Divinely Ordained

Alluvial planes spread out before me
They glitter in the twilight of days end
Amber and golden hues beckon me home
They speak to my soul of information once forgotten
I awaken to the breath of a heart’s desire
Clear and true in its simplistic nature
Arms outstretch to embrace the Creator’s law
Universe fills me and pours deep into the earth
The creator force with intent moves through me
Grounds itself to manifestation in the physical
I am a conduit as well as a participant within
Above, below and within merge to one voice
The four directions start to circle around me
They swirl and spiral into the twilight sky
They return the earth energies back to the universe
Completing the circuit of this prayer force
All parts are willing to move forward with single purpose
Harmonized with the power of all life
There is nothing that can stop this whirlwind
It is divinely ordained to seek out its place and expression
As twilight gives way to the deep night of silence
The stars bow in allegiance to the grace of the moment

Tatiacha Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ 12-16-10

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