Tip toe past light beams streaming
Moon’s glow filtering in
Shadows shimmering in the movement of tree limbs
Enter quietly and you can see
Footsteps go unnoticed
Trust in each movement
Who comes
Who goes
Slipping past with no shadow
An alert is sounded
Only to those who pay attention
There is no fear there now
Only awareness of interconnection
We are welcomed within the solitude
Breezes become touches of unseen influence
Wisps of inspiration sleep therein
Things long locked tight are freed
Familiar though unexpected
Lingering in shadow they lived
Hidden from the glow
Great light of sun cannot expose
These tender fragile filaments
Woven with truths unrevealed
Unspoken words whisper in silence
Idealistic and naïve
Damages before or after could not be perceived
They cluster at the edge
Blocking reach of inquiry
Begging for lunar exposure
Pushing and pulling uncovering tides
Reaching for the glow

Engtovo ~ 11-4-10

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