We Are All Touched

News swirling around the absence
Athens burns
Something is obscure
But coming
I feel it in my bones
There is resignation and foreboding
Not in fearful way
It is the touching of the invisible thread
The point of now and the point that comes
Most are blissfully unaware
At times I envy them
When the shock hits though
They will envy those not shocked
The drum beats for the march to more war
It cannot be ignored
Can it be stopped
It is not we who play that drum
Yet the beat grows louder
The path will be different than the drummers envision
Things will backfire
Like Athens afire
There will be transformation
Truths will be illuminated
While lies burn to the ground
There is no place left to hide
We are all touched
The most oblivious
Will feel the touch
Both last and hardest
Knowing we must watch this pain
Tears at the hearts of those who see
We dig emotional graves
Placing any fear therein
Fear is luxury we cannot afford
We move though what comes as if shielded
Doing only what we are tasked to do
We may appear as if we do not care
We do
We have yelled the message
Loud in all mediums
To mostly deaf ears
We cared
We sacrificed
We gave all
Now we let go
Let god
Know this
We are all touched
We who saw in advance
Then saw with our eyes
We will carry those visions for all time
For your suffering we emote
For your ignorance we forgive
Forever we question
Did we do enough
Try hard enough
The universe responds
We did all we could
Carried as personal burden
That which belonged to all
Simply through knowing
Feeling and processing that knowing
The pain is deep and enduring
We all suffer together
Even though our individual suffering is unique
We are all touched

Tatiacha Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ February 12, 2012


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