Across the Great Divide

Hearts speak in time merged
There are many who are one
My past becomes me in a cascade of possibilities
Paths taken from other forks
They all belong to me
I took them all
And the outcomes
Still led me here
Divine chose this place for me
And gives me all that I am
The lessons
The gifts
The truths
This love survives every challenge
Yet it has no life here
How can this be
It has me
But I have it not
There is no apparent bridge
For a gap too big
One cannot bridge it alone
I am here
Why would divine want him there
Across the great divide
In sorrow
In misery and pain
When will my heart free
Feel the acceptance
See no vision for us
The knowledge that is me sees it
Understands it
Knows it is the way it must be
Yet it is tortured
With dreams unattainable
He cannot be that highest self
He doesn’t even want to
Not for me
Not for himself
The tears flow for that
But do not drown the flame

Tatiacha ~ September 30, 2011

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