Right To Be

Tears seen long in advance
Tears come within this dance
Tears or not I took this chance

They own me not and soon will pass
My Morris code between dot and dash
See into my heart like a looking glass

Between raindrops I cannot run
Though wet, emotions they must come
What was felt cannot be undone

I honor each drop as it falls
Truthful with all that I recall
Refuse to build up brand new walls

I trusted and trust got betrayed
But open my heart willingly stayed
One day the betrayal part will fade

Honoring the moment this I did
In that moment it was he that hid
Now farewell to that moment I will bid

The choice was good and it was true
The choice was all I could do
Now it is done and I start anew

I learned the truth of all I am worth
And now I am in a process of rebirth
I walk forth proudly on this earth

Not asking what is wrong with me
I am fine that is clear to see
I have earned my right to be

Tatiacha ~ March 12, 2011

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