Bromide Detox Rash

Well now that I have some pages online about the iodine protocol I guess I’ll just jump in on the blog posts in no particular order LOL  My iodine supplementation has been all over the place since last February as I have worked through various issues.  During the summer at one point I was as high as 100 mg of Iodoral.  I reduced my dose after a trip I took and now have been slowing working my way back up.  A couple weeks ago I went from 25 mg up to 37.5 mg and a few days later started to develop and ugly rash on my chest.  Since I have been dealing with a Candida skin issue that is fading slowly I thought it may be related because it itched really bad.  After a few days though I began to think maybe this is a bromide reaction so I decided to salt load.  I take about 1/2 tsp Celtic salt every day plus a little on food as my base, although I don’t eat hardly anything processed and don’t add much salt to what I eat so I was only getting a tiny bit above 1/2 tsp.  Dr. Brownstein recommends 1/2 tsp and generously on food as a base.

So to start the salt loading for this bromide I upped that to 1  1/4 tsp.  Today is the third day so I haven’t taken the full amount yet today as I split the salt through the day so basically 2 1/2 days now the rash is almost gone.

I took this photo before I started to salt load figuring most people had never seen a bromide rash.  Pretty gross looking!  It was what I would call a wet  rash in that there was a little weeping from each little spot.


I thought that I was taking enough salt to not have any problems at a 37.5 mg dose, but I had been hand packing OO caps because I couldn’t find my Cap-m-Quick and I could get quite a lot of salt into each cap.  Then I found the Cap-m-Quick and didn’t realize how much less salt I was getting in each capsule.