The Pressure Distorts Me

Distant they seek me
Echoes travel spiraling just out of reach
I wait in agony
Tears well up then pass
Only to return again
Visions impact facts
But do they resolve
Or simply offer context
I hear myself say …
Breathe …
Altered time implodes
Sucked into a black hole
It leaves a vacuum
The pressure distorts me
Who am I
Where am I
Where am I going
Confined by a great force
The directions are curved
Crossing in twisted ways
Paths intersect unexpectedly
All ways are the long way
Unless you accidentally take a short cut
You cannot see them
Know not where they lead
The intuition is confounded
Has no reference to work from
Wandering aimlessly in a maze
Meant to be a labyrinth
Faith meanders
As questions come if any power
Knows the direction
Or why that way
Hang on tight
Let go completely
At the same time
Focus and surrender
Seems impossible
Left standing
All illusion

Tatiacha ~ October 27, 2012



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