Unified Force

Nudging gently into the space with no time
This energy speaks with its own voice
Its language is clear not obscured
It was offered freely in an act of healing and love
Received without limitation it blends
The merging is infinite and gentle
Life force coming from a source of beauty
It asks only to be received fully
There is no resistance only gratitude
I breathe it in with each breath
Infinitely one it finds perfect harmony
It envelops discord and transmutes it to perfection
It knows me with intuitive intelligence
Directly it focuses to the highest good
Uplifting the flesh, the thought, and emotions
My soul radiates to its vibration
Tunes in to hear it whisper words of divine love
There are no bounds to this gift
No timeline or frequency can contain it
Moving through every possible expression
There is unlimited expansion at its command
All aspects are here and now
This energy has dominion to make it so
Every tentacle drawn to core for integration
The peace becomes us as one
Once two polarities seeking balance
Are now one unified force

Tatiacha ~ January 9, 2011

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