Time Wave Distortion

From behind and the sides
Time is slipping and distorting
What will be left when woven
Travelers manipulate realities
They have agendas good and bad
They work for or against the divine
The wave form stretches
The results are not as expected
We are at end game no matter
There is no way to change ultimate outcome
It was known millenniums past
Yet still we play in the sand box
It is a war with no purpose
No objective is obtainable
Yet we must each move our pieces
On the chessboard of time and space
Tit for tat we wither away the moments
Almost as if a hobby to pass the time
There is eerie calm
While the time stream flattens
When distortion corrects
Wave form comes into harmony
Appearing like an acceleration en mass
Boom boom boom
One event after another
Belying the steps that were stretched
Shock will bemoan the masses
Ignorant of the distortion
Ignorant of those who play the game
Blending and bleeding
Anomalies go unnoticed
Hearts hear no whispers
Aghast when they become screams
Single pathway before us
Infinite pathways behind
We move to an expansion
No distortion can change
Pulled within the stream
We are all taken
Some flow
Some drown within their own webs
I stand in the middle and speak
I know I have not control
Yet I see there are no obstacles for me
The time wave distortion
Sits upon the surface
The flow still accelerated
I am in harmony
Knowing when distortion corrects
I will be in the correct time space
Travelers with wrong intention
Will be swept away
Divine is not bound by time space
Time space is bound by the divine

Tatiacha ~ September 30, 2011

3 thoughts on “Time Wave Distortion

  1. Hi…I was wondering if things are okay with you? I’m asking because I got a “404” message trying to get to the cards. “This site is not on this server” I hope it’s just a glitch.

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