Is A Time Traveler The Next Problem-Reaction-Solution Hoax?

Ok the whole alien invasion scenario The Powers That Be (TPTB) hoped for, for so many years has really lost its potential power by being so talked about.  The vast majority of people don’t know we already have saucer tech, but there is just too much info out there to really pull off that game.

In the last 3-4 weeks there has been a considerable focus in the dreamtime about time travel aspects and TPTB wanting to get back to a point where they could change the three final timelines that merge into the timeline singularity as their last ditch effort to get back in control of what is obvious to them now is the end game.  For some unknown reason they are focused on 2006 but that isn’t what the blog post is about…

At the same time that this has become quite obvious, news comes out of CERN that they have proven time travel is possible, ah huh, like DUH, people have been messing with this crap a long time and most certainly beyond the level of a single particle.  But to the mass public, that timing could be perfect for the next hoax scenario.

TPTB already have all kind of futuristic technology that they don’t share with the rest of us.  All you need to do is look at Dick Cheney on his book tour, the guy was half dead last year and needed a heart transplant, and now he has not had one and looks better than he has since long before his time as VP.  They have obviously finally gotten their regeneration tech functioning the way they want and are using it on various people.  Anyway that is off the topic as well…  let me get to the scenario.

One of the saucers we have lands in a prominent place, so as to be publicly seen, a normal human looking person gets out and meets with some government / world officials.  It is announced that he / she is not an alien, but in fact a time traveler from earth’s future.  They say that most of the ships that have been seen over the last couple thousand years have been them, because the future for earth is dire, and they have been trying to determine where things went wrong to save our species.  They introduce any number of possible scenarios……

Like a pandemic that wipes out most humans and they are bringing us the vaccine, which most people would dutifully take and would really be the pandemic.  They could just claim the vaccine didn’t work because the pandemic when it came in our timeline turned out to be a slightly mutated version of the one the time traveler knew about, after all, there are infinite timelines they would explain.

Or how about some terrible ecological disaster that requires us to band together right now under a world government with tight controls to save the planet. Or even natural disasters that require everyone to move out of prime real estate to where ever they claim it is safe, giving up all their freedom and assets.  I’m sure you can think of 100 more and they would likely be far more effective than the whole alien invasion thing.

All they have to do is introduce the concept of time travel from a respected scientific authority like CERN.  Telling the world that time travel is possible so they could start to seed the populous to that reality.  The time traveler will have not only the saucer, but all kinds of other tech we have never heard of that would prove to the general public that he / she is indeed from a much advanced civilization of our future.

TPTB are getting desperate so keep this in mind and be aware.  If the time travel scenario shows up see it for the hoax it is.  Depending on the level of desperation they are at, if they try this scenario they may even have the time traveler offer us hope by giving us some new technologies, new energy, healing or something like being able to clean up Fukushima or something tangible that would get the mass of the world population to believe in his or her altruistic motives.

2 thoughts on “Is A Time Traveler The Next Problem-Reaction-Solution Hoax?

  1. Perceptive.  I think you are on to a very possible scenario.  (I came back to re-read “DON’T Fire the Grid” as a “Fire the Grid” again landed in my inbox the other day.  Thanks for posting “DON’T Fire the Grid”.)

    • Oh geez they are up to it again! I hadn’t heard about this one. and doing it 11-11-11 how can all these supposedly metaphysical people not get that numerology requires the 2 0f 2011 and 11-11-11 was 2 years ago!!

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