I Leave Him In His Fear

He lies with the intention of looking good
He lives for the approval of others
He sees not the destruction he causes
He wanders aimlessly
Thinking he knows truth
How many times can I allow his abuse
Thinking he may finally mature
He respects nothing but his own self image
He clings to delusions of being right
There is no right here
There is no wrong
There is only respect and lack of respect
It is a choice
There will be no more
I will respect self where he will not
I will not allow into my circle of self this abuse
The same abuses I accepted from his mother
I take it from none now
They are free to abuse each other
Lie about it
Call it love
In order to look good he needs to blame someone
I will not be his excuse
He is a coward
He fears his own shadow
He fears his own feelings
I leave him in his fear

Tatiacha ~ 7-1-11

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