Dead Birds & Fish

States; Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Texas, Maryland, Tennessee, Florida
Other Countries; Sweden, New Zealand, Brazil, England, Japan, Canada, Argentina

As usual with the lame stream media we are given two choices for these deaths

A. Some crazy supposedly scientific explanations that make no sense. Fireworks scared them?  Seriously why do we not have these mass bird deaths every New Years and 4th of July then.  They ran into power lines.  Come on birds deal with power lines daily!   Storms, yeah that’s the ticket, never mind that there were no storms in the reported areas.  The birds were to be found to die of traumatic injuries.  In other words they flew into something or simply fell from the sky and went splat. 

B. You are just a fanatic looking for the apocalypse.  The fuel for those heading to the fanatical extreme and those who are more reasonable is not that there are these groups of deaths that occur occasionally in a random location,  It is that there are so many mass bird and fish deaths in many locations all over a 4-5 day period of time.  Not over the course of a year for example.  There is also the fact that a vast majority of the bird deaths occurred in the overall New Madrid / greater gulf region.  How can any reasonable person not ponder what the hell is going on.

How about these more likely scenarios

C. The powers that be are playing around and testing dangerous technology they are keeping secret.  I suppose we are supposed to believe that could never happen despite decades of proof of it happening over and over.

D. There are magnetic or other energetic anomalies happing in and or around the earth that may have serious consequences but are not “the apocalypse”  but simply a natural phenomenon that happen on a cyclical schedule that we are not aware of.

We may not have the answers, but not to question would be grossly irresponsible!


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Two Million Dead Fish Appear in Chesapeake Bay

40,000 crabs join slew of animal-death mysteries–40-000-crabs-join-slew-of-animal-death-mysteries

The sky isn’t falling, but the animals are,0,3263104.story

Hundreds of dead fish ‘a natural occurrence’

Cold snaps blamed for dead fish found floating in Spruce Creek


Mass animal deaths go global

THOUSANDS OF BIRDS FALL DEAD ( SOUTH AMERICA ) – Could it be related to 7.0 in Argentina?

Govt – 3,000 AR Birds Fell Dead From Sky From ‘Fright’ (sure)

1 thought on “Dead Birds & Fish

  1. If that list weren’t bad enough we have 2 million fish dead supposedly because of the cold. Isn’t it amazing that our creator would put fish in places that far north that are so sensitive to the cold!! (not) In the second paragraph below they quickly rule out anything to do with water quality. That or the thoughts Engtovo posted about magnetic or other energetic anomalies makes a lot more sense than it got too cold for the fish.

    CBS) The estimated two million dead fish found floating in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland recently are not another sign of the apocalypse, but were instead probably killed by the cold weather, officials told The Baltimore Sun.

    Water quality was also ruled out as a possible culprit for the mass die-off of mostly spot and some croaker fish, the Sun reports.

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