Shiva move through
Chaos ensures
White Buffalo Woman comes walking
Devours the lies and corruption
The medicine of change is here
All that is not in alignment with a higher order
Ripped apart
Torn from them
Stomped on
Chewed up and spit out
Do you fear this
If you do
Then you should
You have reason to fear
If you do not then you are
Or ignorant
One by one
The cities fall
The people cry
Do you feel it
See it
Hear it
Know it
Are you the zombie or the servant?
Reach to the sky
Touch the earth
The void brings forth new life
What is beautiful must have fertile ground to grow
The clearing is at hand
Nothing will be unchanged
No one unaffected
Golden presence of harmony
Moves from the heart of the unknown
Love destroys that which cannot take its pure vibration
It has no intention of destruction
It is the receiver who has caused the destruction
By being out of harmony with this Divine Love
The earth will feel invigorated
She receives this love fully
It is not destruction to her
The animals will flow with it all
Only humans will destruct
Only humans refuse love
Only human’s are arrogant
Golden Shiva
Unseen force
It comes in and builds
Then bursts forth in glorious intensity
Purity of matter births
Whirlwind stretches out across the universe
White Buffalo Woman
Devouring those who dishonor her

Tatiacha ~ July 1, 2011

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