The Singularity

We are finally here!  All timelines that could collapse have done so as of this morning.  At one point early yesterday afternoon is was so intense it made me dizzy and I had to lay down.  When I awoke today I was told there were two additional timelines left and the one that will continue and those two would have to be merged with the primary instead of collapsed.  One merged around 4:30 pm mountain time here in the United States. 

The second will merge sometime over the next few hours.  For those of us who are aware of these types of things we will be more likely to notice the changes to this timeline from the merge over the next several days.  Some of these changes may be personal some larger scale things.  Although these three timeline were very similar on the larger scale anything that is changed in a big way would be something that was almost going to happen in this timeline.  So most of the changes will be personal level things but could be quite significant.  Someone could for example go to bed quite sick with cancer and wake up with no illness.

Once this final timeline is finished merging there are no more probabilities.  The dark forces will have no path to control.  That doesn’t mean there may not be some things in this timeline that are not good between now and the big changes.  It is not like it is going to be sweetness and light.  This timeline was chosen by creation because it has the least amount of suffering over the shortest time period.  Suffering is still suffering however and there is no out of that, only through it.  Dark forces cannot manipulate humans onto another timeline now as there are no other timelines available until the they branch out on the other side of singularity.  Decisive actions can now be taken with no place for them to go so to speak.  In some ways the path now will be easier, and in others it is about to ramp up.  I hope you all did your internal prep work!  Remember that many people will not notice any change in things and you may recall many things they do not.  Don’t try to get them to remember the changes that have occurred by the merging of these three timelines.  What they see and know is their reality now.

8 thoughts on “The Singularity

  1. in spite of the fact that I am going through a very difficult time, personally- I have been strangely giddy today… definitely a sense of relief, but it was more than that, not easy to put into words, but it is good. appreciate your insight
    thanks 🙂

  2. My brother Randy just had the first obvious timeline merge in the house. Spirit described the merge of these three lines more like a weaving that takes several days to be complete.

    A couple years ago Randy needed to do a fresh install of windows. He had a back up of the files in his password program, but after installing windows the backup wouldn’t work and he lost the files with all his passwords. So he installed the password program fresh and typed in the passwords he remembered but set it up with no master password on the program like he used to have.

    Today he brings up the program and it asks for a master password! He thinks hard and remembers what it used to be and types it in and the program opens. Once open there are all his old passwrods that have never been installed on this hard drive! LOL a little example for sure but fun.

  3. oh, is that what it was? i was driving from work on Thursday, the 20th and we had much snowfall in KY, took me almost 2 hrs instead of usual 50 min and i was so-o-o out of the body i could hardly concentrate on the road. i had to ask for support from inner planes friends and earth mother for grounding just to be able to make it home. i thought it was 4th density vibrations influence.

  4. Hmmmm here is another timeline divergence. I was sitting in my room on the computer with the tv on around 3:30 pm MST yesterday (22nd) waiting for our neighbors to arrive. (they are seasonal and coming up for vacation). I checked the guide for the tv to see what was going to be on, and at 4:30 the Bears vs Greenbay game was scheduled to be on.

    The neighbors showed up and I didn’t see the game, so I went online this morning to see who won. There was no information about it being played. What was available was hype about the game being played today. It confused me for a bit as I checked several sources and even turned on espn to see and it was all about who would win the game today.

    Anybody see the game yesterday? or possibly remember that it was suppose to be played yesterday?

  5. Update: Spirit sad last night that one time line would take until January 30th to fully merge and the other until February 6th. Randy and I were speculating whether it would be smaller things to bigger things or vice versa and spirit said any annomoly, big or small, may show itself at any point between now and February 6th as it is a compllicated process to weave these three timelines together.

  6. Oh any another small thing that changed for me was that CNN was this morning talking about an emergency landing of a plane in Little Rock Arkansas, on Wednesday and showing the sparks along the runway as the plane landed. In the timeline I was in on Wednesday this did not happen.

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