Roughing the surface of my soul
Annoying me
Confines me
Holds me
Turns me into someone I am not
Twists and distorts my love
My power
My truth
The irritant that creates the pearl
Wishful thinking
It pains simply to pain
To inflict and incur my wrath
Then throw it back at me
Who needs an enemy
The best enemy
Is always available
Right in the mirror
No one can hurt me as much as me
No one knows my weaknesses better
No one is better at dismissing
My gifts
My strengths
My beauty
No one can loath me
Better than me

Others will offer it to you
Knowing you will use it
To destroy yourself
All they need do is watch
They offer the culture
In which to grow your own pain
You rip open your own skin
And allow the infections
To grow
To mutate
To take over
Then ask why
Seeking the healing
The solution
Confused you sand more
Thinking you can sand away the poison
Smooth out the edges
Remove the impurities
Create a more beautiful self
While you shred yourself
Until you have no skin
No protection
Now the pain is deeper
The wounds almost insurmountable
The world hands you the salt
You rub it in

Tatiacha ~ October 27, 2012


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