find hilarious.  They use every opportunity to medicate us, from mind numbing neurotoxin fluoride in our water and toothpaste, to msg in our food that causes us illness and saps our energy, so we have no energy to resist them with.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, they spend their time laughing at our stupidity, that as a whole, we don’t even believe they exist let alone that they could be doing the things they do.  Humanity needs to WAKE UP!

Developing your own inner connection to the Creator is the real goal.  A lot of people get lost in their perception of what it means to express love and force themselves to act a certain way.  Moving to the expression of more love is being honest about whatever you feel in the moment.  Denial of a feeling that is not seen as loving (such as anger or pain) does not get you closer to love.  It simply suppresses the feeling, pushes it inside and forces it to come out later, when it is often harder to understand what it’s about.  We each need to find safe places and ways to express emotions that we are processing that are unpleasant, so that we don’t hurt ourselves or others in the process of release.  What most spiritual people I have known do is put on what I call the new age face.  They talk about love and light and it in reality is some kind of spiritual version of politically correct.  A true spiritual path requires absolute honesty; even about the ugly dark things inside us that we are clearing and healing, to move to a greater expression of love.

Fear Mongering… Oh Please

There have been endless comments about fear on many internet BB’s, lately, as in being afraid of the group mediation fire the grid, or afraid of dark forces, or even the ultimate in ignorance, being afraid of people joining together to raise their consciousness.  This has to be discussed!

P.S. to all the nincompoops out there, I am also not a ‘guy’, although it is an interesting assumption that someone presenting a rational argument must be a guy.  I also have not put my information ‘DON’T Fire the Grid’ on any other site but this one.  I sent it in email to a handful of friends and so did my brother and from there it ended up in countless locations.

The information I presented is not about fear, nor is it intended to invoke fear in anyone.  It is about critical thinking, questioning, and seeking.  I have been working the energies a long time and know the way the dark forces work.  I am not afraid of them.  I do know exactly what they are capable of, and what is required to stop them.  That is what I endeavor to do.  What is going to happen if you participate in ‘fire the grid’?  Nothing now, because the energies have already been neutralized on your behalf by people who know what to do and YOUR WELCOME!!  Ignorance of what you do with your energies is no excuse anymore.  Everyone on the planet is responsible for the condition of the planet through participation.  The idea that anyone is trying to stop people from joining together to raise their conscious is simple proof that you know jack about raising consciousness.  If you think that raising consciousness (i.e. raising vibration) is simply holding hands and praying together than you have a lot of work ahead of you.

You say “well, love and light is stronger than darkness”.  Yes this is true on the large scale, which is why I have always said the dark force has already lost the battle.  Creator is taking care of the big picture.  Here on little earth however, the dark force has been in power a very long time, and if you can’t see how ugly it is, WAKE UP.  The dark forces use spiritual technology against you and you are oblivious because they control the institutions that would have taught you the same spiritual technologies to protect yourself.  I am well protected, spirit taught me directly how to protect myself, so I have no reason to fear the dark forces.  That protection is an ongoing process however.  I didn’t just protect myself once.  The dark forces learn things about my grid of protection and then I must upgrade it, just like we get virus upgrades for our computers.  Dark forces also use physical technology against you; mind control technologies have been ongoing for quite some time.  Are you protected?  Do you even know what makes you vulnerable to these things?  Do you just believe that because you want to raise your consciousness that you are immune?

You may raise your vibration in a group event for a few hours.  If someone there was a much higher vibration than you, that caused your vibration to raise, but when you get home the chances of you continuing to hold this vibration is miniscule.  The reason is that you haven’t done the INNER work to sustain the higher vibration.  Raising consciousness is truly a personal journey.  It requires dedication and commitment, something I see very little of in the greater spiritual community.  People are looking for the easy way out.  They think oh well we can just have a big world meditation and we will all be more loving and the world a better place.  It just doesn’t work that way.  What have you as an individual done to raise your vibration?  One little hour or two of world meditation is squat.  It doesn’t even measure up to an hour or two of personal mediation.  It is the same old problem seeking a solution outside of you to ‘save the world’.  The path is INSIDE.  To change the world individuals must change themselves.

This doesn’t mean we cease all outer work.  I will still be doing grids to stop the dark forces.  Another person will still be doing charity to feed the hungry.  But these outer expressions are not a replacement for inner work.  What I see is a bunch of people for which new age, wicca, metaphysics, pagan stuff is really just a fun hobby.  They get to live outside the societal norm and this makes them feel oh so SPECIAL.  When it comes to actually doing any inner work they run like hell.  Then tell the ones of us that do the work, that we just don’t love enough, or are too judgmental.  Well guess what?  The new age version of not judging is not the spiritual issue of not judging.  New age version says all questioning (i.e. seeking) is judging.  Spiritual says we should not CONDEMN, and that, like as all issues, is an ongoing challenge for all of humanity.  We do however, judge every single day.  We determine through discernment whether to cross a busy road for example, that is making a judgment.  Why are you afraid to discern your spirituality?  Is it just that it is too damn hard, too much work?  After all it might take away the time that you are spending drinking beer in a dark energy laden tavern?  God forbid.  If one more light worker tells me they are going there to “spread a little light around” I’m going to hurl.  How many of the fire the grid participants will be doing their hour of joyous mediation for the cause from within the bar or celebrating it right after?  I ponder. 

I certainly understand why light workers want to escape, but I also understand there is no escape, and their attempts to hide in alcohol or drugs only give the dark forces more ammunition to work with.  Dark forces love people under the influence.  They cannot protect themselves, and hey if you’re looking for an entity to attach to you by all means go hang out and drink in the bar.  Be aware however that you will not be spreading any light to the poor lost souls there.  How about taking responsibility with some basic honesty, that would be refreshing.  Just say “Engtovo I can’t cope, so I’m going to go drink and try and forget.”  I would still think it was a cop out, but that then would be my problem. 

This really is to bring me back to the core of the discussion…FEAR.  Who is afraid of what?  I don’t have to hide in bars, with drugs and alcohol to cope with this world, even with the awareness I have.  Is it hard some times?  Sure, of course it is.  I’ve been part of wonderful groups and we have done amazing healing circles that left people in tears so overwhelmed with love.  After the afternoon or evening is over, undoubtedly a large group will leave together to have some drinks and get their vibration back down where they are comfortable with it.  So don’t give me this crap about questioning global meditations being fear mongering and trying to stop the group from manifesting a higher consciousness.  A large percentage of you wouldn’t know higher consciousness if it bit you in the ass.

Do I sound angry?  Oh that’s the next thing you’ll hit me with.  I’ve seen it all before.  In fact the dark forces love to use that one too.  Take politics they have the country convinced they don’t want an angry candidate.  I do!!  If any candidate were ever to be real, he/she would have to be damn angry about the state of the country.  After all any one who is not shut down is angry and our candidates should be representing our point of view.  I am annoyed and at times angry.  A very small group of people has accomplished all the work that has been done against the dark forces.  The rest of you have been sitting on your butts and feeling good about spending an hour in a global meditation.  Half of you refuse to even believe there are dark forces, or accuse us of fear mongering if we dare to mention them.  Yet when the work is done and our small group has been successful, you will all reap the benefits.  It is like fighting two forces, the dark forces and the IGNORANCE of those who claim to be doing the work of the light.  Does it piss me off that you are making my work harder?  Hell yes, and rightfully so!

In this world when discerning if all else fails, follow the money.  Money is the control of all things unholy. There are people in this world capable of holding money with integrity, but they are a small minority.  When it comes to fire the grid, I don’t hear all the do gooders even wondering why a woman who was told she was to take no money for this (and no one else was either as she states in her video) is selling coasters, magnets and t-shirts.  She has commercialized the whole thing.  Do you really need more of a clue then this about the consciousness level of this event?  Where is the money from those items going if it is not to be about money?  She claimed three people put the whole thing together with no money.  Is she still on welfare?  Again I ponder.

I know a lot about doing the work and having it not be about money.  Just in case you haven’t noticed, there are no ads on or the blog, since 1998 there never have been.  I am not rich, I have never asked for money for any of this.  I have a paypal donate button, because a woman asked me for one that wanted to give a little gift.  There has been a total of $110.00 of donations, for which I am grateful.  It was truly given freely.  I’m not selling a bunch of stuff or whining for money to pay my web host.  I believe spiritual information was meant to be shared for free.  Spirit has always said if you write a book then obviously the book is a tangible item that has production costs.  But when it comes to offering information or doing healing, money corrupts things.  The response from all the spiritual people, could have come right out of the mouths of dark energy.  If it doesn’t cost a lot it isn’t worth anything, or there has to be an exchange of energies.  Both are just BS to get you to be ok with selling the sacred.

Spiritual sites all across the net don’t think twice about charging you for their content.  Enlightenment by subscription!  The queen of all things 11:11 charges you for her wisdom on her site.  Oh these sites will tell you they have all these costs, well what costs I ask?  I pay 170.00 a year for my host, which I could get cheaper elsewhere at this point since I don’t need the enormous about of hard disc space they offer. And 14.95 a year per domain (.com .net and .org) that’s $214.85  a year.  Oh many will tell you they need a fancy webmaster, to that I say NOT.  If they are intelligent enough to interpret great spiritual mysteries that people need to pay to receive.  Certainly they are intelligent enough to put together a basic website.  A website is not fricken rocket science or brain surgery as the saying goes.

Now the dark forces want you to give over all your money to fire the grid’s project Cause after the ceremony is over.  They want to do away with all the little charities (the ones that actually do anything to help people) and funnel that money to project Cause’s global council.  At the same time telling you that fire the grid is not about money.  First they want your energy, then they want your cash, and they want you to trust them to use it properly.  How can anyone be fooled into thinking exposing this obvious play by the illuminati is fear mongering.  Do you think our current world is fair?  If you did you would not have gotten suckered into Shelly Yates plight and heart felt plea for project cause to begin with.  Well this is more of the same folks, Get a clue.

Duality, End of the Dark Forces, Discernment & Seeking

In a comment on the world meditations starry said 

“The real problem is that people don’t understand the rules of duality and that whenever an impure or unenlightened mind reads about Service to Others, it will invoke the ego’s sense of doing good. Where there is good there must also be evil to balance it.

Hence people who do “good” works actually fuel the dualistic illusion and this is why the Buddha taught the middle path.”

My perspective differs on duality, in that duality on the planet was meant to be a natural way of things.  Polarities or seeming opposites expressed as a planetary duality.  One example of this is hot and cold, while on the human scale of polarity they each take a place at the opposite ends of a scale, on the planetary level it is cold at both poles and hot at the equator. The closer to the equator the easier it is for life forms to flourish as there are more food sources.   When a human opens certain ascension energies they activate a sphere of their own.  A human polarity example would be that of illness and health.  Illness sits at both poles of the sphere; to remain in a state of health (homeostasis) one must walk the center path, find balance at your personal equator, so to speak.  It can be applied to lots of human dualistic issues.  Fear based emotions all live at both poles and love harmony peace all live in the center place.  This is the center path spoke of by Buddha.

When it comes to darkness and light, good and evil, these are not natural polarities and were never an original part of the Creation.  So in practical form, because they are here, when we bring more light in, the dark will react and attempt to bring forth more negativity.  But there is no balance that requires light/dark good/evil to have equal expressions in the world. We have just been living with the darkness on this planet so long that we have come to think of their expression as natural.  The Creator is all about love, these beings who turned away from the Creation were given a LONG time to do their thing, in hopes they would accept the love and turn back to original source.  This unfortunately never happened for most, and the Creator decided they would all be TAKEN back to Divine Principal, and no longer be given the opportunity to exist as individual spirit/soul//high self entities.  This is currently in progress.  By the time we get through the earth change expansion process there will only be light & love on earth, and in fact in the whole sector of Creation that was corrupted by the dark force.

This is why the dark forces are so desperate; they have seen a large number of their people already taken back.  They do not want to lose their individual expression; it is their greatest fear, to cease to exist as they are.  Some inaccurately believe that if they can manage to remain in control and on the planet through the changes that they will escape this fate.  There is no escape, they cannot remain on the planet or in control, it is already a done deal.  This has been planned for thousands of years.  The full reptilians are already gone, (as in dead and taken back to source, not as in flew away in a ship).  The first aspect of this took place on November 27, 2006, when the Dulce, NM base was cleared, followed on December 13, 2006, by the rest of the full reptilians and underground facilities being cleared.  There are still the hybrid with minimal reptilian DNA like the bush family as example.  These people’s reptilian DNA is dying and they are having to rebuild their bodies with human DNA.  Have you noticed how many of them have aged significantly since this time?  They of course want to continue to manifest the reptilian plans, but no longer have their ‘handlers’ to call the shots.  The dangerous aspect of this is the reptilians with their long life span, technological abilities and ability to pass knowledge through from one body to the next, had more insight into the game, as it were.  The hybrids are strictly reactionary and do not think through the consequences of their decisions before embarking on a path.  Because of this we will need to be ever more diligent, as they are capable of unprecedented stupidity.

For souls of the light who have been here battling the dark for so long it is difficult to even imagine what it would be like to be on the planet without any dark force to battle against.  We have our current mindsets trained to respond to drama and fear.  We are on the precipice of this new life, however, and we need to train our minds to know that this dark force was always an aberration of Creation.  We should always be striving to be neutral to positive/good.  The key to this statement is that the dark forces have manipulated the planet so well that it is difficult to know what is actually doing good and what is doing harm.  We must discern and practice critical thought, we must question despite being brainwashed not to.  Seeking is questioning and you cannot take any spiritual path without seeking.  That is one place religion got lost to the dark force they disallowed seeking and questioning.  It is the same place every government gets lost, when they do they same, you know they are in the hands of the dark.  Question EVERYTHING, take it all inside.  Although I do agree that many people get lost in the ego aspect of doing good.  They are not doing it because it is the right thing to do, they do it to get their kudos, which is just part of being in the world as it is I guess.  My concern would be focused more on are they actually doing good, then if they are getting ego satisfaction from doing good.

These World Meditations

This seems to be a common response in relation to the fire the grid discussion,   

“I have a hard time believing that focused intent on “love and healing” on a mass scale is going to strengthen negative energies…” 

so let me just turn it around and ask this question…  

What are some detailed positive results of the previous world meditations?  Harmonic Convergence, James Twyman meditations etc,  I am a true believer in light and God Love and I have yet to see one good thing that has come for any of them.  If we lived in a world where our energies could not be manipulated, then we should be reaping the rewards of the past work focusing millions of people on love, peace, harmony and so forth.  We haven’t even successfully stopped war, let alone made progress on the other worldly problems that these group consciousness meditations should be easing.   

Instead the world has been steadily declining and it has been more and more difficult for the sensitive people to be here.  I have found my friends and family retreating more and more to cope with the magnified NEGATIVITY in the world the more world meditations we have.  These meditations should be building on one another making each successive one more powerful than the one before, if the energies were being used “as advertised” so to speak.  Why isn’t this happening?   

I don’t want to hear some crap about me not being tuned into the right frequency or some such garbage.  My whole life is dedicated to doing energy work.  True light workers have been feeling like it is harder to connect to one another mostly because they are too damn tired from the endless barrage of crap coming at them.  That is not the way planetary UPLIFTMENT feels.  We are each processing our personal issues and this can be very tiring indeed, but we should be getting a boost after every world gathering/meditation for love and peace.  I don’t know anyone who is.

Using the FTG Energies

There is some question as to whether we can take the Fire the grid energies and use them for positive, taking them out of the hands of the negative forces.  Unfortunately since the planners of this event are not of the light they are not going to give us the permission we need under Universal Law to do that.  Our solution due to that is to create pathways that prevent the dark ones from harnessing the energy of those who do participate.  In doing so the energy will simply dissipate.    It is a shame these energies must be wasted in this manner, but it is the only way to keep them from being used by darkness to strengthen the veil.

DON’T Fire the Grid

pdf file DON’T Fire the Grid

DON’T Fire the Grid

Let me tell you why. The fire the grid campaign is another agenda by the dark forces and there is ample evidence of this.  In general, global meditations of all kinds are created with good intentions and people participate with a desire for positive change on the planet.  However, most people are unaware of the workings of energy, even the energy of their own bodies, let alone the energies of group consciousness, the energies of the earth, and yes the energy manipulation abilities of the dark forces of planet earth.  The average Joe participant in a global meditation ASSUMES that the energy he has offered into the meditation has gone to the greater good, to love and light, to peace and higher vibration, but the truth of the matter is, this energy more often than not is abducted, so to speak and used for a much different agenda.  You see when we join energies, we are indeed very powerful.  The problem is there are so few people on the planet knowledgeable enough to wield this group power we create to be used for the intended purpose.  Unfortunately most of the beings with this knowledge are dark beings. 

The reason?  They have been controlling the world for a long time and controlling what we learn and believe.  Only a few people tread the inner path far enough to gain the same level of knowledge on working with large amounts of energy as the masters of dark forces who carefully pass the information along among them selves to select initiates that are trained from childhood.

In essence we meditate and turn this power over, not knowing or caring who it is being turned over to.  Many people believe the Ascended Masters are handling it.  But it is power of earthly beings with form and we must handle our own power, Ascended Beings in spirit do not have permission to interfere in the affairs of man.  There are Ascended beings on earth with form, some of us are aware of this, some are not, they are called Dharljas, (less than 200 of them) but they also cannot interfere and simply take this power to apply our intent.  We would, as a whole, have to ask them to take the power from a particular meditation and they would have to AGREE to do so, as they cannot be responsible for all the people of the earth.  This is universal law.  The problem is the beings of love respect and work within universal law and the beings of darkness do whatever they want and do not abide by universal laws.  The end result is every time the powers of darkness need an infusion of our energy to continue to maintain their veil of ignorance over us.  They “inspire” some good intentioned but open and unprotected person to bring up the next big global meditation and we freely give them out power. 

What a great con they have going and we keep participating because we are desperate for change, for love, for peace, for the world to make sense to our hearts.

This particular meditation fire the grid is an especially slick production.  The open person to “inspire”, is a woman people relate to, a woman whose life sucked so immensely that any improvement would be momentous to her, leading her to have great passion for the cause that would change her life.  Her story is an emotional one and she is real in her sharing of the story, her life has been changed.  The agenda however is clearly available upon scrutiny, although this is one of the better presentations I’ve seen in a long time.

The way in which the dark energies work their agendas is consistent, they take things that are truth and that are important to us and they make them the center point of the particular “project” and they weave them together in ways that we are used to, and relate to. Then they insert small aspects of their real plan, right in the middle of two really big emotional core positive truthful issues so that we go from the emotion of the one positive point to the next point ignoring the part in the middle we should be scrutinizing.  The metaphysical movement of the early century was infiltrated and used in this way becoming the New Age movement.  At the beginning it was about 90 percent basic metaphysical principals and 10 percent their agenda, but as time has gone by, almost nothing in the current New Age movement can be trusted.

Some uses of this technique are so badly done that they are hilarious to read by people who are aware.  Others are quite well woven.  In the early 90’s the Ashtar Command had some well written propaganda that many people integrated into their belief system and still hold onto today.  The Ashtar Command are in fact, a group of dark entities.  They have no ships and are a complete fabrication of the illusion put upon us.  They created the fear agenda of the earth changes, which are simply a natural process of the planet and started the promises of being saved in ships and the ET contact that the dark forces planned to use to force us through the fear of space invaders into a global government.  These techniques have been used with lies to convince even the most die hard conspiracy buffs to believe we are in imminent ET danger.  Here is a news flash, the reptilians and the greys are not ETs.  They were in fact created right here on earth and share earth human DNA and animal DNA from, animals currently alive and extinct.  True ETs work with the universal law of non interference and would in fact not have the knowledge to leave their own planets if they were not in harmony with the universal. 

The reason the reptilians and greys can screw with humans and this world we live in is because they are earthlings!  During the times of earth changes past, when we have lost our technological knowledge they retained theirs and used it against us. They aligned them selves with the dark forces and it has been earth civil spiritual war every since.  The truth of the matter is, they hate themselves and want to be fully human as they are not in an image the Creator brought forth, but an image brought forth by the ignorance of human interference, thinking we had mastery over the Creation process, this is why they hate humans, this time it was them that believed they had mastery over the Creation process.  But like the earth all things seek homeostasis and Divine Principle of life will give all things rebirth.

The concept of ascension was also high jacked early on by the dark forces, using these same techniques. They used the popularity of channeling to accomplish this.  There are people who are actually channeling (communicating) with spirit beings of light, but most channelers are just people who were open to receive information input into their mind.  Some of this is accomplished through spiritual techniques some of it is accomplished through the use of technology.  A key to this manipulation is that these people all channel the same entities and offer the same message, at times almost word for word.  St. Germaine, & Archangel Michael are two of the favorites.  The reality is there is no reason for everyone to talk to the same entities, we each have our own guide and angel, if you are talking to spirit those two beings and your own higher self is who you should be talking to.  No one else should have contact without the permission of your life guide.  Now the disinformation spread by these fake channels (who completely believe in what they are doing) is considered common truth thus strengthening the veil, that keeps us in ignorance.

What this current group of dark entities has done with Shelly Yates of  fire the grid, is one of the better uses of this technique.  She believes it all, so on the conscious level you hear truth from her, she is compelling and you want to believe her, it is altruistic, it speaks to the part of the heart that believes in the inherent good in people, but pay attention to some of the details.

First there is no definition of the grid, or what firing the grid means, and exactly what grid as there are in fact thousands.  As a person who’s whole life purpose is working with grids this is an over sight beyond measure.  The one description in the nine part video on is that the earth’s field is made of little hexagons, smaller versions of the personal field of each individual.  This was one WAKE UP moment while watching the video!  This is absolutely false.  The closest thing we could come to that description is the human group consciousness and while it affects those of us here on earth, it is a human grid not an earth grid.  That group consciousness grid is the one that is veiled by the dark forces so that we humans have a difficult time tapping into truth, and moving our personal consciousness beyond the limited belief of the whole as instilled by the mind programming from birth by the powers in control.  That is not now, nor has it ever been an earth grid. 

There are several earth grids and they do play a significant role in group meditations because we use our bodies to give and receive energies and we use the earth and her leylines to do so from body to body and the group consciousness transfers energies from soul to the whole.  When we are together in group we often join hands to transfer the energies to one another when we cannot be in the same place we use the body of our earth mother to join with us.  It is like she has millions of hands that reach out where there is a gap between us that needs to be bridged.  Humans have always connected their own personal grids with the earth grids in various ways.  This is in fact the number one battlefield between the workers of the creator and the dark forces.  The dark forces knowing the general public has lost this knowledge set up grids within sections of the earth grid they use to control us.  They did so with permanent physical expressions at key power spots, one such example is the Washington Memorial obelisk.  This holds a point of a power grid that was formed with the early government of the United States.  I have spent years tearing apart these grids that do not belong here, or in the case of ones anchored in a permanent structure we find ways to transform the energy then take the grid and integrate it into love and it becomes one of our grids to empower the whole instead of one of their ways to disempower the whole.  I am going to get back to grids in a little bit but I want to go back to some detail on the fire the grid event.

Here are a couple examples of the technique discussed as used in the fire the grid video of Shelly.

Example one

 Emotional core positive truthful issue: 

Shelly being enveloped in great love in the car on the way to Montreal and having to pull over weeping (very emotional)

Disinformation packaged in the middle

You can use the energy to heal a dying boy, you can use the same energy to heal a dying planet.  This one phrase hooks us into one great fear that our planet is dying, or that we are killing her, and it ties into our overall knowing that the situation on the planet seems to be hopeless (ie dying)  You have to stop and back off from the emotions this evokes and bring forth critical thinking.  Our planet is not now nor was she ever dying!  We do not need to save her the way the little boy was saved.  Many of us have long had inside us this desperate feeling of needing to save the planet.  But that is multifaceted; one part is the mind control programming, one part is many of us were incarnating on the planet that was destroyed, where the asteroid belt is now and have unresolved feeling about that, and one part is knowing that we currently have the same technology to destroy this planet in the same way.  But this planet is not sick or dying!  What we humans have put upon her is capable of killing humans and animals, it’s not good we have to stop, but it doesn’t even compare to a good case of the flu to her.  She will go on with or without us as long as we don’t implode her.

 Emotional core positive truthful issue: 

Getting validation finally through the event that leads to meeting Dr. Steven Greer (also very emotional to get validation of something you want to believe but fear)

  Example Two

 Emotional core positive truthful issue: 

Food, water and shelter for every person on the earth no matter what, not based on economics ( a huge emotional plea for any of us with a heart)

Disinformation packaged in the middle

We will have a global council ruling and controlling the money that will no longer go to little charities but will come to the one big charity to feed and house everyone.


Are you paying attention yet?  Global council of who?  Who do you trust with the trillions that would be required to do this work.  Sounds like global government to me, same old agenda different face.  After all, can this one altruistic charitable organization be expected to wade through the red tape of almost 200 individual governments to do its important work.  I know lots of people that I trust and love and respect, but give the group of them trillions of dollars to help the needy in any way they want, and then add in the influence of the dark forces that would then be exerted upon them even in the best of scenarios no mortal could hold that power with integrity, in the current world model.

 Emotional core positive truthful issue: 

The concept that the indigo children will take over in 2012 and do all the real work ( in other words just meditate now, and that all that is required of you, whew what a relief, we can have that over with by next week)

This second example has a trick in the second emotional core, because it includes truth and disinformation so if you question at all, you may disregard this statement but keep the global rule part presented above it.  This second core says there are indigo children, which is true, and plays on our knowledge that 2012 is an important time which we also know to be true.  The lie is that the indigo children will just take over and all we have to do is get through this fire the grid meditation and then dump the responsibility on them.  She then further goes on to say that there are billions of 15 year old indigos who will be able to vote in 2012.


Even if she misspoke and meant to say millions, vote? Where? The U.S.?  Are we the key to the world domination plan here in the U.S.?  Not every country lets 18 year olds vote, nor does it makes sense that she tells us the indigos think differently than we do, but they are just going to change everything by voting in the same system.  Ummm. I think changing by vote, would require candidates to vote for, that are not part of the dark agenda, and a voting system not controlled by the dark agenda’s cash.

Its also absurd to anyone who is aware of the higher vibration people being born on the planet for the time of transition, that they are all miraculously 15.  The indigos as they have been called have been coming for quite some time, some are around 50 and they were a core of the anti Vietnam war movement.

2012 is important because it is a rebirth point for the earth, the beginning a new cycle.  All things have rebirth points; humans have the obvious rebirth point of reincarnation, getting a new body.  But within this life we have the rebirth point of the body every seven years.  As we move closer to ascension and activate various energies our rebirth point increases in frequency.  This is often referred to as the quickening or the awakening. As the earth nears her rebirth point it creates a vibrational influence that affects all life and makes activating higher vibrational frequencies within us easier, another fact the dark forces want to keep from us.

The desperation to maintain control and keep the veil intact through the 2012 rebirth is the obsession of the dark forces.  It is a war they have long since lost, but they are determined to continue on in the attempt to take their stranglehold of soul slavery into the next millennia.  All their efforts are being thwarted day by day and they are at their wits end, so to speak.  This is an excerpt from a previous blog entry that then ties into the fire the grid manipulation.

July 7, 2007 – Every year in July the power elite do ceremony at the Bohemian Grove in northern California, these ceremonies have included human sacrifice and are attended by well known people from around the world. This is a boy’s only club, making it clear that even when women are in power in the world their power only goes so far, and the big boys are calling the shots, or… were calling the shots!The day after the summer solstice this year a group of grid workers were able to dismantle the grids of the grove, which would prevent the energy of their ceremony from being spread around the world. We knew this would lead them to take some desperate measures, as they believe the grove ceremonies are what allow them to remain in power here in the United States. We waited, watched, and prepared for all contingencies as July drew near and they would have to take some sort of action before the ceremonies began.Today was the day they unveiled their new plan to spread the energies, they tapped the 7-7-7 ceremonies and music celebrations for climate change (an illuminati created issue unto itself) creating person to person grids instead of planetary grids. They put key spiritually powerful people into these locations. Some consciously knew what they were doing others were people who are unaware they were open to manipulation. They intended to use this unified focus on the planet to send an energy line to the key people who would then connect it to others open in the moment to the cause and they would be sending energy to family and friends in their prayers and it would continue on that way. This plan however has been thwarted and stopped the energy lines to the key people preempted and there is no avenue for the grove ceremony energies to be spread in the world.Note : When I say the climate change thing is an illuminati issue, it is because the whole global warming hype is their attempt to convince us we need one global government to save the planet. Global warming is NOT human created! We are in a natural cycle of the earth and sun in that respect, and in fact a universal cycle is in play at this time as well. That does not mean we have not done awful things to the earth and need to stop, but global climate change would be here even if we were still tribal nomads with no technology whatsoever.Incidentally this is not 7-7-7 at all ,because numerology doesn’t work that way, you have to add the 2 of 2007 and it is 7-7-9.  7-7-7 was two years ago ,the same was true when people did all the 3-3-3 and 4-4-4 crap, discernment is the biggest key of any spiritual path 

On the 8th of  July these same grid workers were able to pull from the earth ancient conglomerate entities that were embedded into the earth, like a dark entity will take over a human body and embed into the heart chamber, making it difficult for healers who know how to do entity detachment to remove, (as most entity attachment is just that, attachment to the outer grids of the human).  These conglomerate entities have been in the earth for thousands of years and the dark forces used them to anchor the veil and hold key points in the grids they control.  This one aspect of the veil was released with these unnatural entities being returned to light source.  The first result of this work occurred on July 9th when I found the protection grid that surrounds my residence surrounded by earthbound spirits. 

When these conglomerate entities were no longer holding the invisible dimension of the earth in their control, masses of earthbound entities realized they were not where they belonged, and were naturally drawn to grids created in love seeking a way to return to their higher selves.  The grid workers quickly created tunnels of light for them to return to spirit.  Thousands returned home.  This was to the dismay of the dark forces, who regularly use the earthbound to do their dirty work.  It serves their agenda to keep as many as possible earthbound because a higher self cannot ascend in spirit without the return of all parts of it’s being to the whole.  Nor can any part of their whole ascend on the earth to become a Dharlja if one part is trapped earthbound.  This changes the whole game, and they know it.

The Bohemian Grove ceremony is a 17 day ceremony, so while they are still there plotting and planning in desperation, things continue to look more and more bleak for them, due to the hard work of a small group of people who have dedicated their lives to defeating the dark agenda, by learning the ancient knowledge and taking control of the grids and retuning them to Divine Principal.

Their next plan while they are still at the grove … To use FIRE THE GRID on 7-17 to send out their negative ceremonial energies to control the planet.  Is this where you want your light, love, and peace energies to go?  7-17-2007 was chosen for specific reasons.  For one, the dark forces knew they would be in the grove ceremony, and would be able to use the energies as they chose to further their agenda.  They also love to manipulate the numbers.  In this case it is the 17th and they have a 17 day ceremony.  17 is an 8 in numerology, which is infinity, the symbol that Shelly was told to tattoo onto her body.  8 is the number of abundant prosperity which is the dark force obsession, controlling the world’s money to keep us in slavery.  And the mathematical equations of all of Creation are equations that go on infinitely, and they want to be in control for eternity. 

They chose the 11:11 time, as always, because 11 is a numerology master number the number of ascended beings, whose energy and power they would like to have, but that cannot manifest in darkness.  All the 11:11 events have been dark force orchestrated.  If someone decided that 5:26 was a sacred time and got it into the group consciousness you would find yourself looking at the clock all the time when it was 5:26! Pure manipulation.  The total number for the date is a 6 this is a key number to grid workers.  Because it represents the Enochian star (aka star of David).  This is the sacred symbol of the Order of Enoch, who are the universal grid workers.  This symbol has been high jacked like so many others, over the thousands of years of dark energy abuse.  It represents the concept of “as above so below”  It is how they create the veil of control over us.  They created the grid of control above and anchored it to the earth and we below act within this limited view of our world, and don’t see our Divine inheritance and true power.

The pentacle is the symbol of the Dharljas, the humans the dark forces despise the most, which is why they turned it upside down and made it their symbol of evil.  We can destroy the veil, but we must stop empowering it first, by turning our power over.  The key to global change is changing ourselves as individuals.  We don’t have the power to change other people.  We may inspire them, but we cannot change them.  We must each raise our own vibration to uplift the whole. What would happen if we instantly and massively raised the vibration of the collective consciousness?  Many of us would experience amazing bliss and joy, but the lowest vibration people on the planet would be unable to handle it gracefully and would likely act out, creating even more horrible atrocities in the world.  If the Dharljas step out into public and show the true Divine Inheritance that is the birthright of us all this could also be an unfortunate side effect, because the group consciousness would be significantly heightened immediately.  We must unravel the veil and remove the power of the dark forces permanently and we have all the elements in hand to do so in the next five months.

The time to step up with this work is now, because with all the energetic and grid avenues to remain in power thwarted, the powers of darkness are planning to turn to technology that will create earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The purpose is to create worldwide destruction before the 2012 rebirth.  This will give them the global government they want.  They will then claim it was all natural, and they are just trying to save the poor suffering people with their slavery.

 Responses to quotes off the reverse speech site (linked below) discussing fire the grid, are included here to add clarity on the nature of grids.  

The grid that the grid workers are talking about firing up is in fact what has been put in place to blast the harmful net out of existence”  Sandi 

There is no grid that has the purpose of blasting the harmful net (veil) out of existence.  It is not possible to blast it out of existence with a grid.  It is in fact, a grid unto itself that does not belong around the earth.  To remove grids they have to be unraveled and disassembled and like the proverbial giant roll of string you have to find the end of the string to even begin to unravel the ball.  Individuals have found this and done the unraveling personally but they cannot do it for everyone.  It is the hundredth monkey principle.  For the veil to fall a large enough number of us must each individually unravel the ball until the group consciousness is imbued with the knowledge of how to do it readily.  At that point, it cannot be maintained for anyone any longer, and the whole is freed.

 “But the net is the net and our prison” Peggy 

The veil keeps our perceptions limited and keeps us from knowing that we are divine and empowered, which is how the dark ones want it.  But the term net used in reversed speech can be used for any grid, because the correct sounds for the word grid, in reversals are not there, net is the common term.  Because the work done by most doing reverse speech is to root out the negative agendas of the dark ones, they are often reversed speaking about various aspects of the veil a form of a grid to limit us.  As well as discussing various aspects of the grids that we are attempting to take from them to use for love or the grids they are attempting to take from us.  However within each and every one of us is the power to pierce the veil, that is what they don’t want us to know.  If enough of us understood that, the veil would fall and be gone forever!  It requires our participation to continue, these global meditations are the very thing they use to keep the veil strong.

 “A grid is time/space. Light is not; we have no real common language apart from mathematics to describe light” Spooky 

A grid can have time space elements but there are in fact no human words to explain all the aspects that grids are.  All physical matter is made up of grids as well as the things we consider non physical, Grids are in fact made of light, divine love, (which is an aspect of God and is not what we understand as human love) thought, and intent.  The light that is used is not the visible light that we perceive and quantify in the world.  It emits a brightness of a sort to the soul/spirit and the visual light that we get in our minds that is not of the physical eyes.  Mathematics in fact is the language of grids but the specific mathematics have not been applied by mortals.  If humans had this particular set of mathematical principals (and the understanding therein), what we consider physical laws like gravity and aspects of physics could be obscured at will, which is one of the many things a Dharlja can do.

“There is no positive/light energy grid nor negative energy grid, just the net.  No one at this time gets out of here dead or alive for that matter”  atomic240

The grids are made and have intent, but the positive or negative aspect of them depends on who is in control of any given grid.  If the dark forces have control of a grid, they use it to send negative energy out to all it affects.  In fact people do get out both dead an alive.  The veil is difficult and painful to pierce but it is done by those who ascend with their last potential/aspect returning to spirit in completion and ascending, and with those who stand forth which is ascending on the earth, becoming a Dharlja.  Dharljas can also become Avatars which means they can disassemble the atoms of their bodies and return to spirit and reassemble them and return to the planet at any time.  The term Avatar has come to have an incorrect meaning over the centuries in the east and is currently applied to respected teachers that are not in fact Avatars.

Ascension on the earth (becoming a Dharlja) is not leaving the planet.  No ships, no ETs or  changing dimensions, the 3D, 4D, 5D stuff is just more new age dark energy terminology that is meaningless.  The Dharljas are right here with us.  If they want they can adjust their vibration not to be seen but they are in the same dimension as us.  If you live in a crowded city, you may have walked right past one in the street and never known it. 

 “Can a being of such darkness create the feeling of being a being of light? And how do you know?” Deann 

Yes, and here is why.  First of all original source and the nature of all beings is Divine Principle, no matter how far an entity has strayed, that is still within them and they can use it.  Secondly, there is the perspective aspect.  They consciously chose a woman who had known no real love and attention in her life and chose her for a task.  Given this other worldly attention in itself was an overwhelming feeling she had never experienced.  In essence she was being told “you matter to us” a message she never received in life.  The other aspect of perception is that this entity could still have been a higher vibration than her at that moment, considering that he has an conscious knowledge of how to heal the child, he is one of the more sophisticated dark entities.  Many of these beings went very far on a spiritual path and then consciously chose to align with darkness.  His vibration being still higher than hers and embracing her would have been a feeling of love and bliss to her.

She readily admits to being on Prozac depressed for 20 years.  These kind of mind altering substances are used to dumb us down and keep us tied to the veil.  They lower our vibration the longer they are used.  This is true of all mind altering substances, including alcohol.  This is why the dark forces love these substances and they love us to indulge in them.  If they can make the world so stressful that we want more and more of them all the better for their agenda.  Anyone wanting to ascend and pierce the veil will at some point have to cease all use of mind altering substances.  Being on a mind altering substance makes you open to dark manipulation through you, as you are unable to tend your own energies and protection while under the influence.  This further complicates global meditations if participants are in any way under the influence.

 “if you are looking for negative then that is what you will find” Deann 

This statement is right out of the dark energy handbook, classic new age propaganda, it is one of the ways they keep us in line by saying we don’t have the right to question and to scrutinize.  That if we question we are being negative and judgmental, when in fact, we are attempting to discern, which is our responsibility as creator beings, who are fully responsible for all we create and co create in this world. 

“She never said anything about focusing the energy of the grid anyway.  What she said was to do something that makes you happy, mediate or pray for one hour on that day at that hour for the healing of the planet.  That’s all” Deann 

Exactly the point she never said anything about focusing the energy!!!!!!  Why the hell not?  If she is planning a global meditation she has the responsibility to know where the energy is going, how it is going there and why.  She is essentially asking millions of people to trust her and she has no idea what will happen to the energy.  That’s because the dark being didn’t tell her they already have a dark plan for the energy she will bring them through her “project”.  That plan, continued global slavery.  This is a simple 1+1 equation. 

Think about this:

1 global slavery agenda

+ 1 focus on what makes you happy

= global slavery makes us happy! 

That’s what we are giving them by FIRING THE GRID


Engtovo Bhodsvatan – July 12, 2007

Bohemian Grove Ceremony a BUST!

And the score is

Engtovo and Friends 1
Illuminati 0

Every year in July the power elite do ceremony at the Bohemian Grove in northern California, these ceremonies have included human sacrifice and are attended by well known people from around the world. This is a boy’s only club, making it clear that even when women are in power in the world their power only goes so far, and the big boys are calling the shots, or… were calling the shots!

The day after the summer solstice this year a group of grid workers were able to dismantle the grids of the grove, which would prevent the energy of their ceremony from being spread around the world. We knew this would lead them to take some desperate measures, as they believe the grove ceremonies are what allow them to remain in power here in the United States. We waited, watched, and prepared for all contingencies as July drew near and they would have to take some sort of action before the ceremonies began.

Today was the day they unveiled their new plan to spread the energies, they tapped the

7-7-7 ceremonies and music celebrations for climate change (an illuminati created issue unto itself) creating person to person grids instead of planetary grids. They put key spiritually powerful people into these locations. Some consciously knew what they were doing others were people who are unaware they are open to manipulation. They intended to use this unified focus on the planet to send an energy line to the key people who would then connect it to others open in the moment to the cause and they would be sending energy to family and friends in their prayers and it would continue on that way. This plan however has been thwarted and stopped the energy lines to the key people preempted and there is no avenue for the grove ceremony energies to be spread in the world.

So, I guess it is time for the celebration! Their power over the United States officially ends here and now, July 2007, imagine that! As my good buddy and spirit guide Bestali has said to me so many times “oh gosh too bad”

Note : When I say the climate change thing is an illuminati issue, it is because the whole global warming hype is their attempt to convince us we need one global government to save the planet. Global warming is NOT human created! We are in a natural cycle of the earth and sun in that respect, and in fact a universal cycle is in play at this time as well. That does not mean we have not done awful things to the earth and need to stop, but global climate change would be here even if we were still tribal nomads with no technology whatsoever.

Incidentally this is not 7-7-7 at all ,because numerology doesn’t work that way, you have to add the 2 of 2007 and it is 7-7-9.
7-7-7 was two years ago ,the same was true when people did all the 3-3-3 and 4-4-4 crap, discernment is the biggest key of any spiritual path

The Mandelbrot Set

I am going to be posting some ascension information that connects with this mandelbrot fractal, so this is a little documentary explaining what it is.  It is very fascinating, but it is even more fascinating how it relates to our experience in this world and our spiritual path.

Fractals – The Color Of Infinity

The Big Change

I was given the initial information on the big change August 21, 2005

In this world there are changes, and there are changes, but some are completely unexpected and unseen. The big change that I am referring to is in relation to a pathogen created for the purpose of germ warfare. Due to the creation of this pathogen and it’s consequences that are unknown to its creators, every prophecy in relation to humans and in relation to events for earth except for the shift itself which is a natural cycle, have changed. All previous timelines are gone, what needs to happen to prevent this pathogen from being released is huge and changes everything that comes after. In fact the change has already occurred just with the decision to take action against this pathogen. It started with phase one distraction, Katrina. Let me explain.

The powers that be that are within and beyond the United States government were planning another staged terrorist attack on the level of 911 in order to further the war agenda they have, in their attempts to bring forth the script of the WW3 prophecies. The earth mother having her own agenda to stop this pathogen decided this had to be thwarted in order to give the people time to receive the information in their hearts of her worldwide plan, and make adjustments in their lives if necessary. Let those who can hear, hear! I was awoken on August 22 to the words Phase One distraction begins. Within 12 hours the tropical depression that would become Katrina was born, but I had yet to connect the dots, she strengthened to a weak hurricane and crossed Florida and I still had not connected the dots, I went to bed with her as a cat 2 and woke up and she was a cat 5, I and my family all had connected the dots. She was the phase one distraction. The first scene of Bush was a tell all, it was very clear he had plans and those plans did not include a cat 5 hurricane heading for a major metropolitan area. There was now no way their plan could be enacted. Distraction successful. At what cost many may say in reading this. Let me say this is in no way callus to what happened to people and the suffering that occurred, we must be in a state of compassion. On the higher level however look at it this way, more lives would have been lost by the planned terrorist attack. While the TV would have been flooded with terrorism and war propaganda it came to be filled within a short time with stories of love, compassion, & giving, this is not what the powers that be had in mind. All that money given in love is money they wanted for war.

Let me just say that the people who have created this pathogen do not know how dangerous it truly is and they do not know which pathogen I am speaking of, therefore they have no way of knowing what the earth mother plans to do to stop this pathogen from being released. It is a time to listen to the heart and the heart only. No one can tell you where to be or when. Here is the information about the pathogen as I received it.

There are protection issues to discuss. They involve new biological weapons and their intended use. The changes the earth mother enacts are to stop the release of one in particular that those who hate want to use for the next step in their plan. This particular pathogen has not been tested; they are unaware that its release could in fact kill 90% of life on earth, and most if not all humans that are not ascended. In its present form it would kill approximately 25% of those exposed, but the unknown aspect of this pathogen is that under the conditions it will find itself after release it would mate, so to speak, with the common cold virus first, and mutate to a much wider spreading pathogen, where it would then find an environment suitable to it mutating in more ways than can be discussed within the period of three to four months of release.

This mutation would cross genetic codes and effect most every species of mammal on earth, and from there spread to other species groups, this process would be unstoppable and take about 1 year for all the mutations to reach maximum density, so to speak, where they have killed all beings that have not become immune and they themselves die out with no host. It is possible they could cross over into some plant species as well but this is still an unknown, under investigation by Dharljas and Avatars. The mutation process is very complex, this is like having an open pollinated seeds and taking them to brand new environments, determining which species may be affected and how is a lengthy process, even for those in divine expression as the mathematical possibilities are so great.

Whatever your life plan was between now and the earth shift is gone. There is no more script. The prophecies whether they be Bible, Native, Cayce, it doesn’t matter, it has changed. Even the earth shift itself is effected by what will occur before it. For this reason I have removed the earth change maps from the website. They are still generally accurate but general is not something that should be considered when making choices for your life. Each of us must rely fully on our own inner knowing if we choose to remain on the planet. Due to these changes many will simply choose to leave the planet, not being able to rely on living out the life plan they came in with. Many will also choose not to incarnate that had plans in place to be born. Most spiritual contracts between people are no longer viable and so many higher selves feel there is no reason to remain and will transition their potentials off the planet.

We must be prepared for the things to come without giving in to fear. Fear of the unknown is one of the great fears for people, and this unknown is as big as it gets, when the unknown is also unknown to the higher self. The fact remains however that beings working in the light in harmony with creation roll with the unknown better than those who hate and desire darkness. They like to plan out their scripts and do so generations in advance. Now they have no script and that puts the advantage to those of us who want to bring love and peace into this world. There are no prophecies to fulfill and this brings us freedom. There are no issues of timing and sequence in the path of the world or our personal paths. With freedom comes positive opportunity and we must make the choice to embrace that, and not give our power over to fear.
There are truly no victims here, we are all empowered beings whether we recognize and acknowledge that power or not. The knowledge of what path to take from here is only in our hearts as we make new choices and blaze new directions with higher self. There is no point in turning to psychics looking for a new direction, they are in the same boat, trying to figure out their own. This is a gift, because using the gifts of others to find your way has been disempowering you if you have been on that path. Look within! Trust in your instinct and choose joy. For all of you out there that don’t believe joy is a choice, think again and think quickly. I once believed that as well, I was wrong, it is a choice and a choice we can only make for ourselves. We cannot take anyone with us on this journey, we can walk side by side with those in harmony with us but that is all, and we must be willing to part ways when harmony is no longer found.

The world will not support your joy. The world will tell you that you have no right to joy when others suffer, and many will be suffering in these difficult times. You cannot help another’s suffering by suffering yourself. To have compassion is not to suffer with those in pain, it is to understand their pain, and send love and prayer while keeping your vibration high so they can feel they have the choice to step out of suffering. It is difficult to break free from the group consciousness and live as Creator intended you to live. All around you will be people who want you to feel guilty for choosing joy because they believe they are victims that have no power. This is the lie they tell themselves. You cannot allow their lie to determine you life. You can no longer rely on going through the motions and the momentum of your life plan bringing you to the right place or time. We are now each fully, completely self responsible, we always were, but we often made hard choices in karma and used that as an excuse to get swept away into lower vibrations. If we want a joyous peaceful life we must be joyous and peaceful. We must choose it every moment.

We have all witnessed the lack of assistance from our government with Katrina and the outpouring of love and assistance from our brothers and sisters on the planet. We must be prepared for what is to come physically as well as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We cannot rely on government, we cannot rely on the continued outpouring of our brothers and sisters as what is to come is big and even those who want to help and are in a position to help, will become fatigued by the enormity of pain, and back away to take care of themselves having spent the energy they have to give. This is natural human response and for some who give it is a necessity as their giving is born out of place of lacking self worth, not pure heart. They are trying to redeem themselves in some way for their perceived unworthiness.

Now is the time to strive for the true divine life. Absolute empowerment through the inner Christ, for those of you unfamiliar with my work I am not speaking of Christianity or of Jesus, I speak of the divine spark that lives inside us all, given to us by our Creator who never intended us to toil and struggle. We have the ability to step into what the world would perceive as our evolution, but in truth is our birthright. From this place we have no need to be taken care of, all our needs can be met from divine source. This is the path that those who hate will want to steer us away from. The path that will not find you, you must seek it. The energy is in your favor in taking this path with no script to play out. There are those who have already chosen this path, script or no and those who have already achieved this state of being, know that their prayers are out there for you always like a hand that can uplift you if you make the choice to be uplifted. Peace be us all.

October 3, 2005

A few Thoughts for Retrograde

A few thoughts for the mercury retrograde that just ended this week shared with me by spirit.

Let go of the force of resistance.
Allow those who place force against you to simply fall over,
due to receiving no resistance from you
Imagine your sphere and see energy coming against it.
The sphere simply bends so the energy falls away to the side.

Triumph is in allowing yourself to be in positive opinions of you, by yourself and those who see you in your highest self.

Defeat is allowing the negative opinions of others to determine how you feel about yourself.

Mercury Retrograde Gets a Bad Rap

I am tired of fear based astrology. Astrology is meant to help us in positive ways. If I read one more report telling me desperately not to do 101 things during mercury retrograde or moon void of course I’m going to puke. Mercury retrograde used to come with a general warning that it’s not the best time to sign contracts or buy electronics. Now it is screamed at you to DO NOT do these things and more. The result if you do, according to them, is obviously that the sky will fall. Of course it is all fear mongering and it is time to put an end to the bad rap that mercury retrograde gets.

Do people have mechanical and electronic troubles during mercury retrograde, sure they do, however, it is the person that is in question, not the retrograde. When mercury retrogrades it asks us to slow down and look within. We need to look at our thought patterns as mercury rules mental activity. It can be the most wonderful time of the year if you can allow yourself to acquiesce to mercury’s unique gifts. No greater time exists for meditation, healing and inner work. Mercury’s retrograde movement quiets the worldly noise and offers us solitude. It is only when you refuse to give in to mercury and the beauty it offers that you come into problems that stem from resistance. Now certainly the majority of western society does not acquiesce to mercury, leaving us somewhat at the mercy of those in resistance. Longer lines and less patience are common. Parking lot accidents from people not being able to focus is another common thing to be careful of. When you are in alignment with the call of mercury however you simply notice these things occurring around you, but they have no effect on you what so ever.

When you have learned to give yourself over to mercury retrograde three times a year you come to look forward to it. You know you will be able to access information long buried from this life or others. That you will be able to surface issues quickly and efficiently and ascertain their root core and bring healing to them. That your ability to communicate with spirit is enhanced as those in resistance experience communication snafus in the outer world. When you have mastered the use of mercury retrograde for it’s true purpose, growth and healing, you would no longer hesitate to buy electronics or deal with mechanical issues because these things would be in harmony with your energy as you have harmonized with mercury’s influence. The same becomes true of contracts, is the contract something that you want to be in harmony with your true spirit? If so mercury retrograde is the ideal time, the question to ask is whether the person with whom you make the contract is in harmony with mercury as well. When you have come to love the solitude and growth of these periods of retrograde you may find it the best time to buy a house. The reason being is that your choice of a house during that time would be a house that is in harmony with you and the solitude you would like to bring forth from mercury retrograde into the time when mercury is direct. The energy of the house would be one that would support your communication with your inner self and with spirit and with mercury direct in this place all your worldly communications would be supported as well.

When Mercury is retrograde it helps us to find what is in harmony with our soul, as opposed to just something our mind thinks it would like to do. If you are considering a new project, a new career, business, or taking a relationship to the next level, but are not sure, wait for mercury to retrograde and see how you feel about the issue at hand. If during retrograde you feel muddled, confused or opposed to the project, trust that information and do not pursue the issue. That is Mercury’s gift to you. You can be like the majority of the world and ignore mercury’s gift, fear these retrogrades and wonder why you don’t have what you want, but mercury says to you “do you really know what you want? Come into yourself through me and I will show you the truth, beyond the mental activity, when I am retrograde you will see your true heart, instead of just all your busy thoughts.”

What does the symbol mean?

After a friend seeing the Melchizeldek symbol which is a triangle with a circle inside it she said she had been drawing it all her life but with a line across the circle and wondered what that meant.  I wondered too 🙂 that night a dream came and i shot off the info below to her

March 26, 2004 Dream

I go to a place that has lockers that are like post office boxes, I go to the one that I know is mine.  I start to work the combination but then all the numbers on it disappear and it starts to glow like the Timex indiglo color.  At first I am dismayed like I won’t be able to open it because there are no numbers but then I put my hand back on it and make a couple turns then turn and push in simultaneously and the whole locking mechanism comes out and I open the door.  Undoing the lock feels really good, the knowing was just there and it was effortless.  Some time during this process I am thinking about the fact that I had forgotten the combination to this box and thought I would never be able to get into it again, so I had gotten a different box that is also in this place somewhere.  I think after I get the stuff out of here I should check that box.  Someone else is with me but I am not aware of who it is. I take the stuff out and it is 4 pouches of stones (stone is records knowing revealed in the sacred path cards), one is the main stone pouch that I keep with me even when everything else is in storage.  I open one pouch and take out two stone pieces that are wrapped in tissue paper, I realize without unwrapping them that they are my set of Kyanite (which is balance they work with all kinds of polarity/duality issues in healing work) and so I put them back in the pouch.  On the bottom of this container that came out of the locker like a safe deposit box there is some candy some caramels and something else. I am thinking I have been really good on my diet and not eating that stuff and I am wondering how to avoid the temptation to eat them.  Then a little ways away I see some “workers” of this locker place (somehow I know they are illuminati workers) I don’t like them and I know they don’t want me to get out of there with my stuff. I hear them say that is the locker where they put the stuff of the woman they killed but they knew it would be found eventually, but they are suspicious of who I am.  The person who was with me has gone and gotten a car and is waiting for me to get in and is going to take me to the outer parking lot where my car is.  It’s a woman and I am running next to the car as it is moving and jump in with all my pouches as the workers want to stop me, I left all the candy behind.  We take off and I can see the gate is open and we will get out of there no problem.

I awake knowing that the symbol with the line is a key.  The line represents an equator for lack of a better term the balance of polarities or dualities depending on which is being worked with.  The concept works differently with a polarity vs. a duality because a polarity is natural like hot or cold and the equator there is the temperature that is comfortable to the body where you don’t feel hot or cold. The example given in the dream for me personally is duality of an addiction, the sugar that is not in balance with my body (the addiction) is at both poles and leaving the sugar behind was choosing the equator. The line across my personal sphere.  Balance of a duality. 

Shit, just realized you probably don’t know about the sphere guess I better take a few steps back.  I popped open my Kundalini energy flow in 1992 which was the reason for my marriage we did this reflection thing and once we both had our Kundalini open we were complete, that was the primary aspect of our spiritual contract and the results of all of what we did carried on for many years of growth.  But after the Kundalini is open there is this whole series of energy activations that happen,  it starts with what would look like a medicine wheel and we are traveling around the outside of it all the time (the wheel of life) and at some point after the Kundalini opens you have to start the trail to the center.  So as we are cruising around the outside, in meditation when we see a path we take it and what that entails is affected by whether we are entering from the e, s, w, or n.  At any rate eventually you get to the middle and from there you move the center circle out to encompass the outer circle which was that wheel of life.  The point that this happens is what is called that nirvana or Samadhi stage where all meditation and most daily life stuff is bliss.  This is where most spiritual practitioners get stuck, cause lets face it’s a great place to be and also so many of the teachings have said that is the goal, when in fact that is the beginning of the journey if you want to ascend and live the true unlimited life.  The next step from there is to take that circle and create it into a spherical grid around you and this is totally different than the luminous egg which is the energy everyone has. After that there are numerous activations and so forth that bring more energy flows into the sphere and when those are finished you enter this final purification process and all of sudden, all this profound connection and pure love and bliss you felt appears to go out the window and you are right in the middle of all you crap.  I entered that stage in late 90s and was beginning to wonder if it would EVER end.  Now this information and that symbol is the key to bringing that to an end.  I have been planning to write up all the details of those stages and activations for many years but it hasn’t felt the right time yet, I think I have been too deep in my own clearings and the information may have been contaminated by that.

When Lee and I met I already had formed my sphere and activated a bunch of things and right after we met him just being in the energy of my sphere caused him to pop through his head his Kundalini flow and he has been cruising right along ever since, it is like on a spiritual level he felt that sphere and just knew that’s where he was going and set his intentions in that direction, and that is really important, because I spent months in meditation sometimes for 6 or 8 hours at a shot I would come out of it and have no clue that time had passed.  But lee having seen that sphere so to speak got his open by sheer will alone without all that time in meditation.  Now with me these activations were very gentle and for him they are very dramatic and sometimes he has been out of it for a couple days or thought he was dying and stuff cause he would just be doing his normal daily tasks and get hit with energies that would bowl him over.  When we would talk about it and I would ask him to describe exactly what he experienced physical and visions, all of it I would be able to figure out what he activated and at times he was activating two or three things simultaneously.  Its also possible that when the Dharljas who are completely activated that people who already have their Kundalini open and are very high vibration will just do ALL the steps in a day or two just boom be standing forth and not even be aware really of how it happened.  That is part of why spirit has made me aware of all of the steps because other people will be aware of some and not others and it will help to have them all written out.  So in this information I just received that circle in the center is the sphere and the line the center or equator of self.

So getting back to the info.  Spirit told me a long time ago that people see healthy and unhealthy as polarities and this belief caused them to swing from one to another and often without warning, they say things like you can just loose your health in an instant.  But the Dharljas know that is duality because the body was created to heal it self and total balance is its natural state.  Aging and any unnatural state is caused by our belief system not by any natural phenomena so like the addiction, the perception of health and lack of health and aging are all at both poles and the center line is the balance.

Part of this comes to the point of how the Dharljas do certain things like create heat to make a cold place comfortable they use this grid structure of that sphere with the line across with hot at one pole and cold the other they have taken that center line and expanded it until it fills their whole sphere and becomes pure love from there they have full control of the elements of heat and cold. 

They told me after I woke that the concept in the dream of the stuff belonging to the woman they “killed” was in reference to the fact that the illuminati do whatever they can to kill the self empowerment of us all and keep us enslaved, as us being in our true power is the greatest threat to their power.  I have been one of the dead, but they knew that I would be one of the people who would find my way eventually, much to their dismay J.  The rocks represented my true knowing and mastery of both polarity and duality, the one being my small medicine bag, my power, and the balance of the kyanite and also there being 4 pouches when the four is the number of the earth, having my power on the earth. Also the indiglo color, a blue color, ascended beings have a blue glow to their sphere of energy.  That’s one of things we first learned about channeling that if you had doubt about an entity channeling that claimed to be ascended, whether an ascended master or archangel to ask to see their blue light, if you are not a visual person as a first gift you may sense it  instead of see it but you will know you have experienced it if you don’t know that then you haven’t J  They were talking about how the grid workers for the global elite use that same grid to attempt to control us they take a truth, the center line, and surround it on all sides by some untruth and attempt to compress it until it is so small that it is hard to find that truth.  Then those who do find that truth look crazy to all the people who are out in that world sphere of planet earth, both poles left and right wing so to speak, think you are crazy causing most people to doubt the truth they have found and give into the pressure of the group consciousness by conforming and moving away from the line/equator towards one pole or the other

Both Lee and I have been under surveillance a long time, both from CIA, NSA, FBI, various black ops people and remote viewers and global elite people who work the grids to hold the power over the people.  The last couple years we have unraveled a number of their grids and Lee has been followed in the flathead a few different times.  It is interesting to note though that they used to harass us a lot but the farther we have gotten on the journey they have backed off, they are already fearful of what we can do as fully empowered people and think if they leave us alone maybe we will get delayed in the day to day worldly stuff.  They know that it is our plan after we stand forth, complete our ascension to share all of it with anyone who wants to know and see what an empowered person can do, and that the creator intended all of us to live that way, not to live in economic mental, and spiritual  slavery to the global elite.  That will expand the line of truth exponentially which is the Dharlja’s plan for the next few years knowing we are not far from the earth changes makes it the perfect time because it will cause some chaos.  With many people being so fearful of the expressions of divine humans that they will think it must be satan or aliens or trickery or who knows what all.

Well lets see think I went off on a tangent J  they were explaining some things on the polarity and using temperatures as a example but also said to think about solstice and equinox which do you prefer and I immediately thought well equinoxes but I never knew why but I immediately knew it was because I was seeking balance and that equinoxes are the balance point for the earth’s light so its was natural for me to want to align with her in that way to assist my healing journey.

Then they started talking about the teaching that metaphysics teaches of letting go of negativity and choosing joy or not coming down below neutral into negative emotions.  I always saw this in my mind as negative at the bottom, neutral in the middle, and joy up top, they said put this into the sphere and line, again see negativity at both poles and joy and neutral are both at the line and it was an aha moment that they excel at confusing something that is duality, into the thought that it is polarity.  Polarity puts joy and negativity as opposite, but negativity is not a natural state, only natural states have polarity therefore it is duality, and duality always controls both poles with the same negative thought, idea, behavior, and belief.  Like they would put democrat on one pole and republican on the other and tell us they are polarity and are opposites, when they are both the exact same negative power mongers who enslave us.  All voted to gut our rights with the patriot act for example.  On every issue that matters to the global elite getting more control of us they all vote the same.  They are duality big time J

So the key of that symbol is finding that line for every issue and expanding it to encompass the whole sphere and turn it over to pure divine love, whether it is polarity or duality, because for a polarity it gives us the ability to affect polarity which is our divine right as Dharjas so that part is part of the ascension process to gain those abilities, like controlling the temperature.  For duality is takes the negativity of the duality issue and moves it out of the sphere clearing and purifying it and replacing it with love, also moving us to ascension.  They said that once someone has their sphere activated they can begin the practice of visualizing this even before they have reached the stage of final purification, because it will become a positive habit that will speed things up for their process (now they tell me!)

They were talking later about addiction as example with addiction being at both poles and to quit an addiction you have to find that line and be able to hold it long enough to quit and be free of the compulsion that goes with the addiction to continue, or go back to the thoughts and behaviors, and that every force on the planet that the global elite have put into motion is working against you in that endeavor, but that once all of the sphere is free of the addiction the triangle (in truth pyramid) must follow suit filling it all with love and that then creates the return of balance in relation to the addiction that is the true natural state of the person, it is in the blueprint, as it were, that God holds out for us, and as that love then takes over the pyramid the process creates the SO BELOW energy bringing the full healing ending the addiction forever making that Enochian Star, the Enochian symbol, with that complete, the other circle of energy will naturally form bringing that Michaelian symbol into the picture protecting the person from that duality issue forever, a complete grid of all three orders Melchizeldek, Enoch and Michael that no longer has a line or equator. Completion.  The same is true of a polarity issue when the mel symbol with the line has been completely expanded with love the Enochian Star will form making the SO BELOW then the Michaelian Circle and when this trinity grid is complete the person will have control over the natural polarity in question.

Its universal law and unfortunately the world scumbags have been aware of and using this universal law to control everyone’s personal energy to keep them from finding these truths and using them.

Then they gave me this interesting example that they use against us and it is how they use the duality of good and bad, wanting us to believe they are polarity and we need to choose to be good or bad people.  One aspect they spoke of was like using the bible and the “thou shalt not kill” commandment, but then making exceptions that confuse the masses, like controversial capital punishment, that it’s ok for society to kill people who do bad things, and then there is self defense, which is readily acceptable to people, and then there is accidental, like a car accident, but then we have to decide if there was negligence in that and on and on with juries and no absolute guideline, and then it is all diluted to where we have the abortion debate, and the question of what is life, that they have the world so confused about killing and what is good and what is bad that they either don’t know, or they take a side and are certain they are correct so much so that the good Christian will kill the abortion doctor completely believing he is in the right and good.  That people believing they are good can be just self righteous and arrogant making both good and bad the dualities that inhabit both poles and at that center line is Divine Love, they sure don’t want us to find that, because from divine love we need no laws to tell us how to live.

At any rate I went into meditation in the afternoon and started working on these lines and pushing them out to the sphere and after a while I ran out of them and felt really awesome then I heard someone talking about the brain and saying maybe not today or something so of course I said yes today right now what’s the brain thing.  They said well the brain was a natural polarity of the body left and right and that this same energy should be applied through it to remove the polarity and so I started working that energy and could feel all the information being transferred back and forth like the left brain had every detail of this life and right brain had all the soul knowledge and they went about the transfer until both sides had all knowledge and they became one there was some kind of permanent pathway created for the whole brain to work as one instead of each having its domain or effecting only one side of the body.  A whole “string” of energy was discarded after that, upon the sharing of info it was determined to be useless.  Then I was back to moving lines into sphere again by the hundreds I don’t even know what most of them were, most must have been small stuff then one would come up that was hard to expand that line.  I heard one guide say I don’t think she can get through all that in one session, and another guide say I don’t know she is pretty determined, well I was when I heard that!  I thought I’m not getting up now and dragging these issues for who knows how far into the future I’ll stay in mediation for hours if I have to these things are going now.  So I did get through that batch.

I also got a vision a blueprint of the Divine Love temple of the retreat towards the end and it had a three sided pyramid at the top with some sort of spire then I saw a vision of some surface on it I was not sure what surface it was but it had some kind of ornate design made out of a charcoal colored metal over kind of an painted surface that was somewhat tan with a little yellowish color and looked sort of adobe surfaced hard to explain but really cool.

Then as I came out of meditation they said be really conscious every time a thought comes that is not in alignment with Divine Love visualize expanding that line into a sphere of love.

Now we get to see if any of this makes sense to anyone other than me hahahaha  Suffice to say with this came the knowing that this is a big and important breakthrough to the next stage which is always good!  The feeling was THIS IS IT  this is what I need to know to complete my standing forth.  And here you’ve been drawing it all your life hahaha guess that means you’re here to ascend!!  Go figure J


Mantra gifted by the Dharljas

Paeno Sa Comeedno Sathatna Om Lehtna Pa

Awaken & Enlighten Me Now

(Pă  ē’ nō) Să (Cŏm ē’ d nō) (Săt hăt nă) Ōm

(Lĕht nă) Pă

The Kundalini

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Kundalini flow in Eastern Philosophies.  First of all it is seen as a spiraling energy that comes from the root chakra which it affects but is not it’s source.  I think we all probably know the basics of the auric field and 7 basic chakras (although if anyone doesn’t please speak up, there is no level of information required to participate on this list!)  These are the energies that most people are dealing with who are not on an ascension journey.  When a soul comes into a life and they want to have  tremendous spiritual growth, or the potential of ascension, they always plan to open the Kundalini energy flow, which is the first activation of the sacred sphere.

What the Kundalini does, is, it shifts the vibration of your DNA structure. You have a sphere around you that is used in mastery that simply is inactive before the activation of the Kundalini.  On this sphere there are 7 energy centers called the elemental chakras.  One in each of the 4 directions, north is air, west is fire, south is earth, and east is water.   Then you have a body elemental that sits below, a soul elemental that sits within between where the solar plexus and heart chakras are, that connects the soul to the sphere and a divine mind elemental that sits above.  These positions correspond to the 7 totem positions for some of you who may have worked with some of the Native American teachings.  There are also two other totems the primary totems that sit to your right and left.  The original teachings of the medicine wheel are also a way of visualizing the ascension journey and relate the what the Dharljas call the eternal circle

The Kundalini flow is divine energy that enters the body elemental from the higher self and moves up into the root chakra where it activates the DNA creation center that sits slightly higher and on the back side of the body from the root chakra.  This center enacts the shift in vibration programmed in by the higher self while the body was being created in the womb.  In men this is the only time the DNA creation center becomes active, in women the center actives at conception and stays open for about the first 4 weeks of pregnancy for the soul of the baby to attach it’s energies to the body being formed.  Women plan to either have their children before any Kundalini activation, wait until it is complete, or choose to not have children.  The activation of the DNA creation center and shift in vibration during pregnancy beyond the normal 4 weeks would cause loss of the pregnancy.   From there the energy moves upward through all the chakras shifting the vibrational frequency of the DNA as it goes.  When it reaches the soul elemental more energy is added and it continues to move upward until it has moved through the head and leaves through the divine mind elemental chakra above and exits back to the higher self.  This flow then continues forever.  It is a spiral energy and entwines itself around the natural pre Kundalini flow (normal energy flow) that enters the crown chakra on top of the head and goes downward though the chakras exiting the root.

The whole process can take from 6 months to 10 years.  It can begin as early as 6 to 12 months of age.  Many of the very enlightened children that are coming to the planet now have opened their Kundalini fully by the age of  2 or 3.

It is always something we plan for our life and there are a few reasons why.  First higher self must decide how big of a vibrational jump will be made with the Kundalini opening.  The process can be very difficult if a jump that is too large is made.  Many people have died in the process of opening their Kundalini when the higher self either planned to large of a jump, or the person didn’t do the preparation before hand.  What I mean by this is lets say your plan was to start to explore spiritual teachings at the age of 25 and then have your Kundalini begin to open at the age of 35.  If you never started to explore spirituality at 25 that’s 10 years worth of growth and raising your vibration that never occurred.  So when the Kundalini begins to open at 35 you are unprepared for the shift in vibration.  The Kundalini always begins at a prearranged time.  This is one of the misconceptions in the Eastern Philosophy, the belief that you can do anything that will activate the Kundalini flow.  It has been a major frustration of the Yoga community that some without any effort seem to open it while another can spend a whole life of practice and discipline to no avail.

A large vibrational jump can cause intense stress on the body.  Many people recognize the “symptoms” when we talk about it, and realize that their Kundalini has opened, or know exactly where it is in the process. As they have some of the symptoms at each stage, that disappear as mysteriously as they began when the Kundalini moves up to the next stage. 

Stages of the Kundalini and typical issues that may arise:

Root chakra:  colon problems, urinary tract infections, constipation, bad cases can result in colon or prostate cancer.

Navel chakra: Conception problems in woman ovarian cancer, irregular menstrual bleeding, uterine cysts, candida albicans over growth in the intestines, appendicitis, kidney problems, intense discomfort in the minor chakras of the spiritual body that are just below the hip bone in the front on each  side.

Solar Plexus chakra:  gall stones, pancreatic problems, shortness of breath, stomach issues heartburn, ulcers

Heart chakra: palpitations, heart attack (pseudo heart attack in the case of my mother, she had a full blown attack off to the hospital in the ambulance the whole deal.  The paramedics thought she was not doing good when she got to the hospital she had abnormal heart rhythms, typical of cardiac arrest, but upon doing the blood test they could find no evidence that she actually had a heart attack.)  tightness in chest is common.  A feeling of intense pressure on the chest, lung congestion, during both the heart and the throat time period.  A discomfort in the upper minor spiritual chakras that are on the upper chest (slightly up and 1 to 2 inches from the armpit) the discomfort may be felt on the front or in back behind the shoulder blade

Throat chakra: Sore throat, difficulty expressing thoughts, a singer may experience a shift in their voice or an inability to sing for a period.  Thyroid problems, an intense tightness up the spine at the back of the neck, high blood pressure often accompanies this period through the end and may start at the period of the heart chakra.

Mind chakra (third eye)  headaches, vision distortion, a need for glasses, trouble concentrating, pressure in the head the feeling of a band around the forehead, extreme cases aneurysm or stoke

Crown chakra: this is the breakthrough point sometimes people think they are going crazy.  There are often rushes of energy, dizziness, people become ungrounded for a time have trouble staying in their body.

Those are the difficulties however some people have no difficulties and during the process many spiritual gifts begin to open up even for those who do have difficulties.  At the throat for example it is not unusual to develop a new form of  communication with guides, to start writing music or poetry, heart is a common place for people to begin doing spiritual healing work, the root can open up a dialog with the animals or even bring a knowing of how to use certain herbs and knowledge of this nature.  The navel can open new creative gifts, people with no drawing experience for example have started drawing pictures of spirits at this stage or started to make drums and rattles for sacred ceremony that have a very different energy to them, things of this nature.

© 2000 Engtovo Bhodsvatan

Second Crop Circle in the Flathead

  Grand Hallway of the Infinite Self

Crop Circle Flathead Valley August 2000


Aerial photograph © 2000 by Gilbert Johnson

First of all try to picture this design with one center circle (at he top) but with the rest of the design happening 4 times one in each direction.  Then picture a larger circle surrounding the whole design, this is called the Circle of Life.  There is a reason why there is only one of the four directions represented one is that this direction has significance, the other is that when you truly begin the ascension path you enter from one direction and remain focused on that hallway.  The rest lose all significance until reaching the center.

This particular crop circle represents the Grand Hallway of the Infinite self. On the beginning  the U shape represents the the fears and limitations we feel about leaving the Circle of Life, this is the beginning of the design, in the West This is our daily life and our karmic circumstances. As you walk down the main hallway you encounter the circling doors of possibility and the serpentining paths that you can take without really leaving the greater path that the hallway represents. These alternatives are perfectly balanced, mirroring each other. When you reach the end of the hallway you come to 2 more U shapes that represent the blocks we have to reaching the circle at the core of our being, the Seat of the Soul. The first represents the mental blocks and the second the emotional blocks. These walls have to be traversed to enter the circle and truly set into action the ascension path. There are four pathways that can be taken one in each direction so if you were to put all of the other three into the design you would see the U shapes become circles with the outermost circle being where most people are at going round and round and round, oblivious that the hallways exist and are available to them at any time. In this case, your choice of Washington for a vision quest is very appropriate, because you would be returning to the valley from the west. There are many people who have already taken this step and a few others will also be coming from the west. But a greater reason for the west being the hallway that was chosen is that the ascension teaching being given to the world this time around will be given from a western society perspective initiated by western society people. The Master Incarnate Derrick from Ireland and the Master Incarnate Pamela from Austrailia with help from many of us here in the US.

Here are a few photos we took while inside the configuration.

1. shows detail of how one part is laid down before another.  I found the pattern of how this design was created very interesting.  This is where one of the big circles meet the main hallway.

2. My nephew Eric walking around one side of the big circle.

3. My nephew Eric sitting in the small complete circle that is the energy center of this design.

4.  One of the arcs.

crop1  crop3 crop4 crop2

Crop Circle in the Flathead

Who Makes the Crop Circles: The real ones are made by the Pentalites, (The Grand Hallway design was specifically done by a Pentalite named Dramata who heads a large ship that spent a lot of time over Mt. Rainier in years past, but is here now over the Mission Mountains near St. Ignacious.) Pentalites are the small people big eyes not to be confused with the Greys who are a genetically altered race of beings with negative intent. The Pentalites are the protectors of the earth and are in light bodies many hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than earth. They cannot interfere but of course they can give us messages in numerous forms.  The ones that are not real are made by Earth people with saucer technology.

What are they: All of the crop circles are universal symbols, a few are combinations of more than one. They are the same symbols that spirit uses to communicate with people and each other through thought transference and what is used in telepathy. They can be used to send healing as well either directly working on someone while holding a pattern in mind or in remote healing sending a certain energy that is appropriate depending on the type of healing desired by the person.  A crop Circle is being enacted from above but created technically from below.  It should always be clockwise!  Counterclockwise designs are not created by the ETs they are created by the humans.  Example is the first design this year (2000) in the Flathead it was counterclockwise

Aerial photograph © 2000 by Gilbert Johnson

I mirrored this picture to show how it should have looked if done by an ET.  The design should have looked like this.


This is a sacred trinity symbol and it is not unusual for the human created designs to go opposite to the sacred.  We as humans invert sacred symbols when the intent is harmful.  The best example is the swastika, it is the backwards representation of the Hopi Indian’s sacred four directions symbol.  Another good and obvious example is Satanism using the inverted pentagram.  The pentagram in spirit is considered a very sacred symbol, on earth it invokes only fear in the mass population and so many of us distance ourselves from it, as well as the Hopi four directions symbol.  This sacred four directions design in it’s correct version is what was found in the pokemon cards and parents insisted it be removed.  It is wise to not enter a crop circle that is counter clockwise unless you are well versed in every kind of psychic protection, as it was not created with intentions of a positive nature.

Why are they showing up in the Flathead Valley of Montana? They are showing up here because of the energies that we have created here. A few thousand years back our Soul Mate group created Stonehenge and the other circles of the European areas that created a vortex grid system there that lends appropriate energy to the ETs to make the designs. In 1997 we set out to create a new vortex grid system here that layered and joined the smaller system that was already in place here in the valley. This system is throughout the rockies from New Mexico into Canada but this valley is the focal point of the system. The Himalayan energies began to transfer themselves here in late 97 and completed the first primary cycle at the summer Solstice of 99. Since then more energy centers have been created through the spontaneous interaction of these systems and strengthened the energies even further. The ETs are acknowledging the energy here and that this is is to be the new spiritual center for the world. The previous systems in the England area, in Egypt etc. etc., that we have set up in lives past are slowly being dismantled in preparation for the earth changes and new ones will be enacted in Lemuria and Atlantis. The grid structure of the Hawaiian islands is already being strengthened, as it has been here, and in areas of Australia and New Zealand. We can expect to see more circles here as time goes on. They have a limited pallet here as there is not quite the abundance of fields with appropriate crops but we will see more, and the designs will always have something to share and teach us.

How are they made: A sound vibration of the symbol that is not audible to humans but some dogs hear is sent down to the earth from a ship. The sound vibration enacts a gravitational pull from deep in the earth and her consciousness participates in pulling the crops down to her.  For her it is a natural response to the sound vibration.

Ascension Affirmations

Audio Affirmations each are 1/2 hour and have the same affirmations but different music

Celtic Circle

Buddha’s Garden

Ascension Affirmations © copyright 1997 & 2000 Engtovo Bhodsvatan a.k.a. Diane M. Wood

Reading out loud will make all the affirmations more powerful.  They can also be read onto a tape with your own voice to listen when in the car etc.  There are a few blank places in two sections to add on affirmations that are personal in nature.

Prepare to receive the affirmations with these statements. 

There is but one truth of Divine Principal… God Is

Everything is God, therefore there is nothing that can not be God

The physical density is illusion.  Made by God, for God with God particles…light.  There is nothing within it that is fixed.

All stuff made of God particles can be transformed into anything else.

God particles are everywhere and thus something can be made out of what appears in the illusion to be nothing.  This is transforming God particles.

There is never any separation of parts of God, only parts that feel separated.

God’s only desire is to express and experience love.

There is no such thing as need!  Everything is God, how could God possibly have any need?

Need develops only in those parts of God who feel separated.

Anything I require for physical life is provided before it could be considered a need.

Anything I desire, I may have, as long as that desire harms no other part of God.

God is harmony, disharmony comes from parts of God feeling separated.

The physical body is illusion.  My soul / spirit can change this illusion at will, instantaneously.

The spiritual body that the physical is based on may be changed by the Christ in me at will.

The physical body and mind when brought to the vibration of the Christ God must perfect itself.

The physical body can have no pain, disease or aging when the soul and mind come to the full realization that the physical world is illusion.

When I desire what is best for the whole, the whole desires the same for me.

I do not have to perfect myself for the Christ within to stand forth, the Christ standing forth is what brings the perfection.

If I AM truly doing the highest good for self it must be the highest good for all, as the all is intrinsically part of the self.

I AM a generator for love.  I must receive the love of the universe to fuel and lubricate my internal generator, so that I may send out love back to the universe or direct it to any given part thereof.

I AM rejuvenated, and fully regenerated, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with two hours of meditation a day.  Sleep is no longer necessary for me as I AM in full expression of the divine.

*  Affirmations with a star should not be used until the Kundalini has been enacted and brought to completion.  Even with the Kundalini open there will be some of these affirmations that will not come into play for some time as there are stages of development that you will pass through.  They will not hurt you in any way however, and when the proper stage comes they will have paved the pathway within the mind for an easy opening.

I thank you father for all that I AM

I Awaken


I AM God

The air I breathe is God

Everything I eat is God

Everything I drink is God

The water is God

The animals are God

The birds are God

The creatures of the sea are God

The trees and forests are God

The plants are God

The people I meet are God

The earth is God

The mountains and valleys are God

The sun is God

The moon is God

The planets and stars are God

The universe is God

I AM God


  • I AM Creator, I create these things.
  • I AM filled with divine cells, every cell in my body is divine.
  • I AM rejuvenated, every cell in my body is rejuvenated with God’s love.
  • I AM expressing love in every thought and deed.
  • I AM opening my heart to be the perfect expression of God in every moment.
  • I AM giving to God everything I manifested into this world imperfectly.
  • I AM receiving God’s love.
  • I AM fueled and energized with the force of universal love.
  • I AM bringing from God the perfect body to express God perfectly.
  • I AM eternal.
  • I AM ever young, youthful and healthy as a perfect reflection of God.
  • I AM a living expression of God’s divinity.
  • I AM a limitless creator in Gods image.
  • I AM a limitless expression of God’s love.
  • I AM transforming my body and mind into the perfect expression of God.
  • I AM the blueprint of perfection God holds for me.
  • I AM bringing the perfection of my spiritual body into the physical.
  • I AM in God’s love, no harm can come to me.
  • I AM manifesting direct from the universal all of my physical needs.
  • I AM understanding that the darkness in the universe is God forgetting it’s expression.
  • I AM living in God’s divinity, there is no lack, the universal has abundance for all, and this abundance is ever present.
  • I AM raising my vibration to radiate love and harmony to all beings.
  • I AM fulfilling all my perceived needs and true desires through my expression of God’s divinity.
  • I AM refused nothing as divine daughter/son, as long as what I desire hurts no one.
  • I AM radiating with the love of God in every cell in my body.
  • I AM bringing forth love and harmony into my life, expressing the love of God.
  • I AM always harmonious and joyful.
  • I AM seeing the good in all things.
  • I AM experiencing perfect health, is my birthright.
  • I AM expressing with love to all beings of the earth, and they feel safe with me.
  • I AM expressing God, and all information in the universal is available to me.
  • I AM not limited by the physical.
  • I AM shinning the Christ light through my heart into the world touching all that are near me.
  • I AM a beautiful radiating being of light
  • I AM reflecting the beauty of the Christ light within, through my body and mind.
  • I AM handling problems around me with harmony and ease.
  • I AM unaffected by negativity around me.
  • I AM at peace within myself.
  • I AM breathing the life force and it regenerates my body and mind.
  • I AM relaxed and peaceful with life.
  • I AM living a peaceful oneness with God’s love.
  • I AM expressing freely who I AM without fear.
  • I AM expressing unconditional love to all other beings
  • I AM attracting joy and happiness into my life and environment
  • I AM overflowing with healing energy in my body, in my mind, and the space around me.
  • I AM moving with harmonious ease in my life, despite the problems of the world.
  • I AM opening my heart to the higher laws of spirit.
  • I AM joyfully accepting my femininity/masculinity as a daughter/son of divine inheritance.
  • I AM accepting my own divinity, I bring forth the knowledge and wisdom of my past learning.
  • I AM generous and giving with the love of God.
  • I AM helping others in need knowing I AM in the hands of God’s love.
  • I AM walking gently upon the earth, knowing I AM but a guest of her great divinity.
  • I AM acting kindly to the creatures of the planet and respect their divinity.
  • I AM teaching others on the earth, through example of how I live with God in my heart, in my thoughts, words and in my deeds.
  • I AM respecting the thoughts and ideas of others, and their desire for a different experience than my own.
  • I AM allowing that there are many ways to God, and they are all correct for each that chooses.
  • I AM expressing God’s love through this expression, forgiveness comes easily to me.
  • I AM giving my anger and frustrations to God, and am returned inner peace and joy
  • I AM an incarnation of love.
  • I AM a vehicle of service for the father.
  • I AM a divine expression of the Christ Spirit in all things.
  • I AM pure and devoted to the highest expression of Divine Principle.
  • I AM here to bring healing and ease to the earth and her inhabitants.
  • I AM a divine daughter/son of God here to reflect this divinity to all, that they may see the same in self.
  • I AM complete.
    I AM complete with the pain my body has held over the years, physical, emotional and mental.
  • I AM pain free.
  • I AM flexible in body and in thought.
  • I AM strong, my muscles are powerful.
  • I AM beautiful, my body is a reflection of love and perfect balance.
  • I AM radiant and glowing throughout my physical body and shinning through my skin.
  • I AM enveloped in positive and loving thoughts.
  • I AM alive.
  • I AM choosing to live
  • I AM choosing to live directly and divinely in every moment.
  • I AM loving all life.
  • I AM receiving directly all that will nourish me in body, mind and soul/spirit.
  • I AM defined only by the reflection of pure love of the creator.
  • I AM in full abundance and have any money or material items that I desire to live my life in fullness.
  • I AM pure of heart.
  • I AM worthy.
  • I AM energetically balanced and all my chakras are spinning freely allowing me to be centered and grounded.
  • I AM free of energetic blocks in my physical, mental and emotional bodies.
  • I AM in the presence of the divine in every moment.
  • I AM intrinsically related to all life.
  • I AM having a joyous journey of experience.
  • I AM able to be vulnerable and open with people without fear of harm.
  • I AM able to direct myself with discipline to any undertaking I desire to accomplish.
  • I AM remembering all of who I am.
  • I AM able to recall my past lives, and pre-birth experiences.
  • I AM conversing freely with my life guide and higher self.
  • I AM asking my life guide and higher self to assist me in my discernment process.
  • I AM open hearted.
  • I AM giving my life guide permission to protect me and lead me to the highest and fullest expression of my true divine nature.
  • I AM listening to and trusting all my inner promptings.
  • I AM able to tell the difference between inner prompting and mental choices.
  • I AM detached from negative perspectives.
  • I AM seeing any that come before me in their full perfection, in so doing any who are out of balance will be healed.
  • I AM manifesting directly any good desire.
  • I AM flowing freely music, art and poetry.
  • I AM God woman/man.
  • I AM beautifully filled with eternal youth in function and expression.
  • I AM vibrant in my perfection.
  • I AM energetic and alive, there is no end to my energy.
  • I AM love in every thought, word, and deed.
  • I AM omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.
  • I AM knowing directly from Divine Principle of life in every moment.
  • I AM feeling with my gift of Clairsentience directly from Divine Principle of life in every moment.
  • I AM hearing with my gift of Clairaudience directly from Divine Principle of life in every moment.
  • I AM seeing with my gift of Clairvoyance directly from Divine Principle of life in every moment.
  • I AM telepathic, I receive messages from those who are able to send them to me, and send messages to those who are able to receive from me, including the animals of the planet.
  • I AM trusting of my connection to all life.
  • I AM Peace
  • I AM using my freewill for my highest good.
  • I AM complete with my lessons.
  • I AM honest and straightforward in my relations with all life.
  • I AM actively expressing from my place of absolute knowing.
  • I AM attuned to the natural cycles of the earth.
  • I AM able to converse with all the beings of the earth, animals, plants, trees and nature spirits.
  • I AM divinely clothed.
  • I AM divinely fed.
  • I AM divinely sheltered.
  • I AM always cared for.
  • I AM free of karma.
  • I AM enlightened.
  • I AM worthy of my divine inheritance.
  • I AM unlimited
  • I AM a perfect expression of God as woman/man
  • I AM comfortable in my sexuality.
  • I AM passionate and sensual.
  • I AM desirable.
  • I AM not controlled by my sexual desires, but accept my sexuality as a loving expression of all that is, with respect and mutual enjoyment.
  • I AM satisfied and satisfying in my sexual expression
  • I AM living my sexuality as a sacred expression of creation.
  • I AM loved and loving.
  • I AM valued
  • I AM a conduit for the father to show love on the earth.
  • I AM a poet, a writer, a singer, a musician, a painter, a potter, a jewelry maker, a wood carver, a sculptor, a drum maker, a rattle or instrument maker, a healer, a lover, a dancer, a teacher, a gridworker, an actor/actress, a creator, a artist, etc. (Anything you consider yourself to be or ever wanted to be. With emphasis on the creative elements of life. Following up with more detailed I AM affirmations about a particular thing will strengthen the initial affirmation.)
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • * I AM immortal
  • * I AM seen, heard, felt and known in my true divine expression.
  • * I AM free of dependency on anything other than the divine Christ enacting the I AM within me that always responds. All good desire is done immediately
  • * I AM ascended.
  • *I AM consciously breathing in the True Chi to my Linolic Flow giving constant life force to every atom in my body.
  • *I AM able to direct this True Chi life force to heal and regenerate any life that desires to be brought to balance.
  • * I AM always clean, as no particle of God stuff would place itself upon me where it is not desired.
  • * I AM able to use all the divine laws given with my inheritance as a divine daughter/son.
  • * I AM able to bi-locate at will when true desire within my soul has reason to do so.
  • * I AM able to walk upon the water, or any grid in the physical world.
  • * I AM able to defy gravity at will.
  • * I AM able to travel divinely and directly by simply holding my destination in divine thought.
  • * I AM manifesting my food directly, simply by asking the I AM in me to bring it forth.
  • * I AM the provider for self, through the I AM of the Christ in me, my food, light, shelter and every good thing comes forth, as a right given unto the Christ by the father.
  • * I AM standing forth in my full divine nature.
  • * I AM directing divine thought to the perfect expression of all human kind.
  • * I AM living in my body, in divinity, on the earth, in perfect health and youth, for as long as I choose to remain.
  • * I AM using my birthright of God’s love to tap into the force of perpetual motion, and all the divine laws God has available for all his children.
  • * I AM using my rights as a divine daughter/son, these powers and more are part of my divine inheritance.
  • I AM choosing to see these things about myself and accept them in this moment.
  • I AM free
  • I AM free to travel anywhere I desire.
  • I AM free of resistance.
  • I AM free of thoughts of self-hatred.
  • I AM free of the opinions of others
  • I AM free from stress.
  • I AM free of all negativity
  • I AM free from fear
  • I AM free from disease
  • I AM free from duality
  • I AM free of the fear of my divinity
  • I AM free of the folly of not being worthy
  • I AM free of the fear of my power
  • I AM free of the fear of repeating past mistakes
  • I AM free of the fear of lack
  • I AM free of the folly of drama
  • I AM free of the fear from harm
  • I AM free of the need to be needed
  • I AM free of life’s pressures, and experience inner calm
  • I AM free of anxiety and fear-based limitations
  • I AM free of self-importance, and accept my divinity
  • I AM free from guilt
  • I AM free of limitations placed on me, by others and myself
  • I AM free of expectation placed on me by others and myself.
  • I AM free of judgements placed on me by others and myself.
  • I AM free from my need to control and the control of others
  • I AM free of negative karma, I have chosen wisdom
  • I AM free from manipulation.
  • I AM free of victimization
  • I AM free of the circle of hope and hopelessness.
  • I AM free of old habits and thought forms.
  • I AM free of toxins, allergies and food sensitivities. ( This would be a good one to expand upon with further I AM affirmations for any specific issues you have)
  • I AM free from the effects of societies fear based intolerance. ( racism, sexism, etc.)
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM complete
  • I AM

I AM unable to express anything less than that which I AM as divine fact, the true self.  Anything less than my divine Christ perfection must fall away NOW.  It is divine law and I AM enacting it NOW.  So it is enacted, thank you father for all that I AM.  Thank you for showing me the way home.

So it is

So it was

So it will be

So be it

It is so

Add in some great suggestions from the Baird T. Spalding books  (Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East)Suggested use: before sleep

I now realize that there is within me a spiritual joy body, ever young, ever beautiful, spiritual mind, eyes, nose, mouth, skin.  The body of the divine infant, which now tonight is perfect.

Suggested use: morning

Well dear YOUR NAME, there is a divine alchemist within, by the spiritual power of these affirmations, during the night a transmutation takes place and the unfolding from within, the spirit, has saturated this spiritual body and spiritual temple.  The inner alchemist has caused dead worn out cells to fall and the gold of new skin to appear with perpetual health and loveliness.  Truly divine love in demonstration is eternal youth.  The divine alchemist is within my temple constantly coining new and beautiful baby cells.  The spirit of youth is within my temple, this human form divine and all is well.  Peace, peace, peace.

Suggested use: daily

I think a kind thought for all the world.  May all the world be happy and blessed.

Within me there is a perfect form, the form divine, I AM now all that I desire to be.  I visualize daily my beautiful being until I breathe it into expression!  I AM a divine child, all my needs are being now and forever supplied.

Infinite love fills my mind and thrills my body with it’s perfect life.

(put into the first person where appropriate to form an affirmation)

During my darkest hour I know that God is.

All things that are not in perfect accord with actual cosmic fact must erase themselves when the absolute law of truth holds sway into the human consciousness.

I rest quietly knowing that all is well and my perfection is complete and finished now.

I recognize God, my father and I know fully that I AM the Christ of God, the image and likeness of God, my father.  The father and I are one.

The actual center or focal point of heaven is right within my body.  Therefore this heavenly light must come forth from me. The I AM of me must allow this light essence to come in; then I must generate and transform this light energy so that it can be sent out with any density that God, the I AM desires.

It is not I who do the work, it is the I AM in the father and the father in me brings forth the great accomplishment.  As I know that I work one with the father there are no limitations, no boundaries,  I know that it is my divine right to accomplish all things.

I myself must present the accomplishment by putting forth the driving force of all good, God the father the power to accomplish, behind every thought and act.  Now I AM God fulfilling or filling full the accomplishment.  This is God the true and only God standing forth from me.

The moment I say whole heatedly with reverence and deep meaning that God is in his holy temple and know that this temple is my pure body, just as I present it and as I truly stand today, that I the true Christ, live one with God right within this temple, and that my exalted body is a holy abiding place, a whole and all inclusive abode, I AM an energizer, an all including and outpouring vessel for this true and divine principal to flow through.  Then I pour out more and more of the God which I AM and which I love.

As I stand forth in my Christ Dominion and give out this principal, I by my very thought, word and act give this principal greater activity.  Thus one more has found his dominion and is using God power and sending it out.  As I give out this power, it flows to me.  As I give, more is pressed upon me to give, and I will find I can not deplete the supply.

God principal is the one point.  I AM one with universal life energy.  It is flowing through me now.  I know it, I feel it.  I thank God my father that I have the ability to do all things.

God my father, the Divine Principal flowing through me, is all, and all that god is, I AM.  I AM the Christ of God, God-Man.  All that God my father is, is for God-man to use; thus I AM is entitled to use all substance.  In fact God my father is pressing out all substance to God-man in unlimited measure.  God principal is my father; I AM the Christ of God;  I AM in whole and complete union.  All that God has, the Christ of God is.

I let my body become a generator through which the great creative radiating principal flows.  I see this principal as the emanation of all power, know that it is the principal of all power; then, like an electric generator, my body collects and magnifies this energy until I send it out as a stream of pure white light that nothing can resist. and anything directed toward me can not harm me.

To make God alive and vital to me, I must think and know that I AM God.  This is more living and vital to me than anything.  Than I the Christ, my redeemer, becomes alive and one with me.  I AM that very thing.  This becomes the motivating force for my whole life. I AM redeeming myself, the true me, I AM one with God, truly God.  By reverencing, loving, and worshiping this it becomes ideal to me.  God right within and active.

Back of will stands desire, will in it’s true estate is a pure colorless force and is moved into action by desire.  If there is no color or direction given to will, it is inactive.  Place the desire in harmony with the will force and it will spring into action immediately and call legions to carry out it’s commands, the only requirement being that the commands are in divine order.

The divine principal stands forth as a golden light.  It is not remote, it is right within me.  I hold myself within its glow and I behold all things clearly.

I awaken to my rightful heritage, I awaken to the beauty and purity of the age old message that my body is eternally beautiful, pure and perfect.  It is always a beautiful, pure, spiritual body, most magnificent and divine.  A true temple of God.

Pure rays of white light appear within my body; it becomes aglow with this light; and this soft yet brilliant, living light invades the clear atmosphere around me like a white gold vapor. This light increases steadily until it covers and permeates everything about me.  Bathed in its radiance there appears a pure crystal white light, dazzling and scintillating with a radiance greater than that of the purest diamond, yet it is emanating from my body, and it stands forth ablaze with pure light, radiant and beautiful.  Here I stand on the holy mount of transfiguration, with a body luminous and glowing, radiant and beautiful, immersed wholly in divine life.

I stand steadfastly with my eyes fixed on you O father; knowing naught but you father; and I see naught but God in all things.  I stand firmly on the holy mount, knowing naught but your love, life and wisdom.  Your divine spirit pervades me always.  It surrounds me always.  I know father, that this is not for me alone, but it is for all thy children.  I know father that I have naught but that which they have and there is naught but God for all.  I thank thee father.

I must know that I AM entitled to every good and perfect gift of God, and I must prepare to receive those gifts through the knowledge of God as my divine nature.  If I separate myself from God in thought, I will also separate myself from God in manifestation.  In order to enter fully into the joy of life, I must seek life and joy, for the fullness and joy that life gives to all humanity.

With all my Heart

In the heart of my being father I AM one with you and I recognize you as being the father of all.  You are spirit omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. You are wisdom, love, truth; the power and substance and intelligence of which and through which all things are created.  You are the life of my spirit, the substance of my soul, the intelligence of my thought.  I AM expressing you in my body and in my affairs. You are the beginning and the end, the very all of the good which I can express.  The desire of my thought, which is implanted in my soul, is quickened by your life in my spirit; and in the fullness of time, through the law of faith, it is brought into visibility in my experience.  I know that the good I desire already exists in spirit in invisible form but awaits the fulfillment of the law to be made visible and I know that already I have

With all my Spirit

The words which I now speak outline to you my father, that which I desire.  As a seed is planted in the soil of my soul and moved upon by your quickening life in my spirit.  It must come forth. I allow only your spirit, wisdom, love and truth to move in my soul.  I desire only that which is good for all and I now ask you father to bring it forth.  Father within me I ask to express love, wisdom, strength and eternal youth.  I ask to realize harmony, happiness and abundant prosperity; that I may have the understanding direct from you, of the method of bringing forth from the universal substance that which will satisfy every good desire.  This is not for self father, but that I may have the understanding so that I may be of service to all your children.

With all my mind

That which I desire is already in visible form.  I form in my mind only that which I desire.  As a seed begins its growth underground in the quiet and in the dark, so does my desire now take form in the silent, invisible realm of my soul.  I enter my closet and shut the door.  Quietly and confidently I now hold my desire in mind as already fulfilled.  Father, I now await the perfect out picturing of my desire.  Father, father within me I thank you that now in the invisible the fulfillment of my desire is always established and I know that you have poured out lovingly and lavishly to all an abundance of your treasure; that you have filled every good desire of my life; that I may partake of your opulent supply; that I may realize my oneness with you; that all your children may realize the same; and that whatever I have, I may pour out to help all your children.  All that I have I give to you father.

With all my Strength

No act or thought of mine shall deny that I have already received in spirit the fulfillment of my desire and it is now brought forth into perfect visibility.  In spirit, in soul, in mind, in body, I AM true to my desire.  I have perceived my good in spirit.  I have conceived it as a perfect idea in soul and I have given true thought form to my desire.  I now bring into visibility, or true manifestation, my perfect desire.  I thank you father, that I now have love wisdom and understanding; life, health, strength, and eternal youth; harmony, happiness, and abundant prosperity; and the method of bringing forth from the universal substance that which will satisfy every good desire.


As I stand alone in your great silence, God my father, in the midst of me there blazes a pure light and it fills every atom of my whole being with its great radiance.  Life, love, strength, purity, beauty, perfection, stand forth in all dominion within me.  As I gaze into the very heart of this light I see another light liquid soft, golden white and radiantly luminous, absorbing, mothering, and giving forth the caressing fire of the greater light.  Now I know that I AM God and one with God’s whole universe.  I whisper to God my father and I AM undisturbed.


Yet in complete silence there exists God’s greatest activity. Again I AM undisturbed and complete silence is all about me.  Now the radiance of this light spreads to God’s vast universe and everywhere I know there is God’s conscious life.  Again, I say fearlessly I AM God; I AM silent and unafraid.  I lift the Christ high within me and sing God’s praise.  In the tones of my music, inspiration hums.  Louder and louder within me the great mother sings of new life.  Louder and clearer with each new day, inspiration is lifting my conscious thought until it is attuned to God’s rhythm.  Again I lift the Christ high and give close ear that I may hear the glad music.  My keynote is harmony, and the theme of my song is God, and God seals my song as truth.


I AM free with the great light of your spirit, God, my father, your seal is placed upon my forehead.  I accept.  I hold your light high, God my father.  Again, I accept.

Spiritual Path in a Modern World

What does it mean to be on a spiritual path.  There are many people reading books and going to gatherings that are simply experiencing a hobby of sorts.  Being on a spiritual path requires absolute dedication.  Certainly no one is required to be on a true spiritual path, interest in God as a life hobby, is perfectly fine.  The issues that come into being, however, is that those who are hobbyists sometimes interfere with the true path of those who are not.  Mental knowing is not an expression of knowing, it is simply information gathered from sources outside of self.  This can be the beginning of a spiritual path, but does not a spiritual path make.  True knowing comes from Soul and is supported by experience of truth from within.  There are those on the planet who have acquired large amounts of spiritual information and share this information in a manner that allows others to think it is based in true knowing and not mental gathering.  At times, even using this knowledge as a tactic to further agendas and manipulation, painting themselves as a deeply spiritual being who would harm no one.  Let me just say that this is the first clue to an untruth.  The sweetest of light and love spiritual people are sharing the biggest of lies.  Spiritual people are people working on their inner darkness and are far from perfect in their expression.  One week they may be filled with and expressing bliss and another filled with anger and disgust.  That is normal processing.  You cannot be a perfect mortal!  Perfection comes from the Divine coming forth in expression and moving the mortal out of the way.  Perhaps a person may think of a peaceful being like the Dalai Lama and want to emulate his favorable characteristics.  It is important to remember that this man was trained from the time he was a toddler, and his whole life has been dedicated to spirituality and truth.  His teachers were beings who had also dedicated their whole life to the path.  They all spent years in uninterrupted meditation & spiritual teachings.  Most did not attend formal public schools that taught them to interact on a societal level, instead of a spiritual level.  You cannot compare yourself to these people.  Emulation is a no thing if the emulation does not stem from a place of truth within, but is force fed because it is how you think you should act.  Actions without truth behind them are simply lies in motion.  If you want the favorable characteristics of His Holiness you will have to work diligently in absolute dedication, these characteristics cannot be faked, they are a natural outer expression of work done internal.This phenomenon in our current western society can best be described as the new age face.  Keeping up this mirage takes an incredible amount of energy.  Being seen as the perfect person you wish to present requires much time, continuing manipulations, and lies to self and others.  Release the burden!  Could you possibly in your natural state be any more screwed up than the rest of us?  The desire to put forth such a strong illusion for self is a reflection of the level of self hatred that you carry.  Self-hatred so deep that you must hide self, lest everyone hate you as much as you hate yourself.

Forgiveness, truth and love must begin with self, from that point they will emanate outward and take a greater expression in your life and actions naturally.  Following all your issues through to the core in honesty is what will bring you to the truth of those who have perfected themselves on the Earth.

© 2000 Engtovo Bhodsvatan

What Does Love Look Like – Forming a Healed Relationship

The question is what does love look like? This is really a question for every individual seeking a healed relationship

  • True love is two people who have seen each other in their perfection!
  • It is obvious to anyone and everyone who looks at the two people together.
  • No one would question if they were partners.
  • When they look into each other’s eyes they cannot help but smile.
  • When they are near each other they cannot help but touch.
  • When they are apart in a group they will steal glances and smiles across the room.
  • It is free of agendas, pure and childlike.
  • It happens naturally and there is no need to set up scenarios or control anything. This sight of the Divine Spirit causes the unfoldment.
  • It may happen upon meeting for one or both or it could take weeks or months to develop.
  • There is friendship that is the best friend relationship for both people. A couple who considers other people to be their best friends will falter in difficulty.
  • Old friends for years can go through shifts within themselves that allow them to see each other truly for the first time.
  • No other person is affected by attack for love to come forth.
  • There are no feelings of competition or barriers to remove as barriers simply are not seen in this state of true love.
  • Both people glow from this love.
  • Both people are uplifted and inspired.
  • Both people improve in their health and vitality.
  • True love has honesty and trust in communication and expression.
  • Creativity expounds and flows freely within the care of the love.
  • Laughter is essential, two people who are not laughing together even in difficult times are not in this state of Divine Love.
  • True love breaks the bonds of oppression, it is freedom in truth, it offers a reflection of something greater.

A healed relationship is a four-fold expression.  These four aspects may take time to fully develop but are all essential.

Physical Connection

  • Trust in the physical world, safety within the physical expression, freedom from abusive behaviors, trust within the sexual expression, no fear of the other’s touch and physical interaction.
  • Movement in the world, how flexible is physical location to both people. Are they compatible on this level?
  • Healthy sexual attraction and expression that acknowledges the Divine. Both partners operating within their personal comfort range with out feeling pressured to do something outside their comfort range. Similar sexual drive and desire for the frequency of sexual activity
  • Appropriate use of the creation energy that is formed through sexual connection. Procreation in its true form is the ultimate form of manifestation in the physical world. It is the creation of physical life itself. When two people join in sexual union who are not intending to create a new life in the world, this energy must be given intention. To not do so wastes God’s most precious gift to mankind, and the individual creation energy of the individuals involved. Both people must be in agreement of the use for this energy, there can be no covert agendas by one partner. As long as both people are in agreement and the intention is something that will not harm another part of the whole it may be applied to whatever the couple wishes to apply it to.
  • Two people who are compatible in the amount and type of non-sexual touching they desire in their life. If one person wants a lot of non sexual touching and the other does not, the one who needs the touching as part of feeling nurtured will always feel unsatisfied. You cannot train someone to give you what you want. It must be their natural affinity.

Mental Connection

  • Trust in sharing thoughts and ideas.
  • The ability to communicate feelings effectively to one another.
  • Honesty about self and your past expressions and future desires.
  • Understanding of the partner and the ability to hear them and see their view points even if yours differ.
  • Telepathic communication is natural to a healed relationship, finishing each other’s sentences and so forth is a normal expression of this mental connection.
  • Anticipating the needs of your partner as your bond grows closer, but this is not based upon one partners expectation of the other it is simply a natural flow of being within each other’s thought flow and energetic patterns.

Emotional Connection

  • Trust in opening heart to the other person. Respect!!
  • Deep feelings of love. (based on the view of what love looks like shared above)
  • Wanting the best for the other person.
  • Compassion for the other person and the people this person loves other than you.
  • Ability to share fears, especially the ones about the relationship.
  • Nurturing your partner because you want to, not out of obligation or guilt.
  • Both people allow creativity and inspiration to flow freely.
  • The relationship is free of competition or comparison of the partners.
  • Family connections and how the couple interacts with the two families involved has to be emotionally ok for both people.
  • Shared views on majors issues that effect emotion such as the raising of children – moral issues

Spiritual Connection

  • Trust at the deepest spiritual level that you are able to be who you truly are within the relationship.
  • Deep and meaningful sharing between the partners, equal level of importance of the relationship in their lives.
  • Healed relationships normally form out of a long series of past lives as mates.
  • The two people do not necessarily have to share spiritual practice if the level of spiritual importance in their lives is equal and they can find compatibility in their philosophical perspectives on life. However, if both people are pursuing a spiritual path as the primary aspect of their lives, there must be a shared philosophy or two philosophies that harmonize perfectly.

Is that a lot?  YES, it is a lot, and it isn’t going to be maneuvered into place!  The Divine Christ within orchestrates it.  If you look at old relationships honestly, it is glaringly obvious which of these four areas was missing all together or seriously lacking.  By doing this it helps also to assess new relationships as they are forming.  It is really important to talk about all these things and preferably before you begin a sexual relationship with someone. (Assuming that the two people haven’t agreed to a completely no strings sexual encounter, which is a whole other story, that also requires complete honesty and knowing of self)

Hold your relationships up to these truths of love, as well as the four fold expression of love and see how they fit.  Where have they fallen short.  These places are the places to look to heal within.  There is no point to blaming the other person you had a relationship with, even for things that may have been their fault.  It is your own unhealed issues that brought that person to you.  There are no victims.  If you want a monogamous relationship and you brought someone to you who was not monogamous, it is because, despite your desire for monogamy, you do not feel worthy of one person’s dedication.  So you look within to find out why you don’t feel worthy of another person’s dedication.  Is it a parental issue, a past life?  Something you did to someone else previously in this life that left you feeling guilty?  You have to keep exploring the possibilities until you find the demons.  It very well may be all of the above!  It can take time and conscious effort and there may be multiple issues surrounding unhealed relationship patterns.  It can be done, but you have to really want to do it!

Certain manifestations of inner darkness, prevent this true love entering our lives.  This does not mean that people truly in love do not have any inner darkness, simply that the inner darkness they have manifests in different lessons than those that prevent this type of love experience, like control and manipulation.  These two things prevent honesty, an absolute key to the development of true love.  I have worked long and hard on myself with these issues, my whole family has.  It is hard, painful and lonely in a very desperate and longing way, but it does heal as the issues are discovered in their totality within and the core experiences are cleared allowing healing to unfold.  An unhealed relationship is just two people being lonely together!

Sexual predation is not an expression of love, it is unto itself.  We have a responsibility to elevate our sexuality and sexual expression to a higher vibration as we move toward enlightenment.  An old Tibetan teaching given to the monasteries by the Dharljas is;  Before entering a sexual partnership the couple should each seek within to see who the two people in each of their lives are that would be most affected by the choice.  If any of these four people would be deeply harmed then the couple should not commence with the sexual relationship.  This teaching deals with strictly the physical aspect of sexuality not taking into consideration the other aspects of a healed relationship, but is good teaching none the less.  It shows us that our choices for self have consequences beyond self and begins to teach us more on self-responsibility.  Hormones are hormones, we all have them and with long periods of celibacy that many on a spiritual path sometimes have they can get very intense, but to allow them to make the choice for the Divine Spirit instead of the other way around is absurd.  The absurdity of that choice is manifest all around in our current society of imbalance and loss of the sacred.

The Fifth World of Peace

Solstice December 1999

The planet and her people have gone through many changes.  All the species have been through much to come to this point of entering into the fifth world of peace.  The fourth world has been a world of war and strife, a world of control and power.  It has been a trying time for the Earth Mother and all her inhabitants as mankind has brought to the surface all of the conflicts that he has held deep within through the second and third worlds.  This is not to say that these worlds were without conflict it is simply to say that this fourth world brings together all of the reasons for conflict that have been experienced in all the previous worlds.  It has been a time of trial for many and freedom without seeming consequences for others.  It now comes to completion and a world of peace long foreseen is ready to come forth.

The fifth wold will not be ushered in with gentleness and ease, as many are not ready or willing to accept peace in their lives.  None the less the energy of peace and love from the spiritual realms will enter into this world in full dominion on the solstice of December 21 1999.  Those who have hearts that are open to receive this peace will find themselves in an energy of great love and service.  Those who reject this peace will cause many forms of chaos in the world.  The fact of the matter is that presenting peace may induce war with those unable to handle it’s vibration.  When a high vibration is offered to one who does not wish to raise their own vibration they often self destruct.  This applies to countries as well as individuals and for a time things will appear to look worse instead of better on the peace front.  Do not despair but know that this has always been foreseen.  Those who do not wish peace on the planet will create means for themselves to leave the planet through their ignorant and self destructive acts.  It is no one’s job to save them, for there is no way to force an individual or government to accept love and peace in their hearts.  Many feel they are not deserving of love and this is unfortunate.  All that can be done is to continue to love them, no matter where their lives or actions take them. 

The chaos in the world will be unsettling for those whose hearts are accepting but not completely open.  They may feel the pain of those around them or feel guilty when they experience moments of joy in their own lives as others feel they should be wallowing in the fear.  This is never the joy of forgetting your fellow man or in living apart or above any other being as modern societies perceive in situations such as the rich vs. the poor.  It is a joy of feeling the peace in your heart.  Many of you will have dedicated your lives to serving humanity through these difficult times and yet there will be those who feel you should not be joyous in your life as too many suffer.  To be in compassion of those who suffer does not require you to set aside your own inner joy.  This is not what the creator has intended for you.  Their suffering is not your responsibility even as you serve them to assist in ending it.  This is a very delicate issue, one you will come to understand.

It is a time to join often in ceremony and especially on the incoming energies of the solstice.  Those whose hearts are fully open number in the thousands which is a small number in the larger picture.  There are many more whose hearts wish to be open fully to these energies but are affected by influences on and off the planet.

At risk of sounding like a lecture (of which you are tired of hearing) to be fully open during these times you must be free of all mind altering substances!  These substances affect your ability to receive and to discern energies that are coming to you.  The pain of current times has sent many to look for means to alleviate or subdue the pain they are experiencing.  This has led to some of the greatest light workers on the planet being unable to do their true work due to the addiction to or use of mind-altering substances.  These substances do not truly alleviate the pain but in fact prolong the pain as it is pushed down deeper instead of dealt with.  What qualifies as mind altering?  Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, speed, mushrooms, heroine, etc, the obvious substances, but to take it to the next level, let it be said any substance taken over a period of time for the purpose of altering the mind or with the side effect of altering the mind.  This includes many prescription medications.  Muscle relaxants, antidepressants such as Prozac and it’s equivalents.  Even the current usage of the herb St. Johns Wort, effects the mind’s ability to interface with the spirit.

The plague of depression in the world is one of feeling hopeless about the world that is seen around self and one’s ability to interact in it in a loving way.  Many depressed people are energetically empathic and are feeling the despair of everyone they come into contact with that is suffering.  What would be beneficial is to learn ways to work with energy to protect yourself if you are empathic.  Using mind-altering substances actually makes things worse.  When you are under the influence of mind altering substances you are not the keeper of your own energies or what energies interact with you.  Many may argue this point using the notion that many old shamanic practices used mind-altering substances in their path.  Let me say this on this argument, there is no comparison to the current use of mind-altering substances and these practices.  In the current times the vibration of the planet is sufficiently high to reach altered states of consciousness without the help of these substances.  That is one consideration.  The other being, that in these old traditions, students did not randomly sit around using drugs every day.  They were carefully chosen, prepared in ceremony, and administered when a teacher felt a student was blocked in their progress.  Once given, the teacher who was capable of entering the realms without the usage of drugs, guided the whole experience to tailor it to what an individual student needed to remove the current blockage.  Certainly it is clear that this usage does not constitute the current usage of these substances by those who would offer this argument to begin with.

Peace is not entered into by the use of substances, That this needs to be said and that it will make many angry is sad indeed, it should be the most obvious of facts.  The ability to interface with your divine soul/spirit is essential in working with the new energies being sent forth to the planet.  The interface is opened though cleaning of these substances, through honesty with self, and true desire to receive the love and peace that are there for you.  There is no person that has done too much hurtful or self-destructive behavior to accept peace now.  There is no particular path that must have been followed or truth you must have learned.  All that is required is within you, all that is needed is to allow this inner knowing to lead the way for you.  Clearing your consciousness of all energies that interfere with this is what is called for now.  Mind altering substances are one of these interfering aspects.  Relationships that do not serve you or the other person are another.  Let go of toxic and painful alliances that you keep out of obligation.  Let go of possessions that you have no real connection to.  There is nothing wrong with having things, but look at what you have and why you have it.  Rid your life of the clutter of things that do not serve you.

The fifth world energies will bring great changes to the lives of all people, be ready to allow your soul/spirit to guide you to the next step on your sacred path.  If your heart is open and receiving you will not be afraid to roll with the changes but will trust these peaceful energies and allow them to keep you calm and safe in the mist of even the greatest chaos.  There is no need to head for the hills or hide from the craziness as you will know your right place and will be safe and at peace there.  There will be an even greater need for those of you who have this awareness to serve humanity in a multitude of ways.  Some may do this directly person to person, others may do this through meditation and prayer.  There is no right or wrong way to serve the whole.  Remember always that you too are a part of the whole and anything that you do to serve must be something that offers you what you need as well or the whole is not being served.  You are not to sacrifice yourself or your joy in order to serve, you are to serve in a way that brings you joy. 

Prepare yourself now for the coming of these wondrous energies.  A short fast before hand could be beneficial for many, but certainly is not required.  The more people that can join together in ceremony for the solstice itself the greater the benefit of all involved.  The past few years have been introspective times and now is a time to bring that inner time to a balance point with the outer expression and work that we came to the planet to do.  The chaos will be short lived in the greater scheme of things, the peace however will be ongoing and gain greater strength in each passing day.  It is time for our Earth Mother and all her species to rejoice in the coming home of mankind to his true divine heritage.  You are loved!


Completion is a rather illusionary concept as you move through your life and issues.  It appears to the average metaphysician that an issue has been completed with absolute clarity only to find months, or years later that another version of the same issue is ready to be tackled yet again.  Take heart, completion does indeed exist.  There will come a time when you have truly reached the core issue for a plague of fears and problems that have followed you around for the greater part of you life in various degrees of severity, so to speak.  Oft times these stubborn issues come to completion with the realization that they are far different than what was previously understood.  Let us speak for a moment of Tatiacha, as it is a fine example of that which we speak and we know she won’t mind…

There have been issues that we have worked with her diligently on for the past 10 years.  She saw them as separate issues, control for example, abandonment, neediness, clinging, you understand the nature of what we are saying here.  These she learned to own and to examine.  She looked deeply at the relationships of her birth family.  How she relates with her siblings as well as her relationship with her parents.  She gleaned out these issues, and others, and searched for their origin and original cause.  Some issues she found past life patterns and connection were involved.  Others were clearly related to parental patterns.  She looked at the passing down of the legacy of these behaviors from her parents to herself and her siblings and on to the next generation with her sister’s 3 children.  Vowing to heal them before she would pass them on to children of her own.  This dogged determination on that front brought her to face, dead on, many unpleasant belief structures in herself and those she loves. 

She would lament of the never-ending barrage of yet the same lesson disguised as something different.  The same types of people coming in and out of her life to reflect the core issues that she was, as yet, unaware of.  Some things are easy to spot.  Find anyone who doesn’t have a controlling person somewhere in his or her family.  But find someone who understands the origins of that person’s control and the pattern there set and this would be a rarity indeed.  It is these origins of what are the obvious personality expressions, that we find to be not in our best interests, that are the real key, the real issue, the core issue.

If you know you have a pattern of control for example, you may have come to answer yourself in this way.  Why am I going through this again?  Well it’s that control thing I have going, when will I get over that and learn to let go.  That dear friends is a step in the right direction, but do not forget to keep stepping!  There is more, because when you will learn to let go is when you complete the inward journey that will allow you to understand why you have the control pattern to begin with.  Yes, likely there is a family pattern that you learned, but why did you choose that family?  How has having a control pattern served you?

Let’s get back to Tatiacha for a moment.  The pattern at hand that has unraveled this year is one with her father.  Abandonment is the obvious aspect, as well as what the family terms the oblivious factor.  Do any of you have someone in your family who is simply oblivious of what is going on with every one else around him or her?  Someone who forgets things that are important to the people they love.  Doesn’t write or call, not out of anger, he or she means to, but has the got too busy syndrome?  This is a family pattern with Tatiacha’s family.  It has caused a lot of pain to various members of the family and has recently come to a place in the sun for healing.  This is not a new pattern to anyone it is one that has been dealt with on many levels over many years.  Tatiacha’s ex-husband was a similar man also bringing much pain forth in this ritual family pattern. 

Now at a time of great emotional opening and after many times around the merry-go-round actively seeking to heal these wounds, a door is opened and the core issue is presented.  It was simple, almost too simple to fathom the intensity of its effect to this point in her life.  The greatest aspect of this healing is this; it is not simply about father, only reflected in his patterns.  It has fundamentally connected all of the other surface issues that she has been working on, and it has had a significant positive impact on her overall life plan!  Upon knowing this and understanding it, the letting go can begin.  The reasons for choosing these patterns as a Soul/Spirit being understood allow for it to be complete.  It has served its purpose well.  All of the players in this life can be thanked for their very participation in achieving the purposes of the divine within her.

No lesson has to continue to go on forever.  They are not however going to go away simply by wishing them away or denial of their existence.  It takes courage and perseverance to go within over and over again.  Digging deeply into the soil of your shadow self.  It takes true desire to know God through self.  What is true desire you may ask?  Let us explain it to you as we recently did to Tatiacha, to help her understand it in a new way that enabled her to see how other people participated in her own expression of true desire.

True desire always serves the whole.  In this we mean it is unselfish, even when it appears to some to be benefiting the self.  Example of this is doing what you know absolutely is right for you in your heart, with no intention of hurting anyone else, even though someone else may feel hurt, due to their own issues of wanting to control your actions.  Now of course this person(s) having the controlling desire will probably not see in the situation that their hurt is due to a desire to control you and will blame you for hurting them.  True desire understands your right to live free of emotional control.

True desire always brings you closer to God, it comes from your Soul/Spirit, not your head.  It is not about material things in nature although following a true desire may create a material manifestation of something that would serve the expression of the desire.  It is not about sexuality although it is very closely related to the creation process.  It is in essence a fire that burns deeply and brightly that fuels you on your journey through life.  You are all learning about your Soul/Spirit in life, even those who are consciously unaware.  A true desire may motivate one person to excel, as an Olympic athlete, the one who never gives up, never turns away, even in moments of doubt and discouragement.  A life given as a testament to the power of a life focused on the goal of the Soul/Spirit, even if the athlete is unaware that this ability to move forward undaunted comes from the God source within.  A true desire could be a Ghandi who has a vision of a more peaceful world and follows that vision all of his life forsaking other things.  A true desire is a couple determined to give their children a better life, no matter the adversities they face in the process.

Most every positive organization in the world started due to the true desire, the fire, of one person.  That true desire called forth others whose fires were stimulated to assist in its manifestation.

There are many people who came to experience the world without true desire in their heart.  Some floundering, finding it difficult to put themselves into any aspect of their life fully.  Some oblivious that there is something that burns inside of others that motivates them and lights their way through good and bad times.  Some come with a fire bright and allow it to be smothered by others around them, or allow it to go out from neglect or apathy.  Some come intending to find the time in their life to light the fire and keep it burning, and may or may not accomplish that intention.  Puberty is often time for true desire to flame, but sometimes is thwarted by authority figures in a young person’s life. 

It is never to late to kindle the flame of the divine within.  It requires only an intention to do so and honesty with yourself.  The fire will need to be tended and kept up, until it has reached a point where it takes on a life of it’s own.  Part of tending your fire is setting boundaries in your life and this brings us back to these issues of Tatiacha.  There are people in the world that feel threatened or lessened when they interact with those whose fire burns brightly.  They are unaware that the fire within is their own birthright and they can kindle the same in self.  These people subconsciously or at times consciously seek out ways to douse your fire. 

These are the people that Tatiacha found she surrounded herself with since childhood.  Her father and siblings, the men she got involved with.  Her mother had done the same, thus she was repeating a long pattern.  The two women together have spent a ten-year journey to find the core of this pattern, having to look at many other complexities of their mother daughter relationship in the process.  Now it is as simple as this.  Soul/Spirit choosing this pattern allowed them both to keep their fire alive and kicking.  How is this you may ask?  Let us say these are strong women in earth life and strong Spirits on the other side.  They both have an aspect of the divine within of knowing of the unlimited.  This knowing burned in the fire of true desire.  When someone tried to snuff their fire, they got mad and said NO.  Now, granted for years they had no idea what they were saying no to.  They only knew that it had to be said.  They found in this pattern that they could not count on other people in their lives and learned to count on themselves.  They choose this pattern to ensure that in these times of apathy they would not forget to tend their fire.  We tease Tatiacha that she kept it burning brightly at times out of spite for those who would like to see it go out.

The completion of this pattern in it’s fullness is not without pain, as the experience of the pattern in it’s totality has been painful.  Tatiacha has chosen not continue her relationship with her father.  Not out of anger, but out of knowing that his role in interacting with her Soul/Spirit is complete.  They have love in their hearts for one another, and yet true desire dictates that she does what she absolutely knows is right for her in her heart.  That is to be free of those who would want to see her fire go out.  It is this same desire that has fueled her whole path to Godself, and yet the transition is not without feelings of guilt, as society dictates that you have a relationship with all family members unless they have beaten or raped you, or some other such violation.  In truth you are all family, and the creator only wants you to hold love in your hearts for one another.  You are divine Soul/Spirits with the right to choose an environment for your lives that feeds your growth.  In this case the old environment did feed her growth, but now upon illumination would no longer serve this purpose.

In the 10-year process of moving this energy out of her life there have been other factors that have come into play.  The issue of lack and abundance for example is one oft talked about in metaphysical circles.  Lack stems from feeling that you have no ability to keep your fire burning.  When surrounded by those who are trying to douse your fire, is it any wonder you are grasping for wood?  Emotions involved in these patterns can often lead to feeling the fire is too difficult to keep going, much as trying to start wood that is soggy and wet… hopelessness, helplessness & despair often result.  Psychic attack and difficulties of this nature are like having termites in your wood supply leaving you needy and unbalanced.  You have the choice to move forward with your true desire and let go of these people and situations in you life.  Living free is your God given right.  It may take more time for some than others to move through these situations until they clear.  You are then ready to face any guilt you may feel, and make the choice that is right for yourself and yet wholly unselfish, as it is a choice bringing you closer to Godself which always serves the whole. In the illumination of this core issue, Tatiacha will be able to reach out to others and call into her life those who she can count on and build a foundation of healing that will serve everyone involved, as well as future generations.  This serves her Soul/Spirit’s life plan and meshes with the life plans of others in a way that serves God as her fire of true desire intended.

Yes my friends completion is possible right here and now, in this life.  Choose joy and fuel the fire of true desire to know the divine within and you will have the freedom of your divine inheritance, with all the rights and abilities that your inheritance affords you.


Archemedes & Bestali through Tatiacha (now Engtovo)

Perspectives on Jesus and Chandler Sen

These are great examples dealing with ascension

Note:  Chandler Sen is a person depicted the The Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding

First with Chandler Sen he really died, he was an old man who had been working with the teachings for most of his life but had not attained.  Because his intent had been so pure and he was so close to ascending the Masters brought him back to life and he then he took his body and left for a period of time to return as an Avatar.  In this part of the story the Masters talk about how his death was a mistake and that it was only because he was so close to ascending that they felt they could give him the breath of life and return him to life to ascend.

The Jesus story is a fascinating one on all levels.  First the planet was on a very dark path far worse than what we see all around us now.  The earth has a natural cycle of change that is no different than a moon cycle or any other planetary cycle.  It has been known by the Masters for thousands of years that the time period for her next continental shifts would be the time period we are in now.  It was foreseen that with the darkness that was so intense on the planet that the chances were great that we would destroy the planet before she could reach her time of changes.  It was seen that there needed to be a great spiritual movement to prevent this outcome.  The master that we know to be Jesus agreed to come to the planet as a Master Incarnate and take on the role of martyr for a new spiritual movement that would distract the dark forces from their current paths.  It was always known that he would have to “die” publicly and be “reborn” for the dramatic effect to start the movement.  His life was very carefully planned.  His ascension was not at the cross, his ascension happened before he began his work as a public teacher.  One of the other Dharljas came out of the Himalaya to play the role of Judas.  It was known that even though on the spiritual level everyone knew this was a spiritual play that was being enacted for the greater good, that the role of the “betrayer” would hold a historical guilt that no mortal should have to live with.

Jesus went about the work of teaching and putting into place his disciples who would go forth and lead the movement.  He knew he was to be captured and hung on the cross to die.  Prior to the time he rode into town for Passover he created a second body, so while he was in one body experiencing this time on the cross he was also observing it from his second body.  After he was removed from the cross having let this body take on the total appearance of death it was placed in the tomb.  He simply entered the tomb and integrated the two bodies (just as Jast did in the Spalding books when they came upon his second body laying near a village that had been in danger from wild animals).  In his integrated body he interacted with those people he knew would be instrumental in the spiritual movement and returned to the Himalaya, where he had spent a large part of his life previously and where he stood forth before returning to the Middle East to teach.  Judas did the same, he did his part in the play letting the powers that be know where to find Jesus.  Then he took a second body and gave it the appearance of death by hanging, giving those who needed a conclusion to his part in the drama, the conclusion they wanted, his death.  He then integrated his two bodies and also returned to the Himalaya

The sad part is when you look at all the horrendous things people did in the name of Christianity it’s disheartening to imagine what would have occurred without this work set up by Jesus, the Dharljas and Avatars.  This is also why he gets referred to as the world savior.  He feels it was a huge group project and is simply glad the planet is still here to move through the changes.