Void of All Worlds

Spinning effortlessly into a sea of stars
My mind and spirit fly free of body
I am infinite like all that surrounds me
My perceived self scatters in all direction
I merge into the specs of light
The space between me filled with undeniable peace
All things are born here in the space between
Empty black void of unconscious truth
Still and motionless it appears from any given place
But the currents move out in pure intention
They instantaneously move without perception or understanding
They touch the sparks of light that rim the edge of the void
Exploding its display of color in a multitude of fractal patterns
The patterns build and grow until they circle back
The mind and spirit of the originator receives the acknowledgment
It is intended using the law of no harm
The space between accepts the intention of no other law
The void is alive with and without space and time
From the stars in the galaxy to the place within my cells
There is no past present or future
No tangible or intangible differentiation
Any limitation previous perceived abandoned
I am reborn in this void of all worlds

Tatiacha Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ 12-16-10

6 thoughts on “Void of All Worlds

  1. you are most welcome, sweetheart. Merry X-mas. Do you appreciate jewelry? i do and i like to give jewelry to women who appreciate it (apparently not all women do, contrary to common believe), and so if you give me your address, i’d love to send you something that you’d enjoy (i hope :))
    PS And yes, i do love your poetry: its so raw, deep and real-strikes right to the core

  2. I have a love hate relationship with jewelry I love it but I am allergic to nickel, gold, and silver so most jewelry hates me! LOL If you have anything hypoallergenic then I’d love it. POB 3515, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

  3. Wow, that would eliminate precious metals since silver contains nickel and gold contains silver, unless it’s 24K (not that i was planning on solid gold piece anyways :)). So we are left with gemstones only… How about pearls? it is June’s birthstone. I’ll find something without a clasp (wink-wink)

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