Are We Sick of This Shit Yet?

I find myself more and more frustrated lately by what I like to refer to as, same shit different day. The world is coming apart at the seams and I log on to facebook and all the do gooders in denial post things that annoy me further. How about this gem…


You know what those of us who have been doing energy work on this planet, with conscious awareness of all that has been going on, must now scream BULLSHIT!

I am tired of being strong!

I am tired of fighting and watching while the ignorant do nothing to help stop the evil that marches forward on planet earth. I don’t want to pray for strength. I have shown strength, and I am saying it is high time for this shit to stop so we don’t have to be strong to endure evil! Yes that’s right “Dear God I pray that you make my life and the lives of every other good and decent person on planet earth easier. Fuck strength! The problem is, we collectively are God, and we collectively are passively allowing this evil to continue. We allow evil to divide and conquer us!

Here we sit watching a play that is so obviously and blatantly written to bring forth World War III, and a nuclear war it is planned to be! For years the Powers That Be attempted to get us all fired up over Iran, only oops, we were just tired of the whole middle east saga and they couldn’t manage to get us to care that Iran may be building a bomb. We just don’t see Iran as the threat they make them out to be. So in much frustration they went to enemy number two, North Korea, and are whipping up a nuclear threat to America that is of course a badly written script. None the less, they will play it out and are more than willing to sacrifice untold lives to get their World War III going.

The ponzy bankster schemes have reached their end point. The only way to reorder things, plunder and redistribute the next level of riches is of course, large scale war. While the small wars like Iraq and Afghanistan made plenty of profit for the military industrial complex, a world war changes borders, and allows all the books to be reset for the next generations of ponzy scheming to continue. There are now too many rich in the world for the liking of these evil game players who want much more concentrated wealth and power, and more importantly too many people (slaves) to manage peacefully and feed.

So here we have another lovely facebook gem.


So since we collectively and beyond make up God; This is saying we should trust that, we (collectively) know what is best for we the collective, while we (collectively) sit on our collective asses and allow the evil to kill, rape, and plunder our planet and our families. Yeah, lets have faith in that, brilliant idea! Just believe in that and do nothing that will work right? Not!

Now on the surface, in another time and place, both messages would be pretty inert. Ok love, strength, faith, it all sounds good, and we can continue forward ignoring the horrible daily atrocities as long as they don’t come too close to our own lives. After all, we are not seeing all the rape victims. We’re not seeing the true damage in Iraq and Afghanistan.

People with comfortable lives sit in judgment of those “on the dole” having never experienced being jobless with no job to be found. Assumptions are made about the lazy poor, when huge majorities of poor are some of the very hardest workers in this, and every other country. They just don’t get properly compensated for the labor they offer. Instead someone wearing a suit that costs as much as a half a years pay for someone working 50-70 hours a week, (until they lost that low paying worthless body killing job) says oh they are just a drain on society. Never mind the fact that it takes thousands of these poor people to support the ability of this one man in a suit to live his privileged lifestyle each day.

Meanwhile we have a congressman who can come out in his expensive suit and claim that if we believe that North Korea may strike us we have the right to defend ourselves with a pre-emptive strike on them. Where did these highly educated people get their educations and how much did they cost the collective in some way? This high school graduate (me) knows that pre-emptive is not defensive, no college education required. If I walk into a bar and I believe a man is going to rape and kill me based on rumors of things he may or may not have said, and I pull out a gun and shoot him, I am committing murder, not defending myself with a pre-emptive strike.

We are divided with lies saying we are left and right, liberal and conservative, none of these things exist! Specific hot issues are chosen and randomly applied to one side or the other to keep us seeing each other with hate and distrust. Those who run these divisions though are not enemies at all. While the divided fight over abortion or gay rights, the leaders of both sides are out golfing and planning world wars. They are planning how to steal more of the people’s money before the wars with “haircuts”. They are making all forms of self reliance illegal, so the people will only have what they hand out, subjugating them as surfs in their kingdom.

Technology that could change life on earth is suppressed, inventors are out right murdered to stop any technology that will not create big profits for corporations from reaching the people. Compassion is used as a sign of weakness, and the less fortunate are looked down on and metaphorically spat at by those who created every condition that led to their misfortune. These sick psychos laugh and think they are superior and meant to rule us. They have the audacity to think they are smart enough to geo-engineer our whole planet for their own corrupt greedy choices.

Chemical companies continue to poison our water, our food, and our skies. The ocean is filled with radioactivity and human garbage created of their paradigm of endless consumer consumption of disposable goods. Those who notice are insulted as having mental issues and prescribed poison as medication. Fluoride is added to our water to dumb us down. While in the dumbed down state of mind, we are shown endless patriotic themes about our freedom so we will not notice that the Constitution’s Bill of Rights is being dismantled, by executive order, congressional laws, and judicial decisions. We are force fed fear of gun violence, while gun violence is promoted creating cognitive dissonance and then told we should give up our guns, leaving the government highly armed to enslave us directly instead of under the guise of freedom.

We live in a world upside down, where medical treatment is actually poison, where vaccines cause the disease they claim to prevent, where natural herbs and plants are outlawed. The government claims to own our children and their bodies and they will decide what is put in them. Is this not slavery? Corporations are patenting plants and the DNA fragments of humans! They claim to own our very DNA! When will you figure this out? Perhaps when a family member needs a blood transfusion and you are not allowed to donate because your blood carries a rare patented piece of DNA owned by big pharma. If you ask real nice and sell them your soul and the soul of your loved one they may allow you to proceed. DNA of humans is being combined with that of plants and animals, there is no true ethical debate. The consensus is; if it is possible, it will be done. The Powers That Be will then simultaneously push the debate about something like abortion to levels that those who are against the tampering of human life are so immersed in the abortion debate, that they don’t notice they just created babies with the DNA of animals! Corrupt power depends on people seeing only little snipits of the world. They do not want anyone seeing the big picture!

Hey Monsanto you do not own the planet’s seeds! Not even the ones you have tampered with. You are liars and frauds who will destroy anything. Corporations are NOT people or entities and I don’t give a damn what any court has said about the matter. Corporations are pieces of paper, fake. They create and control the fake money with the fake banks, and then use it to control the real world and its people. There is no such thing as debt in money, because money doesn’t exist. Debt is a false system used for control, nothing more or less. Banksters control countries with it, as well as people. The national debt is meaningless crap. If you paid the debt on your house, then you still don’t own it, as the house can be taken away for falsely created taxes not paid for any reason. There is no equity when that happens. You could owe 5000.00 on a one million dollar house and the house will be taken and sold for any price they want to sell it for, and they will keep ALL the fake money. They won’t take their 5000.00 and give you the balance. They do this to be sure no one is really free. No one can live off the land as every other species does.

We are the only species on planet earth who ask permission to shelter ourselves from the elements from some make believe authority figures. What gave any of them the right to control anything on this planet? All these governments supposedly represent and serve us. That is the lie we have been fed for thousands of years. So are we sick of this shit yet? What is it going to take to say HEY we don’t need anyone’s permission to have shelter from the elements, it is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to create shelter. We do not have to have permission to drink water, to breathe the air. You do NOT own our planet scumbags! The collective did not give you permission to patent life of any kind. There is NO implied consent, that is, once again, BULLSHIT! We collectively are supposed to be care takers of this planet for all species.

There are evil people on this planet who do not represent our species. They are greedy whores and control freaks. They have no conscience. They sit at both spectrums of society. The filthy rich “leaders”, and the lowlife criminals without financial status, like street thugs, gang bangers and of course pedophile priests and crooked cops etc. These two evils work and support each other. They pressure the normal people like a vice, one pushes global fear the other pushes local fear to your physical person or home.

I want a world where 50% of the population (women) can go anywhere they want with no fear of being raped or murdered! A planet where, no child would be beaten or molested by perverts, where a religion whose priests molest the innocent is shut down as the affront to God that it is! A world where there is no discussion of work and slavery in relation to hunger. One where no person would be allowed to be hungry, because this planet belongs to them as much as anyone else, and any bounty that grows here is for all species. Your right to ownership of anything here, Powers That Be, are LIES. Your money system is a lie, little fucking pieces of paper or numbers on a computer controlling the lives of millions while you play with their lives like a game.

I am sick of this shit, and it is time for it to stop. We have the power, we have the numbers. We the collective of decent human beings, outnumber the evil by many times all we have to do is stop and say NO MORE. No war or violence is required.





1 thought on “Are We Sick of This Shit Yet?

  1. You took about 17 paragraphs to show you are keenly aware of most every aspect of what the
    problem is and that you are very frustrated and fed up with it. So is God! That’s why He sent His
    Son to show us The Way(as you may recall, He was brutally murdered for His efforts) .
    I hope you understand that I am not disagreeing with you. I Am suggesting that you put your
    energy in seeking The Other Dimension and just continue being as kind and Loving as you
    can to the all you encounter in the mean time.

    The game is never over
    and YOU win!

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