Questions from Yelena

I have general questions, which I decided to post here so others can participate/share as well. First one got to do with ascension: When Bestali was talking about forming a sphere, he said that sphere would filter toxins and impurities from the air and water and I believe he used example with pesticides in food.  He didn’t say anything about infections whether viral, bacterial, fungal and I was wondering if said sphere protects against  pathogenic microbes?

Yes and no, when you first pop open the sphere it has to be cleared then then the golden energies are brought in.  Once fully golden it starts to function as a filter but it is porous and many things get through.  Then as you move through you final purification process the filter gets better and better, but the bacteria and fungus and virus are the last aspect because so many of them live the body and may be dormant in some cases and are not just introduced from the outside of the sphere.  Once you have completed final purification then all things are filtered but by this time you are also ascended and can do all kind s of stuff.  So I wish it could help more than it does during the actual process of getting there.  The golden energy of the sphere though can be enacted in blessings over food and water and the blessing will be more powerful with that energy enacted.

On the same note, does every single ailment (and I don’t mean cancer or any type of chronic condition) has a lesson behind it? A simple cold, a twisted ankle, excessive hair lose out of blue? I ruptured my tendon in the gym a year or so ago and exhausted myself trying to figure out what it could mean metaphysically 🙂 I thought that most likely it meant for me to slow down mentally/emotionally on my path. I did; become so calm and worry-free that others interpret it as apathy/indifference (I was quite taken a back myself at first). I believe there is nothing random in general, however there are must be exclusions from the rule. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Not always directly some things can come about simply as a long held pattern that goes to a deeply buried issue that has taken many different expressions in putting the body out of balance.  Sometimes something like a tendon can come about simply because of a moment of emotional or mental imbalance that we all have and instead of stopping and taking that moment to refocus and breathe through it we attempt to force our way past it and the body may end up taking the hit depending on what we are physically doing at the time.  Almost more of a bad timing situation, that doesn’t necessarily have a deep meaning going to a specific event or trauma of the past.  More often than not those kind of things happen when people get pissed off and instead of being with that anger for the moment they continue on with whatever they are doing, but it can happen with and emotion or intense thought pattern.

Last, but not least: time freeze, as if you wake up, look at the clock, go back to sleep, wake up again sometime later and clock shows same time. Or you meditate and computer clock does the same? What does it mean? I could only think of abductions in relation of time freezing…
Thank you, my friend, in advance for your input.

I’ve had that happen but I guess I never gave it too much thought I just figured I was temporarily out of phase with time, stepped out of this shared frequency for meditation then stepped back in at the same point in “time”  make sense?

always happy to share my take

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