Grieving For The Yet To Happen

My heart cries out
This way it comes
I feel it and know it
Tears pour forth
They are vague
But intense in their truth
The eeriness of energy
A lack of earth’s breath
It is here where we stand
The other shoe about to drop
I hold my breath without conscious thought
Breathe I scream at myself
The earth’s next breath will kill
Not by intention
Simply by rhythmic expression
It is inevitable
We as a species have lost touch
Have made a life too solid
Leaving us without knowing
With no ability to migrate with the breath
We sit in silent stillness that looks busy
Pretend it cannot happen
It is some future lives who will see
But it comes
Please spare me your shock and dismay
The information is there
You refused to look, to feel, to listen
You mocked those who warn
Presented us with closed minds
Why should we listen to your tears now
Together we could have mitigated the pain
You prevented this from occurring in your arrogance
I cry not for you
But for your innocent children
Those with no voice
Those with no choice
The power brokers and their greed
Having taken away the power of the many
Leaving them to linger where they know they should not
Because of economic slavery
Those raised with false belief
Spoon fed that big brother will warn them
Protect and save them
Left with no knowledge to save themselves
I weep for the billions of other species
They feel it coming
Tied too closely to humans
Many will not be able to express the instinct inside
We will trample upon that which they need to survive
In an attempt to save ourselves
Causing more destruction with every step
The pain will collapse upon us
We will not see it as our own choice to tune out
But the majority will blame God
Claim it as punishment
Instead of natural cycles of life
Wake up!
Hear the whispers of the winds of change!
It blows around me this day
In gusts of inner knowing
The tears surface and fade
Grieving for the yet to happen

Tatiacha ~ April 5, 2011

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