Tipping Point and Obama’s Actions

So Obama heads for India with a tiny 200 million a day cost for this “working vacation” for him and 3000 of his coworkers plus 150 members of the press, taking over the whole taj hotel and right in time for the tipping point found in the predictive linguistics at http://halfpasthuman.com


As if this is not interesting enough in it’s timing today he signs an executive order changing the succession within the justice department in case the attorney general gets killed.  WTF  Why now?  You all know I am not political in the left / right -  republican / democrat game so this is not me questioning Obama from some conservative perspective, all these suckers are exactly the same.  Both parties have gone crazy with these executive orders which are a far reaching stretch of simplistic language in the constitution, which contradicts the very clear language that only congress is to make laws.  They slip slide around this by claiming that if congress is not clear enough in the law they write then the president must explain to the departments what they are to do.  YEAH RIGHT  taking a read of just the executive orders of the last 20 years will make it clear there is simply no oversight on these things and that each president no matter the party has carefully crafty a few doozies that build on the foundation of the ones written by the last president that allow the president at any time to completely abolish the constitution.  That coupled with things like the patriot act leave the regular people living in the delusion that they are living in freedom.

So why does this guy need 3000 staffers for a three day visit to India?  Is he expecting a false flag on DC and is taking his key players with him.  Is he thinking there is a high probability of losing his attorney general in this false flag event and decided to hand pick who would be in place.  The whole project bluebook fake ET crap about to unfold?  Is he looking at having to establish continuity of government from India for some period of time?  Just thinking out loud her folks but this is just too bizarre to ignore.  He is taking wife and kids with and it is not a “vacation” time for the kids school year.  Hillary will be out of the country as well.  There have been odd reports of police escorted movement of tourist buses and limos in Maryland.  Just a lot of oddness converging that says pay attention.

The tipping point timing has shifted to energies starting tomorrow with a big pop all the way out on the 14th.  This is from the newest spidering and it coincides with information I got on Halloween about the collapse of a major timeline that would change the tipping point, so this update was like almost instant validation of the information I was given.  Details here http://halfpasthuman.com/nunums.html

As always I don’t think this is something we are supposed to put any fear toward it is just a “pay attention” moment and if something comes down don’t give into shock and awe and give over any energy to it.  Sit back, detach and listen to your inner guidance.  If I have said it once I’ve said it 100 times, the war with dark forces is already over no matter what bunch of crap they play on screen.  This is just a show and they are desperate for you to believe and turn over your power. 

1 thought on “Tipping Point and Obama’s Actions

  1. Engtovo,
    I have general questions, which I decided to post here so others can participate/share as well. First one got to do with ascension: When Bestali was talking about forming a sphere, he said that sphere would filter toxins and impurities from the air and water and I believe he used example with pesticides in food. He didn’t say anything about infections whether viral, bacterial, fungal and I was wondering if said sphere protects against pathogenic microbes?
    On the same note, does every single ailment (and I don’t mean cancer or any type of chronic condition) has a lesson behind it? A simple cold, a twisted ankle, excessive hair lose out of blue? I ruptured my tendon in the gym a year or so ago and exhausted myself trying to figure out what it could mean metaphysically 🙂 I thought that most likely it meant for me to slow down mentally/emotionally on my path. I did; become so calm and worry-free that others interpret it as apathy/indifference (I was quite taken a back myself at first). I believe there is nothing random in general, however there are must be exclusions from the rule. Any thoughts are appreciated.
    Last, but not least: time freeze, as if you wake up, look at the clock, go back to sleep, wake up again sometime later and clock shows same time. Or you meditate and computer clock does the same? What does it mean? I could only think of abductions in relation of time freezing…

    Thank you, my friend, in advance for your input.

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